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Dear Ann,

I’ve greatly enjoyed a recent discussion on the company Slacks channel (yes I know it’s Slack, but I love to tease the youths). The topic: Which is your favorite Christopher Guest film, and why is it Best in Show? Unbelievably, there’s been pushback on that. One person in particular, we’ll call him The New Guy, suggests that Waiting for Guffman is the pick of the litter.

In a spirit of fairness and bonhomie, therefore, I have been watching all of them on a housemate’s Hulu account. So far, I gotta say that while each film has its moments of pelvic floor-strengthening fits of helpless laughter—I mean, my goodness, the wigs alone have me prostrate—Best in Show holds up. God loves a terrier, and Kay loves Best in Show.

There are others for your consideration, such as For Your Consideration (my rating: 10 out of 10 will put me off plastic surgery forever), and the mighty-mighty, lettin’ it all hang out A Mighty Wind. Your children and mine both still think all the songs in A Mighty Wind are genuine, historical folk songs. I fear they will be troubled all their lives by a nagging suspicion that Pete Seeger was in fact a really excellent work of performance art.

Happy laughing!



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  • Thanks so, so much for a laugh today – “pelvic-floor strengthening fits of helpless laughter”… great! I so much needed this as I grieve the death of RBG, and all the consequences.

  • So, your pelvic floor-strengthening fits of helpless laughter is at 11?

    • I see what you did there! None more helpless, I’m sure!

  • One of my favorite movies of all time. My 34 year old son and I will, almost spontaneously, start to do the nut-naming thing “cashew nut, macadamia nut….” when some poor soul around us unknowingly says the word “nut” in any context. What a terrific cast – brilliant.

    • My family does this too. Somehow it always starts with Brazil nut.

    • I do, too!!! Hilarious!!

  • I vote for “Best in Show” – it’s all there. The characters are just so wonderful.
    True story, I watched “Mighty Wind” shortly before helping with a multi day folk/Americana/Old time country music festival. One of the performers was the inspiration for one of the characters in the movie. Let’s just say, the movie nailed it.

  • One of my favorites. It never grows old.

  • If you are in the mood for a dog movie that is French, rather than funny, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston is doing a virtual cinema fundraiser with “My Dog Stupid.” It looks quite good from the trailer but I have not watched it yet as the email just came yesterday. The link is
    The cost is $10 for a three day rental and it benefits the museum. I do not have any affiliation with the museum; I am just on their mailing list because we went to a special exhibit there a few years ago when “travelling for work” was still a thing.

    • The trailer looks great! I’m in!

  • Must put in my vote for the classic & iconic Spinal Tap!! Essentially the first in the Guest oeuvre and the best. Lines of this film are part of our lexicon- It goes to eleven, Record it in Dubbly, Smell the Glove etc… But I also love all his work. Spot on about A Mighty Wind! Some of the most jaw dropping improv in that one!

    • I’m so glad you agree, Spinal Tap is pure genius.

  • A quick reminder for when you’re weeping that you’ve watched them all – Schitt’s Creek is the only logical choice.

    • Love Schitt’s Creek, a belly laugh Show….ready to start series again… but first Best of Show again.

  • My (knitted) hat is off to the talented troupe who manage to stay in those characters! I’d be cracking up at every turn! I still vividly remember seeing Best in Show when it first came out and being amazed I could laugh so much! How fortunate that we have this entire body of work and the beauty of streaming to keep introducing these masterpieces to future belly-laughing generations – not dependent on the VHS tapes remaining intact!

  • Princess Bride is on my Top Five movies list. My husband and I tried to figure out our favorite scene and finally gave up.

  • My vote is Best in Show! Love it! I have actually never seen Waiting for Guffman. I will be adding it to my must watch list. It’s Christopher Guest! It has to be great.

    • we have been having the same discussion in our house since last week’s live table read of The Princess Bride. Best in Show wins here for best Guest-directed film. We may have to hold a Guest marathon to get me out of bed after Friday’s news about RBG.

  • Best in Show and Spinal Tap – glorious suns in the comedy universe.

  • Absolute treasures.

  • Thanks for this. I’ve heard of Best in Show before but have somehow never seen it. Today is the day!

    And maybe Princess Bride, too, though I’ve seen that more times than I can count.

  • My choice would be Best in Show with the commentary track.

  • Not sure how we discuss Christopher Guest without mentioning Spinal Tap, which basicallly invented ‘mockumentaries’!

  • If you really really REALLY love Best in Show, may I humbly suggest you watch the 20th Anniversary cast member panel put on by the San Francisco Sketch Fest a few years ago:

    We attended live and I’ll tell you, the truth behind those braces AND the nuts will be revealed!

  • To begin knitting- There is no one right way. Use the needles of your choice as well as your knitting way (English or Continental). And don’t let anyone stop you.

  • As the owner of two retired show dogs, a champion female and a reluctant male, “Best in Show” has always been one of my favorite films. My husband and I are in the middle of “Shitt’s Creek” (!) and already dreading arriving at the end of the series. Revisiting “Best in Show” will be badly needed!

  • One of the best comedies of all time. The bit with the busy bee is over the top hysterical. Brilliant cast. Brilliant writing.

  • Love those movies, they are great, wish they made more.

  • Whenever I watch the Thanksgiving Day dog show, I think of Best in Show and have to laugh.

  • Yes, absolutely agree. Eugene Levy as the guy with two left feet is hysteria inducing. Wonderful film x

  • For pre-Tap Christopher Guest, check out National Lampoon’s “Goodbye Pop 1952-1976” album. I have it on vinyl and it’s not available on CD, but you can listen to it on YouTube. It came out in 1975, as I dimly recall. CG provides startling life to Ron Fields and many other characters. The album also features some early SNL cast members, including Gilda Radner, Chevy Chase, John Belushi, and Bill Murray (as a cringe-worthy late-night DJ), along with absolutely brilliant parodies of the music of the times. Motown/disco, country western, rock opera, and reggae are featured, along with brilliant skewering of Neil Young, Helen Reddy, Bob Dylan, and a history of the Beatles. I became an instant fan of Christopher Guest when I heard it for the first time and have treasured him and his work since then.

  • I could watch Best In Show 100 times and not get tired of it. What a brilliant cast!

  • I love all Guest’s films, but Best in Show is my absolute favorite. Laughing out loud was only the half of it. I had tears pouring down my face and was gasping for breath! I could watch it every day during the pandemic to stay sane.

    • super late to this party, but yes, Best in Show is seriously, seriously funny. It’s a great movie. I’m amazed that CG is the same guy in “Show” and The Princess Bride. It cracks me up. I think my favorite parts are the hotel w/ Levy & O’Hara and the utility closet, and Ed B Jr. Oh no. I cannot think of it and not laugh. There is so much there, so many good lines “How many tea services can you do” (those 2 are hilarious, too). And the Starbucks, but not the same Starbucks – that’s clearly an early 2000s reference and funny because it’s true.

      I think I saw A Mighty Wind once. But I have a copy of the soundtrack. I really enjoyed the version of “Start Me Up” – nice! I’m having a good snicker thinking about this. And thinking of CG singing in his RV and the noises from his mouth. Oh, just TOO funny. I might have to watch this later

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