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Right about this time last year, we self-care nerds were talking about permission to go small and not wrap the year up in a perfect bow. But we don’t need a special plague year to give us a reason to scale back. Any year is a good year not to do what we don’t need, love or want to do.

Yes, New Year’s resolutions, I’m looking at you. Too grand! And too granular, as a rule. This year instead of taking vows of action, I am once again taking a pledge of attention. (You know, where “pledge” has neither religious nor legal standing. It’s just between me and now you.)

What I try to do is remember one thing, and to bring my attention back to that one thing throughout the year. It’s my touchstone, and thus my Word of the Year, aka WOTY.

I haven’t see a formal poll, but in these times the WOTY looks about to overtake the New Year’s resolution. Not that a single word can wipe out the urge to effect spectacular reforms, but maybe the glow of the public glow-up is dimming these days.

If you haven’t yet tried pledging loyalty to a word, maybe 2022 is your year? Here are some possibilities:

    • Your WOTY doesn’t have to be a sole word, of course. You could choose a phrase to guide your life, like “What Would Joan Jett Do?” or “Hike Your Own Hike”
    • The WOTY could represent a yearlong project you dedicate yourself to, like “No New Clothes” or “365 Lunchtime Walks” or “A Sweater for Every Family Member”
    • It could be a deeply held value, like generosity, curiosity or love
    • Your WOTY could be a goal, like “Deadlift 200” (which, if you reach your goal, gives you the option of choosing a second WOTY during the year)

My writing mentor Holly Wren Spaulding, founder of Poetry Forge, calls the WOTY a “watchword.” It’s a synonym that really elevates the concept—as you would expect from a poet. Kind of like a tattoo with an expiration date. (Unless your WOTY is evergreen and has no expiration! In which case it might already be inked on your skin.) 

The watchword is a reminder of what’s important, only without the specter of failure that’s built into resolutions. If you choose one, you might like to post it about the house, or paste it in the front page of your desk diary, or do as reader Pennie Boyett has done, and illustrate your WOTY to hang on the wall.

Suitable for framing!

You could even embroider a sampler, although I hope we would mostly tend toward the “embrace idleness” side of things and less the “shun idleness” WOTYs of centuries past.

If you’ve used the WOTY before, I’d love to how it’s influenced your life. And of course I’m dying to know what your word or phrase is. Please pop it into the comments below! Maybe we’ll even see common themes. (Mine this year is “Current.”)

Happy watch-wording, knitters, and Happy New Year!

Embroidered Sampler, 1827, Barbara Landis, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Gift of Mrs. Robert W. de Forest, 1933. Used with permission.
Brave” and “Focus”, Pennie Boyett. Used with permission of the artist.
Sampler, Naomi Rebekah Stevenson, 1822, Metropolitan Museum of Art, From the Collection of Mrs. Lathrop Colgate Harper, Bequest of Mabel Herbert Harper, 1957. Used with permission.

About The Author

Max Daniels is a research-based life coach whose weekly emails make us laugh with recognition and rethink everything we thought we knew. Her new book is Meals at Mealtimes. What a concept!


  • Be present

  • Pause

  • Breath

  • Let it go

    • Present. (As in I am present. Here. Fully present. Awake. )

    • 2019 was Boundaries, which I kept working on through 2020, for which the word was Choices. Towards the end of this year I started leaning into Nourish, which will carry through 2022.

      • ❤️

  • Make the world a better place

  • Embrace! ❤

  • I’m using “Pull from the Tangles” this coming year. This will be my mantra.
    Plus that I have the MDK poster already in a frame so I can move it from situation to situation.
    Joy filled New Years all y’all!

  • Now

  • Don’t forget to breathe

  • I started this practice before the pandemic and think it is much easier than resolutions and more beneficial too! 2020 – Kindness, 2021 – Patience, 2022 – Courage

    • Wow, perfect!

      • Hmm. I love that. I’m going to work up to having “Wow, perfect!” be my watchword! 😉

  • Listen

  • Forgive

  • Learn

  • Believe in yourself

    • 2022. Cherish
      In the running was Simplify and Let it Go

  • create

  • Observe and go on. I don’t have to respond to everyone and everything.

    • Yes, this would be a really good one for me.

    • My grandma used to tell us to “Hide and watch.” I loved sitting under the kitchen table watching her cook, or peeking around the door into her tiny sewing room. I learned patience and how to quietly curse when I ripped out a seam.

