How to Bake a Stockinette Crust Pie

September 20, 2019

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  • Before I knit a lot, I baked a lot, but never pies. But now I want to bake a pie! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Yum!!

  • While big needles and thick yarn haven’t been a favorite, Jen Geigley’s eloquence writing about pie (having made a treacle tart for friends myself just yesterday) makes a compelling argument for reconsideration. Very impressive. Thank you!

  • Hi, can you make your intrusive pop up (which is pointless since I’ve already subscribed and clicked through my email to access this article) just a LITTLE bit smaller? It’s an accessibility issue. For me to click it closed in the upper right corner, I need to make my screen so small I am unable to read it. It really makes me not want to click and read articles knowing EVERY DANG TIME I’m going to get 5 seconds before the page becomes taken over by your popup.

    • When the pop-up appears, the regular page gets grayed out. If you can see part of the grayed-out area to the side of the pop-up, try clicking there. This closes the pop-up for me!

    • I think hitting the “escape” key will take care of it too.

  • Not really a dessert pie person, but I’m thinking the stockinette braiding would look excellent on a broccoli & goat cheese quiche!

  • I wish you were my neighbor. I love to eat berry pie but I don’t love to make it. I did save the recipe tho, you never know…maybe someday…

  • I love to bake, too, although I don’t bake a lot of pies. But I do pride myself on my homemade crust, so I will definitely try “knitting” one!

  • The last stockinette pie is extremely beautiful AND defies the laws of knitting by having some vertical lines of stitches upside-down. Someone smart please explain why this is impossible? Or is it?

  • Beautiful pie and love the inspiration!!!

  • This is so getting my pie juices going.

  • I LOVE this! Every once in awhile, I see something so clever and relatable to things we loved to do together, that my first thought is, I wish I could show my mother this (in heaven). That’s how I felt about your post. Baking, knitting, making.