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Dear Kay,

Just in time, James Corden picks up a friend from Liverpool and they go for a spin. If ever there has been a joyride, this is it.




  • Watched this last evening–delightful!

  • I wish I could have been in that pub when Paul showed up. them! This episode really gave me a lift. The Beatles provided the sound track for so many important times in my life. I think I know every word to every song.

  • Simply brilliant.

  • Couldn’t possibly knit to this! I was enraptured just like the 10 year old who fell in love with themin 1962!!

    • Me too

      • Me three!

        • and me!

  • OMG, what a tear jerker! Thanks for that.

    • I was crying too!! So awesome.

  • Best EVER!

  • I too loved this! It was amazing to watch and so fun to imagine being in that Pub! I saved it to watch when I want to have an extra smile for the day! They’re both brilliant!

  • Paul has been my boyfriend since 1964 but he just didn’t know it!

  • Sir Paul McCartney is still the coolest dude ever. I had been meaning to watch this and thank you for posting it up for us all! It does make one all teary-eyed.

  • I watched this the other night. How much fun?.

  • How can something so utterly joyful knock me down with tears? Thank you.

  • I saw this yesterday

  • Ditto Marilee–absolutely brilliant! Thank you for sharing

  • Wow wow wow….amazing how it brought tears and joy…no way I could knit to it…but I could knit and listen to the Beatles all day

  • Omg, thank you so much for posting this! I, too, was bleary eyed at the end. So much love and joy in this. Paul is truly a world treasure!!! Thank you James Corden. Absolutely brilliant!

  • Thank you for posting this. I’m glad to read that I’m not the only one brought to tears by this. The Beatles were, and are, a huge part of the soundtrack to my life… and a very good soundtrack it is.


  • BEST … KARAOKE … EVER!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • That was wonderful!

  • The best Carpool Karaoke ever! Mr. McCartney looks and sounds as beautiful as ever! I have just begun to appreciate this era of music at age 54. I recently bought tickets to see The Hollies in Belgium in April 2019. This is a classic that I will keep in my revolving videos! Happy Sunday indeed. ❤️

  • Wow! It made me laugh, it made me cry. James Corden is goofy and joyful…and what a good sport that old guy is!

  • Made. My. Day.

  • Anthological! Deeply moving, tears and joy at the same time! Brilliant! Thank you so much, Ann!!!

  • Wow! That made my day!!!!!!!!! Wonderful memories all stirred up!

  • Love me some Paul but George will always be my fav!

  • The BEST! Thank you for sharing.

  • OK, the house in Liverpool nearly did me in. And the people all gathering outside and Paul being so nice to them.

    • That was great! Thanks

  • Their exchange around “Let it Be” is wonderful, as it was appears to be Sir Paul’s genuine kindness and humility as he explored his roots with James. This is the best Carpool Karyoke yet.

    • I wore out a 45 –yes, a 45– of Let It Be during my first boyfriend breakup. I was in tears as soon as they started talking about it. Just wonderful to see this.

    • Right on RuthThe back story of “Let it Be” really touched my heart and brought a lump to my throat

  • So lovely, touching and joyful!!!!

  • Loved every minute! A 20 minute respite from the real world.

  • At age 65, I absolutely melted hearing his voice again.
    He is still the cutest of the Fab 4 ❤️

  • Made my night!

  • Thank you! A perfect way to end my Sunday.

  • I’ve watched this four times in the last 3 days! My first memory of pop music is “8 Days a Week” – it confused 8-year-old me, but I loved it anyway! Paul has always seemed like such a genuinely nice person – it was great to see him interacting with his old home town.

  • Love Paul.
    Love James .
    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

  • This is beyond awesome

  • Nostalgia at its best-Sir Paul’s and mine!

  • Teared up as any sixty-someone would do.

  • OMG! So beautiful. Brings me right back to 1963. Still here and loving the Beatles.

  • This. Was. Fantastic.
    Brought tears to my eyes. My 2nd record album was The Beatles Greatest Hits Volume 2 (the blue album). My fist was The Partridge Family Album, but we don’t mention that much…

  • That was brilliant. I loved the vast range of ages in the pub. Hey Jude brought tears to my eyes.

  • So great I watched it twice and the tears were flowing. What an incredible artist!

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