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We knew that a 2-week learn-to-brioche-and-make-a-cowl knitalong would be fast, but it still surprises us how fast. Where did the time go? Where did all these cute cowls come from?

A hearty thank you to everyone who was game to join us for this adventure. One weekend a few months ago, Ann and I learned brioche stitch by knitting Nancy Marchant’s Cushiest Cowl from MDK Field Guide No. 21: Brioche. Based on that experience, we knew that if we could get people to sit down with this excellent pattern, with needles in hands, they could learn brioche just as quickly. Even from a standing start, and even with a checkered history with brioche.

As an extra boost for visual learners, we made a little video tutorial for you. At this writing, 1,416 people have watched it. We are going to assume that every single one of them knows how to brioche now, and has a deliciously squishy cowl to show for it.

What’s next: Ann and Cristina and I have all sunk our teeth, our needles, and our hearts into Nancy’s Honeycomb Scarf, which showcases another way to use the brioche technique, this time to create the superbly flat, woven effect of broken-rib brioche stitch. Look for that video tutorial soon. (Fear not: we’ll make a lot of noise about it.) In the meantime, if you’re itching to cast on, rest assured that Nancy’s pattern is clear as a bell. Just find a quiet spot, get the needles in your hands, and dig into the 4-row repeat. You’ll be amazed!

Prize Winning Briochers

From the beautiful squishiness piling up all over the place, we drew two winners.

If we’re not mistaken, Terri thdx333 in the MDK Lounge went with Tutu and Cedar

…while over on Instagram, Cai  @caiblecraft chose Pear and Whisper. Refreshing!

Terri and Cai, a Honeycomb Scarf Bundle will be on its way soon!

Spring is shown knit up here

Thanks and great work to all! Brioche on, through all crises.

Be sure to open Snippets on Saturday, July 9. MDK Summer Camp is coming! Not a subscriber? Sign up here.

Projects in the gallery above by Lounge and Instagram #hellobriochekal knitters: khtln, anowlis, paintermom, carynjhall, kgdew, laurapengra, caiblecraft, nellknits, bjosephs, waytachanin, mollgilster, thdx333, wf52, lisasimpson, kristinethecatsmom, lakent, phenager, leahdl, kilyem


  • Congrats to all!! Beautiful Brioche

  • Congratulations to everyone, especially the intrepid, first-time brioche knitters. It is so much fun seeing all of the fabulous color possibilities.

    • Congratulations to all. It was great fun learning to Brioche and lovely to see everyone’s work

  • Yay me! Loved figuring out the brioche thing with the Cushiest Cowl, looking forward to a Honeycomb deep dive. Thanks y’all!

    • Looking forward to trying the pecan pie tam/ beret when you get around to it. Looks marvi.

  • I love that honeycomb scarf.

  • Forgot to enter! But I loved learning how! Thsnk you for the video, and encouragement. I’m feeling great about conquering my Brioche-block!

  • Thank you, Ann and Kay, for the encouragement and support for this brioche appetizer. And to receive a prize? Dessert!!! Thanks MDK!

  • Learning how to brioche has been so much fun and potentially, opened a lot of knitting doors for me! Thank you!

  • Congratulations everyone! Brioche takes a bit of brain power but the results are so worth it!

  • I’m hunting for a good video tutorial on the broken rib brioche. I can’t quite get it from the instructions found with the scarf instructions. Thanks.

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