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At the end of 2016, Alec Baldwin interviewed Patti Smith onstage for his podcast, Here’s the Thing. It’s wonderful to hear her talk with such humility and grace about her extraordinary life. Here’s the link to Here’s the Thing.

While you’re at it, and in case you missed it, watch Patti Smith’s performance of A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall when she accepted the Nobel Prize on behalf of Bob Dylan, in the YouTube above.

Happy knitting, all.



  • Patti Smith’s biggest fan over here <3

    • Thank you!! I am another big fan of hers. And yours too

  • Patti! A tender soul.

  • Thanks for this link. I loved her in the 70’s, and so much enjoyed her memoir, Just Kids.

  • Or, I should say, I have loved her since the 70s, and continue to admire her now!

  • I love Here’s the Thing podcast. Alec Baldwin is a natural interviewer and very funny with his super interesting guests. I’m a fan.

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