Kiki Mariko Rug

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne


Knit an easy stranded colorwork tube. Felt it, steek it (a foolproof steek), and you’ve got a richly beautiful rug.

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There is something rewarding about knitting a long tube of bulky yarn. It’s fast
work—a way to dip into stranded knitting in the most forgiving way possible.

Felting in the washing machine utterly transforms the piece. Then, you cut a
quick and painless steek and apply the most minimal of edgings. The result: a
cushy, colorful mat that will make getting out of bed a warm and pleasant

Don’t let the word steek scare you. It’s foolproof. The stitches cannot unravel,
because they are felted together. If you can cut a straight line, you can do this.

The name is a tribute to the knitting friends who introduced us to this simple
colorwork stitch pattern, Kiki Hall and Mariko Fujinaka.