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Everything But the Girl

It’s been almost a quarter of a century since the last Everything But the Girl album, and not a day of that twenty-five years went by when I did not lament their ongoing silence. They are literally the soundtrack of my college and immediate post-graduate years, and nothing sends me back with such sweet nostalgia quite like the opening tracks of “Baby the Stars Shine Bright” or “Amplified Heart.” But year after year came and went with solo projects from both halves of EBTG (Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt), but nothing more from them together turned up.

But lo, after all this time, after all that wailing and rending of garments on my part … here they are, together again at last in 2023 with the release of Fuse, as beautiful a record as they ever put out in the ’80s and ’90s. EBTG’s return is no nostalgia wallow, though; they’ve picked up right where they left off with 1996’s Walking Wounded and come up with the perfect thing: it sounds reassuringly like every other EBTG record, but also—thrillingly—like none of them.

I never know what to call styles of music for fear of sounding like a nostalgia act myself, but let’s just call this “electronic pop with occasional piano” and move along. Whatever the kids are calling it, it’s drenched in EBTG’s signature melancholy (I mean: “Kiss me while the world decays/Kiss me while the music plays.Sigh.) and Tracey Thorn’s famous voice now has an even wearier edge to it, if you can imagine.

Just drop the needle on “No One Knows We’re Dancing” and you know, I won’t even blame you if you put down the knitting for a second and do a little bit of mid-tempo shuffling around your living room, thinking about that rave you once went to at 4 am on a Tuesday. I won’t tell, I promise.

Rickie Lee Jones


While it hasn’t been a quarter of a century since the last Rickie Lee Jones covers project (that would be 2019’s Kicks), it does seem like we’ve—and maybe she’s—been waiting a lifetime for her to record a few of the ones on her new Pieces of Treasure

She’s been taking spins with other peoples’ songs since almost the beginning (her live cover of “Lush Life” on Girl at Her Volcano” is an all time Top Five recording for me), and this is her (hmmm, counts on fingers from memory) fifth covers album, so her assured takes on this batch is no surprise. But it’s a super-rich—almost embarrassingly so—group this time around.

In particular, “One for My Baby,” “Nature Boy,” and “September Song” all feel like songs that only artists who have had a career should ever attempt and if anyone has had a career, it’s Rickie Lee Jones.

TL;DNR: never give up on artists you love. They’re all out there thinking about and making art all the time and if you’re really lucky, they’ll give it to you … eventually.

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About The Author

DG Strong took up knitting in 2014. He lives in Nashville with his sister, her rat terrier and a hound dog named Opal. He has a blog of drawings and faintly ridiculous rambling called The Psychopedia—there are worse ways to spend your afternoon.


  • My favorite artist is Tarja, so anything new of hers is a joyous celebration. (My husband loves metal and it turns out I quite like the power metal subgenre – powerful vocals backed by an orchestra. Tarja is a classically trained soprano who sings rock and metal, and I am here for that.)

    • Sia❣️

      • The Boss, Bruce Springsteen

  • Rickie Lee Jones – been a fan since the ‘80’s!

    • Wow, Rickie Lee Jones is my 80s fave, too!

      • Keep a listen out for Hubert Laws and his amazing fluting (on Aretha’s “Daydreaming” amongst others). Also the Notos Quartet, who are phenomenal.
        Listening to RLJ in my pirate days prepared for all of the above. Doit!

    • We love RLJ and MDK!!

  • Lyle Lovett… his voice never gets old for me. Soundtrack of the last 30 years of my life

    • Jackson Browne

    • Lyle Lovett for me, too! I saw him for the first time on campus with Robert Earl Keen at our mutual alma mater in the ‘80’s when he was just starting out.

    • I always look forward to something new from Bonnie Raitt, although nothing will ever come close to her first 2 albums this last one was close.

      • Melissa Etheridge – that girl can rock!

  • Many of my favorites aren’t recording any mors, but I’ll go with Kylie Minogue who is supposed to release in the fall.

  • Squeeze. Every day I wake up hopeful, and—so far—every night I go to sleep disappointed.

    • Joan Armatrading

  • I want David Bowie. Yes, I know that’s not happening, but when you talk about the soundtrack of my launch into adulthood, he’s there, inventive and timeless.

    • Me too! Bowie for ever!!!

  • EKG is a group I love. There’s only two middle aged men singing covers of the music of the ‘60s, but the blend of voices is magical. They’re very popular in central and northern Ohio. You can find the videos on YouTube under EKG Band. I hope you’ll check them out!

