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Something new for you this month: The self-care shorty. Quick to read and quick to return results. That’s the goal!

And speaking of short, you should see my feet. Square little robot feet, no longer than they are wide! You probably have elegant feet, but here’s what I know: feet of all dimensions deserve exquisite care.

Foot love, three ways

First, a time-honored classic for a reason: anointing with oil. Feet have craved it for thousands of years. Any kind of massage oil works; my feet enjoy Banditos from Kate’s Magik. At bedtime is nice and helps with sleep. Get into a dedicated pair of socks when you’re done. And please note: Those socks should be hung after washing—the oil buildup can make your dryer burst into flames (#selfcarenongoals).

Next, an instant classic, a new-fangled device called the Naboso ball. This thing hurts so good. But not just when you stop! It’s amazing from the moment you crush it underfoot to break it in half, one blue hemisphere for each foot. The outside is covered in little nubs, and inside is a solid core of molten lava dense rubber, a tiny black sphere for your hands. Win-win!

And finally, you knew I was gonna say it, right? The foundation of all self-care jokes, the pedicure. Pedicures don’t care if we make fun; they are secure in their worth. If you know, you know, and if you don’t know, go ahead and find out—self-care permission slip SIGNED.

In the comments below, my feet and many others would appreciate your best foot-care tips. And if you just want to comment to co-sign our self-care permission slip, please do!


Image credit: Woman Bathing Her Feet in a Brook, Camille Pissarro, 1894/95, Art Institute of Chicago. Used with permission.

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Max Daniels is a research-based life coach whose weekly emails make us laugh with recognition and rethink everything we thought we knew.

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  • Ameliorate foot cream! Amazing fir keeping the hard skin at bay.

    • My favorite exercise : fill a plastic shoe container with 2 bags of dried beans(so container is half-filled). Sit down with the bean box at your feet. Relax, breathe. One foot at a time, place your foot on top of the beans. Push the beans away with your toes, enough times to get a rhythm going. Pause. Then reverse, pull the beans backwards with your toes. Switch feet. Delightful toe yoga… Happy feet!

  • Can’t say enough for pedicures. If you don’t love the one you get, keep looking for the perfect one in your area. That dryer bursting into flames is a new one on me! How exciting!

  • I was in my 50’s when I got my first pedicure and Oh MY Gosh! What took me so long?!
    Just do it everyone 🙂

    • I love a pedicure! Never heard of it being a joke, why? We wool lovers know about lanolin, its my favorite for those dry spots.

    • Me, too! What were we waiting for?

  • If you are inclined to get plantar fasciitis or have it, freeze a water bottle (after pouring out a little water) and roll it with your feet (1 at a time). It reduces inflammation and it feels great.

  • Baby feet (foot peel). Get ready for a wild ride. Works great!

    • Love foot peels. They fall in the ‘gross but strangely fascinating’ category along with nose strips

    • Ah thank you for the reminder as it’s time for a pedicure – the perfect treat in the middle of a cold and snowy winter.

      • Talked my husband into trying a pedicure. Now he’s hooked and loves them. He asked why didn’t I tell him sooner?

        • You’re a magician! How did you talk him into it?

  • I love this, Max, thank you. I’m 66, and the best thing I’ve (finally) done for my feet is to wear shoes (or boots) I love and to let go of what I believe I’m supposed to wear to be “professional” or worse, “feminine.” My feet are very grateful!

  • Honey Heel Glaze. It’s outstanding.

  • I’ve used the Melt Method foot and hand set for years. It’s has rituals for hands and feet. Yamuna has similar half ‘pimple’ balls. She has videos for these as well. You might find both on You tube. Feet and Hands rule!

    • Melt method has helped my plantar fasciitis prone feet for years now. Soooo good! Foot routine takes less than five minutes for both, but I usually Melt longer because it feels great. Foot massage (self or otherwise) is also core to Chinese medicine, a basic wellness technique.

  • Good shoes.

  • Beauty Club in our family consists of soaking your feet in Johnson’s Foot Soap, then giving each other pedicures and manicures while watching a movie with our wet hair wrapped up in a towel doing a Moroccan oil treatment or deep conditioning treatment.
    My sister’s version is to henna your hair while soaking your feet and gossiping rather than the movie.
    This is all pre Covid as I would do this with my now grown and flown daughters and my sister with her friends.

