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Dear friends,

The glorious day we’ve been anticipating is finally here. Today we welcome Samantha Brunson, our new monthly reporter on the wide world of making. She’s a 100% joy-making maker, fluent in knitting, crochet, and—as you’ll see in a minute—crafts of all sorts. Please join us in giving Samantha a big MDK welcome. This is going to be fun.

Ann and Kay

Hello Modern Daily Knitters!

I had every intention of writing a serious debut post for you all today. But as I sat down to type, only two topics wanted to flow out of my fingers: crafting and Taylor Swift. 

For non-Swifties out there, these might seem like unrelated topics. But let me be your guide into the magical world where making meets T-Swift, and I promise you won’t have to be a fan to appreciate the craftmanship—though that is always my secret agenda. 

“I could show you incredible things”

While not all crafters are Swifties, it turns out a HUGE portion of the Swiftie community are crafters! And with the launch of Taylor’s Eras Tour in March, this crafting obsession was taken to new heights. In the lead-up to the first show, the hashtag #ErasTourOutfit began trending, featuring fabulous DIY ensembles. 

Recreations of her music video costumes, replicas of her album covers, lyrics come to life in outfit form—some people even came dressed as Taylor’s cats. Watching videos about the making of these outfits was just as much fun to watch as the images of the tour itself. 

Taylor herself took making into hyperdrive with a single line from her new song “You’re On Your Own, Kid”: “So, make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it. You’ve got no reason to be afraid.” Inspired makers of all ages whipped up friendship bracelets to trade at her shows. 

“Take the moment”

I had every intention of joining in on this fun with my very own trip to an Eras Tour concert. I had decided to go to the concert alone. Despite how I come across online, I can tend to be on the shyer side in person. I arrived at the stadium with a bag full of bracelets and immediately feared that I would not trade a single one during my time at the show. 

When I got to the front of the hours-long (!) merch line, I still had not spoken to a single person. As the woman checking me out handed me my new hoodie, she noticed my braceletless arms. “You haven’t traded yet???” she asked. Before I could even get out my reply, she took off a yellow and gold bracelet from her wrist and placed it on mine. “Now go make more friends! You can do it!”  

I instantly felt transported back to kindergarten and to my teacher giving me a nudge out to the playground. I never thought a few plastic beads strung together with elastic cording could make me feel seen and inspire confidence, but they did! Since I was turning 33 the next day, I had made 33 friendship bracelets, and by the end of the concert must have traded with no fewer than 60 strangers of all ages (and I do mean ALL AGES)! 

We’re all looking for ways to feel connected and for a sense of community. Going from enjoying something in the privacy of your home, while on a jog, or on the radio to suddenly enjoying it in a community of thousands of people online or in person is a unique experience. 

Swifties By Design

Here are just a few of the endless creations.

So Golden Crochet

Fiber Artist Ashley

Softthreads Crochet

Frankie Girl Designs

Scarlet Stitch Studios

Bag design by I Can Knot made by Granny Flo Crochet!

Anything that brings makers young and old together to scream the bridge of a song at the top of their lungs in unison is good in my book!

Which musical artists would you be inspired to make an outfit for, and what would you make? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by my first column and letting me share with you!

Images by Samantha Brunson, @grannyflocrochet, @fiberartistashley, @ascurrentastheocean, @frankiegirldesigns, @softthreads_crochet and @sogoldencrochet

About The Author

Samantha Brunson is the owner of, a knitting and crafting blog that chronicles the crafting community with stories from a diverse group of makers.

A self-proclaimed elderly millennial, Samantha is always looking for new ways to share her love of knitwear and crafting with the world.


  • The FUN has arrived! Welcome, Samantha.

    • Welcome! What a fabulous first post! I am looking forward to hear more from you!!!

  • Welcome aboard Samantha.

    • That’s awesome, I had no idea!
      I think I’d fit in- I’m bedazzling my new, boring, car

  • Hi! Welcome! We’re glad you’re here!

