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Is it possible that the last time I wrote about Unforgotten was in 2018? I savored every episode of the first four seasons of this cold-case detective series starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar—and yes, I knit to all of them, cranking acres of log cabin baby blankets, dishrags, and who knows what else. It’s riveting, with humor, humanity, and castmate chemistry to leaven the dark, sad crimes and angst-ridden characters created by writer Chris Lang. I never know who done it, and when that’s finally revealed, I promptly forget it, the name of the show notwithstanding.

It’s tricky to talk about Season 5 without spoilers. If you’ve watched prior seasons, you’ll know what the Masterpiece copywriters are talking about when they refer to “the calamitous events of Season 4,”  and the “dramatic reset”of Season 5. In short, there’s a new Detective Chief Inspector, played by Sinéad Keenan, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Well, I’ll say one more thing: I was worried about this particular dramatic reset, but now that I’ve binged all six episodes of Season 5 in a single, slightly unhinged bender, I know that I needn’t have worried. It’s really great, and I’ve already forgotten who done it, so yay: I get to knit to it all over again.

Season 5 of Unforgotten is airing now on local PBS stations. All 5 seasons are streaming on PBS Passport. And fear not, if there’s a Season 6, I’ll be sure to tell you.

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  • Onepiece! Improbable and enjoyable…

    • Easy watching for good knitting, Harry Wild.
      Really good watching for easy knitting, Shetland.

  • On YouTube, I like to listen to my old 80s music, Honeydrippers, Cramps, fun stuff like that.

  • Van der Valk! (Also on PBS) Like having a vacation in Amsterdam every week, with knitting and cool friends.

  • I prefer calming books, lest my knitting get too tight as the tension in the story ramps up. I just finished listening to Bill Bryson’s book on YouTube/Audible, A Short History of Nearly Everything — all 19 hours of it. He tells the back story on so many events in the history of science.

    • He also wrote “A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America” which made me laugh out loud. What a great read and hilarious!!!

      • Which edition did you listen to 1998 or 2012? Different narrators. Thanks!!

        • I can only listen to Bill Bryson books when he narrates them, because his accent is so distinctive. His IN A SUNBURNED COUNTRY, about his travels in Australia, is my favorite.

      • Haven’t read that, but enjoyed the movie.

        • I listen to audiobooks or let football games just go on and on.

    • How have I not heard of this show? Ohhh, maybe I have? Was it originally on network tv? I’m checking it out now!!

      • Endeavor and Doc Marten on PBS!

  • I loved The Dutch House, read by Tom Hanks. Like listening to a friend talk next to me while I’m knitting.

    • Doc Martin, Endeavor, and Grantchester on PBS.

    • Knitting to Ann Pachett’s “Tom Lake”. A great listen read by Meryl Streep!

    • Vera, Endeavor, Shetland, Professor T, Midsomm Murders. So many more of British series.

    • Okay, I have to stop and thank you especially for this tip. I am happily winding all of the mini skeins of yarn for the gnome workshop on 11/3 while listening to The Dutch House. Thank you.

  • Lately I’ve been watching clips on YouTube from Whose Line Is It Anyways. That show is so funny and laughter is what has been exactly what I need right now!

    • By complete chance I stumbled onto the series, Lupin, on Netflix last night. A troubled protagonist and “gentleman” played by Omar Sy. In French but the subtitle load is easy. Highly, highly recommend although with a trigger warning re suicide.

    • Death in Paradise and Father Brown are a couple of my favorites.

  • Thanks for the reminder, loved this series. I just audiobook read the Ferryman by Justin Cronin. Not my usual genre but really worth a listen and super engrossing for knitting.

    • I can watch/listen to endless episodes of “Doc Martin” while knitting.

      • WHEW!!! So many great suggestions for viewing & listening. I am listening to Covenant of Water while I knit & machine embroider

        • Listening to the Thursday Murder Club books and watching Fruity Knitting podcasts.

  • NFL Sunday on TV. You can knit by just listening and looking at it between rows.

  • I love Unforgotten! The new season of The Graham Norton Show just started, so I’ve been enjoying that.

  • I can’t seem to “watch” a program and knit too, so if I’m knitting, I’ve also got an audiobook going. So many good ones out there! Give the Chief Inspector Gamanche series by Louise Penny a listen. Can’t find a book? Listen to stories on the Moth podcast. Always entertaining.

    • Yes! Love Inspector Gamache, great narrator Robert Bathurst

  • The UK series Heartbeat, set in the Yorkshire moors, not too heavy and beautiful scenery.

  • Was doing just that last night. Good series.

    • Unforgettable!

  • After the family goes up to bed, i often watch 1 episode of Chuck while i knit just a bit longer. I’ve seen them all but they still make me smile and laugh and don’t interrupt my knitting rhythm

  • After the family goes up to bed, i often watch 1 episode of Monk while i knit just a bit longer. I’ve seen them all but they still make me smile and laugh and don’t interrupt my knitting rhythm

  • I’ve been watching the latest season on PBS. So good.
    TV and knitting go together as long as the knitting isn’t complicated (requiring my attention) and the program doesn’t have subtitles.

  • We watched “Midsummer Murders” faithfully. Not as terrifying as some US detective stories, much calmer English versions.

