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With impeccable timing, Alice Beltran and Juliana Horner serve us up the perfect vehicle for the helical stripes technique we just learned in A Year of Techniques.  The Never Fail Legwarmers pattern is open to all manner of yarn weight and stitch pattern. They can go striped, solid, or Fair Isle, as you please.

(If you’d like an easy-to-print PDF version of this pattern, you’ll find it here.)

Have fun! Share the love by posting your legwarmers with the hashtag #myMDK on Instagram and Facebook.  Feel free to share the link to this post all over creation–we’d be delighted if you did.

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  • Oh goodness. I just purchased some yarn specifically so I could try helical stripes and now you tempt me with leg warmers?

  • DPNs scare me silly, but I have wonderful leg-warmer memories…I might just make some for my arms.

  • I love the pattern, but leg warmers bring back too many not so great memories for me, so I’ll watch in awe of those who can carry them off!

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