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Recently, a hibernating design idea involving short rows met up with the paintbox of MDK Atlas colors, and a new hat pattern started taking shape on my needles.

My Resolve hat begins with ribbing, followed by short rows in ribbing that build an angled foundation—jaunty!—for a band of playful colorwork. 

The angle is then resolved by working more short rows so the hat can be finished in a traditional way.

As you can see here the colorwork band is a canvas for delightful variations: garter eyelet ridge, zigzags, blocks. All included in the pattern instructions.

Squee! Mallard and Pear ziggy-zag with little pops of Barn Red for high contrast at the cast on and above the angled color change
From the top clockwise: Navy Atlas with blocks of Seaglass and Barn Red, Mallard and Pear Zig Zags with pops of Barn Red, Barn Red with Garter Eyelet Ridge in Pear, Peat, and Mallard, Natural with Shale, Seaglass and Mallard Garter Eyelet Ridge

This is an excellent scrappy / sharing project. Collective ideas and variations may be born; the band design requires wee portions three colors, making sharing scraps so very easy to do.

While walking investigating beautiful Sag Harbor, NY, my well-worn garter eyelet Resolve slipped out of my pocket.  

I’m hoping someone found it, gently hand washed it, and loves wearing it!


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About The Author

A passionate perpetual knitter, published designer and enthusiastic teacher, Nell Ziroli continues to be inspired by luminaries and students alike. See all her designs here.


  • Love all of these! Thanks, Nell.

    • Ooh this looks like so much fun! And hats are good summer knitting for a jump start to Christmas gifts.

  • Can’t wait to knit a bunch of these.

  • These are all so gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to cast one (or several) on!!!!

  • Could this be any more fabulous?
    Not exactly summer knitting but I’m diving in!

  • This hat is so much fun to knit! There’s something very satisfying about building the shaping with short rows. My second Resolve is almost finished and now I can’t wait to cast on for a third. Nell, it hurts to read one escaped your pocket – I hope it finds its way back to you, or that the finder is truly in need of warmth and can’t help but marvel at the clever construction.

    • A good one for getting started on Christmas presents! Yeah, it will take me now until then to get enough done for four kids and six grands. Whew!

  • Just bought this perfect pattern for using scraps from my almost finished Blanket of Joy. Thanks Nell for another winner!

  • Oh my, LOVE this, all versions!

  • These are so cute and unique!

  • Does the Resolve pattern include all 3 versions?

    • The original pattern has a variation update, so yes! Happy knitting.

  • These are so great, congratulations on this design! So sorry to hear about losing one, we’re away from home (Sag Harbor) until next week but I can ask my daughter to keep a lookout. If you want please DM me the approximate location?

  • This looks super fun!

  • Thank you for the last little bit of your Resolve story, Nell. I have been mourning the loss of a beloved pair of handspun handknit fingerless mitts. We parted ways somewhere downtown. Now that they clearly aren’t going to find their way back to me I see I can shift my perspective and wish that the finder will love them as much as I do. This makes so much sense

  • I love this! Such a clever design! In fact, I like it so much that I went to purchase it and discovered I bought in a couple of months ago! Now to cast on…

  • Oh wow. These are all SO FABULOUS, Nell!! I need more knitting time in my life!!

  • I want one! Not sure when I will wear (I live in FL) it but I want to make one!

  • Oh! This is going to be FUN!

  • What fun! Colors go so well together. Can’t wait to knit a few!

  • I love it, Nell! So many fun options.

  • A perfect pattern for my current hat binge! After making a bunch of Setasdal hats, I am now making chemo caps for my husband’s dear Auntie, and I was just searching for unique patterns to help cheer her up. The short row shaping and color work looks like just the ticket. Thank you so much, Nell! Also, I lost a favorite crochet hat one winter on the subway in DC. When it was never turned in to lost and found, I could only hope the finder would appreciate its warmth and style. Happily, I was able to get a replacement hat after going back to the store where I bought it, and the storekeeper was able to request a new one from the maker. It’s still my favorite dress hat in the winter, even though I have made a variety of hats myself in the years since.

  • Is there a pattern for this hat?? The one that looks like a crown? Granddaughter leaving college before we know it … it would be so fun in the DUCKS colors.

    • The Resolve pattern has all of the patterns. Happy knitting!

    • Hello from a fellow Oregon Ducks fan (and knitter)!

      • Me too! I hope your granddaughter loves Eugene as much as I do!

  • Hi Nell,
    I bought my Resolve pattern on 3/23 which does not have the update for the new options, and Ravelry does not have an update for it – how do I get the updated pattern? These are adorable and I can’t wait to make one! Thanks!!!

  • I also purchased the pattern but do not see any directions for the different colorwork options ??? Are they charted ?

    • Nell, you are a GENIUS! I have used several of your patterns to make sweaters and they are all so wonderfully written. A pleasure to use. Can’t wait to make a few of these hats to donate to local chemo centers.

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