  • I love to knit to anything on PBS and also to Sunday NFL football. In both cases, I can rewatch or catch the replay if I missed something!

  • The series Annika. Stars the terrific Nicola Walker as Detective Annika Strandhed. Interesting stories with some humor. Great cast. We watch it on PBS Passport.

    • Agree! Excellent series.

    • I love the way she speaks to the camera to fill in details. Loved hearing it years ago on the radio, too. I could knit to that better than TV.

    • LOVE Annika (and Nicola Walker breaking the 4th wall)

      • If you like Nicola Walker, The Split is really good. Don’t know if it’s available in the US but if it is give it a try. i think there are 3 seasons. She’s an exceptional actress.

  • I think you’ve already written about Vera and also Endeavour—both wonderful. Also the Detectorists, about a group of quirky and endearing people who search for treasures in the British countryside (with a beautiful theme song by Johnny Flynn). And, of course, The Great British Baking Show. Am I watching these shows so that I can sit and knit or am I knitting so that I can watch these shows? Jury is out.

    • Saturday college football is usually my knitting TV. Always the longest knit time I get in a week.

  • Audible version of Bowling Avenue. Listen while knitting in hopeful anticipation of a second novel.

  • I also watch Unforgotten and I was worried also about the reset. It works.

  • Annika-although it’s worth looking up occasionally just for Nicola Walkers facial expressions.

    • Anything with Nicola Walker. Oh, and Shetland. Vera. Father Brown. The list could go on….

  • The White Lotus

  • Annika (on PBS) also stars Nicola Walker.

  • I’ve got a podcast for you! A Bad Bad Thing, this podcast is an adult story (non fiction) of a marriage coming apart with disastrous consequences. I could not stop listening…

  • I often watch an episode of Murdoch Mysteries to relax,knit and enjoy the characters. The women’s costume designer is genius, and the elegant Helene Joy as Dr.Ogden is perfect in showcasing the fashion changes over the early years of the 20th century.

  • Loremen podcast. British folklore (or, as they say it, “Local myths and obscure curiosities from days of yore”) retold and discussed—with scores!—by two comics. It’s funny and interesting and lovely.

  • Love, love, love Unforgotten. I love anything with Nicola Walker in it, but the latest series is surprisingly good.
    I enjoy watching Next in Fashion or any of the sewing contest shows. You really only have to watch the actual runway part, so it is easy to knit to.

  • I recently discovered The Last Homely House, thanks to Arne and Carlos, and am happily knitting to Kate’s back postings on youtube while I work on knitting down some of my stash (there’s a rumor of Holidays and gifting in the not so far off). It’s like knitting with an interesting friend who likes to chat about various whatevers going on on her life while making stuff.

  • I was so afraid that this wasn’t going to be as good, but it’s fabulous! I also love binging any Jane Austin version. pride and prejudice, Emma, etc. all faves. Sanditon was not my favorite, but still worth watching. By the way, I love this part of your newsletter. I’ve discovered some real gems. Thanks to you guys.

    • I agree. Love all of the suggestions, even though I have not mastered watching while knitting.

  • Next of Kin on BritBox. Archie Punjabi!

  • Death in Paradise on Brit Box. So many murders on 1 little island!

  • I knit to the the podcast version of As It Happens, the CBC news interview program where they speak to people all over the world about current events. It’s almost always riveting, educational and punny as all get out. It airs on a lot of NPR stations week nights.

  • the farming through the seasons of different time periods with Ruth Goodman, Peter Ginn and either Alex or Tom can be found on prime. very cool to find out where words or sayings come from.

  • I love knitting to any sports – football, baseball, basketball. Also recently knit through watching Suits.

    • Yes, I agree about Suits. Such funny characters, beautiful dresses and impressive dialogue.

  • All knitting podcasts that I watch – about a dozen. Can’t mention just one without hurting the feelings of the others, as they are all excellent. But I find I do a better actual knitting job with audiobooks, like some of the others. I also loved The Dutch House with Tom Hanks. Wish he’d do more.

    • Have you listened to Tom Lake? Read by Merle Streep. How does Ann Patchette get thee big stars?

  • Honestly? The voice is perfect to knit to…..or rick steves!!

  • Audio book by Louise Penny! You can begin with the single season of Three Pines Mystery on Prime starring Alfred Molina.

  • One of my many knit-to’s would be Brokenwood Mysteries!

  • I love all the Nicola Wallace shows – Unforgotten, Anika, and even the short one about relationships (forgot the name of it) and absolutely adored Endevour. But I can’t knit and watch anything I need subtitled. So I knit to sports (if my husband is watching), news analysis shows, House Hunters, or the Baking Shows, where I don’t have to or want to keep my eyes on.

  • Line of duty! BBC and on Britbox. I binged 6 seasons in just a few weeks! It’s sooo good for knitting and crocheting 🙂

  • Morning y’all.
    I have been engrossed in Justified series on prime.
    Brilliant writing, complex characters and funny.
    All I need in a bingey series.

  • Loved this season of Unforgotten! Professor T is also a favorite

  • If I’m knitting I’m watching something. Lots of good murder mysteries available.

  • I like Murdoch Mysteries, another British whodunnit, as a binge worthy series to provide background while knitting.

