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Ann and her sons have gone and done it. They’ve made a woman in her late 50s into a Vulfpeck superfan. Late nights, all typed out, I find myself on YouTube, looking for an endorphin lift as reliable as Back Pocket. It’s been a long time since the opening bars of a song have me quite so happy. (It was ABC by the way. Every time. Pure joy.)

For your Saturday knitting pleasure, you could do a lot worse than dialing up Vulpeck on YouTube and letting the videos roll. Just go ahead and PLAY ALL. Anything with Antwaun Stanley is fantastic: start with 1612.

As a child of the 70s, though, imagine my joy at discovering this Vulpeck cover:

Live on the radio. Damn.




  • whoa. They did Stevie proud.

  • My unbidden arose for my exercise of today…..great!

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