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Dear Ann,

In my never-ending search for audible programming to knit along to, the millennials in my life are invaluable. Niece Kristin and her mate organize their daily lives in such a way that they are almost always listening to a podcast while multi-tasking, whether walking the pooch, driving or pounding weights at the cross fit gym. So when they gave the Gimlet’s Crimetown podcast a rave review, I was literally all ears.

The premise is simple, and sounds like it might skew too strongly toward statistics or dry history: take a city, and over the course of a season’s episodes, examine its particular crime culture, in depth.  Any concern I had vanished in a puff of cigar smoke, in the first episode of the show. The producers chose their debut city well: Providence, Rhode Island had a crime culture like no other city. Breathtaking, audacious, and — bewilderingly — funny at times. Here’s the first episode.

It grabbed me from the git go. (It did not grab this Providence blogger, however. Understandably.)

To all who are celebrating the New Year, and/or burying the old year, on this night, good wishes. I, for one, am full of hope that 2017 will be the most purposeful, joyful, and industrious year of our lives. Why not? Let’s go!




  • Also from Gimlet Media: the six-episode fictional Homecoming, a radio drama that just yesterday kept me engrossed for three hours of train knitting. Brilliant audio, and performed by stellar actors Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, and David Schwimmer. . .

    • I second Homecoming. Riveting! I can’t wait for the second season. Be sure to listen to the fascinating post-show discussions too. I loved Gimlet’s Mystery Show but sadly it looks like they’re not continuing it.

    • That sounds great!

  • New Year. Hope for the best cope with the rest.

  • We’re listening to that, too! Clif went to art school in providence in the 80s, and he remembers Buddy Cianci well.

  • I share your hope and optimism for 2017. Things could always be worse but let’s hope for the best. Happy New Year!

  • Best line in the first episode–“You don’t get fired, you get fired at!”

    Loving this. It’s very reminiscent of Serial.

  • I am now listening to this while knitting a blanket (Bright Stripes) with Peaches and Creme, which I think makes this some kind of weird meta MDK moment.

    Happy New Year, Ann and Kay!

  • I enjoy the podcast Stuff You Missed in History Class on NPR. It’s under the umbrella of How Things Work. It covers everything from the skeleton found in a tree in a village in Britain in the 40s, a case that was never solved, to a show about Vincent Price that was absolutely fascinating and was followed up with a call-in interview with his daughter, to the history and important of the Sears company in the South. I was enthralled by the way they tied it to the prevailing Jim Crow culture and it’s importance to the black community. Best of all, they upload all sorts of source material and suggestions for further study to their website.

  • I love crimetown! If you like that, I think you will like the following….

    In the dark
    Untold: the Daniel Morgan murder
    You must remember this (Charles Manson miniseries is so good)

    Podcasts are my favorite.

  • And thank you for leading me to this! A.J. Jacobs! Dan Savage! Ted Allen!

  • Oooh, I’m not a crime person, but I lived in Probidence in the days of Buddy Cianci, mayor, convicted felon, and mayor. In that order. You can’t make this stuff up. Thanks for the link. I’ve got a shawl the size of a blanket to knit and I need some company.

  • Started listening to Crimetown thanks to your recommendation (I loved The Jinx!). Binge-listened all weekend and now I’m caught up and ready for the return on January 22. Have been recommending to everyone I talk to! Thanks so much for the great tip. Happy New Year.

  • I started this a couple of weeks ago, too–and Lilyhammer in the evenings. I am all around in good crime shape as we start 2017. Somehow it seems fitting.

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