  • Well. The Beatles

    More likely, Lyle Lovett (as mentioned before)

    • I wish… Beatles, Tom Petty, David Bowie!!!!

  • Easy: Green Day!

  • Kate Bush. I still thrill to the opening notes of Wuthering Heights

    • If we’re dreaming, I’d love a new John Prine album or Guy Clark. For reals, though, I’ll be happy when the rest of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors new album comes out. Also, I have thoroughly enjoyed the latest Old Crow Medicine Show album, Paint This Town, but I also look forward to what they come out with next.

  • Hmmmm. Would love to hear from Art Garfunkel again!

  • Toby Mac, Black Eyed Peas, any good song really that makes the background noise I love to listen to.

  • I din’t get this as an email this morning – looked for my daily dose of MDK but it didn’t arrive so I had to go to your website. From the few comments here I would suspect a glitch. But better odds of winning! haha

    I’d like a new album from Linda Ronstadt (I know).

  • I want to see my husband play his bass in the glory days … just feel in’ it.

  • I think they are re-releasing the Talking Heads movie, but new Talking Heads would be great. Not happening, but it’d be nice.

  • Impatiently waiting for Sade’s next album

  • RLJ

  • I always enjoy the quirky tunes of They Might Be Giants.

    • Carol King, James Taylor, The Eagles, The Beatles.

  • The Beatles. My husband and I once listened to Beatles songs on Spotify on a seven-hour drive. What amazing music and a progression in style. We sang ourselves silly and not one repeat!

    • Oh yes, Linda Ronstadt. That would mean she was well and wouldn’t that be great?

      • Yes, it would be wonderful even if she decided not to record again. Just health for her.

  • I want more Enya — that ethereal, gentle sound…

  • Allison Krauss and Robert Plant. Odd mix of voices but it works.

    • Agreed.

  • No one, I’m stuck in the 80s.

  • Apparently I live in the past and would love to have new albums from my favorite groups that are unlikely to ever happen again, i.e. the Beatles, Queen, etc. Thank you.

  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Joni Mitchell.

  • My favorite artists are gone. Tom Petty, Freddy Mercury, Prince, Michael Jackson, Ronnie Van Zant. I love the Scorpions but I doubt they’re coming back.

  • Fine Young Cannibals

    • John Prine and Steve Goodman, I wish:)

  • EBTG’S!

  • The renewed ABBA!!

  • The Beatles? Ha!

  • I am always curious about what Tom Waits will do next.

    • I’m a diehard Dave Matthews Band fan. I just wish their current music was a rockin’ as their earlier music. To get those beats, I’ll take the Foo Fighters!

    • His early work sounds as fresh as it did when it was released. Love him.

      • Agree. Tom Waits. Also, no one’s mentioned opera, but I really loved Deborah Voigt.

        • Also, numero uno, my homey Willie Nelson. Still going like a freight train at 90.

  • Bad Company. Are they still alive?

  • Eagles!

  • anything from brad paisley!

  • For new: I just heard The Heavy, and I think I am headed there. For not new but haven’t got it yet, a collection of Lorenna McKennit – most of which I have on cassette, but the 22 year old truck with the player is now gone .

  • I can’t really think of one.

  • Lyle Lovett and/or John Hiatt!

  • Linda Ronstadt

  • And produced by T-Bone Burnett, yes!

  • Would love another Norah Jones album!

  • The Smiths. Because there is a light that never goes out.

  • Linda Ronstadt!

    • After reading these comments, I realized a lot of mine are impossible. Linda Ronstadt or Queen – sigh. But maybe Paul Simon?

      • Your wish is granted. Paul Simon just released a new album last week called Seven Psalms. I can’t stop listening to it

  • My mind was blown when I discovered EBTG in college back in the 80’s. I actually got to see them in concern in NYC and they did not disappoint. I’m thrilled that they have a new release. Here is a list of the others I have dreams of:

    Roxy Music – Avalon is a perfect album.
    Sade – What a voice.
    Alabama Shakes – I wish they hadn’t disbanded.
    David Bowie – Is there anything hiding that hasn’t been released? I miss him!
    CSN – Oh that harmonizing.
    Annie Lenox and/or Eurythmics – Where are you???
    Joni Mitchell – We need her now.

  • The Eurythmics!!

  • I teach water aerobics and everyone picks up when I play the Beach Boys. The Grammys just honored them with contemporary singers taking on their harmonies. I would love an album of that for my class to exercise to–and for me to knit to!

