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New year, new Gem—it’s that special time of the month when we shine the MDK spotlight on a beloved Field Guide and a great yarn.

Happy Lopi, everybody! This time of year is just right for a batch of that Icelandic superstar, Léttlopi.

It’s a yarn that we love for its rustic character and beautiful colors.

Even better: This worsted weight version of Icelandic wool is one of the greatest bargains in the knitting world: six bucks a skein.

And—for this week only—when you order Léttlopi, we’ll send you a free PDF download of MDK Field Guide No. 17: Lopi, starring five designs by the enchanting Mary Jane Mucklestone.

This is the Field Guide that includes Daytripper, the cardigan that hundreds of knitters have whipped together.

The big gauge means this sweater comes together satisfyingly fast. And a great yoke along the way!

Also included in Field Guide No. 17: Lopi is the Destination Pullover, a quick knit (seriously, maybe a weekend if you’re in the mood) that had me jumping for joy.

Get your own sweater or Cardi off the ground. Join us for a Léttlopi KAL right here!

Rough Seas, Moor, Dark Grey. Golden for the pockets. (Apologies that we’re low on these colors—you’ll want to cook up your own colorway for this speedy knit.) This sweater is my constant companion.

Thought bubble: I love you, Destination Pullover.

I’m dreaming now of a one-color version with pockets as the only color change.

Hats, mittens, scarves too—you can try out Léttlopi on Mary Jane’s sweet accessories.

Destination Scarf. Knit in the round for doubled warmth.

A variation of the Destination Scarf, mashing up all the stitch motifs in the Field Guide.

Trinket Mittens. Aw! Your persimmon fetching just got a lot more snurgly.

The cuff is everything.

Jaunty Beanie. So quick, so fun.

Make it with any of the stranded motifs in the Field Guide.

You’ll have a stack of them remarkably soon. With pom poms, of course.

How This MDK Gem Works

Order any quantity of Léttlopi from now through Wednesday, January 18, and we’ll give you a free PDF download of MDK Field Guide No. 17: Lopi. The download link will arrive in your order confirmation email. Please note that quantities are limited, and we’re low on some colors—so you’ll want to hop on this if you’re in the mood for amazingly affordable yarn and the wonderful patterns of the magnificent Mary Jane Mucklestone.

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  • Regarding your idea of a one color Destination Pullover with contrasting pocket linings: What if you did the cast ons of sleeves and body and neck bind off in the same–or different–conrtasting color as the pocket linings? Little touches of color!

    • The idea of the destination pullover (trui) is the shifting of colour and the painterly joy of it plus the comfort

    • How many skeins do I need for the sweater?

      • I found it!

  • Hi y’all
    How much is shipping to canada (L9H5J7) for several skeins?

    • I order directly from Iceland and the weight and volume determines the cost of shipping. It is tweakable. If I need a large volume I get it shipped via DHL and if the volume is less it goes regular mail. I get it within two weeks.

    • Hi, Sandi – shipping info for Canada and the UK is right here. It’s a flat rate depending on your merchandise total – either $20 or $35 – and that would be via USPS First Class International, so would take 14-30 days.

  • I get more compliments on my Daytripper than any other sweater I have ever made. And I have made a few!

  • I love wearing my Daytripper, which is more than can be said of many of the sweaters that I have made. It is really lightweight and very warm. I would say the biggest challenge was deciding on colors and consequently spent a great deal of time with my colored pencils playing with different options. I was very pleased with how the colors worked out but still kept playing with color options and ended up making another one in a completely different set of colors. Tempted to do a third…

    • Same! I’ve made three for myself and one for my mother, and I have the yarn to start a fifth. This is one addictive pattern!

  • As I apparently live under a rock, I have never seen or touched Lettlopi live! Is it next to skin soft or itchy? Best for outer wear?

    • The feel of yarn is definitely subjective, so your mileage may vary. I find it rustic, lofty, and light to wear–with a layer underneath it. It’s not merino, for sure. But that rustic texture is what gives it character! ; )

  • The Destination Pullover has been perfect when Texas has its cold-to-us weather. I think it’s the gauge. Planning to make a Daytripper when I decide on the colors!

  • Have been undecided about this particular Field Guide, not sure why…Destination Pullover high in the queue, I love the Gems 😀

  • I adore my Daytripper (and still need to make a Stopover!)

  • I still have to wear my Daytripper. I really do love the feel and loft of Icelandic wool. I have the #17 field guide and more yarn to do a destination pullover too plus mittens to match (smile)

  • I made the Daytripper in Léttlopi and it’s the sweater I am most proud of. It’s beautiful and maybe a bit challenging. I find it maybe just a bit itchy. I might try another soak. I also made the mittens from the same pattern book and had to give them all away. Everyone wanted them. Warm and lightweight yarn that knits up fast

  • That reminds me – I have leftover skeins …

  • How does one determine the number of skeins without knowing the pattern (destination pullover for example) until after the purchase?

    • You can look up the pattern on Ravelry and the amounts per size are listed. I would need 13 skeins for my size (4 in each of two colors and five of a third color).

      • Thank you!

      • Wow! I placed an order Wednesday and it was shipped the same day! It should arrive today. You guys rock !

  • Do you think that white will be back in stock soon?

  • I want to order some Léttlopi for a Daytripper, but I’m debating colors. What was the color combination in Ann’s original cardi, featured here:

  • Hello. On 01/12/2023 I purchased eight (8) skeins of Léttlopi yarn. Is it possible to receive a free PDF download of MDK Field Guide No 17: Lopi? Please advise. Many thanks, Patricia Maraia

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