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You won’t need today’s Little Lesson.

Perhaps we should just call it a day here, and you can go back to your knitting?

I’m sure that you’ll never drop a stitch, so you don’t need a video showing you how to pick up a loop. 

Well, just in case …

Today’s video tutorial shows you how to correct a dropped loop in marled knitting. If you’re like me, this is the single most likely error you make with marled knitting. You make a stitch where you only catch one of the strands of yarn.

The good news is that this is a really easy mistake to fix. In the video tutorial I’m taking you through how to pick it up when the loop is sitting on the right side of the fabric (as seen up top), as well as how to pick it up when it has popped through to the wrong side (above).

Those pesky dropped loops! Happily though, laddering the loops back up is a cinch. You just need a crochet hook and you’ll have it fixed in no time.

Video notes: If you are watching on YouTube, you can hover over the time bar to see the different sections of the video, which is handy if there’s a particular thing you want to re-watch. The video also has subtitles which you can display by clicking on the CC button.

Now that my hat is all fixed I have all the time in the world to browse and drool over the other beautiful designs in Field Guide No. 19: Marls. The Color Explosion Throw is shouting at me rather loudly …

This Could Come in Handy
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About The Author

We think Jen Arnall-Culliford is flat-out brilliant. Jen is one of the knitting world’s superb technical editors and teachers, and the star of the tutorial videos.

Cheerful. Cool headed. Supersmart. To take lessons from Jen ups our knitting game, every time.


  • Thanks for sharing, as always Jen! What can I do when I realise I dropped a stitch AFTER I have finished my knitting, i.e., I can’t unravel the column…? I would love some advice on this. Thanks ever so much, Patricia

  • Y’all do know that a-c techniques is closing down their business, right. I sincerely hope they come back some day! Jen’s tutorials are simply the best!!

    • What?!!! Where did you hear tht?

  • Thank you for the video. Do you have any tips on picking up dropped loops in Garter Stitch?

  • Roxanne Richardson has a helpful video on YouTube about this… If you google “youtube how to fix a dropped stitch” you probably will find it quickly. I love her stuff!

  • Yes but! Picking up a dropped stitch on the Marlogram is a nightmare. So seriously, don’t do it!

  • Also useful if you’re carrying reinforcement thread in heels and/or toes of socks.

  • Such a needed and necessary skill – highly recommend this silly $1.99 Handi-tool (made by Susan Bates) to pick up stitches; one end is a hook the other a needle and it is small …. and best of wishes to Jen; as I was saddened by their recent email, hope all are doing well. Her videos are THE best.

    • Ditto to Gail and KCKnits’ messages. Best to Jen and A-CTechniques (Jim and Katy as well).
      I really appreciate that MDK opens our world to a whole host of knitters.

  • Always appreciate Jen’s clear, concise, calm videos. Wish her peace and health.

  • Here’s the info from AC knitwear. Hope and prayers for Jen and Jim.

  • So simple. Yet genious!

  • Thank you so much for your crystal clear, calm explanation. You are an inspiration and help everyone to become more confident knitters. Prayers and positive wishes to everyone at AC Knitwear.

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