  • Elvin Bishop

    • The Beach Boys!

  • Thank you! For introducing me to both Rickie and EBTG. I will also check out EKG and others posted in the comments.

  • Public Enemy, Isley Bros, 4 Tops

  • Foo Fighters!!

  • Too many to just pick one.

  • Abney Park!

  • I’d wish for the Beatles, Linda Ronstat,Carol King…

  • Sex Pistols

    • I think they need to redo God Save the Queen for the new monarch.

  • I’ll agree with The Beatle’s, The Beach Boys, ABBA, Tom Petty…Ha!

    • Oak Ridge Boys

  • The Eagles, The Beatles, Genesis…so many great groups when I was growing up.

  • ABBA for sure

  • My favorite band is Donna The Buffalo. (And no, no one in the band is named Donna!) I can hardly wait for them to put out a new record!

  • Bjork!!!!

  • Well if I could wave a magic wand, I would have loved to have heard more from Amy Winehouse. For a more practical pick, I’ll go with Los Bandoleros

  • Queen

  • Y’all are so young! (All that 80s nostalgia.) What about the true greats – Smokey, Marvin, Stevie, Martha, Diana, and of course the beloved Tina?

    • And Aretha!

    • Yes, 80’s nostalgia, but I can go earlier. How about some Chaka Khan, Isley Brothers, Gladys Knight, The Staple Singers. But we are SO fortunate to still Have Mavis making great music. Oh, and don’t forget The O’Jays! And, I want more Bobby Blue Bland.

  • Pet Shop Boys!

  • Wow, I remember RLJ from about 1979-80, when she first seemed to burst on the scene. It would be nice to hear something new from her.

  • Pat Metheny

  • I really like Al Stewart. His historical references & wry sense of humor got me through many a night when my husband was away from home. I’ve seen him perform, and he still tours occasionally.

  • Traffic!

  • Neil Byrne is the one I can’t wait for!

  • Houston Jones

  • Whatever Beth Hart does next!

  • I’ve loved Rickie Lee since the beginning, way back in the 80s!

  • Alabama

  • Florence + the Machine

  • Although it won’t happen (at least in this lifetime), the Beatles.

  • I’d love one more album from my brothers old band Eb and Sparrow. Very unlikely, maybe I need to remind him hehe

  • Stunning video!

  • I think green day

  • Big Country for some Scottish energy. Or maybe Dexy’s Midnight Runners….

  • i am always on the lookout for anything new by eric clapton. he is myfavorite guitarist by far.

  • I’m stuck in the past also… how bout some sexy Rod Stewart
    Would love to pick some Field Guides!

  • Chris Isaac…..what ever became of him? Did Baby do a bad bad thing?

  • Bob Dylan!

  • The Sundays! Their last album in 1997. Doubtful they will release another album though.
    Runner-up: Portishead. Some recent live sessions so perhaps another album will emerge.

  • Sade

  • Mythes, James Ehnes & Andrew Armstrong, released in late May

  • Steely Dan and KebMo are two of my favorites

  • I currently have the newest Fall Out Boy album on repeat. Until I tire myself of that one, I don’t care who comes out with new music!

  • The best live performance I ever heard was Ricky Lee singing My Funny Valentine possible 40 years ago. It is so memorable; I can still hear it.

    • She’s a good live show; she has a way of making it seem like it’s a very small room and there are just a few of you. I saw her in a little jewel-box former movie theater setting and it was sort of magic, especially when it was just her and a piano or whatever.

  • Love RLJ

  • I”m always to see new works from Pat Metheny, although he is not a group

    • Sia

  • I seriously doubt that Kansas will be making another album anytime soon, but a girl can deam.

  • Los Lobos! They just get better and better.

  • Adele owes us another masterpiece!

  • Is Carly Rae Jepsen a band (no). Did she released an album last year (yes). HOWEVER, the break between Emotion and The Loneliest Time was long and I’m always excited for new works!

  • Rickie Lee Jones is a Knitter!!
    She shopped in my Yarn shop in NC after a concert!

  • Dave Matthews Band

  • I’d be over the moon if I could have another new Trio album, but sadly Linda Ronstadt has been sidelined by Parkinson’s. Failing that, I’d love another Wailin’ Jennys album. What can I say? I love love love really tight 3(+) part vocal harmonies…

    • Just in case you haven’t heard this: here’s a little-known late Ronstadt record – her last album, actually – that she did with Ann Savoy that features just the kind of harmony that gives me goosebumps. It’s a downbeat, spooky sort of record; I wish more people knew it. And because time is a flat circle: there’s a cover of Walk Away, Renee on it, which of course Rickie Lee also famously covered.

