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Just when you’ve sewn in the ends on the last of your holiday gifts (we’re optimistic like that), along come Alice and Juliana. The Never Fail Muffler is something quick and cute to make for yourself, and learn brioche stitch while you’re at it. Nell Ziroli, moderator of The Lounge, couldn’t wait for us to publish the Never Fail Muffler pattern, so she tested it out, and had one extra excellent handknit gift to give this year. (Check out a photo of Nell’s version in The Lounge.)


(If you’d like an easy-to-print PDF version of this pattern, you’ll find it here.)

Have fun! Share the love by posting your mufflers with the hashtag #myMDK on Instagram and Facebook.




About The Author

Alice Beltran lives in Long Beach, California with her family, who she loves covering in handknits. She has taught beginning knitting and rarely knits things that don’t require significant design input because she likes making it up. She grew up on Archie comic books. Later on, Len Deighton’s Action Cook Book showed her that comics could be instructive.

Alice recently opened a new shop of  beautiful hand-crafted jewelry for handknits, CostumeJewelryHabit. Michelin rating: Worth a Detour.

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  • These knitstrips are so much fun!

    However, I’m a little confused by the text in the “Finishing” panel. Is there a word missing? It says “Sew the third column of Vs…” and I’m thinking, “sew them… to what??”

    Reading on, I’m guessing from the next panel that what’s meant is *sew buttons onto the third column of Vs* (at the indicated rows). Am I missing something, or is this a head scratcher for anybody else?

    • My same question exactly, Julia!

  • Hello, yes: it’s a typo that should read “sew the buttons on the…etc.”

    Thanks for catching! 😀


  • Perfect first project of the year. Because it’s winter, we can war it immediately. And because it’s fast we will have a FO to already brag about.

  • When you slip the stitch, do you slip it knit-wise, or purl-wise? Thanks.

    • Purlwise 🙂 xoA

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