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Our favorite sweaters are the ones we make in a fever dream of excitement. Each year, we embark on a lark, where we aim to make a whole sweater in just a month’s time.

Bang Out a Sweater 2024 is upon us! It’s time. Beginning March 1, we begin our knitalong that has proved to be the most fun thing we do each year.

This will be our ninth Bang Out a Sweater knitalong. The fun is in the trying, and the glory is in finishing whenever you finish.

We talk a good game about banging it out, but knitting is never really about speed. It’s about fun.

A bunch of folks have already decided to go for it, and we’re trying hard not to jump the gun ourselves.

What’s the Design?

It’s a humdinger.

Read all about this year’s pattern, the Crowberry Sweater by Hélène Magnússon.

You can make it as a pullover.

Or as a vest.

Want to learn all about the Crowberry Sweater and how to knit a sweater? Our three-session virtual class begins this Friday, March 1: Lorilee Beltman’s Bang Out a Sweater Virtual Class.

The yarns used in Hélène’s design are rare and wonderful: Plotulopi, the unspun roving that is a favorite of Icelanders.

For this sweater as written in the pattern, you carry a strand of Plotulopi along with Love Story Einband, the exquisite laceweight yarn designed by Hélène.

You want yarn options? We’ve got options. An alternate yarn is Léttlopi, held single.

How to use Léttlopi for your Crowberry Sweater.

Our One Stop Shop has everything you need to bang out your Crowberry.

Of course, all yarns are welcome for every MDK knitalong, so if you’ve got stash waving at you, go for it!

All Are Welcome

MDK is an ever-expanding tent of knitting love that is open to all knitters, every day of the year. From Texas to Turkey, we welcome everybody who loves to knit.

Bang Out a Sweater is a great place to jump in and have a great time.

If you want to knit one of these sweaters, in good company, but don’t think you have a hope in heck of finishing in 31 days . . .

If you can’t start for another week so you think it’s impossible . . .

If you want to use a different yarn from the one used for the pattern sample . . .

If you know the basics of knitting, but you are not sure you can really knit a sweater . . .

If you’re not on Instagram . . .

If  you just want to knit quietly on your own and read along . . .

. . . we welcome you.

Sharing and Caring Ahead

Where can you share your pictures and ask questions?

The MDK Lounge: in the topic “Bang Out a Sweater 2024: Crowberry Sweater.” This is typically a very lively place, where you’ll get help when you need it and enthusiastic likes when you post photos of your progress.

Instagram: Use the hashtags #bangoutacrowberry and #bangoutasweater2024 to show us what you’re making. We love progress photos!

We’re dithering like crazy on what our colorways will be. If you’re like us, here’s a fun post with color ideas for using Léttlopi.

It’s going to be a great month!


Ann and Kay


  • I’m very new to knitting. Is this something I could do also?

    • Dear Lynn,
      I would say lucky you!! Temper your expectations—you may get frustrated and need to rip back from time to time. I always do. But you have the opportunity to have Lorilee guide you. She’s a great teacher and if you take the class you can listen over and over. I’m signed up. In addition, the knitters in the Lounge are always very helpful and supportive. Best to knit with the group so there will be plenty of people to answer any questions. Go for it! And maybe use Lopi — less expensive and easier to frog. That’s just my 2cents.

      • Excellent advice from Jan! Lopi is such a great First Sweater yarn, and you’ll never have a shortage of knitters to ask for advice.

  • Such a beautiful sweater!!!! I could not wait and did this sweater in stashed lopi. Knitting this project made me truly love that yarn. I still have enough for a vest in neutrals…Finished the pullover in February, haven’t posted pics yet. This is a doable enjoyable pattern, the hem, the yoke, the cuffs, the details, the fit, more. Loved every stitch. Enjoy the knitalong, everyone!

    • This so great to hear!

  • My first bang out and I’m so looking forward to it. Been counting the days!

  • To my fellow bobble-averse knitters: hang in there, they are only on a handful of rows and then you’re free again!! They are amidst the fun, pretty, and pretty easy colorwork section so that helps. This sweater is knitting up super fast on the big ol’ needles and a lot of fun!

  • Oh no, you enablers! I just may HAVE to do this! DD1 is moving from GA to NH; she just need a sweater banged out in a jiffy. What do you think?

  • I am so excited to start! I’m knitting the sweater with amethyst as my main color and the yoke colors the same as the sample. I swatched already, so I can get right to casting on, and hit gauge on my first try. Which has never happened before, so already off to a good start before we’ve even begun.

    If this sweater is as quick as I think it is, I’m hoping to make a second for my mom for Mother’s Day. (Hopefully there will be enough of the contrast colors for more than one sweater.)

  • My yarn is on its way from MDK! Looking forward to this fabulous bang 🙂

  • I’m in! Yarns and needles are ready, set to Bang Out a Sweater starting on Friday 🙂

  • My son-in-law asked me to knit a pullover sweater for him with a V neckline. I prefer knitting in the round. So I am looking for a plain pullover sweater pattern that is knitted in the round with a V neckline. Do you know where I can find one?

    • Churchmouse Yarns and Tea has several sweater patterns for men. I would start there.

  • Does it matter if we use metal or wood/bamboo needles?

  • It would be a heck of a way to learn some skills such as stranded color work, knitting in the round on circulars and more. I haven’t looked at the pattern but wanted to encourage you to check it out, study it, use videos for new-to-you techniques. One of my first projects as a new knitter was a fair isle cardigan. No one said oh that’s too hard for you, a beginner! It turned pretty well and I wore it a lot. Was it technically “perfect”? Ha, of course not but I learned a great deal and love of knitting finds a way! I say go for it. The yarns look amazing.

  • How to get the Patton

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