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Everybody’s got their own definition/rationalization of frugality. With regard to television, I’ve evolved to being profligate with my subscriptions (Hulu and Amazon and Netflix), while dialing the cable TV package back to the bare minimum needed to bring a faint signal into my home. And I rarely, practically never, just up and rent a movie or series on pay-per-view. That’s too much! Hold on a gosh darn minute, and wait for Netflix!

The exceptions are exceptional. For season 3 of Broadchurch, which just came out on iTunes and Amazon Prime, I make an exception.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Broadchurch had me about to jump out of my seat. It was torturously suspenseful, with great characters, sets and acting. I can’t be waiting on Netflix or PBS for Season 3 (it’s—sob!—the final season), but don’t worry: if you’re waiting, I won’t spoil it.

P.S. Don’t click this link if you haven’t seen the first two series of Broadchurch, but here’s a short video about the making of Broadchurch, full of spoilers and incredible landscapes.

P.P.S. Big news for actor Jodie Whittaker, who has a prime role in Broadchurch: she’s the thirteenth doctor! Doctor who? Doctor Who! I don’t know either, but it had my Twitter very excited a few weeks ago.


  • Season 3 of Broadchurch has been intense! I’m watching through SlingTV and I’m going to be sad when it wraps up forever next week.

    • I think I watched it last night on demand for BBC.

  • We loved the first two seasons so were happy to stumble upon season 3 this summer on BBC America. So sad that the series finale is next week. Such wonderful characters!!

  • Check out on Netflix Marcella and Shetland.

  • I’ve been dvr’ing all the episodes of Broadchurch season 3 and am saving them for a big binge watch. I liked the first 2 so much that I think I’m going to try to track down dvd’s of them.

    • You can buy them from Amazon Prime.

  • I watched the first season all in one go, and it certainly was intense – don’t think I could have waited for weekly episodes or however they were released. Is the second season the one where the characters were Not British, and it was shot in North America somewhere? I lost interest when reading about that one, and sort of forgot all about Broadchurch. If there is a Season 2 from the UK, and now a 3rd likewise, I’ve got a double-feature binge in my future.

    • There are three seasons of the British Broadchurch, and one bizarre season of a U.S. remake called “Gracepoint” that starred the British star David Tennant but paired him with American Anna Gunn. The plot was the same as the first season of the British version, but took place in Northern California as I recall.

      The second season of the British Broadchurch featured Charlotte Rampling and the delightful Eve Myles (of Torchwood fame), as well as our favorite detectives and other series regulars.

  • Kay, at our lake house we ditched the Internet and cable, got a hotspot from ATT (free) and Apple TV from the Apple Store. It costs $20/month for the hotspot and for that we get unlimited wifi and watch Hula, Netflix and AmazonPrime through apps on my cellphone. I feel like a tech genius (and, that, I can assure you, I am not).

    Thanks for Broadchurch 3 tip. Let me suggest the BBC’s series, The Tunnel. It is so intense, had to stare at my knee through half of each episode.

    • That would be Hulu!

  • I’ve been watching Season 3 streaming on BBC America, but the commercials drive me batty! First because BBC shows aren’t set up for commercial breaks and there are so MANY of them. And four and five ads at a time. Gah! It’s what happens, I suppose, when you are too cheap to buy a lot of subscriptions.

  • There can be no frugality where Olivia Colman is concerned!

  • Broadchurch is SO good, and I loved season 3. I cheated and ordered the DVD set from England months ago and have already watched the whole thing twice. (Don’t hate me for already knowing the villain.) S3 is almost–almost, so close–as good as season 1. Love it! And I could watch David Tennant and Olivia Coleman snipe at each other all day.

  • Oh joy! I’ve been itching for something new and loved the first two seasons. Thanks!

  • The creator of Broadchurch is moving on to Doctor Who too…

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