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We have new readers joining us these days: we’re glad you’re here! There’s a lot to see at Modern Daily Knitting, so we’re here to help you discover cool things.

Welcome to MDK Gems, a new feature where we show you the MDK designs that have become favorites and offer you a dazzling little deal on the yarn.

Today we bring you the Brambleberry Cowl.

This is Jen Geigley’s snuggler from Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy. It’s a popular design and a great fast knit, resulting in a smooshy hug that feels just right these days. Four balls of Rowan Big Wool worked on size US 13 (9 mm) circs? A blast.

A Special Offer

Save 10% on all Rowan Big Wool. Just add the coupon code BRAMBLE at checkout.

Plus: we’ll include a free download of the ebook version of Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy with your Big Wool order. This special offer runs through end of day February 2, 2022. If you’d like the print copy, you’ll find it here.

Big Wool is the special ingredient for the Brambleberry Cowl: it’s the biggest, fluffiest yarn we’ve ever carried. Soft and versatile, Big Wool comes in a gorgeous explosion of Rowan color. We’ve got 23 shades at this point, including some new ones we just brought in.

Another Big Wool Favorite

Also starring in Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy is the Main Squeeze Cardigan. This pattern is included in the free ebook we’re offering now when you order Rowan Big Wool this week.

You’ll see hundreds of Main Squeeze Cardigans on Ravelry. Fast ’n’ fun. We’ve made this in a weekend, no kidding. Thanks, Rowan Big Wool, for being gigantic!

It’s a quick trip from the bottom up, with minimal finishing.

No buttons! Who’s got time for buttons?

Did Somebody Say Pie?

Here’s Jen Geigley’s famed post, “How to Bake a Stockinette Crust Pie.”

We hope you have fun with these designs. Sometimes it feels great to make a quick project, and these are such winners.

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  • Main Squeeze is so super fun, that I have already made 2!

  • I luv my Brambleberry Cowl! Cozy warm and gorgeous, too. I should add another in a new color, perhaps. . . Thank you Jen Geigley!

  • My fave F.G. I’ve knit 2 Brambleberry Cowls, they are soo squooshy! And brambleberry bobbles are so fun! And my Main Squeeze cardi coat is getting a lot of wear this winter! (My other favorite FG is Thea Coleman’s. Is that #8?)

  • Brambleberry marled! Would two worsted weights work? I’m thinking Mohonk? Lettlopi?

    • Well, you know we’re going to try marling everything, so yeah–this would be superfun to try. I think two worsted weights would be fine, possibly a bit denser than Big Wool which is extremely lofty. Marled brambleberries? Awesome!

  • Big Wool is splendid stuff.

  • Working my main squeeze, after putting it down to complete my interstate move last year. It has been super cold here in Maryland so picked it up. I think I have three inches of body to complete.

  • Can you tell me what stitches are used? I’m pretty new at knitting. Thanks

    • It is a combination of knit stitches and purl stitches. The brambles are achieved by working one stich three times, then knitting three stitches together. I recommend MDK’s Skill Set app for pictures. You can also Search on MDK for the pattern as there is possibly a video.

      You know the knit and purl stitches. You might want to see the technique for the bramble pattern. Overall, I think this is a great beginner patten. It looks good but is not difficult. (Just do not twist the first row. Even very experienced knitters have to pay attention to this.) And Big Wool knits up very fast. My daughter is learning to knit. I gave her a similar cowl pattern knit in the round using bulky yarn. She finished in a day. Posted on Instagram. Her friends are sending in requests.

  • Learn flicking technique if you knit English (throwing) style. It’s easier on wrists and shoulder & helps to knit smoother. It will be easier to knit Lopi patterns (MDK 17) too.

  • I’m wondering about the bramble stitch , I thought it was followed by purl three stitches together. Does it make a difference to knit the following stitches together?

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