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For me, there’s nothing more exciting than finishing a knit. I swear my knitting speeds up when I know I’m down to the last sleeve on a sweater or the last few inches on a hat. I don’t plan what I want to knit in a year because I change my mind a billion times, so I love putting together end of the year wrap-ups on my blog that let me see what I was able to accomplish. Since I write here every month about sweaters, I thought I’d give you a wrap-up of the sweaters I was able to finish in 2019.

Dog Sweaters: 6

when you’re an icon, it’s just the one name: jellybean. here’s Dana’s formula for custom dog sweaters.

Jellybean’s wardrobe grew this year. I knit five sweaters for her, and one for a close friend’s dog. These are the quickest knits, and probably my favorite. A tiny dog in a knit sweater just makes me smile, and it makes her popular when we take her out and about.

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Vest: 1

so good it made the family holiday card. Read more about it on Dana’s blog.

My husband loves a vest. After making up a shawl collared vest for him last year, I decided to knit the Prado vest by Heidi Kirrmaier for him this year because: why not? He’s cute and he loves to show off his knits. I like to knit him one special thing a year

Tank Tops and T-Shirts: 6

Because we know you want to know the patterns. Top row from left: Soldotna Crop, Togue Pond Tank, Denis. Bottom row from left: Peplum Top, Trefann Sweater, and Guthrie.

This year, I refreshed my summer wardrobe with fun cotton knits that I wore a lot. My most worn piece is probably my cotton Soldotna Crop (top left in the photo) because I loved the fun color palette, and it ended up being a great layering piece. Cotton knits have become one of my favorite things because I can wear them all year long just by adding a layer underneath, which is perfect for Maryland and our mild winters.

Sweaters: 20 (7 Cardigans and 13 Pullovers)

When you’re a really good daughter and also a really good sister.

This year I made and gave away two Love Note sweaters, one to my mom and one to my sister,  I was able to finish the year by knitting myself one—finally!

I knit my best friend Jessica a sweater for Rhinebeck, and I gave her a cropped mohair sweater that I made at the beginning of the year because it just looked cuter on her than it did on me. I knit a big chunky knit sweater for another friend to say thank you, and I knit my cousin a favorite brioche cardigan pattern I’ve shared here too. The rest of the sweaters were all for me. A recap of a few of my favorites:

My most worn sweater has been my Allison Cardigan.

Read more about Dana’s Allison Cardigan on her blog.

It’s  light, and warm, and just easy to pull on with everything. It’s become my go-to cardigan that I take with me everywhere.

My most fun knits were Feather Featherweight Cardigans—one for me and a pullover for Jellybean.

Read more on Dana’s blog.

I mean…how can this furry fun sweater set not make me smile? This is the sweater that people are most surprised to find out that I knit it myself.

The sweater I’m most proud of is my rainbow Linus cardigan.

Read more on Dana’s blog.

This brioche baby was a labor of love that I could not wait to finish. It turned out even better than I expected, and it makes me happy every time I put it on.

This year I did not get to knit as much as I normally do. School and work kept me busy, but I still was able to accomplish a lot. With each year, I learn new things about sweater knitting, and I get better at fit and figuring out what flatters me the most. Overall, I just get a lot of joy out of it.

I hope that this year, my Dana’s Edit sweater choices have helped you to think of a new pattern or a different silhouette, or just think about sweater knitting in general. It’s my absolute favorite thing to do.

Here’s to more sweaters to knit in 2020!

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About The Author

Dana Williams-Johnson knits every day. Knitting is what brings Dana joy, and she shows that through her use of color (hello, rainbows) and modifications of favorite patterns into replica sweaters for her dogs.

You can read about it all on Dana’s blog, Yards of Happiness, and watch her video podcasts on YouTube.


  • That’s a year to be proud of!

    • Beautiful knitting Dana! Great choices, thank you for sharing!

  • I want to be like Dana when I grow up! (Says the middle age lady). I can’t even finish one sweater in a year!

    • Ditto! And love the colors Dana uses!

    • You sound like me. I can’t believe how many sweaters she knits. She must knit like the wind. (Hurricane force wind)

  • I started smiling as soon as I saw the title to this column and Dana is so happy-inducing! What a great start to the day. Way to go, Dana! So wonderful ❤️.

    • All of Dana’s sweaters are so fun, colorful and well-done, and Jellybean’s are the icing on the cake, especially when she’s showing off sweaters I’ve also knit! It would be so great to borrow Jelly when we’re wearing Soldatna or the Super Simple Summer Sweater❣️

      • Gorgeous color choices and so inspiring!

