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Dear everybody,

A quick note to remind you of our Zoom conversation with the founders of Spincycle Yarns, Kate Burge-Tibi and Rachel Price, coming this Friday, April 12 at 1:00 pm Eastern. (Confirming right here that yes it’s 1 pm Eastern rather than the other time that I listed at various points during the past week!)

Sign up here for this free wingding, and we’ll email you the Zoom link tomorrow morning.

Confirming also that our MDK Gems starring Spincycle Dyed in the Wool is ongoing through Monday, April 15. You’ll get a free ebook of Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns, which stars a pattern that makes splendid use of Dyed in the Wool, Dianna Walla’s Leif Cowl.

(And remember: Field Guide subscribers save 10% when using that monthly coupon code we emailed on April 1.)

At top: Melancholia and Salty Dog; center: out of stock!; bottom: Devilish Grin and Nostalgia.

As you can see, colorwork turns hypnotic when worked with Dyed in the Wool. You mileage will 100% differ when you make your Leif Cowl—the beauty and joy of Dyed in the Wool is the  uniqueness of every single skein.

One of our favorite procrastinations is dreaming up color combos, so here are Allison’s ideas for fun pairings for the Leif Cowl.

Salty Dog and Melancholia:

Wallflower and Pick Your Poison:

Overshadow and Robin’s Egg:

Rusted Rainbow and Summer Love:

Midsommar and Nostalgia:

The cowl can be made either long or short, two skeins each of two colors or, if you’re looking for a quick fix, one skein each of two colors.

It’s cool either way.

See you tomorrow on Zoom!




  • This is such a fun pattern! I made it years ago… and the subtle color changes do make it addictive! Keep knitting. Finished cowl is lovely, and I gifted it to my beloved niece. Hardest part is choosing your colors of Spincycle.

  • Lovely color combinations. Cowls are such a great project to knot and fun to wear!

  • Scrumptious color combinations! Will be so much fun to knit!

  • The names of the colors are as wonderful as the colors. Devilish Grin! Rusted Rainbow!

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