  • the Detectorists, with their pitiful metal detector club, & their Paul & Simon look a like competitors is hilarious to watch. But knitting is slow during this one. The BBC radio series of short vignettes only featuring Annika/Nicola Walker, so delicious & good to knit by. (Think MDK mentioned this one before.)

  • At this season of the year, I’m knitting while rewatching the Harry Potter movies.

  • Right now I am knitting my way through Professor T (Masterpiece/PBS)- very interesting characters along with intriguing cases

  • I’m watching and knitting to reruns of the X Files. It’s as good today as it was in the 90s, but I can’t help but see where cell phones with cameras would have solved a lot of their problems.

  • Suits is the perfect mind candy for knitting. The first 3 seasons feature Megan Markle but more to the point, most of the men are gorgeous as are all the women who, regardless of how powerful they are, are poured into their dresses for every show and walk like 1950s secretaries, hips asway.

    Every episode is 100% formulaic and each ends with at least a bit of a cliff hanger. Perfect mind candy, hate watching for your more complex knits. You can stop paying attention for long periods of time and not miss a thing.

  • I have been enjoying season 2 of The Bear!

  • Usually listen to books but I enjoy “Haptic and Hue” podcasts and, of course, “Fruity Knitting!”

  • Crime Junkies podcast

  • Iron Chef!

  • Just finished the new Unforgotten and feel bereft of something as good to watch. My husband and I have just started watching Lupin on Netflix which does have subtitles, but if you have a good long stretch of garter stitch works pretty well. We were in France and our guides were recommending it (It’s a modern take on Arsene Lupin the gentleman thief)

  • I have been binge-watching How to Get Away with Murder while I knit myself some new socks.

  • Seaside Hotel – 9 seasons on PBS Passport.

    • Season 10 is coming in early 2024.

  • The podcast No Such Thing as a Fish. Although sometimes I laugh so hard I have to put my knitting down.

  • Deadloch — it’s an Australian detective show. Refreshingly hilarious!

    • We have gotten hooked on Blue Bloods!! And also have to totally agree on ANY sory by Louise Penny!!

  • The baseball playoffs are here!

  • I’m a hardcore Only Murders in the Building fan! So glad they’ve renewed for another season.

  • Thanks. Without Nicola I thought it wouldn’t be worth watching. Glad to hear otherwise.
    Did you like Seaside Hotel? Is that truly worth watching? Or is that a silly question to ask you?

    • Seaside Hotel is heavenly. I’m partial to Danish shows, but this is my favorite. Pure escapism like The Durrells in Corfu. The hotel itself is perfection, and the characters are funny, sweet, awful, and everything in between. I met someone from Denmark recently who told me everyone there is on pins and needles waiting for the final season. I so don’t want it to end that I haven’t even watched the last available episodes.

  • I’m a Doctor Who fan. What better to knit to?

  • How have I not heard of this show? Ohhh, maybe I have? Was it originally on network tv? I’m checking it out now!!

  • Death in Paradise is fun and not frenetic, so you can glance at your chart now and again and not miss anything. You don’t need to watch them in order either. Genuinely beautiful setting and a diverse cast.

    So much mayhem on a small Caribbean island! I was at the library the other day and they had dozens of DVDs of the show. Made me smile. I still have a DVD player and get DVDs from the library (Cost: $0.00) Please support your local library and its Friends organization however you can.

  • Vera is the best who-done-it on the BBC.

  • Sunday nights belong to PBS!

  • Suits.

  • Young Wallander and
    My Life is Murder

  • Any of the Masterpiece British shows are usually great. Lately, it’s been the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Yes, I’ve watched it before, but watching it again is even better. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have Midge’s clothes? I’ve also been watching the “Talking Sopranos “ podcast, which is easy to knit to. I’ve learned so much!

  • Endeavor!

  • Midnight Diner is my bedtime story. This Japanese series on Netflix is set in a shoebox of a diner in Tokyo, owned by an enigmatic chef with no name but Master. There is one dish on his menu, but he will cook anything a guest requests. The diner is open from 12 – 7 am and is a refuge for people seeking comfort food and resolution. At the end of each episode is a brisk lesson on preparing the dish that germinates each story. Immensely satisfying!

  • I have been knitting to Reign, now available on Amazon Prime. This is based on the life of Mary Queen of Scots, with emphasis on the “based on.” Many liberties are taken and subplots with no historical basis, but the costuming is a great mash-up of historic and modern, the acting is believable, and it is still light enough that I don’t knit when I should have purled.

  • Professor T. Great series, lighter than Unforgotten, more humor! Only a couple of seasons so far. The music is lovely as well!

  • We loved the new season of Unforgotten, though I’ll admit it took an episode or two to quit missing Nicola Walker. Also on PBS, we are enjoying Professor T. A different vibe. I appreciate that there’s a solution at the end of each episode, which lets me go to sleep without either binging to the end or watching a lighter “chaser” show so I can sleep.

  • I recently discovered the audiobook Dog On It, the first of Spencer Quinn’s series about Chet and Bernie. Bernie’s a dog and he and Chet run a detective agency. The books are told by Bernie and are pretty funny if you’re a dog lover. We’re not talking great literature, but it’s perfect for knitting (or for long drives!)

  • My Music with Rhiannon Giddens on PBS

  • I knit to news shows. I don’t have to watch the TV constantly and knitting calms the awful news topics.

