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Kate Burge and Rachel Price rank high on our list of folks in the yarn world who are crushing it.

We watch what they’re up to with total admiration—their Spincycle Yarns are such an endless source of beauty and good times. MDK readers, you know what we’re talking about, judging by your never-ending interest whenever we have a batch of Spincycle in the Shop.

Kate and Rachel’s latest confection: Trine. (Rhymes with wine. Fine. Shine. Divine. Mine.) We just landed 11 colors of this new yarn. There they are, up in the gallery.

And here’s the family photo.

Fun, right?

We don’t even know where to start on this stuff—it’s that worsted weight we all love, non-superwash wool, and it’s got three plies that are up to all sorts of signature Spincycle mischief. Sometimes the colors are close friends, and sometimes they contrast and vibrate in a cool way.

Knitted up, Trine creates a beautiful fabric with a subtle pulsating energy to it.

Trine pairs beautifully with Spincycle’s worsted, zingy sister Dream State. (Note that due to some cosmic alignment, we currently have excellent stock of this elusive favorite.)

Longing to knit it up? Feast your eyeballs on these Trine-ready designs by four fabulous designers. (Pattern names are Ravelry pattern links.)

By Olga Buraya-Kefelian


For a solid plus marl plus multicolor cowl, choose two skeins of one color of Atlas, then add one skein each in Trine and Dream State.


Palate cleanser project. One skein of Trine will do it—add another skein if you like a brim that folds up.

By Andrea Mowry


Epic! The main color is Trine, and the dots are Dream State. A forever cardigan if we ever saw one. We want to just move in and never leave. (Around her neck is Andrea’s Inclinations Cowl in Spincycle Dyed in the Wool.)

The Weekender

With 13,000 projects on Ravelry, the Weekender is one of Andrea’s most-loved patterns. Pick a color, find your yardage and go!

Harlow Worsted

A quick brioche snack of a hat. Choose one skein each of two colors of Trine. Or pair Trine with Dream State for a trippier topper. (And Andrea’s modeling the Inclinations Shawl in Dream State.)

By Caitlin Hunter


Brand-new from Boyland Knitworks! Four shades of Trine come together in this cozy, graphic pullover.

By Cecelia Campochiaro


A modern dickie, just the thing for unpredictable spring weather. Plenty of Trine color play here—choose four colors for this all-time favorite from Field Guide No. 19: Marls. The yarn does the marling for you. (The photo here shows it in Tynd held double, if you’re craving the original yarn.)

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  • You might need to fiddle with stitch counts, but I bet it would look awesome with any of the Pressed Flowers designs too. Solid flowers, Trine background? That would be my first impulse, but the other way might look good too.

  • OMG! I’m deep into a HUGE project….and yet… I am trying to decide which colours of Trine to order and which project I’d Ike to try first. How can this give me so much pleasure!

  • Duh! This is how stash becomes STASH! Yes, I can be slow.

  • I like it where can I Get this yarn?

  • What kind of fabric results from mixing a super wash and non-super wash yarn? I would guess that if they are used in fair isle or brioche, say, the answer would be different than in big color blocks? Despite my adoration of the look of Spincycle super wash yarns, (and all of them, really, being local to me here in WA), I’ve had saggy results from the dream state alone in brioche especially, which I now understand and won’t use again—which is sad because they make the most luscious brioche imaginable. I’ve never seen anything talking about using this mixture of yarns—maybe you can find an expert to enlighten us further. Thanks for an always interesting Saturday morning post.

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