  • This post actually made me tear up!!!! I can SO relate to just keeping my head down and not taking the chance to interact with strangers……but then DOING IT!!!! Welcome and THANK YOU SAMANTHA!!!!

  • Love it! Florence and the Machine but no idea what I would make


  • Welcome. Looking forward to your posts.

  • Welcome! Stevie Nicks. I would make lace gloves!

  • Fabulous post and crafting!! Inspired my morning; thank you!

  • In my younger days it would have been Elvis or Elton or Willie. Now I can picture my Mom and the lyrics “open wide the windows open wide the doors and let a little sunshine in”. She sang this around the house cleaning or working in the kitchen. Thank you for this post on your bravery. I think all of us shy folk really related to this!

  • Welcome Aboard!
    Looking forward to your posts.

  • Can we just go on about the jewel-ness of the corset and sunglasses!FABOULOUS.
    But the best is seeing these young fans using their fiber super powers to make such creative outfits!!!!

  • What a cheerful read looking forward to more. Welcome

  • Welcome! I too made my Eras’ tour outfit (and was at Paycor). I made my Beyonce outfit too. The creativity of concert goers this summer is off the charts. Thank you for chronicling it!

  • Welcome! This reminded me of when I did a stitch marker swap at the Sock Summit in 2009. It was so much fun giving out the ones I made and receiving a huge variety of pretty stitch markers in return. I still have them and use them often, bringing back my memories of a fun trip every time.

  • Welcome, Samantha! I am indeed a Swiftie. I went to the Eras Tour and there was not one person who didn’t dress up for the event! The knitting you showcased are works of art, thanks for sharing the inspiration and allowing us all to wear what we want without shame! Can’t wait for future posts from you!

  • Welcome, Samantha! Love how you spotlight all the creativity (and how you share from your heart). I don’t know that I would make something inspired by an artist, but would/have absolutely made things around quotes/lyrics – so the All Too Well bag is more my jam!

  • Welcome…your debut article was fabulous. Back in the 70’s my favourite singer was Harry Chapin and I would have knit him a scarf…

  • Welcome Samatha! I love the idea of making outfits for concerts, why wasn’t this a thing when I was a concert goer ages ago. I will share this post with my daughter who went to a Beyonce concert a few weeks ago and sent me photos of some amazing outfits!

  • This is fabulous! I saw Taylor at Levi’s stadium and was amazed by the creativity in clothing, bracelets!
    My next show is Springsteen in December. I need ideas!!!!

    • Hi Sharon. I saw The Boss twice this last spring. I will say, most people just wear his concert T shirts (I would have worn my vintage 1984-85 tour shirt, but, uh, it was a “little” tight). Some fans wore the red bandana around their foreheads, a la Born in the USA (which he did NOT play, by the way). I hope you have THE BEST TIME at your concert. Sorry I cannot really help with the crafting ideas for his show.

    • Dress in blue…”Tougher than the Rest”. Have fun though, whatever you wear!

    • Clarence, saxophone, the old Asbury Park carousel…on whatever you want!

  • Welcome

  • This is a terrific and fun article. THANK YOU for enlightening me (NOT a millennial!)

  • Hello Samantha! The devoted and creative fans are inspiring, I especially love the quotes.
    A giant thank you for the great morning read, and welcome to you.
    I look forward to your future columns.

    • I love this. While I’m not that into her music, I deeply appreciate her and love how she’s bringing people together with joy, kindness, and enthusiasm and that so many people are inspired to make something and share their creations. I’ve been wanting to make something special to wear next time Heilung tours and now I feel it a little more. It’ll be a while before they tour my part of the States again, so I’ve got time.

  • I’m not personally a Swiftie, but I totally get it. Thanks for the post and especially the photos – that was awesome! Makers are amazing.

  • As a non-Swiftie, I appreciate the friendship bracelet explanation. When I know I will be among people I don’t know, I wear a scarf or shawl that I made. It brings crafters to me and is a great conversation starter.