  • Like DI Khan, I miss Cassie. But still riveted to the tv.
    And, there’s Annika to look forward to. And ‘All Creatures’ (currently airing across the pond and we have to wait till January.)

  • Good Omens, both seasons!

  • Lucia and Mapp, 6 episode Masterpiece Theatre with Prunella Scales as Mapp and Geraldine McEwan, perfectly Lucia.

  • QI on Britbox. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I love the facts and you don’t need to always watch the screen.

  • Reruns of “Ironside” with Raymond Burr. Fascinating flashback to the 60’s and 70’s. Scripts with more social commentary than I remembered. And easy to knit to.

  • Right now I am watching ‘The Morning Show’; really love it. Oddly I have trouble listening to blogs and books when I am knitting.

  • There should be a new season of All Creatures Great and Small coming up. That would be fine. I must say that the theme music for Unforgotten has become an earworm.

  • Baseball games are the best for knitting! Interesting enough to keep you awake, a minimum of screaming fans and shouting commentary, and a nice 3-hour length.

    • You are so right. I got a baby blanket, a cabled wrap, and a several squares for a Battenberg blanket done while watching our beloved Cubs play ball this season.

  • Right now I am totally digging the channel Dropout’s show Dimension 20, which showcases six people playing a real Dungeons and Dragons-type game; right now I’m watching Mentopolis, which is a 20s-style world set in a man’s brain. I know, just go with me here. They’re trying to stop…well, to say more spoils the story. Seriously, go watch it. It’s absolutely hilarious and gripping.

  • Love PBS! Anything Nicola Walker or Lesley Manville (Mum was especially good). Doc Martin – season 10 is available on dvd. Any murder mystery in the English countryside. It’s all good

  • Ted Lasso is wonderful and charming!

  • Well any police procedural that ‘s in English (subtitles and knitting not a great mix). Also PBS fare and sports, many things work. I also take knitting to the college football games I attend to see my son who is in the marching band!

  • Unforgotten seasons 1-4 are streaming on Amazon Prime. Season 5 is available for purchase.

  • I love Unforgotten and didn’t know it existed until recently. I binge watched all 5 seasons and hit hard with the calamitous events in season 4 feeling g it deeply into season 5. But, well done, writers! You got everything right in the end!!
    I think I’ll begin it all over again. I accomplished several projects while watching! Great show!

  • Reliving my childhood watching Emergency!

  • I listen to audiobooks while knitting or sewing, and particularly like the long ones.

  • Deadloch- it’s funny and really good.

  • Just finished watching Season 4 and about to start on Season 5. Love this show.

    I have BritBox, too, and have been going through the series Silent Witness. Think British CSI for this one. There are 26 seasons, so I still have a long way to go. A big difference between this and similar American shows is they imply but don’t show the actual death, instead focusing on the aftermath. There are other differences, too, but that’s the one that struck me first.

    What did we do before bingewatching was a thing? 😉

  • Doc Martin (KPBS) is a favorite. Love everything KPBS.

  • I love Unforgotten. Two other favorites are Blacklist and Unforgettable.

  • The series Annika Staring Nicola Walker from Unforgettable, A much different role but very well played with some humor as well

  • Podcasts- The Rest is History, Naked Scientists are good for knitting. Shorter stories, easier to keep track of pattern and story.

  • I love The Amazing Dr Pol, on Nat Geo & Disney+
    I generally have a dozen on my DVR, & they’re always so soothing.
    Even when an animal doesn’t make it, they don’t exploit it or the grieving owners. Like All Creatures Great & Small, but modern

  • You know, I really love “these knit to this columns.” I read through the comments with a notebook at hand to jot down the shows, books, and especially audiobooks that are recommended. Thank you everyone for these. I have read, watched, or listened to a lot of them but there are always new ideas. My contribution: Dahlgliesh based on the P. D. James novels, and we just started watching Billy the Kid.

    • The audio book version of the Chief Inspector Gamache Series by Louise Penny is my absolute favourite! I’ve borrowed every book from my local library & listened using the Libby app.

  • Fall is knitting while watching TV time, with both college and pro football happening throughout. The other days are for watching my many recorded PBS shows and choosing the difficulty of the project according to how much attention I need for it. Endless rows of garter or stockinette work well for dramas. Football gives me replays whenever something exciting happens, so that’s the time for the more intricate stitching.

  • I’m awaiting the new season of Will Trent. My new favorite.

  • I love to knit to the podcast, Phoebe reads a mystery.

    • Yes! Phoebe kept me sane during the pandemic!

  • I love this series, the Unforgotten. I was sorry to see Nicola Walker killed out the story, but this season is great, because the story line is still intriguing. The tension between Hayley Mills and Sanjeev Bhaskar is interesting I’m glad that the supporting cast is the same. I watched Annika which is the next series featuring Nicola Walker.

    • I haven’t seen the last episode, so I may be completely wrong about who the tension is between and will apologize now, but Hayley Mills (daughter of actor John Mills—I am really dating myself here LOL) was a hugely famous child star back in the early 60s and is playing the elderly wife of Hume, not the new chief inspector. Despite the passage of very, very much time, I recognized her immediately.