    • I like that

    • Love this!

    • Excellent choice. I’m there with you.

    • This is brilliant!

  • I suggest this to my yoga students. 2009 it’s now or never 2010 no opportunity wasted 2011 what gets done gets done, what doesn’t get done, doesn’t 2012 everything is gonna change 2013 just be 2014 intuit everything 2015 release & transform 2016 a year to clear 2017 rest is essential 2018 I am worthy 2019 change/transformation 2020 allow 2021 first day (of the rest of my life)/last day
    I don’t know yet about 2022
    Susannah Conway has a great short course for helping to figure out what your word is

  • Peace, I need to make peace with the turmoil and losses of the last couple of years.

  • Restore

  • 2021 – Renew, 2022 – Endure.

  • Less

    • Sometimes “less” can bring you to a more peaceful place

  • Im gonna think of the word, but this also inspired me to gave my entire team to do this! Thanks

  • Survive and Thrive in 2022

  • Kindness

    • Yes!

  • Kindness

    • Grace! To ask for it and to extend it to others.

    • Gratitude

  • Last year my WOTY was NOW, this year it is FIND JOY.

  • Simplify

  • Be kind. To others and especially myself.

    • This was one that I thought really important too!

  • Faith

  • My artist friend Ron Collins has asked that we remove the word “hate” from our vocabularies. This is my pledge for 2022.

    I wasn’t sure why he was so adamant about this til I watched a little video he made about it and how pervasive the use of this word is. And it’s awful! So I’m gonna watch his video once again and get on the bandwagon. Ron is known as the Nugget Master (NM). He’s wise. And he’s right about this ugly word.

    • Thank you for sharing this! I watched the video and it’s so true. We certainly tend to exaggerate in our speech. I think my word will be mindful. I need to pay better attention to how what I say impacts those around me.

    • I’m looking forward to watching the video, but YES, this has been my thought this year. We take this short cut to the word “hate” when really we often mean something much lighter. I’m not fond of Chardonnay, I disagree with my dad’s take on the economy but neither of us is an expert and nobody can predict the future, and I yellow is a fine color, I just don’t want it on my walls!
      I haven’t come up with my word yet. Since my friends have lifted me up this past year, I’d like to bring that forward. Hmmm

  • Just do it!

    I’m going to build a stronger fiber community here in Indianapolis and sometimes I get distracted by Covid, which is why I retired from epidemiology and nursing. I have to stay focused and be brave, and not worry about whether I will succeed, but just DO it! Email that fiber artist, IG comment on this post, arrange to meet our local fiber growers.

    Thanks for the help in keeping myself on track!

    • I am in Tucson now but lived 25 years in Indy. If you have any online knitting groups, I would like to be a part of it. Thanks.

  • What an excellent idea! WOTY! Or even a phrase… love your 365 lunchtime walks, etc. Will share your post with my Wellness Group at work. Still thinking about my final choice.

  • TRUE…meaning balanced, honest and real

  • I’m using “kindness” again this year. Although I feel I’ve made progress in outward kindness, I find I’m still pretty unkind inwardly, so more to go.

  • Change, it’s going happen, might as well go with it

  • Grateful

  • Gratitude.

  • Balance

  • 2021: Grow. 2022: ACTION!

  • my WOTY; Rebuild
    Rebuild my body, mind, spirit after languishing since march 2020. Cannot wait to write all the ways in which I will do this! Going to make a quilt honoring this as well!

    • What a great WOTY – it’s great that you are going to write all the ways you’re going to do this, it will keep your focus strong! I feel that this is such a strong WOTY for me, though I have already chosen ABUNDANCE for 2021, with HARMONY edging its way in… Send us a picture of your quilt -it will be lovely!

  • My yoga teacher gave us rocks with a word on them several years ago and I’ve done a WOTY since then. Last year was “gratitude” and this year is “renewal”. I love this as it influences the way you look at everything.

  • No Overthinking

  • Listen

  • It’s better to be kind , than to be right !

  • Hope is the word I had for 2019 and 2020. My favorite writer, Mary Schmich, wrote about the WOTY (although she didn’t call it that) and chose a poem to go with her word each year. I still have HOPE, but I HOPE in 2022 I can move on to something less reflective of the sadness of the previous year.

  • 365 lunchtime walks resonates, as does kindnes to self. So maybe both?

