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Dear friends,

You look at a weather map right now and you’ll see a gigantical, enormulous dark blue BLOB right there in the middle of the U.S. of A.

Polar vortex, you say? We say KNITTING HEAVEN.

In honor of some bone-chillin’ climatological activity, we bring you our toastiest, roastiest special offer. It’s a double header, too.

Here’s the deal:

We’ve got two bulky yarns for you—when you order any quantity of either one, we’ll give you the free ebook download of Jen Geigley’s big-hearted designs in Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy. We encourage a beeline for Jen’s Brambleberry Cowl if you’re aiming for quick personal insulation. Nothing like a size 13 needle to move things along.

What’s even more special? Subscribers can use that monthly subscriber coupon code to save 10% off the regular price.

Option No. 1: Freia Super Bulky

We’ve got a very limited quantity of Tina Whitmore’s most exuberant yarn of them all: Freia Super Bulky.

That’s Ice Queen in the skein—seasonally appropriate! And here’s Nautilus all knitted up.

Plus Pixie and Lucky Penny.

It’s gigantic, absolutely bonkers in scale, which means you can crank Jen Geigley’s Brambleberry Cowl in very short order.

The stitch pattern looks cool on both sides. Brambleberries on one side, a woven effect on the other.

Tina’s signature ombré gradient hand dyeing is on full display here.

Four skeins makes an epic Brambleberry Cowl.

Option No. 2: Rowan Big Wool

Maybe you’re in the mood for a solid.

Maybe we’ve got 18 ideas for you: Rowan Big Wool in 18 colors.

Four balls gets you a Brambleberry Cowl snipsnap just like that.

We’ve got a decent supply of these two yarns, but not a TON. So hop on this now if you see a color you love.

To Recap

This MDK Gems offer runs through Tuesday, January 23. Order any quantity of Freia Super Bulky or Rowan Big Wool, and we’ll give you the free download of Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy. You’ll receive the download link in your order confirmation email.

We hope you have fun with this MDK Gem.


Ann and Kay

PS The Brambleberry Cowl makes us want to bake a pie with a stockinette crust. (Here’s how! Jen Geigley explains it all for us.)


  • I cast on a Main Squeeze Cardigan over the weekend. Perfect knitting for these frigid days!

  • Cozy looking cardigan it is. I hope you love working on the pattern and the yarn you’re using. Have fun!

  • what to knit with one skein of freia super bulky? I have one left over from last year… and it looks really pretty.

  • I am far too lazy to make a stockinette pie crust. But the Brambleberry Cowl? Yes, please!

  • I have one skein of Freia super bulky, but do not see a pattern for this in the MDK Big Joy download. Ideas Please?
    Thank you!

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