  • Unforgotten, Professor T, Annika, Van der Valk

  • HGTVHouse Hunters works for me. It doesn’t take any concentration while I’m concentrating on my knitting

  • Van der Valk

  • Midsomer Murders is my favorite Knit to This. Cosy village mystery series that has over twenty seasons now. Early seasons do come across a bit dated and whitewashed but that does get better.

  • Ive been binging Dead to Me on Netflix

  • The audio book version of the Chief Inspector Gamache Series by Louise Penny is my absolute favourite! I’ve borrowed every book from my local library & listened using the Libby app.

  • I loved Ann Patchett’s new one ‘TomLake’ read by the amazing Meryl Streep!! So good. You want the mood to go on forever.

  • My latest watching obsession has been the 3 seasons of a Discovery Of Witches on HBO Max.
    I had read the books previously so if by chance I missed something I knew which direction the plot was going. It also inspired me to start listening to the audiobooks which are delightful

  • The audiobook version of Tom Lake read by Meryl Streep

  • Shetland from BBC Scotland: Engaging stories, divine scenery.

    Apologies if you’ve recommended it before, but with a new season in the works, it’s worth a rewatch.

  • My sentimental fav is “Shetland”. Beautiful scenery and great mysteries really adds to knitting inspiration. Can’t wait for the new season! A more recent Britbox favourite is “Karen Pirie” about a young detective out to solve an old case. Alas, it’s only one season…so far.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed listening to the audiobook AsYou Wish—Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride with narrations by Cary Elwes, Christopher Guest, Carol Kane, Norman Lear, Rob Reiner, Wallace Shawn, Robin Wright, Billy Crystal. My husband enjoyed listening, too.

  • Audio books

  • Ted Lasso — It has all the feels — happy, sad, hopeful, funny, optimistic, melancholy — plus a great villain and a perfect ending.

  • MLB playoffs right now-

  • The Unforgotten Series is my favorite.

  • I Survived is a must hear. 🙂

  • Nothing PBS and all Saturday college football!

  • NFL Sunday Husband entertained. Knitting in all its glory

  • PBS is my go to for knitting! The last 4 Sunday nights have been wonderful with the new Unforgotten series. I always knit to Doc Martin and Father Brown on Thursday nights!

  • I have loved the quirky and surprisingly touching Reservation Dogs. Just finished the final season and will rewatch the whole series- it’s that good.

  • It was fun to watch Escape to the Chateau. Wondering if they will continue with new episodes any time in the future?

    • Yes!

      The family has signed off on the series. They are off on other adventures.

  • I recently knit to Silo. Looking forward to the next season!

  • Portofino on PBS

  • Podcasts! Bag Man and Slow Burn

  • I’m really into the podcast material girls from witch please productions.

  • Oh man! I just started watching Unforgotten 2 weeks ago. So amazing. But I get so caught up in the drama that I can’t knit!

  • Currently been knitting to PBS Unforgotten season 5. Looking forward to World on Fire & Annika.

  • Audiobooks! Currently CJ Archer. But my favorite this year is Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt.

  • Audiobooks! I especially enjoy Julia Whelan’s narration.

  • I will definitely check this out. I love British crime shows. I am watching DB Strike on MAX. 3 seasons. Thank you.

  • I too have been knee deep in ‘Unforgettable’ and what a WOW this series is!!! Saw the finale Sunday night and now want more! So Monday found me hunting through Netflix … and finding ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’… Lots of twists and turns and lots of knitting!!!! I may even finish the MKAL on time because I have rediscovered The Binge!

  • Wow, lots of great suggestions and now I have some good new mysteries to watch. Although lately I’ve been knitting to the rabbit hole that is Disney Plus — Loki, the Mandalorian, etc. But my favorite is Ms. Marvel — a fabulous story about a teenage Pakistani girl in Jersey City who loves Captain Marvel. Amazing filmmaking and suprising amounts of history.

  • I knit to professional football. All important plays are shown on re-play and many ‘regular’ plays are also re-shown. this gives me lots of time to focus on my work. I know to look up when my husband or the crowd cheers.
    I found it difficult to knit to the Unforgotten as I use closed-caption for British shows 🙂

  • Hi!
    I’ll certainly check out the new season of Unforgotten.
    Recently, I discovered an Acorn series, now free on Amazon Prime — Harry Wild. Jane Seymour stars as a retired college Literature professor who solves crimes. It’s a little like Murder, She Wrote, set in Dublin with more wine and adult humor.
    Great knitting program.

  • I’ve become a huge, HUGE I tell ya, HUGE fan of BBC 4’s “Grand Designs”. I’m deeply saddened that CBC opted to stop showing the oldies, but I can watch them on CBC’s streaming service. It’s a really good look at not only architecture and building design, but also at the trials and tribulations and never-ending pitfalls of building your dream home. Unlike most North American “design” shows, this one is not afraid to point out mistakes, and the cascading impacts they can have, and happy (lucky) positive breaks too. Most homes turn out quite well, but disasters are not avoided. I learn a lot about many aspects of home design & building, but also about planning, financing, and some related side bit the home owners engage as well. There is an Aussie ABC version too which is good, but the BBC version is better.

