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After knitting the five color photo sample for Field Guide No. 23: Glow, I wanted to see the bones of the color work more clearly by knitting a Setesdal Hat in two colors of Norwegian Wool

Lounge knitters Memaw (Cappucino and Daphne), Decourtney (Coastal Fjord and Vanilla Custard), and Sallygtx (Red Velvet and Frost Pink) also chose two-color Setesdal Hats.

Keeping an eye on the Setesdal Hat KAL in the Lounge, I noticed several other knitters had the same idea. Great minds!

Here’s Ann’s two-color Setesdal in Cloud Dancer and Peat.

My Mods

Main Color (MC) Peat and Contrast Color (CC) Wind Chime

My own version begins with a deeper 12 round ribbing, this suits my head and covers my ears more snugly while also covering and holding my twisty bun. 

To adapt the chart for 2 colors, use the MC for shades A and D and the CC for shades B, C and E:

  • Rounds 1–5  Work A in the MC, work B in the CC
  • Rounds 6–11 Work D in the MC, work C in the CC
  • Rounds 12–16 Work E in the CC
  • Rounds 17–22 Work  as 6–11
  • Rounds 23–27 Work  as 1–6
  • Rounds 28–38 Work A in the MC, work C in the CC. 

I worked one more round of MC, before shaping the top, and I swapped out the mirrored decrease for a Center Double Decrease.

To work a Center Double Decrease, slip 2 stitches as if to K2tog, knit 1, pass the 2 slipped stitches over.

This technique creates spines that lead to the 4 stitch I-cord, shown here knit long enough to tie with an overhand knot.  

Following the pattern for the marker set up, then

Decrease: *Knit to 2 stitches before marker, remove the marker, CDD, place the marker; repeat from * to the end, and include a decrease at the BOR marker.

8 stitches have been decreased. 

Knit one round.

Repeat the decrease every other round 12 more times, changing to DPNs when necessary. 8 stitches remain.

Knit one round. (For a flat, plain top, thread the tail through live stitches, pull tight, fasten off, and you’re done.)

For the embellished top, set up for the I-cord by K2tog four times.  4 stitches remain.

To work I-cord: *Slip all stitches to the other end of your needle. Knit across all stitches.*

Work the I-cord to your desired length, then fasten off and knot!

But, wait, there’s more.

For a delightful difference, I added a few cross stitches with leftover bits of that sunny yellow, Gold Nugget. I tied off each and every X on the inside.

Tiny crosses over single stitches at the top for extra cuteness. You could also use Duplicate Stitch.

Note: When knit to gauge, there will be enough of the CC remaining to make a second hat, but another ball (or different shade) of the MC will be required.

Tuck it away! Here’s how to save this article in your MDK account with one click.

About The Author

A passionate perpetual knitter, published designer and enthusiastic teacher, Nell Ziroli continues to be inspired by luminaries and students alike. See all her designs here.


  • I love it! Especially the embroidery!

    • Thanks, Gina!

  • Thank you, Nell! Saved and added to my (very, very lengthy) list for the next cast on. The hints of yellow added cross-stitches are perfection 🙂

    • Love the two color hats. And I really love the addition of the cross stitches. It’s amazing what that little bit of gold does!

      • My thoughts exactly.

    • ☀️
      Thanks Jenn!

  • Inspirational!! I like the idea of exploring the bones of the pattern.

    • xo ML. Always explore the bones…

  • I started this hat 3 times but I really didn’t like the ribbing, did you use the pattern ribbing or one by one, two by two???

  • Thank you for giving permission to make A pattern your own!

  • Very clever! Love checking out your work and ideas to make a pattern your own!

  • Completely fascinating to see this as a two color creation! AND I agree with so many people here that the gold embroidery makes it sing. What fun you are, Nell! Thank you for this.

  • I’m planning to make a 2 (or 3) color hat for my hubby, now that I’ve finished two in the five colors. Plenty of leftover yarn, and I LOVE Nell’s addition of the little crosses. I added some duplicate stitch (first time ever) to my first Setasdal hat, adding color E to the center of the crosses at the top of the chart, and I really like how it came out. But I also like the way you made the little ‘x’s and tied each one off on the inside. Your hat and notes are inspirational – thank you so much, Nell!

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