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Interlocking diamonds. Intriguing openings. The Paragon Popover from Field Guide No. 24: Spark really caught my attention. How does this thing work? I was determined to find out. 

For my version, I opted for a narrow scarf to wrap snugly around my neck, knowing that the open pattern would ripple and flow as I breezed through the cooler weather.

Styling with Nell’s Liminal Two pullover!

Rippling! Flowing! I love this thing.

I played with many pairings of Atlas to work my two-color version. As you can see, ultimately I played it safe—but not boring!—with Truffle and Pebble.

Couldn’t resist capturing this serendipitous meeting of runner stripes and WIP!

You will notice here that I had all three strips cranking as I went. The pattern says to work all 14 diamonds in one strip before beginning the next strip, but I just had to see how the colors were looking.


I cast on three strips provisionally, as per the pattern, being sure to leave a yard of yarn for each strip, as a long end to be used for the bind off to come.

The removable marker allows a clear view of where to insert the needle for consistent joins. 

I used Elizabeth Zimmermann’s sewn bind off. This very beautiful bind off uses a tail of yarn and a tapestry needle, so I was careful when I cast on to leave one-yard-long tails for each of the three strips. And I left yard-long tails as I finished each strip.

Here we go.

The rhythm of a sewn bind off is a meditation.

Each 14 diamond motif strip uses 1.5 skeins of MDK Atlas: 3 skeins Pebble, 2 skeins Truffle.

Motif dimensions:  3.5″ x 6″ (9 cm x 15.25 cm)

My scarf measures approximately 10.5″ x 84″ (26.5 cm x 213 cm)

The stitch pattern is clever and looks great from either side. It was easy to remember with only a few glances at the directions, and that just-one-more-diamond type of fun. And it is very portable!

About The Author

A passionate perpetual knitter, published designer and enthusiastic teacher, Nell Ziroli continues to be inspired by luminaries and students alike. See all her designs here.


  • Nell! You never cease to inspire us with your innovations and riffs on patterns. Thank you for the sewn bind-off photos. They show just how sweet this bind-off can be and, yes, meditative for sure. Using the big blunt needle and the long thread of yarn on a sewn bind-off takes me back to the Holly Hobbie sewing cards I loved when I was a child. Huge smiles and thanks to you!

    • Thank you, Jeni! You are so kind – we have mutual admiration. : )
      I love that bind off, too.

  • Nell designs such flattering-on-me garments, I have the Moonflower Vest and Allium Cowl/Capelet on my list.

    • Thank you so much, Chloe!

  • I love your version of this innovative pattern! The photos are clear and so helpful. Your scarf looks like it will keep you cozy while inviting a closer look from other knitters- how did she do that?!?

    • Thank you, it was a lot of fun – the hardest part was choosing my shades of Atlas…

  • Is there a pattern for this?

    • Hi Ilene, my project is based on the Paragon Popover pattern in MDK Field Guide #24

  • Nell, a joyful adaptation! I loved this pattern from Field Guide 24, but couldn’t think how I would wear a full Paragon in Arizona. This allows me to participate in the fun!

    • It would be beautiful in shades of blues dear Sarah!

  • Well done Nell! Its a fun, clever mod, thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Beth. It was a lot of fun.

  • Thanks for this! I’m inspired to try one in linen – if I can stop knitting Tendril necklaces – I’m working on my twelfth.

    • Wow Fran, a dozen tendrils?? I love the idea of using linen…

  • I’m liking the color thing here–fun to imagine all the possibilities. Way to open up my imagination box, Nell!

    • Thank you Ann, I do love to play with knitting and yarn. x

  • Hi, Nell! I am knitting your Shakerag Skirt now in apple green creative linen and loving it, so it’s serendipitous to read your post this morning. Your version of this diamond knitting is very cool–they will make great gifts that will be fun to make, especially trying all kinds of the tantalizing yarns and colors at MDK, or from my stash. Thank you!

    • Oh, this project could be an amazing stash dive. I did think about making some of the diamonds in different colors – and just this morning thought it could have been fun to cast on at the narrow part of the diamond for a zigzag, rick-rack edge.
      This might be why I have so many WIPs… have fun.

  • Another clever take from Ms. Nell! I love the idea of trying this as a scarf as well as trying the colors to see how they work.

    • Thanks Mary Lou, it’s a great pattern with many potential ways to have fun.

  • Inspiring! I like it!

  • Brilliant! (I also love the pullover in the modeled shot – could we have a word on that?)

    • That’s Nell’s Liminal pullover.

    • Thank you Gretchen, that’s (my pattern) Liminal Two – which could be knit with Atlas or Creative Linen…

  • Very cool! I just cast on for your Shakerag Skirt this weekend & can’t wait to be able to wear it!

    • Oh, thank you! The #sisterhoodoftheShakeragskirt is growing.

  • I finished my Nellknits skirt (which I receive a million compliments when I wear) and will need to jump on this cool scarf!! Thank you for all your creativity!!

    • Thanks Tracey, I love hearing this. It’s my absolute joy and pleasure to have these jobs.

  • Looking forward to this in the fall!!

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