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Dear everyone,

We come now to a grand finale!

This has been a stupendous month of high-wire knitting, felting, and steeking. When we conceived of this month-long knitalong, this Bang Out a Kiki Mariko Rug, we had no idea how many knitters would dive in to make a big rug in a short month.

The answer: many. The projects: brilliant. The modeling: unprecedented.

In the gallery up top, you will see a fraction of the Kiki Marikos that are coming into the world. You will see dogs and cats in varying degrees of puzzlement. You’ll see the most extreme version of Being A Supportive Family Member. You’ll see Claudia ready for an evening out with her new cocktail dress. We applaud everyone who succumbed to the irresistible urge to try on their Kiki Mariko Rug before cutting the steek. And to all the family members who gamely struck a pose? Our undying respect.

We have maxed out number of photos we can show in the gallery up top. We encourage you to take a moment to wander through the Bang Out a Kiki Mariko hashtag on Instagram. It has been the most fun ever to see everybody having a good time with this frankly peculiar knitting project.


We wish we had a prize for every single person who’s been knitting Kiki Marikos this month. We do have three prizes to send along, and winners have been selected at random from all the folks who posted in the MDK Lounge and on Instagram.

Rowan Gift Bag: This extravagantly Rowan-y prize contains a Rowan pattern, Rowan yarn, and Rowan needles and goes to Bryce @broccoli.craft.

Soak Wool Wash: A set of delicious Soak wool wash scents and a cheerful basin for soaking your handknits go to Laura @lauraknitspa.

We’ll contact you two to get your mailing information.

Thank you to our friends at Rowan and Soak for providing these generous, juicy prizes!

Finally, The Field Guides of 2020 in ebook form go to Elena @y_lenka_knits.

We’ve Only Just Begun . . .

If you’re contemplating a Kiki Mariko Rug—and why the heck wouldn’t you? your dog wants one, for one thing!—we’re happy to say we’ve finally got some more kits in the MDK Shop for this project in two colorways, right here.

Thank you to everybody for making February a month of laughs and surprises. You all are amazing!


Ann and Kay


  • I didn’t knit a Kiki Mariko, but I absolutely loved the pictures! Scrolling through them made me smile.

  • Merci merci for that slideshow of fun rugs. loved this little peek into other makers’ lives. ❤️❤️❤️

    • I loved #bangoutakikimariko for February; especially the sterling tutorial on Zoom. Thank you MDK for brightening a dull winter month

  • I cannot believe that someone got the unsteeked Kiko Mariko on their cat and lived to tell the tale!

  • I love the lady on the couch surrounded by all the textiles echoing her Kiki Mariko rug.

  • Wow! So great! I’m be experiencing posing-in-an-unsteeked -tube envy !

  • I love all the Kiki pictures. It looks like it was a pandemic favorite. I just started my Kiki. I had other knitting irons in the fire. But I received my Lopi Field Guide yesterday. It was so exciting because not only was my book stand in closed but there were other goodies. I won’t spoil what the surprise because who doesn’t like surprises especially now. Thank you Anne and Kay for such a thoughtful package.

    Cheers all.

    • This knitalong was a hoot and a half. Even for those of us who are still knitting.

  • Thanks for the fun knit along. You inspired me to get out the Kiki rug I started in 2011! Love the photos you posted of the other knitters inspired by this project.

  • This was such a fun project, and I have received so many compliments on my rug! Thanks for putting this on – great idea!

  • The ‘fashion show’ is really fun! I especially like the one with a 60’s Barbie look!

  • Fantastic pictures. Claudia is my favourite with her fabulous hat and gloves! Thanks for sharing 😀

    • Thanks! It was a lot of fun getting dressed up!

  • All of these are gorgeous!!

  • I’m so excited about winning a prize! Thank you so much! Very timely, too, as I recently had a bit of an incident with the enamel basin I normally use for soaking. 🙂 I really enjoyed this KAL and just love the rug. I am already making plans for another one.

  • Love the photos! Who knew a rug could be a dress??

  • What an awesome slide show! So many amazing models wearing their pre-steeked rugs! Brought joy to my Saturday morning to scroll through those photos!

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