  • Anberlin.

  • love Rickie singing Chuck E’s in love.

  • Kansas is my nostalgic favorite.

  • Stevie Nicks—she still has wisdom to share.

  • The Moody Blues. Oh the ‘Nights in White Satin’ memories still linger.

    • James Taylor been a favorite of mine since high school and into retirement! Would love anything new.

  • I guess I’ve been living under a rock as far as my knowledge of new music is concerned. I’m with those who never tired of the Beatles, Simon and Garfield, Abba, Beach Boys, Enya, Buffy St Marie, the Bee Gees…the list goes on.

  • Rhiannon Giddens is a favorite these days!

  • Billy Joel!

  • Adele

  • Anything by Keb’ Mo’.

  • The new Foo Fighters one! Heartbroken that Taylor is gone but Dave is the survivor.

  • Pink Martini!

  • Oh, I pine for so many. (Sigh) Since you featured Rickie Lee, I was privileged to see her in Philadelphia’s Academy of Music in the early 80’s. ( Sigh, again)

  • Foo Fighters, for sure.

    • And where is Tracy Chapman?

  • erasure, human league, b-52’s, frazier chorus, beautiful south, the the, deee-lite, to name a few of my faves from the seminal years…

  • Rise Against

  • B-52s

  • The Beatles, Chicago and 3 Dog Night.

  • Haven’t seen anything new from the Finnish a cappella band, Rajaton, since 2019, but they’re still performing–unfortunately, only in Finland this summer. They’re absolutely fabulous and Jussi Chydenius, who sings bass, has the most wonderful, luscious voice.

    • Totally different finnish band, but Korpakalanii. I don’t speak finish, I know their songs are mostly about drinking, but they’re so fun to listen to!

  • Steve Perry! And in fond remembrance of one of the great vocalist Tina Turner.

  • The ones I’d love to hear from are gone… Tina Turner, The Cars come to mind. I’ll go with Paul Simon for this question and of course “Bruuuucccceeee” (Springsteen!) is a very long time part of my life!

  • I would love another album from R.E.M. but also more from Tina Turner to hoard and savor and enjoy through years to come.

  • Super excited for Dolly Parton’s rock album this fall!

  • To be honest, I’m more of a podcast/audiobook girl. My husband is the music lover so I listen to a lot of Schiller and Sigur Ros.

  • I would love an album from James Taylor and Carole King. As solo artists they’re fabulous, together they’d be sublime.

  • My favorite is Andrea Bocelli. I don’t speak any Italian but I can sing all his songs in Italian.

  • 10,000 Maniacs… I think I’ll be waiting a long time (sigh). Or Natalie Merchant solo without the Maniacs would be amazing also!

  • Nicole Atkins, originally New Jersey based singer/songwriter, now Nashville. Give her a try! This is from Italian Ice:

  • Green Day

  • I’d kinda like something new released by Billy Joel in the spirit of some of his earlier albums (Piano Man, 52nd Street, The Stranger).

  • Wailin Jennys all. day. long.

  • The Bad Plus….but I wish Queen could still release albums.

  • Bonnie Raitt, Tracy Chapman, and I just heard there is a new Paul Sinon!

  • The Wailin’ Jennys

  • Ponk FLoyd -esp. like Dark Side of the Moon ,

  • Meant Pink Floyd!

  • My big wish would be Prince. Alas…

  • Marty Stuart

  • Eagerly anticipating this one…Joni Mitchell at Newport

  • Hmm. Amy Grant and Vince Gill. Together.

  • Jackson Browne’s next album, wherever, whenever, however…

  • Sadly being hearing impaired has made music listening a little challenging. That’s more my son’s wheelhouse. Reading your comments show this is a passionate topic!

  • I’m not waiting for any new album. I’m really not into listening to music; I rather enjoy some good piece and quiet. (Maybe that will change when my teenagers fly the coop and my life is more tranquil – who knows!)

  • Alison Krause

  • Natalie Merchant or They Might Be Giants would both be fun to hear more from. Both have interesting lyrics, and I really like Natalie Merchant’ vocal qualities and how they’ve changed over time.

  • the beattles

  • Annie Lennox and/or Eurythmics

  • Why U2, of course!

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