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Dear Kay,

Calm down, calm down lady! When I talked with you the other day about my new project, Joji Locatelli’s Gossamer, one of the stars of Field Guide No. 22: Grace, you expressed a certain concern about what I’m up to. A raised eyebrow. A “hmmmmm.”

I’m here to confirm to you that I am knitting the pattern exactly as written.

With a few modifications. OK, three modifications.

To recap, here’s the design as Joji designed it.

Adorable, right? Yes! And yet, I’m going rogue.

Number 1: One Strand, Not Two

Joji calls for Rowan Kidsilk Haze held double. Sitting here in Nashville, familiar with the spectacularly insulating qualities of this yarn, I have opted to use only one strand.

The fabric is half as thick, obviously, and it is translucent now, which is a quality of Kidsilk Haze that I love. Same needle size, coming in at around 18 sts/4″ (10 cm) rather than the 17 sts/4″ (10 cm) in the pattern. Which is fine because . . .

Number 2: Sizing It Up

I’m making the ninth size, rather than the third size I would make if I wanted it to fit like the sample above. Which I don’t—I want this to be a big, comforting swath, a sort of ruana-ish type deal. The ninth size will be 33″ (85 cm) wide, rather than 22″ (56 cm), an airy cocoon for the winter to come.

Some of my favorite wraps are big and enveloping, so I’m aiming for that here.

Number 3: No Buttonholes, No Buttons

You probably guessed I’d do this one. I love all those shimmery shell buttons, but I’m just lazy, what can I say? I’m jonesing for knitting that I can do while watching six seasons of The Good Fight.

Bubbles or doodles, such a cool yarn. This is Turquoise, one of the 29 colors we’re stocking now.

Fellow Gossamerians, how’s it going? I’m struck with how fast the knitting goes with Kidsilk Haze. It’s different from a woolly yarn, but easy enough.




  • I also elected not to do buttons and button holes. I will add later on the sewing machine with some pretty ribbon to accent the yarn I am using – a blend of alpaca and silk. I usually buy yarn because it is beautiful and then wait for the perfect project to use it. I rarely shop project specific. This draws out the planning since I can day dream about both the yarn and the pattern.

  • Well, I did the buttonholes on the back but plan to omit them on the front. I love the edging and want to keep it smooth. Face it: I doubt that I’ll wear this as a wrap since my goal was to make a best. Thanks for the note!

    • A vest, I mean!

  • I second using a single! Go Ann!

  • I can’t wait to see you wear it! What a beautiful color!

  • I LOVE Kidsilk Haze and have used in as a single, held double, and held with another yarn in projects and am always thrilled with the results. While I haven’t started Gossamer yet, it is on my ‘due it sooner than later’ list. However, that may not be until after Christmas given that it is now NOVEMBER. (Yikes!)

  • Following along and waiting to see it completed. If you are leaving off the buttons, how are you treating the sides?

    • Think of this as a wrap, mostly, not a garment. I’ll probably be swooping it about my person!

      • Well, dang, I think that’s great. Now I’m thinking – just forget about the front split and keep knitting until it’s 3.5” shorter than you want it to be. Wrap, scarf, throw it round your necks and just go. With that one strand it’s scrunchable. Brilliant.
        But first, I’m half way through Grace Notes.

        • Why 3.5” shorter than you want it to be??

      • Haha!

    • My questions as well. Please do share, Ann.

  • OOh, I’m looking forward to seeing your completed Ann-ified Gossamer! I have buttonholes but will have to force myself to find and add the buttons when the time comes! My only mod was picking my color, although the new Kidsilk Color would be interesting to use next time around. I’m guessing it’s just a matter of time until it is in the MDK shop! 🙂

  • I am really intrigued to see how this turns out

  • Oooh I like the idea of just buttons on the back and not the front, more of a vest. Thanks for the idea, and also Ann for going up in size.

  • Well damn, now I’m going ti have to knit it.

    • Ha! That’s what I said when I read Ann’s article.

  • I am loving my Gossamer. I’d never made anything using just kid silk Haze. I’m doing it exactly as written and I am just loving how it’s coming out. Very very close to dividing for the front.

    • Dividing for the front is pretty much the one drama moment in this project. Halfway home! So glad you’re loving this project!

  • I love it when you go rogue. It always seems to come out well (at least the ones that you share, just like the rest of us). Do you really need to make buttonholes? Isn’t the fabric hole-y enough? Couldn’t you hust add a marker every 5th/7th etc. stitch in as insurance that the buttons would be uniformly spaced? Or does it really need that structure? Please say no. Chloe

    • Oh, Chloe, I see you and hear you. I think the gauge here is a wee bit too snug to slide buttons through the fabric. I’m not sorry to have ditched them, for sure! Just blasting through this thing without having to stop. (And yes, I have some unspeakable Fails that nobody should have to witness . . . !)