  • Joy

    I’ve had a couple of odd moments recently; why was I smiling and relaxed? Happiness had become unfamiliar. So this will be my reminder to seek, recognize, and nourish those moments

  • As I was reading this my word of the year popped into my head…Wonder. here’s to a wonder-full 2022!

    • Good one!

    • I love this and I’m tempted to pinch it for myself!

  • “Emerge” for 2021, “space” for 2022. Both were inspired by Amy Palko (aka the Meaningful Stitch on YouTube) and her Word Goddess reading, in which she chooses a goddess from myth/literature to guide you through the coming year, provides journal prompts, meditation ideas, etc., and encourages you to choose a word to accompany that guidance. Such a lovely and creative way to approach the year; I recommend it!

  • Focus is my word for 2022. I start many projects and don’t finish. Second word finish. Then it will be fun. 3 Fs

  • Persistence.
    (Although my usual resolution has always worked and that was to resolve to make no resolutions.)

  • No past regrets. Forgive yourself and let it go!

    • I made this decision several years ago and it has served me so well! You cannot change what has already been done. Learn any necessary lessons and move on. I wish you well.

      • Rachel, so true.

  • Nourish

  • There’s always room for ice cream.

  • Observe. Linda

  • Be Present

  • Above all else, be kind.

    • Be Kind!

  • Quoting Matt Haig, “Live, Love, Let go. The three Ls”

  • Abundance

  • Able

  • Equanimity.

  • Equanimity

  • Love “observe and move on”. For me it will be about keeping more of my helpful observations to myself since they can be taken as criticisms even though that is not the intention.

    • Lora, can I use this too

  • My phrase will be…’You don’t have to do it all.’

  • 11 years with One Little Word with Ali Edward – documented in a journal over the years and life changing. No resolutions here! My 2022 word is Story

  • Last year, I chose “Gratitude” and that was a challenge as my sweet husband died of an extremely aggressive form of cancer. This year I choose “Beauty” I will find look for and find beauty in each day… focus on the beauty in people, things and in this world. That was my husband’s superpower and I will embrace it in 2022.

    • Thank you for sharing. Beautiful and courageous.

  • ‘Self-care’ for 2022.

  • Permission
    To take care of myself.
    To step away if it’s not healthy.
    To not worry about what I can’t change.
    To do the hard thing.
    To be in the moment.
    To observe and take in instead of hurrying along.
    To breathe into and relax and turn off the chattering monkey in my head telling me I “should” be doing something else.
    To use as much yarn in my stash as I can and to buy some new yarn if I need it for that special project.

    • You inspired me in so many ways❤️

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    • Love this one! I have read through all the posts for inspiration and ‘Permission’ sums up perfectly what I want to work on in 2022. WOTY- an inspired idea. Thank you for sharing!

      • ❤️ So glad my word resonated with you.

    • I’m writing this down and tucking it in the front of my journal. These “permission slips”really resonate with me. Thank you!!!

      • My woty is forgive (myself and others) then let the situation go

      • Same!

      • Thanks for your kind reply. ❤️

  • Grace. Mostly towards myself, I need to appreciate myself, what I accomplish. Instead of notice the mistakes first. A fellow cellist told me to give myself some Grace. I am listening!

  • My phrase for the year 2022 is “Find the Joy.” Maybe I’ll read CS Lewis’s book, “Surprised by Joy.”
    Thank you for this column!!

    • You might also enjoy Heather Lende’s book Find The Good! And Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee.

  • “Venture.” Looking for a verb that includes elements of “create” and “risk,” this is what I came up with. Time to get unstuck from almost two years of the plague, though I admit my venturing will be mostly at home for the next few months.

    • This one resonates with me, especially as I will be starting a new job building something from the ground up. Thank you!

  • Go placidly

  • I didn’t do this intentionally but early last year just as I was hanging a print of wild waves I came across the quote “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf”. Certainly has been a good motto for a year when some of the waves felt like tsunamis

    • love this!

  • ~ Live & Let Live ~

  • Hope!

  • Space. Giving it and taking it for myself.

  • Believe. Just. Believe.

  • Proactive!

  • An IG friend wrote this book if anyone is interested. I haven’t made my way through it yet, but I’ve heard rave reviews…
    Manifesting Magic This Year: a field guide to finding and embodying your word of the year

  • “Cultivate”

  • I have a fridge magnet that says Let Go or Be Dragged. I’ll stick with Let Go.

