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Well, it’s May and I am still sheltering in place and doing my best to stay positive, how about you? In times like this, I’m so thankful I have knitting to keep my brain and hands busy because without it, I think I would probably go a little stir crazy. This month I’ve got a mix of patterns that are just the latest ones to make me want to dig through my stash or order some new yarn and cast on immediately.

Free to Fly by Catherine Clark

Oh to be a bird right now, flying high in the sky. If I am not supposed to be outside like I would normally be, I figure I should knit this as an inspiration. I love the delicate little birds all over this short sleeve sweater. Wouldn’t this be perfect in a sky blue as the main color with bright red birds all over? Just like the cardinals I spot in my neighborhood all the time.

In the MDK Shop
We think this top would soar in Lichen and Lace 80/20 Sock.
By Lichen and Lace

Fay Sweater by September Knits

I don’t think my love of mohair is going to end anytime soon, so I’m just embracing it for now. I know mohair can be super warm, so I love when it is used on its own as a sheer fabric. I love that the mohair is a stripe, it would be fun in the same color playing on sheer and solid or in a contrasting mohair and yarn combination. Added bonus, it won’t be too overwhelming to wear in the fall and winter.

Kuffel by Alexis Winslow

I haven’t worked on a stranded colorwork sweater in a bit, and I love the boldness of this pattern. I seem to love colorwork that is more graphic, and this is definitely a graphic pop that is screaming for a fun color combination. I’m also considering knitting this one up in cotton too so I can wear it all year long. Added bonus, it is knit in worsted weight so it should be a pretty quick project.

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Hektos is a worsted-weight blend of merino, cashmere, and a touch of silk. It's plied, with a nice twist. But the main event here, as with all of this Canadian hand-dyer's yarns, is color.

Halfway by Jamie Hoffman

Sometimes a sweater pattern really captures me. and Halfway is definitely one I’ve fallen hard for this month. I’ve loved seeing it knit on every body type in bold color combinations, with or without the sheer panel. I plan to make a blue and green version of this (which knowing my mom she will promptly claim as her own).

Summer Sorrel by Wool and Pine

I’ve shared my love of summer knits here before so I’m always on the lookout for a great summer knit. I’m super excited for the release of the Summer Sorrel pattern. The Sorrel sweater has been a popular sweater I’ve seen all over my social media feed, but the neckline wasn’t really for me. The summer version, I’m all about. I love the slipped stitch texture around the yoke and the open neckline. It’s definitely one that I want on my needles this summer.

In the MDK Shop
Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Sock in Basquiat really wants to be a Summer Sorrel . . .

About The Author

Dana Williams-Johnson knits every day. Knitting is what brings Dana joy, and she shows that through her use of color (hello, rainbows) and modifications of favorite patterns into replica sweaters for her dogs.

You can read about it all on Dana’s blog, Yards of Happiness, and watch her video podcasts on YouTube.


  • Good morning and thank you Dana for continuing to “show up”. Yes, spring is here: Mother Nature continues to show up asking us to connect to her beauty, challenging us to make something (as in actually make stuff) of this moment of madness, urging us to see more.

    So, thank you for shining a light in the darkness. My garden and knitting await.

    Peace and power,

  • I decided recently that I wanted a summer knit tee. Of course I immediately thought “what has Dana done lately” then reread all your posts. Color blocking of some sort is in my near future.

  • Thank you Dana for the inspirational posts on knitting. I have yet to try a sweater, but I might give it a go, epp. after seeing your beautiful sweaters!

  • Thank you for including Halfway! Haven’t knit myself a sweater for ages, this one really does look like a winner for large women like me! What a delight to see a size inclusive design that has such pizzaz!

  • If you love sheer mohair stripes watch out for a new pattern by Tanis Fibre Arts. I think it will be right up you alley!

  • Again, such great projects to add to my never-ending queue!

  • Ooh, Halfway is calling to me. I have 3 skeins of a vibrant variegated green brushed suri & silk yarn that I haven’t been sure what to do with…I’m thinking that would make a really fun version of this sweater. Off to plot yardages and accent colors…

  • Thank you for the terrific suggestions, as always!

  • Dana, I love Halfway!

  • Hi Dana,
    I’m so excited to see that you included Summer Sorrel! I’m test knitting this sweater right now for Wool and Pine. It knits up like a dream and the yoke is gorgeous. It’s going to be a perfect summer tee.
    Be well!

  • Dana, I am always inspired by your color choices. But I haven’t been inspired by ANY patterns recently. When I opened your column, the Free to Fly just leapt off the page at me! I NEVER Would have picked that pattern on my own. I am already a good six inches I to it, and loving every stitch. BTW, the body is magenta, and the birds are in the very variegated speckle called “the Special” from SkeinCocaine. It is fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Great collection. Thank you! I want to knit them all.

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