  • Wow, they are beautiful!

  • Wow! Your Linus is a GLORY.

  • More please. Always get inspired by pix from Dana!

  • This is inspiring! 2020 is the year of the sweater for me. I’ve worked at a yarn shop for seven years and have helped many, many people with their sweaters but I have only ever made a baby sweater. I have just cast on my first adult cardigan and it feels soooooo good.

  • You are amazing!! What’s your favorite cotton yarn?

    • I love Berroco Modern Cotton and their Pima100.

  • Beautiful things! I would love to have a year as good. You do wonderful work.

  • I LOVE all of these and what could be better than dog sweaters? Wonder if my elderly Labrador would agree to wear one… Dana, your posts make me happy happy happy. What a fun knitting experience you bring to us. Thanks very much.

  • Wow! What a lady! I love that megawatt smile, and yes, hubby is cute.

    • I wish I could bottle up Dana’s enthusiasm and energy and prescribe it!!!! (Watch out Big Pharma!!!!). So inspiring!!!

  • Hi Dana! I look forward to reading your articles and being wowed by your knitting! I live in a very warm part of the US (SC) and prefer making things with cotton yarns. I love your Soldatana sweater. Would you mind sharing what yarn you used? Many thanks!

    • Berroco has some really great cottons.

    • I read on the blog that she used Cascade Sunseeker, Berroco Weekend DK (discontinued), and Hikoo Abracadabra for the Soldotna. I too am from the South, and am planning to knit a cotton Love Note and a Soldotna for myself later this year. I have a beautiful cotton from England called Onion that I will use for the Love Note. It is souvenir yarn from The Wild and Woolly yarn shop in London.

      • Dana inspires me with her sweaters…she makes me feel like maybe I can take the leap this “leap year” and knit myself a short sleeve sweater… following her on both MDK & her blog & Utube sites gives me encouragement that we all can knit things that will be our joy to wear or share. Happy knitting 2020!

  • I always love your columns. As others have said, you make me smile! Thank you for that, and also for the great sweater inspirations. I have two Standard Poodles, so am not sure they will receive handknit sweaters from me. They love to run in the woods, so I can already envision snags in my knitting! I’ve bookmarked several of your sweaters and look forward to many happy hours of knitting them! Happy New Year of knitting to you!

  • You have 33 finished objects, and you didn’t have as much time for knitting as you’d like! You are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work, it definitely does make me think of knitting things I might not have tried before.

    • This was exactly what I was going to post!

  • As always, Dana, your projects are an inspiration (and so are your glasses!)

  • So inspiring – both for life and for knitting! One in the same? Beautiful.

  • I’ve really enjoyed your blog and video podcast this year. Thank you for sharing!

  • This article put a much needed smile on my face. I love the sweaters and, well, the dog sweaters are incredible.

  • Dana, I always love your posts and your knitting is so inspirational! However, I did the math, and I figure you had to give up sleeping in order to have the home life you lead, work full time AND turn out this many projects. I am in awe.

  • Dana, you and your husband (and your dog) are gorgeous!! And I’ll second what everyone else has said, I love your joyous posts and your beautiful knits. You are definitely an inspiration and I hope one day to be as productive as you are. Looking forward to your posts for 2020!

  • Help please. I have been a sweater knitter for 36 plus years, and am a left handed knitter ( mirror image). I knit in the opposite direction, and need a resource for knitting in this manner. I will look forward to hearing a response.

    • i just did a google search of Left handed mirror knitting and quite a lot came up.

  • The matching blue/green sweaters are hysterical! I want to be Dana’s best friend!! Everything she does is full of life!

  • Love how Jellybean’s Feather Featherweight brings out her wild side, don’t you think:). Wish I had your fearlessness.

  • Thank you Dana! What a great way to start the day – seeing your bright colors, patterns, and especially your smile. Wonderful knits!!!

  • Oh I am so jealous of your Linus sweater. It so great. I cannot do brioche to save my life…. taken two classes from an expert ( Andrea Mowry, no less) and I failed and failed worse. Maybe it is like Kitchener stitch….. in a quiet room with nothing to disturb you!!
    You are amazing!!
    Kate in Oregon

  • Hi Dana,

    I am a lover of sweaters as well❤ I love, love, love all of your work. I know how to knit a little, but I’m rusty. Any recommendations on how I can reach your level of knitting?

    Thank you,

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