    • Ha Ha. That’s good.

  • Pause and breathe.

  • Choose JOY!

  • My 2021 word was Blueprint. I needed a new blueprint for my life because all was changed in a few short months. I’m still considering a few words for 2022.

  • Great article! My word for 2021 was ACCOUNTABILITY. It helped accomplish so many loose ends. Wills, Trusts, stock market, insurance, and end of life planning. We completed so much, glad to say it really worked. And it feels like an accomplishment during some tough times. I think I have this years, but won’t commit until midnight! HAPPY NEW YEAR MDK

  • I’ve been doing a WOTY for over 30 years now. Sometimes the words have unintended consequences. Like the year I chose “Health”. That was the year I had an ectopic pregnancy in January and kidney stones in December. Should have said “Good Health!” Last year was “Curious” which was great for my art practice. This years word is THANKS. It’s less pretentious then gratitude and simpler to find.

  • Balance

  • Enough.

  • Adapt and Overcome. My daughter wrote this on a piece of paper and taped it to the dashboard of our manual car several years ago. It’s still a wonderful way to remind me to get over things.

  • My phrase is taken from this: Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”
    I am using the second sentence If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

    • Dream

  • How about getting in touch with your anger? It’s a powerful motivator and you can still be kind to people. But you don’t have to buy into people who are just jerks.

    • I like this very much.

  • Paddle the Swamp (Okeefenokee).
    Practice resilience.

  • Positive

  • Practice resilience.
    Paddle the Swamp. (Okeefenokee)

  • Flow

  • The first time I heard of this idea was when Joji and Vera did their magazine. Ideally mine will always be LOVE.

  • Make the best of it (whatever it may be), Not the ‘most’ of it, just the best, for others and yourself.

  • Always be nice!

    My big brother Tom – my super hero – passed away in October before he could get a kidney transplant. Everyone who knew him across many State lines commented about how nice he was. What a great way to live your life! Be like the person who you miss.

  • Finish!

  • Simplify.

  • Many of my “influencers” came in my impressionable and memorable teenage years and therefore are indeed remembered. These days I don’t remember what I did yesterday, let alone stretching out a word/phrase/resolution for a whole year. Luckily I had some very wise influencers back then and when I am betwixt and between all my current cultural mores (which have occasionally turned out questionably) I can hearken back to those wise words and have something I can (a) remember and (be) be guided by. (This is not say that all current cultural trends iare WRONG, it is just that often I just can’t remember them!)…I would give examples but they might end up sounding preachy or just plain annoying. Chloe

  • Having said all that I just looked over the Comments and there are some good ones there! Maybe I will be able to fold my favorites into my memory bank. Especially if I re-read them. As the Romans said: Repetition is the mother of learning.

  • Hope

  • My WOTY for 2021, after I lost my DH in 2020, was CREATE. I have created a new me in 2021. For 2022, it’s GRACE which I feel I’ve been gifted for my life. I want to experience all the facets of GRACE in 2022

  • I have done this for a few years. It is always an area I want to grow in.
    This year I have 2.

  • Color – time to leave my comfort zone and have more fun with color! I have now ordered Uneek sock yarn to make some hats and or socks!

  • SHED has been my watchword for the last few years. Shed, as in let of what does not serve you anymore, like extra possessions, fear, old resentments, extra weight, negativity in all forms, etc. It covers a lot and will remain a touch point for me.
    For 2022:

  • “There’s always Plan B.” Stay flexible, keep going, and find a way forward.

  • I always seek a word to guide me through the Advent and Christmas season. I have a gold box that adorns a table in our home. As I put away my decorations, I add a small card indicating how that word revealed itself and spoke to me through out the Christmas season. The 2021 word was LISTEN. I worked through this year’s CHRISTMAS Season, waiting for my WOTS (word of the season) to manifest itself. There came a day when I read in three different sources, on the same day, articles regarding RELATIONSHIPS. I have since allowed this word to guide me through the upcoming year.

  • Friendship. Between retirement and Covid I’ve lost touch with people that mean a lot to me. I’m going to reconnect this year even if it just means phone calls. I miss the sounds of their voices!

  • Rejuvenate

  • Many of those words sound exactly like resolutions. In fact they all do.

  • My word is core. At 73 I have noticed that things have gotten a bit loose around the middle and my posture needs attention. I am going to work in small things (of exercise) during the day to gradually strengthen my core. I can’t wait to see how it helps other areas of my life by 2023.

