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Dear everybody,

A new book has just landed at MDK that I really, really love. You’re going to love it too.

Karen Templer has given us one for the ages, a collection of five designs called Seasonless: Patterns for Life.

The Designer

I miss Karen! Back when MDK first launched, Karen’s exquisite studio in Nashville was across the hall from our ramshackle, cardboard-box-stuffed rathole. (Only one actual rat was ever found in there, and it was in fact dead. Karen never seemed to have rat issues. Of course.)

Going to visit Karen in her space was always an exercise in serenity. Her wildly popular canvas bags were impossible to keep in stock, yet it never felt bonkers over there. So orderly, absolutely no hair on fire. Watching her at work, I came to understand why everything she designed was so special.

Distillation, refinement, precision. This is what Karen is all about. Everything she does has the feel of focus, thought, intelligence.

So when I got wind of Seasonless, I was thrilled because a) we’d often talked about knitting books, and I’d always wished she would write a book. Her thinking was always so smart. And b) I was dying to see what her designs would look like.

The Designs

Reader, it’s all so good.

She worked with Amirisu, the Japanese publisher that creates some of the most exquisite books imaginable.

The concept. It’s just so Karen. Seasonless gives us five designs—elemental, forever patterns to make again and again. She shows how to modify the shapes. And (a favorite for me) she shows four stitch variations, which really open up the horizon for making these designs our own. Stockinette, stripes, mosaic, and knit-purl textures.

The yarns. As a yarnmonger, I would be remiss not to point out that MDK Atlas yarn is a solid choice for these designs, all of which call for worsted-weight yarn. This palette plus these designs? My head spins.

The designs. This is a collection for all genders, all sizes. Karen’s careful thinking is on full display.

Everybody Cardigan. The mood of this design changes depending on whether you go with jaunty stripes, graphic mosaic, or knit-purl textures. And stockinette is beautiful for this. Shawl collar? That’s an option as well.

Everyday Pullover. Top down, raglan construction, utterly classic. Again, your choice of stripes, mosaic, or texture makes a huge difference.

Warm-Up Hat. Three sizes, four stitch patterns, a beanie for everybody.

Forever Vest.  For those times when sleeves are just a knit too far. Worked from the hem up, with a crewneck.

Swatch Mitts. You swatch for the sweater, and end up—voilà!—with cool mitts.

Karen and the folks at Amirisu have created a small world within the covers of this beautifully produced book. It takes you away. It is rare and pure and a tantalizing thing to discover on your bedside table.

In a world of single-pattern downloads, a book like this is a gift.

My hat’s off to Karen on giving us this superb collection. My only wish is that she still worked across the hall from us.



Photographs from Seasonless © Shimazaki Masahiro for amirisu


  • I preordered this gem! Not only is it thoughtful but there is space for individual creative breathing. And that is right up my alley. I’ve already knit a swatch mitt. So happy to have this on my bookshelf.

  • Love the swatch mitts! Great idea!

  • I miss Karen’s blog sooo much! Her writing on the slow fashion movement was a game changer for me. And I still refer to the blog for sweater advice. Her Anna vest is one of my favorite knits, and these designs look beautiful. Onto my Xmas list!

  • “…focus, thought, intelligence” Gee I’d love to be like that. Always excited about worsted weight designs.

  • Ahhh Karen Templar. She’s the reason for my topdown obsession. Best wishes!!

  • When I first learned of this book over two weeks ago, I was so excited. I followed Karen’s blog for years and lapped up every bit that I could.

  • Karen’s Fringe Supply Co email was often the first read of the day. Her attention to details and into to the term “wabi-sabi” went a long way with an old knitter learning new techniques.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this book. I am going to need at least one Everybody Cardigan. And the Pullover, perfect even plain.

    I love the versatility of these designs. I can follow a pattern, yet make pieces that are completely my own.

  • I love that Everybody Cardigan and the Swatch Mitts is a great idea.

  • I’m working on my everyday cardigan. Striping it! One of the many I plant to make from this book. It’s practical and beautiful

  • Beautiful designs. The cardigan I calling to me. So lovely and comfy looking. Thank you

  • I cannot adequately express how joy filled I am about this book. I have missed her wonderful blogs and her excellently curated assortment of yarns and gear. The day I read she was moving on from that part of her life I was literally bereft.
    Do I have to add, I’m getting this book. Now.

  • This book looks fantastic! Is it available to order?

    • Hi, Brenda – it is currently sold out at MDK.

  • Perfect!!!!!
    I don’t need another book, but . . .

  • So excited to see it’s size inclusive! I would love to see you include that info regularly in the reviews. That way I know right away if a pattern is for me before I fall in love.

  • This is exactly the book I have been dreaming about! When will it be available again for purchase?

  • These are just lovely. Wish I knitted fast enough to make all of them.

  • I love the everybody cardigan and would like to knit it with the shawl collar!

  • Omg! Not knitting g to hear days and this is the first knitting book I’ve wanted in years. Thanks for featuring this!

  • Can you tell us when Karen’s book will be available again? (At least an estimate.) Thank you so much!

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