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She’s the designer who makes knitting endlessly new.

Welcome, Olga Buraya-Kefelian!

We have admired Olga’s work for years. Everything she designs feels fresh. Surprising. A puzzle we want to solve.

It’s a spark of inspiration that you’ll see throughout the little new book we’re introducing today.

Field Guide No. 24: Spark, starring five new designs by Olga Buraya-Kefelian.

Order your copy right here, as a print edition with a Ravelry ebook download code in the back; or as an ebook-only download.

The Lookbook

We’ve brought in delectable yarns to go with all five designs. Find a quiet moment and settle in with our brand-new lookbook.

We’re particularly proud of the yarns for this Field Guide. Good people making beautiful yarns, our favorite thing!

Click here to see it all.

The Designs

These five projects combine Olga’s modern point of view with techniques that are very, very simple.

They look amazing, yet they are amazingly straightforward to make. Magic tricks, basically.

We have been trying out these designs, and we’re here to tell you that you are going to love the feeling of delight that hits you when you see how these designs work.

Turnstile Wrap

This is absolutely amazing: a wrap that you can wear all sorts of ways. On the Zoom today we will likely be trying out some of the looks.

The yarn? Neighborhood Fiber Co. Organic Studio DK.

Tendril Necklace

When Olga starts fooling around with i-cord, this is what happens. So cool! Such a quick bit of work, with a result that is perfect for a summer day.

The yarn? Rowan Creative Linen.

Or Spincycle Dream State.

Paragon Popover

Just amazing. A breeze to knit, with a spectacular result.

The yarn? Wear it as a poncho or wrap in cashmere-like Woolfolk Tov DK.

Or Rowan Handknit Cotton for a cute coverup at the pool. Or Rowan Creative Linen, see above.

Fortune Teller Cuff

How does a simple set of stitches become so dimensional? That’s the sort of thing Olga likes to explore, all day long. Kay could not wait to sit down with this little puzzle.

The yarn? We have an MDK-exclusive bundle for this one, Neighborhood Fiber Co. Organic Studio Sock plus a skein of Chromium, with a bit of stainless steel.

Penrose Tote

Olga’s love of geometric stitch patterns is on full display here. The diamonds form a subtly dimensional texture, pleats almost. In two sizes, with two yarn options.

The yarn? The small tote uses the Spark Cuff and Tote Bundle. (One bundle is enough for a cuff and a tote.) The large tote is Rowan Creative Linen.

What’s Ahead?

So much fun. We’re going to be announcing knitalongs in the the coming days that will let us all share in the discovery and surprise of these designs. Go ahead and think about what appeals to you, and set yourself up for a season of fascinating knitting.

We’re going to be knitting Olga designs with you all summer. We feel so adventurous. We love this feeling, and we hope you’ll be joining us as we explore what Olga is up to.


Ann and Kay


  • I first discovered Olga Buraya-Kefelyian on Brooklyn Tweed. I thought she was brilliant. Her creations are one of a kind.Amazing!

  • Just lovely!

  • I’m a subscriber and just tried to download the digital copy with the code in my paper copy. Field Guide 24 is showing as no longer available! Anyone else having this problem?

    • I set up the Ravelry listing so this must be my fault! Investigating now!

      • Got it, Kay, thanks!

      • Just tried again, so my super-early-bird attempt was not the reason

  • I have never felt that my knitting skills were “up to” Olga’s designs, but I think I can manage the necklace! Plus it is beautiful. Chloe

  • Exquisite… can’t wait to see the book!

  • Those totes are making me SO happy! And I WISH I’d had those bracelets in middle school. I would have matched them with my Cyndi Lauper tights! Must make both sooner than immediately! What a fun field guide!

  • Love the necklace! What a creative mind!

  • Hmm, I didn’t get that impression at all. I think the LookBook is a nice light airy design, and the Shop For pages extremely helpful!

  • Wow! Amazing designer. Look forward to more posts.

  • I can’t find field guide 25.

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