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Dear Ann,

I’m two episodes into the BBC-to-Netflix thriller, Bodyguard.

I’m going to withhold judgment at this early stage, but I’m definitely going to keep watching. So far, I am riveted to my chair, and occasionally putting down my knitting to gawp in either tension or surprise.

Bodyguard is suspenseful (and scary: terrorism in London), with a twisty plot that is just beginning to emerge, and is blowing my mind in the early episodes. It’s sexy. It’s violent (shootings, explosions). There are favorite, familiar actors that you’ve seen in many a British mystery, sitcom or period drama. Mrs. Durrell is in it—need I say more?

If you liked MI-5 (aka Spooks), this is your thing.

Warning: the trailer above has spoilers. This review does not.

Who can resist a show starring Keeley Hawes that has been a huge hit in Britain?

Not I.





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  • I have watched all, except for Endeavor and the Americans and really like them all. I’m wondering if you also have the Acorn TV subscription – LOL – love that!

  • How about that hunk Richard Madden!!! He’s fantastic! Gorgeous! This is one of my favorite Brit TV shows. I also highly recommend River!!!!!

  • Loved the Bodyguard…! It’s a good one.

  • Ok…. help out an old Senior here who doesn’t know how to find this show. Netflix? Does it cost $$?

    • Yes, it is a subscription. Maybe $12 a month. Worth every penny.can watch on a laptop, tablet, smart TV or phone.

      • With our $12-$15, we still get the disc in the mail. Hubby slides it in our VCR and watches his movies on the TV. There’s a great selection. Meanwhile, my son and I watch our selections on our computers.

  • We just watched the first 2 last night. I agree, excellent!

  • Thank you! Will have to try this one out. And this old senior and hubby actually subscribe to Netflix. Yes, it costs around S12.00 a month but not hard to unsubscribe if you just want to try it out temporarily. At least it used to be. Things sometimes change. Worth checking out.

  • Loved that show! Richard Madden is very good in this role.

  • That’s $12 as in twelve dollars. Hope the accidental “S” didn’t confuse anyone.

  • Just had wrist surgery Friday, complete with hard cast – no knitting! Binged the whole thing, very good watching!

  • I loved the first episode so much I decided to not binge it but to savor it one delicious episode per week.

  • My husband and I saw Bodyguard and also loved it. Best thing about it is that it’s not predictable. (At least, not by me.) Here’s another fascinating and suspenseful one to watch: Little Drummer Girl.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, sounds odd but I love those types of story lines, not sure if they have it US though. I love all your books and I keep missing your free shipping. In advance could I get your next date, is there is one before the holiday? I put things into the cart get called away and never get the chance to complete my order. PLEASE ADVISE.

  • Bodyguard is fabulous. Couldn’t stop watching.

  • It’s a good series – enjoy!

  • The first two episodes rachet the tension up so high, it’s almost unbearable! Richard Madden is great in this role, better than Robb Stark in GoT ( and he’s looking rather good…).

  • Oh that was sooo good!. Up next: Killing Eve.

  • Funny, I just watched Episode 1 last night! Good suspense and acting, I am looking forward to the rest. Bonus: I don’t need subtitles to figure out the dialogue as I often do for British shows.

  • It only gets twistier with more surprises! I loved it!

  • Wait ’til you see “killing Eve”. Some great British TV in the last few months.

  • I’m having trouble finding “Killing Eve” or “Little Drummer Girl” on Netflix? Where are they?

    • I just reserved the first season of Killing Eve on DVD at the library. It’s free from them, no subscription necessary.

    • Killing Eve is on Hulu.

    • Little Drummer Girl is on AMC

  • I loved the Bodyguard, especially the male lead. It’s a good story and very sexy. Great knitting watching!!

  • Loved the Bodyguard…. sad it is done.

  • Egad! We’ve just been watching Keeley Hawes in “The Durrells in Corfu” on Amazon. What a change of character! Looking forward to watching this one soon!

  • I watched Bodyguard by myself once, then watched my husband watch it .It was one watching him react to the twists.

  • Thanks a lot Kay! Now I’m hooked on Bodyguard….

    • Just so you know – i watched all six episodes this week and only got about 6 rows of knitting done!!!!! WOW, great show!!

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