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Dear Kay,

That’s me, running behind the bandwagon for The Good Fight, yelling “HEYWAIT! I’m here! I’ve got the best TV knitting! HOLD UP!”

The sixth and final season of this legal drama is running right now, but guess what: I’ve got six entire whole complete full seasons of it to watch. It’s so great.

Kay, I’m pretty sure all this would drive you crazy. These lawyers regularly do things totally unlikely for serious lawyers to do, but hey, I’m not a lawyer, and I love a legal drama. This one has a banquet-size portion of Christine Baranski doing her best Baranski as a fabulous attorney.

And Rose Leslie (the maid Gwen Harding in Downton Abbey, Ygritte in Game of Thrones) is terrific.

Episode 1 is a fantastic leap into all sorts of tangled drama, with lots of topical themes ripped from the headlines.

AND, now that I’m digging into The Good Fight, I’ve discovered the series from which The Good Fight derives: The Good Wife. Yes, it’s seven entire full complete MORE seasons of legal drama, with Christine Baranski plus Julianna Margulies front and center. This is going to get me through the new year, no problem.

So many Broadway actors peek in for various roles and cameos, and when Audra McDonald turns up, well, I’m in for the long haul.

I’m watching this via Amazon Prime Video—it seems to be other places too, but I’ll leave that you—just yell “The Good Fight” into the air and see what turns up on your TV.




  • Great suggestion! Reality is severely over rated! Bring in the faux attorneys.

  • We watched both of these shows and they were great, especially The Good Wife. Speaking of Christine Baranski, she’s sooo good in The Gilded Age on HBO. We just visited Newport, RI and toured some of the mansions that were settings for the show. Other mansions we couldn’t go in as Season 2 was being filmed in them as we drove by. Kind of exciting!

  • Thanks Ann. Just watched first episode of season one. Great recommendation.

  • Ooh! I’m always looking for a good binge watch and I do love a good legal drama! Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll queue these up!!

  • I would watch Christine Baranski read a grocery list. Thanks!

    • Yes, she is wonderful!

  • Don’t know if anyone remembers (or is old enough) that Christine was part of the cast of Cybil Shepherd’s show Moonlighting back in the 80(?)’s. She, Cybil and Wendy Malick had a scene in a bathroom that was hilarious. A classic. I have been following both Christine and Wendy (Hot in Cleveland, Sheldon) ever since. Christine is also so fun and interesting as her own self on talk shows, a fading art in my opinion. Thanks for corroborating my long-held fangirl-ism. (Is that even a Word??). Chloe

    • I think you’re referring to the Moonlighting spinoff starring Cybill Shepherd, which was called Cybill. That’s where I think you saw Christine Baranski and Wendie Malick. And the show was great fun!

    • I loved Moonlighting. I have searched for it on streaming platforms rewatch it but haven’t found it anywhere. have you?

      • To rewatch it :-).

    • Loved her on Moonlighting! Plus – she was the sensational reporter Mary Sunshine in the movie Chicago, sharing a musical number with Renee Zellweger and Richard Gere, and had a great appearance in The Birdcage, with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. Not to be missed!

  • I have watched since Season 1 and love the show. Great casts over the seasons. I am sad that it has to end with Season 6.

  • It’s not free on Prime. Boo hoo. Probably because CBS/Paramount+. Too many streamers, not enough $…
    Been so wanting to see this.

    On ‘Gilded’ a great game was ‘spot all the B’way actors,’ as the first season was filmed during B’way shutdown. When there was a scene w Audra McDonald at the piano and Denee Benton as Peggy walked in, so many of us were waiting for them to SING!

  • I have watched both from the beginning. They are so good! I envy you starting from the start.

  • I loved the Good Wife!

    • Me too!!! It was must-watch tv for me. The cast and story lines were terrific.

  • Cush Jumbo starred in a Netflix series called Stay Close. A Harlen Coben book. In one scene she looks into the camera and says, At some point you just have to put up the good fight! I think she winked too.

  • Glad it’s finally on Prime, thanks Ann! Btw, you were sooo right about the last season of Succession- it was fantastic.

  • Thank you. This used to only be on A streaming service I did not have. I loved the good wife so will add this to my list.

  • No, Lin, I haven’t seen Moonlighting on any streaming platforms but then I’m a bit technology-challenged so don’t depend on me. I’m assuming all the comments between our two re streaming referred to The Gilded Age and The Good Fight rather than Moonlighting but I’m not totally sure of that. Chloe

  • I want more! That’s it. drop

  • Have followed Christine Baranski on The Good Wife and better yet on The Good Fight! It’s so current! Did you all know that she is also a Broadway star? Would love to see her on the stage! She is a fabulous singer!

  • Thanks Ann, binged 4 episodes last night!

  • Excellent choice! Also consider The Good Wife which is The Good Fight’s predecessor. Both are excellent.

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