Little Lessons: Duplicate Stitch

March 13, 2023

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  • Very useful. Thanks.

  • Thanks for such clear instructions. Jen’s videos are so often saved in my library of helpful videos. Speaking of which, thanks also for including the subject in the title: makes finding the video later so much easier.

  • Your videos are SO wonderful, Jen! Thank you very much for shepherding us through this! And, as you say, such a useful technique to apply to so many projects!

  • Duplicate stitch demystified! Thanks so much for this tutorial!

  • Duplicate stitch has been a challenge for me-particularly understanding directional change. This is the best instructional video! The step by step instructions are very clear and potential problems in execution are discussed in advance. Many thanks!

  • I’d tune into Jen’s videos just to listen to her gentle, calming “all is well” voice – the fact that I always learn something valuable and exciting is always icing on the cake! Now I’m off to go knit something so I can play with duplicate stitch.

  • Some of your for sale items are outrageously expensive, e.g. knitting bag at over $200. At least for us normal humans living on a budget these prices inhibit knitting with most of this yarn. Disappointing.

    • Hi, Frankie! MDK does a ranfge of knitting bag options that range in price. The Skill Set tote is an option that’s as roomy as the more expensive felted bag you’re referring to. It’s got an adjustable strap and a zippered interior pocket – and is currently on sale for less than $30. There’s also a Knitter’s Bucket Bag that hovers around $60. We try to offer options for everyone. Hope you find something you like, and thanks for looking!

  • I’ve always thought duplicate stitch was deceptively simple. It’s not simple at all and this video is a godsend. Thank you so much for making so many things clear. I’m sure Hunter Hammersen is as delighted as I am to see this timely How To!

  • I am so glad Jen is still doing things for MDK. She is a wonderful, calm Ned great explainer/teacher.

  • Will it be harder to duplicate stitch on the mitten? Jen was working on a flat swatch?

    • My swatch was in the round so it’s just the same as the mitten.

  • How marvelous to see Jen Arnall-Culliford slide right back in 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial on duplicate stitch. I feel much more confident about it now!

  • I love your videos. Thank you for your help.

  • Best ever tutorial for duplicate stitch! Excellent visuals, pacing and commentary.

  • Jen’s tutorials are the best! What always puzzled me about duplicate stitch was how to carry the yarn or deal with lots of ends on the backside. Thank you so much for including that in the tutorial! I love Jen’s books… so glad to see her back at MDK!