  • Podcast: You’re Dead to Me. Each episode has two guests: a historian and comedian. Previous episodes have covered Agatha Christie, Grainne O’Malley and Athenian Democracy (the host has two rules: no Tudors and no World War 2). It’s interesting, funny and I learn something every time (even when it’s an area I thought I was familiar with).

  • I can’t watch TV and knit so I belong to Audible and listen to audio books while I knit

  • I love to binge the old Project Runway shows with Heidi Klum. Like you, I have knit whole projects watching them.

  • I love audio books. I just finished The Marriage Portrait by Maggie O’Farrell. If you like historical fiction I highly recommend it.

  • I like to watch the podcast Bakery Bears on YouTube while knitting. I also recently listened to the audiobook Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey while knitting and I could listen to that smooth voice forever!

  • The Great British Baking Show! especially the seasons with Noel Fielding (including the current one). Baking is the closest craft to knitting, creating beauty, comfort and community.

  • The Durrells of Corfu

  • The podcast “The Moth”. Unscripted and true stories shared.

  • Guilty pleasure The Murder Tapes on HBO

  • I like to knit to music, preferably chill ambient vibes. I generally pick a random video from youtube and let it go in the background.

  • Knitting while watching Rhinebeck videos on YouTube for inspiration!

    • ER. I went back to the start. On season 3 now. Still holds up as a great show.

  • Silent Witness is my favorite. There are so many seasons, I don’t know if I will ever get to the end.

  • I live with my 90-year-old mother and do most of my knitting early in the day before she wakes up. So I put in the ear buds and crank out socks or whatever while I crank up a Pandora shuffle. It’s an eclectic mix, with Bruce Cockburn, Mumford and Sons, Getz and Gilberto, Hugh Masakela, Procul Harum–different every time.

  • Sunday nights Simply Folk on public radio is “my” time. The family knows it!

  • I love to knit while watching Wool Needles Hand with Tayler Earl.

  • Shetland on Brit Box is great to watch while knitting.

  • I just found a knitting podcast, called Pardon My Stash. It is four lovely New England knitters, who sit around the table and talk about knitting. Each episode is about 30 minutes. They are delightful, sometimes hilarious, and you feel like you’re sitting with several girlfriends talking about your favorite subject. With open arms, they welcome you into their own knitting world.

  • Emily in Paris on Netflix

  • This Farming Life. BBC Scotland or some such. We get it on Britbox. Teen daughter and I are totally hooked on this armchair travel. There is a novice sheep shearing in one of the seasons- Jacob sheep. Jacob. Unbelievable. Daring sheep rescues in Shetland, dramatic auctions and livestock shows, dog training, so much lambing, outer Hebrides weather, creative ways to lift and move animals, and cherubic farm kid faces.

  • I’ll have to give Unforgotten a try!

  • I look forward to the day when I can reliably knit and watch a show. In the meantime, it’s audiobooks for me. I just finished Meryl Streep reading Tom Lake. I must say, not my favorite Ann Patchett novel, but Meryl Streep, oh my!

  • I so enjoy watching/knitting to THE LIBRARIANS. I get it on Kindle, through my public library, for free.

  • All Creatures Great and Small on PBS

  • A great show to knit to is Virgin River on Netflix— it’s soap opera-ey in a beautiful small town location with very attractive stars. Perfect for knitting to.

  • The Goulet Pencast on YouTube by the Goulet Pen Company. All about fountain pens and life.

  • I knit to Dateline because, like you, I forget. Hmmm, this is familiar…but I happily watch again.

  • Boston Bruins hockey or Red Sox baseball. Instant replay is magical

  • If you haven’t watched Only Murders in the Building on HULU, I highly recommend it. It has a great cast with Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez with many other stars sprinkled over the seasons. I just finished it and I’m ready to rewatch it.

  • I knit to “National Park After Dark” podcast.

  • I knit to travelogue shows like Countryfile or Landward on BritBox.

  • The New Yorker Fiction podcast is great if you love short stories and how they work!

  • Pretty much anything, but last night I watched the first 2 episodes of Lessons in Chemistry. I’m also binging Only Murders in the Building, gotta love Mabel’s sweaters!

  • Doctor Who! Endless loops of Doctor Who episodes!

    • Whovians unite!

  • that would be, annika s2, obviously. #iykyk

  • Currently watching World on Fire on PBS Masterpiece, love Shetland and Vera and so many other British shows. Patiently waiting for the new series of Annika and Bosch.

  • When I need a break from all the knitting podcasts I listen to, I enjoy listening to the stories retold by MissMangoButt on YouTube. While her regular podcasts are bit youngish for me, her story podcasts are fantastic. I find myself listening to genre’s that I might not normally go for, because her story telling ability is great.

  • WHEW!!! So many great suggestions for viewing & listening. I am listening to Covenant of Water while I knit & machine embroider

  • For the past three years Ubiquity University has had a series on Youtube called Humanity Rising. Basically talks and discussions with experts in many many fields with a focus on helping humanity. At this point there are almost 800 of them.

  • Poetry Unbound podcast. Padraig’s voice is so beautiful, and he thoughtfully walks through each poem he reads.

  • I recommend the podcast CraftLit as a Knit To This. The creator of the material, Heather Ordover, is a college English professor who dissects the context of classic literature/books with great precision and then plays audiobook chapters of a classic story. The current book is The Three Musketeers, which I consumed in high school but never really understood the conflict and skullduggery between the Cardinal and King Louis, how everyone was caught in the power game. Wonderful way to pass the time.