  • Like the “I’m knitting it as written…”!! …then the tweaks! Once again, you remind me to knit it as I want it to be!! Thanx!!

  • Wow, that is a stunning color! Looking forward to the completed project.

  • I hope you share the finished project with us. It’s beautiful and I’d love to see your changes in full effect.

  • I’m closing in on my buttonholes for the second front!! Doing the buttonholes was not a big deal, and I found really pretty, softly shiny, but matching buttons. I think they’re going to look like a little jewels in this cloud of knit. I can’t Wait to fluff it on!

    • Sounds dreamy! Can’t wait to see yours, Candace.

  • Ann, it’s beautiful. My favorite color. Loving Gossamer and how fast it goes, because I still have holiday knitting! My tweaks are knitting the last two stitches of each row to make my chained edge work out. Next row begins sl 1 pw and p1. I’m making the buttonholes, which are virtually invisible. I’ve been shopping for buttons and haven’t found anything I like. I am considering making a Dorset button or possibly integrating some sort of bobble that will serve as the button.

    • All sound like great ideas!

  • I can’t wait to see this version on you when it’s finished!

  • Oh my goodness; love the idea of single strand! Can’t wait to see pictures of the completed project.

  • Gossamerians!
    Another addition to the Ann/Kay knitting lexicon…

  • So with a gauge that’s this loose, do you not stress about uneven tension? I am a new knitter and have been doing a fair amount of color work. Help! I’m a perfectionist, but don’t want to be!

    • I know what you mean about wanting the tension to be consistent. It seems to knit pretty steadily for me, not hard to be basically consistent. I haven’t steamed it, and that’s gonna even out the warbly parts. And hey—way to be new to knitting and working colorwork! Triumphant!

  • I absolutely love the pictures with the light shining behind it. Makes me want to cuddle up with it.

  • Thanks for the brilliant suggestion .I had some beautiful gradient mohair and merino sufficient for the pattern if I held it singly that I bought for a shawl but found I didn’t like the shawl. I think I am going to leave out the buttons in the back because I want it as a vest.I’m doing a larger size to make it fit like the photo with the smaller gauge

  • Can’t wait to see it – I hope you’ll post a picture of you wearing the finished object!

  • Am halfway down the right front of this lovely project and have added buttonholes as writ. They are very hard to see. I did find 2 sets of buttons that are perfect and think they will be a great embellishment even if I never wear it as a vest (which is likely). Please do post the yardage for the single version–i just came back from Scotland with 2 large skeins of hand dyed whisky colored silk/mohair and this might be just the perfect project for it.

  • ohhh, now I am more committed to this. Ann, you must post your finished project. I envision adding a bit more length (for longer torso) and I love the lean toward ruana. This will be a new yarn for me, love playing with options.

  • So looking forward to seeing the results!

  • please show us how you look wearing your finished wrap

  • I just finished the 2nd buttonhole on the back and saw your post. Since I’m working using a dark blue, I stopped knitting. I need this single strand not doubled as I also do not need the warmth. I’m also leaving off the buttonholes as small (1/2″) buttons will fit between the stitches at this gauge.
    Do I frog what I’ve already knitted? NO! It is going to get 3″ of ribbing and bound off. The two buttons will be used to make this into a lovely cowl.
    Thanks Ann.

  • Did you use the same number of balls/ounces for the single strand knitting? And, also wondering about using Tussock by Purl Soho and wondering how you think that would compare to Kid Silk Haze, which I have used before. Thought I would try a different yarn…

    • Hi Linda! Single strand knitting requires basically half the quantity called for when doubling the yarn. I used 5 balls of Kidsilk Haze rather than the 11 called for with the 9th size of the pattern. I’m not familiar with Tussock, so I can’t say how it would do. I’m a big fan of Kidsilk Haze, for sure. Hope you have fun with this!

      • Ann, I love this, single strand and super big. Scarves are all I’ve done before, and I think I can do this. It’s beautiful! I can’t figure if I copy you, what numbers do I use for the 9x?
        To fit bust sizes 30-32 (34-36, 38-40, 42-44) (46-48, 50-52, 54-56) (58-60, 62-64, 66-68)” [76-81.5 (86.5-91.5, 96.5-101.5, 106.5-112), (117-122, 127-132, 137-142),(147.5-152.5, 157.5-162.5, 167.5-172.5) cm]

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