  • Yes to daily massaging in good lotion, no to having anyone handle my feet, nightmare, yes to many ankle circles to keep my 84 year old feet flexible and walking daily. And remember to thank them!

  • Aveda Hand Relief and Foot Relief are my go to for hands and feet. I am a retired Dental Hygienist, when I was working my hands would be a mess in the winter, cracked and sore. The frequent hand washing and powdered latex gloves just dried them out terribly. The Aveda hand cream solved my problem and I use it every day! The foot cream is just as good, massaged into my feet before bed.

    • Use a pumice stone at least twice a week.

      • Yes! The pumice stone on feet is magic – removes dead skin and massages feet at the same time. Especially good when your feet are tired and sore. Do before bedtime for a really good night’s sleep!

  • I use castor oil on my feet at bedtime, recommend by a past gymnast. It’s also supposed to help a little with pain.

  • I love the self care approach

  • Yes! Sign & laminate that pedi-permission slip and don’t be afraid to request the deep tissue leg rub with mint!
    My at home self care is an epsom salt foot soak with a few chips of Frankincense.
    My daughter, on the other hand, cannot tolerate anything or anyone around her feet. The Naboso would send her over the edge!

    • Lush brand Volcano foot mask. Just amazing. Follow with Lush Ocean sea salt scrub and your favorite moisturizer (CeraVe SA Creme or Lush Peppermint foot cream.)

  • So much good info. Thank you! I’m team pedicure! Love L’Occitaine foot cream – been using it religiously for years. Being long in the foot (size 10) I’d also include hand knit “bespoke” sized socks. Finally room for my piggies!

    • I can so relate! My size 10s LOVE my hand knit socks as they always fit perfectly. I even have an older, no longer wearable pair designated for night time after using O’Keefe’s foot cream.

    • Exactly why I learned to knit my own socks! Customizable for my personal comfort!!

  • Agree on all points but you forgot hand knitted socks. 🙂

  • Throwing in my 2 cents for a well-known farmers’ remedy – Bag Balm! I put it on at night with wool socks, and in the morning my cracked heels and callouses are much improved. Also good for rough cuticles that snag on delicate yarns while I’m knitting (a little goes a long way – just make sure you rub it in really well)

    • Me too on the Bag Balm (or “Cow Cream” as Arne and Carlos would call it.). Also me too on the Johnson’s foot scrub/soap. Effective, good value, and most of the packaging is easily reused or recycled. Hooray for caring for our hands and feet!

  • Love your feet! They take you everywhere you go and back. They help keep us grounded to the earth.
    Life certainly would be more challenging without them. Using a toe separator is really good for your balance and relaxes and stretches the muscles of our feet. Yoga gel toes are amazing.

    • I am wearing Yoga Toes as I write. Great for stretching the piggies! And, I am a permanent member of Team Pedicure!

  • My chiropractor adjusts my feet every time I go. What a game changer!

  • A mixture of sugar, lemon juice and coconut oil for a homemade foot rub. Sweet treat!

  • For years I have rubbed the bottom of my feet and heels every night with Honey House Naturals Bee Bar. It comes in several lovely fragrances and makes my hands feel good too. I use the big ones and have a small one in my travel bag. My pedicure guy now recommends them to his clients because my feet – especially my heels- are in great shape. Doesn’t stain the sheets or my bed socks either.

  • O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet cream does wonders for my poor dry skinned feet

  • Pedicures for the win!!!! One of my only vices… (oh, and yarn!) And the flaming dryer balls had me snorting my coffee!

  • Bomba’s merino wool socks. Lanolin in the wool moisturizes just a smidge! Extra arch support in their hiking socks is transformational if you plan on being on your feet all day.

  • Till my 40s, paid little attention to my feet (dry, calluses on top of toes), yet always moisturized my legs after shaving. After a few Pilates classes (feet were noticeable) I started extending the moisturizer to my feet after showering. Calluses gradually disappeared, no dry skin even on heels (stand on a towel after). Nothing special other than dry skin formulas, lately Aveeno, that totally absorb & reasonably priced cuz 20+ yrs later I go through a lot (moisturizing most of the rest of me now).

  • I love my pedicures. But in between I put vasoline petroleum gel on my feet at night with a dedicated pair of cotton socks. Especially during the summer.
    If you get a cold or flu, Vick’s vapor rub works really well on your feet. These are things that Granny taught me.

