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What is an MDK Gem, you ask?

It’s that special moment when we shine the MDK sunbeam on a favorite Field Guide designer and yarn, and offer you a quick special deal.

What’s the special deal?

From now through Wednesday, March 13, when you order any quantity of Nua Sport, we’ll include a free PDF download of Field Guide No. 14: Refresh, a collection of four patterns by Carol Feller using Nua Sport. It’s a $9.95 value.

Scroll down to see the four designs—they’re glorious and all call for Nua Sport.

Plus! Carol joins us next week!

We’re chuffed to bits that we’re hosting a free Zoom conversation with Carol Feller on Tuesday, March 12 at noon Eastern time. She’ll be joining us from her home in Ireland. Sign up here and we’ll send you the Zoom link the morning of March 12.

Join us as we talk about all that Carol’s up to right now, and we’ll definitely get into the designs she created for Field Guide No. 14: Refresh.

The Designs

A designer who works with her own yarn is a rare combination. Carol Feller knows Nua Sport inside out, so in MDK Field Guide No. 14: Refresh, you will see four examples of perfect pattern/perfect yarn. Pattern names link to the Ravelry listing, so you can see all the details for each design.

Twining Wrap

There’s a reason knitters love to knit shawls and wraps: it’s knitting at its most painterly. Each of the 17 shades of Nua has its own appeal—they’re all drawn from the landscape in Carol’s home of Ireland.

No need to think about size or fit, and with today’s knitters more clever than ever, a great shawl design allows for expanding skills. Here, Carol mixes cables, knit/purl patterns, and a triangle shape in a lush snuggler.

Transom Cardigan

Carol’s training as an engineer shines in this cardigan. Light enough for a spring day or an air-conditioned office, this sweater works through the seasons.

The fun of exploring clever construction is what this design is all about. The saddle shoulders, the shape of the garment—it all converges in a forever piece that combines classic and modern. And her training as a textile artist means that the fabric we’re making is a perfect weight, just gorgeous.

Trellis Top

When we began to plan this Field Guide with Carol, our conversation included talk of a poncho.

But Carol’s imagination took her far afield from the familiar drapey extravaganza, to this neat, versatile layer. We love it. It has the same easy feel of a poncho, but the buttons down the sides mean you can wear it as you like.

Arcade Cap

A beanie for a cool day. The light yarn makes this a winner for a windy day, or maybe a day when you’re craving a cover.

This is a fast, clever knit.

The yarn?

It’s Nua Sport, the yarn designed by Carol herself. It’s a special, rare yarn, so we’re particularly excited to have a new batch of all 17 shades.

Here’s a skein of Nua Sport for you to see up close and personal. The blend is unusual: 60% merino wool, 20% yak, and 20% linen. Carol chose these fibers in order to create a yarn that is soft (merino), silky (yak), and sturdy (linen).

Truly a dream yarn. Her palette is all kinds of beautiful, drawn from the Irish countryside where Carol takes her walks.

A reminder for Field Guide Subscribers: This is a perfect moment to use your 10% subscriber coupon code, the one we emailed to you on March 4. Not yet a subscriber? Learn more about this year’s marvelous deal here.


  • I love Carol’s designs and think her field guide was one of the best. I have not one but two WIPs from it in wonderful.nua sport. Maybe I need a third? But certainly I look forward to the conversation! I am chuffed, too.

  • I have not been getting the emails, even though I signed up again. I think I signed up 3 times now! They are not in spam. I did not get my subscriber discount email for March.

    • Hmmm. I didn’t get a March code either. Must be a computer glitch. It will turn up I’m sure. Meantime, I’m getting the daily posts. I love Carol’s cardigan. I hope to make it some day. I’ll miss the zoom but hope everyone enjoys it.

    • Hi Carol and Cynthia–we’ll be in touch directly with you!

      • Hi Ann, am I missing something? March code? Please lmk!
        I met Carol a few years ago, while I was living in London. It was a yarn event, as the British do so well. Her yarns and patterns are absolutely beautiful! Thanks

        • I never received the code either. Nua is a wonderful !!

          • Check your inbox for a code-related goodie. 🙂

        • Hi Kathy! Field Guide subscribers receive a monthly coupon code good for 10% off all purchases and events. Are you a subscriber? Did you not get that email we sent on March 4? Just email if your subscriber email didn’t show up.

  • Interesting. I also have been dropped off daily email and did not get March code either. I can find postings other ways but miss my morning greeting I signed up again and it has not made a difference ‍♀️

    • I use “Feedly” to subscribe to blogs I like (I know, blogs, how old fashioned). Anyway, MDK is my first thing habit — but this morning, Feedly didn’t have an MDK post in the list. Something is a little off I think. But I DO know where to find you all.

    • This mirrors my experience.

  • I am on a yarn diet right now, but I am so tempted by this restock! I have made a sweater and a scarf in this yarn, and it is dreamy.. it has depth and character, yet so light and next to skin soft. And the colors! So so gorgeous.

  • Began following Carol Feller during Covid. What a wonderful lady! Yes, her knitted ventures are definitely engineered for comfort and beauty. I’m so glad to see her success with ingenious designs and absolutely gorgeous yarns.

  • My Transom Cardigan is one of my most-worn hand knits. Great fit, perfect weight, wonderful yarn, and seems to go with everything. Maybe I should knit another?

  • In addition to clever, delightful design work, Carol Feller is a lovely person and excellent teacher. Purchased this Field Guide (perhaps the best in the series) and Nua Sport. I’m on my 5th project using Nua. The yarn is a dream. Highly recommend.

  • I’ve used Nua sport for three sweaters, and it’s a truly wonderful yarn. Beautiful with the textures in it, the hazy colors and the very soft texture. I highly recommend this yarn, and Carol’s patterns.

  • I’ve knit both the Twining Wrap and the Trellis Top – both in the lovely Nua Sport. Agree with others that this was the best MDK Field Guide and Carol Feller is a delight.

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