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I’ve been remiss in my TV-watching recently. The one show I’ve been watching, The Americans, was already recommended by Ann. (For the sake of Lazy Sunday, we ought to keep our TV habits on separate tracks.)

For a luxurious, low-brow wallow, I submit: Are You Being Served?


The situation comedy, set in an old-fashioned London department store, ran in Britain from 1972-1985, with an ensemble cast.


The comedy is broad, to put it mildly. For years, it ran nightly on my local PBS station, right after the BBC news. The show was better than a cup of Sleepytime for sending me off to slumberland with a chuckle. Political incorrectness! Double entendres! Cute rudeness! Cheap laughs, expertly delivered.

What made me think of it this week? One of the show’s running jokes involves Mrs. Slocombe’s pussycat. (For a compilation, check out number 4. Dare ya not to laugh.)

You can watch all 70 episodes on YouTube.

You’ve all done very well!




  • Love love this show! It is just so silly and fun. I used to have then on VCR tapes so glad to know I can watch on you tube.

  • There is also a sequel show with the same cast called ” Are you Being Served, Again?” that follows them post-store as they run a hotel. It lasted only 2 years but it is hilarious!

  • I love, love, love that show. “Is anyone free?” “I’m free!”

  • And all this time I thought it was the color of Mrs. Slocombe’s ever changing hair!
    (hint: the color of her hair changes almost every episode …)
    Nice to know where to find this old tv friend. It might be a good antidote to the news.

  • I loved that show, too, along with Keeping Up Appearances! Both great, timeless comedies. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Oh, thanks for reminding me about this show. Definitely worth watching again. Last week I watched episodes of Fawlty Towers. I only have one DVD, but such a great way to spend a few hours, laughing and knitting.

    • Top Britcoms,
      Are You Being Served,
      Keeoing Up Appearances,
      Waiting For God.
      The world wouldn’t be the same
      without them

      • You are absolutely right! No guilt here, they are all hilarious!

      • Also “Grace & Favour”. America knows it as “Are You Being Served Again?”.

      • Don’t forget “One Foot in the Grave” and “The Thin Blue Line” with the actor who plays Mr. Bean.

        • Rowan Atkinson, he was also an interesting Maigret. Did you see Johnny English Reborn ( again)? This is my favorite!

  • Uh-oh. This explains why Ann’s been looking for a chartreuse wig for Halloween this year…;-)!

  • I didn’t know that the episodes are on YouTube! Yay! Thanks Kay! Life is much better now.

  • The lift floor announcements and the cash register ka-ching! Mollie Sugden’s “Good morning Mr. Grainger, are you free?” Everything about it. Heading for YouTube now. Thanks!

  • Many of these old British comedies are better than what’s on the tv today. So glad to hear about this being on utube.

  • I loved that show! Time to re-watch.

  • Yes!

  • I used to watch this all the time! I hadn’t thought of Mrs. Slocum’s pussycat in years, but it seems particularly relevant now!

    I’m watching Luke Cage and loving it. It’s very well-written and takes it’s time developing the story. And Mike Colter is very easy on the eyes!

  • I can’t get enough of Are You Being Served up to this very day. Hilarious

  • Thank you, one of my fav Brit comedies! Mr Humphrey stole the show! Good Neighbors is also worth watching.

  • Love that show. I heard they are remaking it:

  • I adore this show. It is smart comedy. It is loveable comedy. It is enjoyable comedy. This is one of the shows that really got it right!

  • “For a compilation, check out number 4″….there were tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard. Thank you!

  • Best ensemble cast that everyone should enjoy & nothing is like it today

  • Ah, old British comedies! Always worth a watch! I also love Waiting For God and As Time Goes By (starring none other than Dame Judi Dench)

  • What a rabbit hole I started down yesterday! Have to say, however, NOT a good knitting show. Split stitches while splitting my sides.

  • Love this program, but Keeping Up Appearances beats it for British slapstick hilarity!!

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