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Dear Kay and Ann,

Pirate helping out. Really she is keeping warm next to the chimney, but she does love yarn.

Next, I extended the center chart (the 28 stitches marked) plus 10 to the right and 9 to the left for a total of 47 sts. Now they will keep going down the front.

Cables squeeze in the fabric, so I added 5 increases in the front each side of the cables. I added them right after I split for the front, back and sleeves.

To recap: For my Bang Out a Sweater project, I’m using the Elaine’s Capelet cable to knit a cropped version of the Liberty Tree Pullover. My bust measures 43″ and I like a bit of ease, so I’m making the fourth size. My yarn is Julie Asselin Hektos in Sherwood. It’s a gorgeous green with an undercurrent of rust and is SUCH a pleasure to knit.



Come see all the Bang Out a Sweater projects in progress on Instagram at #BangOutASweater. You might win a prize when you post your Bang Out project pix with the hashtag #BangOutA Sweater on Instagram, on Facebook, or in the Lounge at “Bang Out a Sweater.” Lots of wise knitters in there sharing tips ’n’ tricks.

About The Author

A bright star in the knitting firmament for decades, Norah Gaughan has designed for every elite knitting publication.  Her books—Knitting Nature and Norah Gaughan’s Knitted Cable Sourcebook—are blasts of inspiration and technique, and everlasting classics. When Norah teaches, her classes sell out in a hot minute.

2018 marked the publication of Vogue Knitting: Norah Gaughan: 40 Timeless Knits, a greatest hits selection from the astounding 120+ patterns she has contributed to Vogue Knitting magazine.

Norah’s website is a big box of eye candy that will keep you up to date on her current work.


  • OK, I’m thinking this would be great for the dog-sweater version I’m plotting. Wouldn’t it be cute with cables going all the way down the back?

    • In the immortal words of Iggy Pop, yes, I wanna be your dog!

    • Absolutely! Norah’s modification is brilliant.

  • Is there a rule of thumb for how much adding cables draws a fabric in? Why did you choose to add 5 (not 4 or 6) stitches on each side, in other words?

  • Ditto Susan’s question. As for When to do the increases I love Norah’s method since it works with my body type. Also I love the name Pirate for a cat.

  • This modification has inspired me! I’m just starting the center cable section separate from the yoke. Keep posting, I’m 2 inches behind you.

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