  • Great post! I am looking forward to seeing more fun!

  • Lady Gaga all the way.

  • I stitched James Taylor lyrics all over a linen shirt and left a big spot on the back for his autograph. Amazingly, I got to meet him, he signed the shirt (while I was wearing it) and I embroidered that, too. Soundtrack of my life.

    • Oh wow! That is wonderful. Do you still have the shirt?

      • Yes. I wore it to another JT concert (I’ve been to at least 10) but no chance of getting close for a second autograph. He is gracious and generous with his fans. No wonder that Taylor Swift, apparently named after JT, is the same.

  • Hello! Great first post!

  • My daughter asked me if I could knit Swiftie stuff for us if she got tickets to Toronto. She got a code but sadly no tickets :(. But maybe Vancouver? There’s rumours…

  • The Eras Tour was truly a beautiful thing. My daughter (30) and her best friend dressed up as the tennis players from The Man. We spent the evening before making friendship bracelets. Thanks for sharing more of the fun, and welcome, Samantha!

    • I think I know your daughter! Wait, I think I was WITH your daughter!

  • Welcome! It’s nice to see that the younger generation are still crafting. There’s hope for the future!

  • I made a black mini dress with 18” fringe on the long sleeves and a pin cord double breasted maxi coat to wear over it to attend a Halloween Donovan concert in Seattle. 1969. Glad to see the young generation is doing it again!!

  • I love it!

  • Great post, love the creativity!

  • My daughter made patchwork shirts for her friend and herself to wear to the TS concert. Each fabric she chose to coordinate with one of Taylor’s albums!

  • Going to a concert alone and making friends at it is so brave and awesome! My daughters got to go to a Taylor Swift concert in the rain, in costume, and had an amazing time. It sounds like she gives a lot to her audience. I would love to go to a big concert again someday, outfit TBD.. But if knitting something, would need at least six months notice !

  • Hi Samantha! This is a really amazing story! Thanks for sharing. Kudos to you for putting yourself out there and a big thanks to those people who recognize when we shy ones need a little nudge out the door. 🙂 Also, I LOVE your outfit! It’s incredible!

  • What inspiring and amazing handwork! Your jeweled top is fabulous. I’ve been going to David Cook’s shows ever since he won American Idol all those years ago. For me, the sense of connection and community among fans is as important as the music. While we don’t make anything to wear to concerts, the group uses their individual talents every year to make items that raise funds for brain cancer research. Welcome, Samantha. That was a 5 star article.

  • So much fun! I used to be shy, but now not so much…

    Looking up your blog right now!

  • so glad you’re here, Samantha!

  • Now I know why my granddaughter raided my yarn and buttons and was obsessed making bracelets as she sang Swiftie songs!! She has Maker in her genes! Thanks! Those buttons! Love your outfit and vibe! Can’t wait to see more of what you bring to MDK! Make on!

  • Oh boy! This is going to be a fun ride!! Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band…and all things Asbury Park!!!

  • I loved this! Welcome, Samantha. I’ll be back for more.

  • OMGosh ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ! You had me at friendship bracelets. Can’t wait to check out your blog & looking forward to more posts.

    My lonely, naturally introverted soul needed this today.
    I actually feeled blessed and loved after reading this.
    Thank you!

  • Loved this post!! Happy 33!!

  • What is that top you’re wearing? I love it!!!

  • Elderly GenX here! So good to meet you! I love that you went to the concert by yourself and I had no idea about the bracelets! (*searches for TS tickets)

  • What a wonderful experience! And fun column! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  • I loved every word of this essay! And your outfit is STELLAR.

  • Let the Samantha Adventures begin!!!

  • Love this Samantha! You may be the cure to folks that are “underenjoyers”

  • Looooove this!

  • Inspired! Thank you!

  • Welcome! Really looking forward to hearing from you on a regular basis. This post was fun and awe inspiring, and you look fabulous!

  • Hello.This article was really motivating, especially because I was browsing for thoughts on this issue last Saturday.

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