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Early in the process of creating Field Guide No. 24: Spark, we talked with Olga Buraya-Kefelian about the design ideas she was mulling, and this wrap was a particularly hot topic.

The Turnstile Wrap. It’s so cool. Click through the gallery up top, and you’ll see what I mean.

At one point, Olga sent a video in which she demonstrated the many ways her Turnstile Wrap can be worn. I think it was at that moment that Kay and I realized that Olga really and truly is a genius.

Olga engineered little flaps that fasten to the edge in a sculptural way to create armholes. It’s so much more than a simple wrap. Yet Olga understands what makes for fun, so the Turnstile Wrap hits that sweet spot of fascinating and meditative.

Prepare Ye for the Knitalong

We’re so keen on this design that we’re launching a knitalong for it, beginning on Monday, June 19. We heartily encourage you to join us, because there are clever bits in this design to sort out, as well as easy swaths of eyelets that make this a superb summer project.

And prizes? Oh yes, there will be prizes. Read on!

How to Get in on This Knitalong

The project: Turnstile Wrap from Field Guide No. 24: Spark. Get your copy here.

The yarn: Neighborhood Fiber Co. Organic Studio DK. Olga chose this merino yarn for its drape, and also because Karida Collins’s subtle-shifting, saturated color is perfect for a wrap like this. See what I mean?

We were thrilled at this choice, because a) we love Karida and b) we got to pick a brand-new palette of hand-dyed colors that suit this project. Be sure to order now if you’re loving a particular color; we have a limited supply.

(Of course, feel free to use your own yarn for this—our knitalongs welcome everybody no matter what yarn you’re using.)

(Also: Field Guide subscribers, this is a prime moment to use your 10%-off coupon code that we’re emailing to you this morning, June 5. Watch for it!)

Dates: Kickoff on Monday, June 19. Finish date is Friday, August 18—technically. We’ll be awarding prizes at that point. As ever, we’re not sticklers for a finish date; just enjoy the ride however long you’re on it.

Conversation: We’ll be sharing and caring our way through this project together in the MDK Lounge, our online forum that is filled with knitters who tend to be extremely kind and generous. The Turnstile Wrap Knitalong conversation is happening right here. If you’ve never tried a knitalong with us, this is going to be a great one.

Prizes: Three random winners will receive bounteous cornucopias of beloved MDK yarns. To be eligible for a prize, post a photo of your Turnstile Wrap, either in progress or finished, on Instagram or in the MDK Lounge, using the hashtags #MDKturnstile and #MyMDK. Winners will be announced on Friday, August 18 and will be contacted via email.

I’m looking forward to finishing this right as the season changes and I’m ready for an easy layering piece. Join us for this knitalong and we can all experiment with ways to wear Olga’s Turnstile Wrap!


  • I am ready to go! Yarn has been ordered and is on its way. Looking forward to the shared experience.

  • the stitch pattern is beautiful, and the architecture of the garment is interesting.
    unfortunately, i am not stylish enough to pull this off…

    • Benedetta, you know me well enough to know that I’ll likely wear this as a scarf 95 percent of the time! But what a glorious scarf!

    • You are, you just don’t know it yet. There’s a woman in the Dallas Hand Knitters Guild who could help you style it—maybe there’s one in your area too!

  • As a subscriber, I’ve had a bit of extra time to plan my approach to the latest (phenomenal) field guide, so I am already swatching for the Turnstile Wrap. The yarn is so beautiful. I also ordered the yarn for the bracelets and small bag. I was a bit concerned about winding the stainless steel blend, but it went smoothly with a ball winder and a swift.

  • I am SOOOO excited to make this wrap! I already have my yarn, so I’m just clearing some UFOs to make space for this project.

    • I just completed a must-finish sweater for my daughter, so the timing is perfect. What yarn did you get? I have NFC Studio DK in Rosemont. It’s hard to describe the color, but it’s stunning!

  • I have a daughter who lives in a warm to very warm (hot) climate. What yarn would be best for that type of climate?

    • I just ordered Universal Yarn’s Bamboo Pop for my Turnstile. I live in Florida and this yarn is bamboo and cotton.

  • The styling in these photos is excellent! Applause to the stylist on this photo shoot.

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