  • An Affair to Remember: 1957 Starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr and considered one of the most romantic movies of all time.

  • No Offense is the program that I’m watching while knitting right now. I’m enjoying the fierce female characters.

  • I have been knitting to Suits!

  • Kath and Kim on Netflix. Hilarious!

  • I like to laugh. Kath and Kim on Netflix.

  • I like knitting to Arne and Carlos and, thanks to them, The Last Homely House.

  • I love anything on PBS mystery or masterpiece but I get distracted and make mistakes because I am so entwined in the characters!!! All creatures great and small calm me. I love to learn so I listen to podcast or books while I knit. The latest was EMPIRE of Pain and Demon Copperhead, two excellent books on how we got into the opioid epidemic and what it has done specifically to the Appalachian region. Knowledge is power

  • Cooking shows! Either Chopped or on demand Lydia’s Kitchen, Christina Cooks, Patti Jinich in Mexico. Can’t get enough of them (or my knitting!)

  • Midsomer Murders.

  • Landscape Artist of the Year is a great, creative series. Once binged, then there is Portrait Artist of the year!

  • I have been rewatching the Crown. Sometimes you even see knitwear that looks like it could be handmade!

  • So many shows to knit to. Recently I’ve been streaming Professor T (on PBS).

  • I enjoy knitting to old seasons of Gray’s Anatomy – and pretty much any other TV show or movie!

  • I love knitting to Dateline. Some of the episodes , when I strike it rich, are 2 hours long.

  • As a genealogy buff, I’m enjoying the PBS French detective series Origins/Origines. It’s in French with English subtitles, so lacy projects are not recommended for non-Francophones. I’m hoping to brush up on my high school French. Right!

    The premise is that family histories will contribute to solving the mysteries. The actors are appealing and the stories interesting.

  • I don’t knit to television. I get too involved and the knitting goes by the wayside. I do knit to music. Anything eighties! My very favorite.

  • The original MacGyver. And if that’s not enough Richard Dean Anderson for you, watch the Stargate series.

  • If you’re a dog lover like me (or maybe even if you’re not), the Chet and Bernie book series is fun to listen to. Chet the dog narrates the adventures of the Little Detective Agency.

  • I knit to sports, football, basketball and hockey, football is especially great with the long time in between plays

  • I knit to most things, but I especially like knitting while rewatching Big Bang Theory. Or listening to On Being with Krista Tippett (the podcast). So soothing.

  • I am a rabid Doctor Who fan and, as I know most of the 60 years of the program by heart and, because an early project was my own Tom Baker scarf, I believe it is the perfect thing to which to knit!

  • I enjoy the Ologies podcast with Alie Ward.

  • Any knitting podcast will do.

  • The Great British Bake Off is so easy to knit to.

  • I am re-watchng the first season of Annika in anticipation of the the second season release later this month. It is so good even the second time around!

  • Audiobook version of any Liane Moriarty novel!

  • Midsomer Murders is always entertaining. And I love Dr. Blake and Doc Martin re-runs.

  • Annika, season one! Rewatching it now in anticipation of the new season coming out later this month.

  • For stockinette and easy projects (possibly because you won’t stop laughing and/or crying): Dimension 20. There are 20 seasons on Dropout, it’s recently gained widespread acclaim and for good reason. Watching actors and comedians improv emotionally impactful arcs in the middle of ridiculous settings is just a delight.

  • One of my favorite novels is “Anna Karenina” so I love knitting to different film adaptations of it. Something about watching a story that you are already familiar with and yet comparing to the book and what different productions leave in, take out or change altogether makes the binging of several in a row especially fun! There are two versions on film less frequently seen that are especially good – one with Helen McCrory and another with Sophie Marceau. And the Vivian Leigh version is great fun, too. Just looking up spellings for this comment turned up a couple that I haven’t seen plus and upcoming Netflix adaptation so I am excited to check those out!

  • The new Quantum Leap.
    It’s a little hokey but sweet and pleasurable. I can relax and knit and know the twists and turns in the plot will bring a good outcome.

  • Around The World in 80 Days, with David Tallant.

  • Professor T. The current season just wrapped up.

  • Midsomer Murders on PBS

  • I love stitching to Top Chef. I can’t wait till the next season.

  • Thank you for your newsletters! I read every article that was linked today. Barrick knits. I can’t wait to do the stripey sweater.

  • Itc must be All Creatures Great and Small for me. Beautiful knits in the show too and Beautiful scenery.

  • I’ll watch anything while I knit, but the two things I really like are Critical Role and Escape this Podcast.

  • I am grateful that you mentioned “anything you can plausibly knit to” in that question because I struggle to split my brain between knitting and listening unless the auditory material is not too dramatic and the knitting is simple too. Sometimes it is just possible to knit to my beloved CBC radio-I am Canadian.

  • I’m listening to the ‘Rivers of London’ audiobook series by Ben Aaronovitch, for the second time. It has one of the best narrators ever. It’s what a British police procedural series would be like if some of the bad guys could do magic.

  • Fisk! Although there’s only enough episodes to get you through a little hat. She is hilarious!

  • Knit to this: The Fisher on YouTube

  • Annika has a new season.

