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Dear Ann,

Kay, I hear you howl, everybody has already seen Schitt’s Creek!

Have they really, though? Because until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t. Sure, now and then I’d stood in the doorway while the young folks were watching it, and I’d smiled at Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara—who are always, outrageously, brilliant no matter what they’re doing—and their funny younger counterparts. But I didn’t sit down and start with episode 1 and just let them roll, which is what I’m doing right now, every night for an hour or two.

What the casual viewer misses is the love. The series keeps building to a crescendo of love for humans in all their inherent, inescapable self-deception and weakness. It’s marvelous. Light entertainment and belly laughs and humanity.

Schitt’s Creek is the television series that will get us through this moment. I will stand by that statement. I’m in the middle of the third season (of six), streaming on Netflix. I’m told that I’ve not even gotten to the best episodes yet, and I’m loving it.

It’s also great company if you are knitting 259 stitches of a 6-stitch lace repeat.



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  • Oh Kay,
    Glad you are having a good time! The weather is so hot here, and I assume the same for you also (who knew the weather was so hot & HUMID in Calif., the desert)! Dogs & Cats alike sweltering!

    Ann is at the new shop…Are you still in NY? BC-19 (before covid-19), did you commute daily/weekly? I am sure you have said, Sorry, the posts are scattered and I am sure I missed some.

    I retired at 73 & I miss work, (my second career begun at 62), but not the freeway commute (up at 3:30A, out at 4:30A, home too late, certainly not the office conflicts). Staying home is fun if you don’t have to do so. My DIL is working from home (thankfully safe) and doing very well at it!

    Sorry, just rambling here -I enjoy Kay/Ann posts very much and appreciate all if the info you provide! Just wanted to tell you ‘Thanks! Please keep it coming’!

    • So happy to see Schitt’s Creek getting some love! I’m trying to get everyone I know to watch it.

      Thought I’d let you know you still show up as Modern Daily Knitting on Bloglovin. I’m not sure if you can do anything to change that.

  • And there’s even more to Schitts Creek. Check out this article my daughter Maggie J Whitten Henry vo-wrote about it.

    • Oh right—Letterkenny! Totally brilliant and puerile humour at the same time. And most creative use of filthy language ever. See if you can catch every word on the first go!

  • I just got hooked on the show in March. I felt like the Rose family was in lockdown with their adult children

  • Well, how timely. My children have recommended this to me several times. And they do an annoying impersonation I now understand at the hotel visiting relatives.(Maybe I have some sympathy for that mother….or the hotel desk girl.) When I started it only this week…perhaps it is in the air…it was a slow go. I will press on! Still finishing one of 6 projects. Will try to pick wisely. Many thanks, as always, for an interesting And useful idea.

  • The best is yet to come. And don’t miss the after show/making of that aired after the finale. Season 6 hasn’t dropped on Netflix yet so I watched on Pop TV. I hope Netflix includes it. This show got many of us through the worst of the pandemic and deserves all the awards and Emmy nominations. It is all about the laughter and love.

  • Such an awesome show!! I have one season left to watch (waiting for the last season to come to Netflix)…I’ll be heartbroken when I’m done.

    • We also just recently discovered Schitt’s Creek and have enjoyed every episode. For Beth – the 6th season is on PopTV which you should have if you have CBS.

      • I love, love, love this series. Can you say binge?

  • Watched the blooper real; LOL funny

  • Schitt’s Creek is so hilarious and so brilliant that it should be a requirement for everyone to watch during this confusing time! So glad you found it! Keep Knitting and keep watching!

  • Yes, Schitt’s Creek does get better and better. When it first aired (I’m lucky enough to be Canadian ), it didn’t grab me. But then I started in on it again a couple of years ago and I loved it. Another terrific Canadian sitcom — it’s now ended, but went for about 6 years also, about a decade ago — is Corner Gas. Set in a tiny Saskatchewan town, great characters, wickedly funny without being cruel. The reruns still play on our Comedy Network…and I still giggle. Try to find it somewhere, or order the DVDs!

  • PS. DON’T watch the Corner Gas movie or animated series. You’re looking for the 6 season TV series.