  • Pay attention

  • Freedom.
    (Encompasses the emotional and physical. I know what makes me happy, do that: emotional freedom. Continue with household purging of things and stuff: physical freedom.)

    And a mantra I always try to follow is: Be Nice. (keeps me from making snippy comments in the moment, and guides my actions in general).

  • Anchor

    After the past two years of being adrift from Normal, I want to get back to the constructive, positive routines that have gotten scrambled.

  • Surrender (as opposed to ‘give up’).

  • Kindness

  • Max, thanks for ushering us over the threshold into 2022. NO. No to saying yes to everyone else before I say yes to myself, no to overwhelmed, no to not enough time for what I love to do, no to the guilt and bad feelings that come with saying no.

  • Listen

  • Grace. It’s been my WOTY for two years and I need it more than ever.

  • Confound expectations.

    Bob Dylan tells a story about sitting with a record company executive in Bob’s early days to discuss a recording contract. After some discussion the executive told Bob that he wasn’t sure they could sign him. They didn’t know how to categorize his music. He said it “confounds expectations.” Bob answered, “I thought that was my job. To confound expectations.”

    Those are my watchwords since reading the story whether washing the dishes, attempting intarsia or caring for a loved one with dementia. They get me through.

    • PS. These words are for my own expectations of myself whether I need confidence, grace or courage.

  • Patience

  • I all ready posted my WOTY but I wanted to share this quote that I read every year and share with family and friends. I believe it especially rings true for makers.

    May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.
    …I hope you will have a wonderful year, that you’ll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you’ll make something that didn’t exist before you made it, that you will be loved and that you will be liked, and that you will have people to love and to like in return. And, most importantly (because I think there should be more kindness and more wisdom in the world right now), that you will, when you need to be, be wise, and that you will always be kind.

    -Neil Gaiman

    • Thank you

      • Micki-
        So happy it resonated with you. Thank you…

  • Our tai chi group is not meeting in person, but is instead saying “practice what you know at home and you’ll be 1% better every day”. They shorten it to “1%”.

  • Forward. Every year, this is my word. Look forward, move forward, plan and execute forward, and be grateful to have the opportunity to move forward.

  • My WOTY will be TRY

    (Maybe TRY and finish some of the projects that I started in 2021 – simply TRY)

  • Strength.

  • I actually choose 3 words every year. For 2022 my words are…

    Authenticity ~ Gratitude ~ Prosperity

  • Increments. As in break jobs down into smaller increments and also to use the small increments that happen during the day, such as unload the dishwasher while tea is brewing rather than just looking at the phone.

  • Health

  • In 2020, I stitched the words Kindness * Patience * Peace on a cross stitch sampler. My thinking is that if you practice the first two, you may reach the third.

  • 2022 is my year of Creativity and Discipline.

  • Mine is plenty. It’s a follow up on last year, which was enough.

  • “No” was an effective word for me a few years ago. Another one that I liked was “me.”

  • the only New Year’s Resolution i have ever kept was the one i made in 1990 to never make another New Year’s Resolution!

    a couple of podcasters i listen to, have used the word of the year idea for a while and it struck me as a useful tool to navigate life without setting too big a challenge (and setting up the prospect of failure).

    the one i came up with for this year was “Pay Attention”.

    after almost 2 years in a small bubble i think it is a good bit of advice as we start to navigate the world aagain.

  • For 2021 it was “delight” I would find things that delighted me everyday. I’ve not chosen one for 2022 yet

  • My word is “Tend” as in “tend to my health, my home, my relationships.” I was undecided, then I read Amanda’s Gorman’s poem for the New Year with the line, “Torn, we come to tend” and that clinched it.

  • These are so good! Thank you all <3

  • Complete- I AM complete and I WILL complete (whatever I set my mind to)

  • Great idea. Word choice is in progress.

  • Lighter

  • explore

  • I’m leaning back towards Woody Guthrie:
    Take it easy. But take it.

  • Be not afraid.
    Live not by LIes.

  • Practice

  • Just reading through these inspirational comments and thought I’d add my WOTY to the mix: calm. A small word but big meaning.

  • I am a true believer in the word of the year. Last year’s word was less. This year’s word is fun. I’m going to explore everything fun. Close runner up word was brave.