  • The Dwarkesh Podcast! He does long interviews with fascinating people. One podcast went around 8 hours, and I didn’t want to skip any of it.

  • Season 2 of “Annika” with Nicola Walker is to start airing on my local PBS this weekend — and my brain went directly to Nicola Walker with the mention of “Unforgotten” — so that would be my vote for knitworthy programming at the moment. Or anything else with Nicola Walker (but I’m still holding my breath for just one more season of “Last Tango in Halifax” …)

  • Jury Duty.

  • I get to watch David Attenborough-narrated shows, such as ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ on right now, all day on Saturdays on BBC America. The music really is amazing which of course is mostly what I’m tuned into. Because of the great narration, you can see in your mind what’s going on (since my eyes are on my yarn) which makes it all that much more enjoyable. Try it sometime!!

  • We knit to Escape to the Country on Britbox.

  • I like listening to any crime podcast, my fave kind. Examples are Criminal, Serial Killers, Women and Crime.

  • I love Bridgerton on Netflix

  • I’ve been knitting while listening to the audiobook “Lessons in Chemistry”.

  • I love knitting to baking competition shows! For the non-food related viewing Only Murders in the Building is another great one!

  • Miss Marple of course, and Shetland for fond memories of Shetland Wool Week.

  • enjoy knitting to a baseball background

  • Knit to Agatha Christie audiobooks on Utube.

  • SO many good shows to knit to! Vera, Shetland, Endeavor, Van der Valk, Professor T, any of the British shows that are on PBS or BritBox.

  • I knit to whatever sounds good to watch at the time – I love a good mystery, or an action, or even a funny or feel good. However, we recently got rid of our TV so I’ve been knitting to either music or podcasts. I’m currently catching up on podcast episodes of Happier with Gretchen Rubin and will eventually listen to Stuff You Missed in History Class. I think I’ll need to find new podcasts once those are caught up!

  • I recently knit while watching The Good Karma Hospital and His Dark Materials.

  • I listen to audiobooks or let football games just go on and on.

  • Grantchester on PBS. The main character, Will takes a lot of twists and turns throughout the seasons. Lots of food for thought while I’m knitting.

  • Sex Education on Netflix.

  • I’ve been knitting to the original Justified to prepare for the reboot.

  • All Creatures Great and Small -perfect to knit to!

  • Professor T on PBS. There is one version in English.

  • Boston Bruins hockey. If anything good happens the cheers make me look up. Otherwise I hear the commentary and feel the positive energy when they are winning.

  • Our current favorite are ALL the K-dramas (Korean drama) on Netflix. I had no idea it was even a thing until recently.

    My previous bing-series was Heartland, the longest running series out of Canada. Most of them can be found on Netflix; many reruns are on the hallmark channel, too.

  • I love MDK and learn so much. I’ve gotten some of the Field Guides and love them.

  • I love to knit to music-Jimmy Buffet, Beatles or Broadway tunes.

  • Virgin River!

  • Love audio books… Demon Copperhead was my latest

  • Call the Midwife

  • Just saw on Netflix there’s another season of Lupin. It’s the BEST – tho your knitting might fall into your lap for the duration once the plot gets going.

  • Agatha Raisin, on Acorn. Totally ridiculous and often nonsensical, but perfect to knit to – requires very little viewing attention. Plus- stylish Scottish private investigator, lovely Cotswold villages, on-again off-again romances with two charming men, lots of English pub scenes, great secondary characters. And a terrific title sequence/ graphics.

  • You must check out The Detectorists. It’s one of my all-time favourites! It’s kind and funny. There’s suspense of treasure discovery and every-day magic of friendship. No murders, no drugs, no heartache. Highly recommend!

  • Had not watched Virgin River, so I had 5 seasons to relish. Alas, just began season 5 today!

  • What a great topic!

    I love listening to Snap Judgment’s Spooked podcast. Scary stories, well produced, told by the people who experienced them. Episodes drop throughout late summer thru Halloween. I look forward to these each year.

  • I think it is time to revisit the original “Upstairs, Downstairs.”

  • Bailey Sarian’s Murder, Mystery & Makeup and Dark History on YouTube. Love her!

  • I like to knit to audio books. The book I’m listening to now is Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver.

  • I like to listen to The Garden Answer on YouTube while I knit especially in the winter! I can keep my hands busy knitting while dreaming of outdoor projects for nicer weather!

  • If you get MAX try Dark Winds and Discovery of Witches. The latter is not as good as the books so you might want to try the audiobook version.

  • Sex Education on Netflix- love the teenagers and the adults struggling in their own lives.

  • I usually just listen and not watch while I am knitting unless something sounds interesting.

  • I love to knit to a 1920’s British murder mystery audiobook!

  • Longmire

  • The Big Bang tv series, comedy, 12 seasons I think, 30 min episodes, can watch it after 1 season and hardly need to look up at tv, characters are set personality types so they grow through social engagements of life. great comedy and little attention needed, great knitting tv

  • Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple series 🙂

  • Anything on TV in the evening!

  • Succession

  • The Americans is a fantastic show available on Hulu. I suggest a simple stockinette project because there are some Russian subtitles.

  • I watch “Jerrico” on DVD.

  • No particular favorite. I love so many

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