  • I’ve never watched it either, but it has been sitting my queue for at least 2 years. After reading this, I know what I’ll be doing tonight. (P.S. Confession: I’ve never watched Seinfeld or The Office either which is apparently unheard of, lol).

    • I’m with you. I just started watching and haven’t watched “The Office” either.

  • Huge Schitt’s Creek fan here. Unlike some, I did not like the beginning of the first season and almost bailed after five episodes. But one of my children encouraged me to keep going and I was rewarded with one of the best television shows I’ve ever watched. SC should be required viewing for everyone during lockdown. It’s such a hopeful, upbeat, loving show.

    • Same here, in fact I skipped Season 1 and went straight into Season 2! (Then went back and watched it once I got to know the characters).

  • After you finish Schitt’s Creek, you MUST take a look at Eureka, if you haven’t already seen it. Quirky, great characters, nerdy scientists.

  • Out here in Washington we are barely ahead of you. We have one episode plus the special left. We will be sad to see it go. To the person who found it slow going at first, give it time. Part of the reason it’s such a good show for right now is that it leads us to love these initially not so likeable characters. Something I know I need practice at – and so do the people who have to live with me.

    Someone mentioned Corner Gas (which I like, though less enthusiastically). It’s available on Prime.

  • Oh the joy! Canadian tv is Often flipped over, but this one is a gem!

  • My family and I have watched this series since it began on CBC here in Canada. We loved it from beginning to end. It’s brilliant! Watch it and love it.

  • Make sure to note all the AMAZING sweaters Dan Levy wears, I would knit them all if I could!

    • A very talented knitter whose Ravelry name is Charismahen has knit versions of David’s sweaters. My daughter keeps dropping hints

    • And the sweater Alexis wears in the finale!!

  • it’s simply the best! can’t wait for the final season to make it onto streaming.

  • Oh Schitt’s Creek!! We watched it from the get-go on POP tv here in MA. Don’t mind telling you I’m a little jealous you have it all before you! Fold in the cheese- 😉

  • Should I be embarrassed to admit that I’ve watched all 6 seasons three times? Pro tip: put on your closed captioning, it takes Moira’s unusual choice of words to another level.

  • We interrupt your regularly scheduled Lazy Sunday with these two words: Young Wallander.

  • I guess that’s a benefit of sheltering with a millennial. My son was spending a semester in Barcelona for his MBA from NYC. He went on lockdown and contracted Covid. He sheltered in a lovely Spanish apartment, ordered out, cheered with everyone for healthcare workers, and banged pans to censure the monarchy. That last one he didn’t know about. He was just joining in.
    Anyway, he escaped New York and came back to Denver with ALL the good shows. Loved Schitt’s Creek! Best season is 3. But check out La Casa de Papel. Very fun, but my purist son insisted on subtitles. Tough for knitting. Check it out!

  • Breezy…expecting a storm tonight…fabulous day in the midwest…..knitting some creative children hats…stash busting…..never quite know the end result…deb

  • I envy you the joy of your new discovery—I wish I could discover it all over again. We started watching the show about three weeks into shutdown and binged it in record time. Every one of the major characters killed me in a different way. Just loved every bit of it.

  • I recently started watching and love it. The entire cast is great, and of course I can never see Catharine O’Hara without belting out, “Day-o, Day-ay-ay-o.”

  • SC is one of the very best shows ever! I’ve watched all 6 seasons 3 times now, and I will happily start my fourth watch-through any day now. There are episodes that make me blubber… Stevie getting a pre-performance pep talk from Moira does me in, every time.
    If you haven’t checked out Kim’s Convenience, it’s a pretty wonderful Canadian sitcom that also has a lot of heart amidst all the laughs.

    • Yeah, Kim’s Convenience is amazing. Like Schitt’s Creek, it has lots of heart, and you have to stick with the series through the first few episodes….you’ll be rewarded!

  • Heartland is another great Canadian show. It’s a heartwarming drama about a family that runs a horse ranch in Western Canada. It has been renewed for a 14th!! season, so it will keep you company for quite some time. Beautiful scenery, horses, and lovable characters. We found it on Amazon Prime, and the last few seasons are on UP TV, I think.

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