  • Balance

  • Live all the pretty colors. ( I’m tired of living a gray life)

  • Half way through January, I’ve come back to this post, and I am so glad I did: so much care, love, courage, and inspiration! I am bookmarking this article for when I need these.
    I started WOTY for 2021, and for the life of me, I can’t remember what it is – my life got completely derailed (but then, whose didn’t?).
    I have started a wonderful Vision Board Magic workshop this year with a lovely, kind and so very helpful/present coach, and my WOTY came up so quickly: ABUNDANCE. And then, a bit later, HARMONY edged its way in. So now, I have two.
    And PERMISSION, as shared by Nicole F. resonates so well!

  • Enough

  • Laugh more

  • New chemo, new feeding tube and best of all new wheelchair accessible apartment that I’ve been on waiting list for over a year …I think it’s finally happening next month. YAY!!!!!!

    • The wheelchair accessible apartment should improve your quality of life. That is my wish for you.

  • Health

  • Fresh

  • Release worries!

  • trust/faith

  • I am continuing to use the word ‘focus’ (2021’s word) as I feel I am not quite done with that yet. I have also added ‘fearless’ for 2022.

  • Happy

  • simplify

  • Find common ground.

  • Be kind and grateful to live joyfully.

  • Yes. Say “yes” when offered new opportunities and adventures, say “yes” when friends or family reach out, say “yes” to making new people and facing new challenges. Emerge from the self-protective pandemic cocoon, and reclaim a “yes” approach to life.

  • Sober.

  • Earlier this month, I read through all the comments, looking for the Mother Lode of inspiration. Fast forward to 1/31 — a tough few weeks, but this weekend I’m FINALLY planning on tackling the planner I downloaded weeks ago. I am so interested in this Word for the Year concept. I read through all the comments a couple of weeks ago; I loved “Core” and have been informally living it. But I am also haunted by Max’s “current,” and hope that you, Max, can say a little about how you landed on it. (I just wrote you a personal message, in case that’s a better way to communicate, where I told you what my half-baked associations were with “current.” Any way, thanks Max, for being there and for your energy, and Big Mwah for 2022.

  • Gratitude.

  • Connect. Works for the people and the yarn in my life.

  • Be surprised

  • I choose forgive. Myself, my parents, the world. I am learning that we are all going through something and we are doing our best. Forgive honors our human-ness and leads to peace.

  • Persist (Thank you, Elizabeth Warren!)

  • Destash

  • Kindness.

  • Perfection is overrated.

  • Listen…….

  • Starting Over. I moved into my new home after giving away 90% of my yarn and fabric stash. Most hasn’t been looked at in way too many years. Every time I start a new project I have to buy more. Sometimes I buy for future projects that never materialize.

  • Decisions 😉

  • overcome. I have already in Jan. 2022, fallen & broken my arm and cut fy face and had my basement flood. So my word for this year is overcome!!!!!

  • Pay attention

  • Be kind whenever possible.
    It is always possible.
    -Dalai Lama

  • Joy…..look for it everywhere, in the simplest moments, in the love for others, in God’s creations.

  • Humility

  • Patience That is my WOTY. Patience while learning new techniques, when figuring out mysteries of a pattern, when trying to make sense of the mysteries of life.

  • Breath in goodness, exhale fear

  • I will take time.

  • Accentuate the Positive!

  • What can I do to help?

  • Be still…

  • Wordle

    • Love this! Simple. Once a day. Enough. Tomorrow’s marshmallow tomorrow.

  • Well – To be Well

  • My WOTY is Micro-habit. If a task can take less than 60 seconds, then do it and don’t procrastinate. e.g. recycle the box you don’t want, just take it out to the bin in the garage. Make your bed, don’t put it off. I read about this idea in an article, have embraced it and I love it!

  • Joy

  • Wonder – appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us – in both the ordinary and the unexpected

  • My WOTY is also my New Year’s resolution – knit from the stash. Hoping to beat my stash into submission.

  • Sisu is my word. It’s a Finnish concept combining grit, tenaciousness, bravery, resilience and hardiness.

  • Open

    • Without openness, not much else is possible.

  • Patience

  • My word is Patience. I have a need to always be busy and expect immediate results. I will apply this not only to my knitting life, but to every thing I do this year.

  • Patience is my word of the year.

  • Recognize beauty

  • Grace

  • Savor

  • Simplify

  • Watchword is actually a phrase for what I want to accomplish: “cables and colorwork”.

  • Create!

  • Patience

  • Enjoy every minute

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