  • I had my first pedicure in 2014 when I was 67 and have never turned back. Best thing I’ve done for my feet and body’s well-being. Aveda Foot Relief bridges these appointments. Max, thank you for fostering this community awareness.

  • Talk about timely!!!! I’m here in New Orleans and we’re in Carnival season full-tilt. Serious Mardi Gras parades started Wednesday with Nyx. Feet dance us, strut us and wearily walk us back to however we hit to the parade. Thanks very much for a spot on reminder to take care of our feet! L’aissez Les Bon temps rouler!!!

  • Weleda Foot Balm!

  • I read in an AARP magazine that we should take off our shoes and do what we do barefoot for at least 30 minutes a day! My feet seem to like it!

  • Badger Balm for feet helps a lot

  • I believe in moving your feet as much as possible. Takes care of so much!

  • I had never had a pedicure till my daughter started getting them before high school dances. I felt I had to maintain MY spot in the pecking order (and I was right). The puritan in me still feels just a little guilty at spending for what I mostly can do myself. But my husband has no such qualms. He loves them, and as he gets older, they seem more important for wellness. Just had a pedi this week before vacation.

  • So funny that just last night I put on a foot peel mask and this morning I see this post about foot care.

  • I’m on the pedicure bandwagon! Can’t have one for a few weeks even though I need it, I’m recovering from foot surgery for bone spur removal. Nobody’s touching my foot yet except the physical therapist and my doctor. I make my foot cream using calendula infused grapeseed oil and mango butter with essential oils, works like a charm. It’s great for cracked hands and split fingertips, too. And my other foot essential is stretching daily. I’m on my feet all day at work and if I don’t stretch I definitely feel the difference.

  • A reflexology session by an ARCB certified reflexologist!

  • I always carry a golf ball for foot rolling. It is the only size that gets the exact spot to release.

  • Pedicures are a lovely treat for your feet. I find it to be soothing.I like to use a honey heel glaze occasionally that helps to soften heels and it smells nice. Mine is from Farm Fresh.

  • I have found that I can only get a pedicure just as autumn turns into winter. Otherwise my feet are too delicate to spend the spring and summer walking around barefoot! (We have a gravel driveway, and I often can’t be bothered to put on shoes to go get the mail.)

  • When I stopped smoking a mani/pedi became my splurge from the saved money. If you haven’t had one it is a must! So relaxing…

  • The last time I had a massage I didn’t actually relax till she got to my feet!? So for this birthday my husband gave me a foot massage gift certificate from a reflexology. Can’t wait.

  • I love my wife’s feet so I make sure to take good care of them for her. Baby oil, warm salt soak and long massages make sure to keep her feet good and soft. I also give her pedicures so her feet stay perfect and beautiful for me.

  • Plantar fasciitis had me hobbling for months. Now I have a lot of respect for my feet! I do all the things you suggest above, plus: I stretch and strengthen them with exercises daily, I walk barefoot whenever I can (especially on grass – so lovely) and I wear minimalist shoes. There’s nothing like not being able to walk to make you appreciate your feet!

  • Shea Butter, the thick stuff in original form really helps feet going through chemo therapy subject to peripheral neuropathy.

  • Senior here. Had my first salon pedicure at age 25. However, I also still do my own at home in between visits.

    Favorite products: Gold Bond cream and Jin Soon cuticle oil.

  • Amlactin Ultra. I have sicca syndrome and Amlactin Ulta even works on my severely dry skin.

  • I have Rawlogy massage balls in various sizes EVERYWHERE!!!! Larger sizes are great for a sitting or standing foot massage and the tiny hand and feet balls are perfect when you really need to get in there and break up knots.

    Also, good shoes.

  • Thank you.
    My feet need love!

  • Great article!! Now I see that I’m not the only person with severely dry feet. I thought it was hereditary as only a fee of us in my giant family tree talks about how dry their feet (heels) are. Some might not want to talk about it. After every shower I lotion my feet and calves with Naveena Dry Skin body milk. It has an almond seed extract in the mix to help mousterize my dry feet and legs. And arms, elbows, hands, and neck. It’s inexpensive and helps my skin be nice and soft again!

    • Oops, typos! I meant to say Navina,lotion, doh! I must say that I didn’t actually get up to look for the exact name. I’m very tired tonight. :-/ Oh and wearing my handsknit cotton socks are worn after lotion and helps me have a *wonderful* sleep!

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