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We sure know how to have a good time. On Friday, Ann and I had the total thrill of hosting a Zoom conversation with the two women who have built a frankly amazing enterprise with Spincycle Yarns.

Rachel Price and Kate Burge-Tibi are truly stars of the yarn world, and their story is one of our all-time favorites. They took an idea that delighted knitters and made it happen. Their yarns are like no other, always a joyride to knit and a pleasure to wear.

We invite you to devote an hour of your weekend knitting time to watching the recording of this wonderful chat via the link up top.

Not entirely coincidentally, this month’s MDK gem is Spincycle Dyed in the Wool—as close to handspun as can be. No two skeins alike—and each skein a marvel. A design we particularly love for it is Dianna Walla’s Leif Cowl—a quick stranded colorwork moment that will show you what Dyed in the Wool can do. 

When you order any quantity of Dyed in the Wool, we’ll include the ebook edition of Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns, which includes the Leif Cowl. Offer good through Monday, April 15, also known as: tomorrow!

And ooh—look at these colorway pairings courtesy of one of MDK’s best color minds. 



  • Highly recommend. I took out Field Guide 3 and 3 skeins of Spincycle. Spent the day wondering why on earth I had not done this already! Key takeaway for me was how to have confidence in my color combos. Thanks to you all for getting me out of the gate.

  • Thank you so much for posting the link to your zoom. I watched it at 5:000 am Sunday and can’t wait to purchase my first spin cycle yarn. I want to make the leaf cowel. It was amazing to hear their story! You all have revolutionized the knitting world. I love that select yarn shops have there own color ways. Just saw the new one at Do Ewe Knit. May your future be blessed with more great adventures. Pat from Baltimore

  • The hardest part of knitting with this yarn is choosing the colors….I want all of them.

    The shifting colors create visual interest in even the simplest pattern.

    The Shiftalong Cowl was my first project. It started with the a random sale purchase of Devilish Grin. I was wary at first. All those complex color changes made it appear difficult. It was not.

    It should come with a warning label: This yarn is highly addictive.

    Is there going to be an MDK signatue color? Some of Kay’s beloved denim, a bit of carmine red, bedrock gray for New York, sea, salt and and sand for Long Island…What colors for Nashville….


  • It was wonderful to learn the story of how Spincycle was born and has grown. An inspirational tale for girls everywhere! And no yarn is more fun to knit with. Thanks for bringing this conversation to us.

  • Thanks for the Zoom link, Kay! What a joy! I’m fortunate to live close to Spincycle brick and mortar and totally agree their yarns are truly amazing.

  • This was so delightful. Thank you for the link.

  • Enjoyed joining the party today. Thanks for recording it for those of us who missed out Friday.

  • Kudos to them for elevating that spinning orphan, “barber pole” yarn. They have showed us the unique glory and potential of it and I am grateful.

  • Thanks for posting this video. I always get a renewed appreciation for what goes into producing an amazing skein of yarn.

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