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Dear Kay,

As you bite the ears off your bunny, or smush your Peeps, or slurp your Cadbury eggs, here’s some fun.

James Corden has to be one of the most joy-cranking people around. I love him. I love that he loves to sing. I love that he’ll produce Broadway musical numbers in the crosswalk of an LA street while the light is red. I love that he came up with the idea of Carpool Karaoke.

So when I discovered he’d taken a spin with Stephen Curry, I grabbed my intarsia and tuned in.

You know how much I adore Steph Curry. He was the star of my l’il tiny alma mater, Davidson, back in 2008 when March Madness overtook the school. (I wrote about it here.) (Can’t believe it was nine years ago!)

Today he’s an NBA MVP, already headed for the NBA Hall of Fame—the three-pointer king of the Golden State Warriors. Beyond that, Steph Curry may be one of the few people who can match James Corden for being a really great guy.




  • Pure joy and fun! And the nice guy comes from nice parents, too. Watched his talented Dad play basketball for the VT Hokies before graduating and playing for the Charlotte Hornets, just down the road from Davidson.

  • Fantastic!

  • I can’t wait to show this to my 16 year old grandson! He is A huge Curry fan ! Go Pacers!

  • Truly worth watching!

  • Loved hat!

  • That’s the best! Happy Easter from Florida where we’re hosted by Wildcat cousins from the classes of ’53 and ’89 …

  • This really makes me want to knit an argyle sweater.

    • Comment of the day (week)!

  • So fun! Thanks, Ann!

  • Warrr-iors! Warrrrr-iors! Warrr-iors!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful fee-good vibe to start the playoffs.

  • Thank you! That was great!

  • Gotta love a guy who listens to Disney CDs in the car with his 4 yr old and memorizes all the words!

  • So fun! Brought a genuine smile to my face. Thank you – I needed that today!

  • NOW I know what’s been missing in my coaching! ARGYLE.

    Loved this, Ann! Thank you, as always. You are an exceptionally reliable source of fun.

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