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Dear Kay,

When we heard from Joji Locatelli that she was imagining a Field Guide design using Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze, we thought that sounded like the best idea ever.

A conversation began about the idea of a ruana—a wrap that’s a rectangle with a split up half the length. Where it ended up? Turns out, her idea was far beyond anything we’d imagined.

Please say hello to Gossamer, one of Joji’s new designs in MDK Field Guide No. 22: Grace.

Here’s the most basic view of this inventive piece.

Gossamer is worked from the back up to the shoulders, with two strands of Kidsilk Haze held double. At the shoulders, the two fronts are worked separately, with subtle buttonholes along the way.

It weighs basically nothing. It is as warm as can be. This is the sort of knitting that we find fascinating, a layer that behaves all sorts of ways.

It can be a vest, with the sides buttoned up.

It can button up all the way down the front. And partway up the sides.

It can fling festively across the shoulders, scarf style.

Or drape the two front parts in front with the back flowing, sort of like the way we tie a sweater around our shoulders.

See? Gossamer is an exquisite piece of knitting, ready for whatever mood you bring to wearing it.

The color possibilities for Gossamer are gorgeous. We’ve brought in 29 shades of Kidsilk Haze, and we think they will all make for beautiful Gossamers. You can see them all here.

We’ve loved Kidsilk Haze for many years, and it is a joy to carry it now in the MDK Shop. If you’re looking for a project for our knitalong celebrating designs from Field Guide No. 22: Grace, this one will give you a cloud of mohair and silk. And a layer you can wear any way you like!

Knitalong begins October 10. We hope you’ll join us!




  • LOVE this.

    • I loved this when I saw it and am about half way toward completion. It’s a fun little knit.

  • Beautiful! Can’t wait to cast this on!

  • I am working on Gossamer using two complementary colors of Kidsilk Haze. It is so light and delicate, and a joy to knit!

    • How many skeins are required?

    • Yes! Perfect chance to marl! I’m seeing a sort of neutral, with all those luscious blue shades added in….

    • I was just wondering g about using 2 colors….LOVE to see a picture!

      • I posted on Ravelry (julnick) with a couple of photos of the yarn and the start of the back.

  • What are the dimensions? Fuller figured person.

    • Lots of sizes included in pattern and would be easy to adjust.

  • I just cast this on and it’s going to be a lovely knit! Better than I could have envisioned in Mist!

  • Also thinking of using multiple colors in a marl similar to the swarf (not-a-dickey) because I have some KSH stash…

  • I fell in love with this pattern and just finished knitting the back. I am loving it! It’s so light and fluffy, rather like knitting a cloud.

  • Love this interpretation of a ruana. Buttons down the front and down the sides is genius. Such a chic garment, and if you’ve knit with it, you know… they don’t call it KidSilk Crack for nothing. 🙂

  • Great sweater/vest! I’ve just completed the ribbing on the back in scarlet and have a question. Where the pattern says “work even” does that mean repeating rows 1-3 with a repeat of row 2? I’m confused about what to do with the 4 stitches in the middle of the back.

    • Usually “work even” just means you’re not increasing or decreasing, just following your pattern stitch. I don’t have the Field Guide (yet), but it sounds like Row 1 and 2 might be the thing to do? Looks like you need a row with yarn overs, and then a plain row to follow? This might be a good question to ask in the Lounge area of the website also, as lots of Q&A is posted there. Good luck!

  • Caught my imagination immediately. Initially I was confused if I needed 8 or 16 balls. With a little guidance, I was assured for my size, just 8. I will be starting one with the wine color. Using Silk Hair Haze Melange – super kid mohair by Lana Grossa.

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