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Dear all,

Sometimes a sweater just jumps out and tells me I need to knit it. That’s what happened when I saw the first photos of Hélène Magnússon’s beautiful new Crowberry Sweater in Field Guide No. 26: Moss.

“Hello!” it said. “We’re going to have a swell time together.”

And here it is, just a glorious thing to see. Quick to make, using yarns that have a special story to them.

Hélène is fond of holding her laceweight yarn, Love Story Einband, with Plotulopi, an airy unspun wool. The effects are subtle and delightful and the sort of thing that makes me love knitting all over again.

The vest version is so cute. Kay and I have clambered onto the cropped sweater bandwagon, late to the party but loud and happy to be here. If you haven’t made a cropped sweater, this one can easily be made longer. But maybe this is the moment to try out a cropped sweater? It’s all about the layering.

I’m particularly taken with the short rows that make a dip in the back. Hélène is so good at the small detail that makes a design sing.

Meanwhile . . .

Let’s just put it right out there: There’s a mistake in the yarn requirements for the Crowberry Sweater and Vest.

We really, really, really regret it when this happens, because it causes confusion and bepuzzlement when that’s the last thing anybody needs these days. It was our error made during production, not Hélène’s, who we promise you knows how much yarn it takes to make a sweater!

Here’s the correct list of yarns and quantities needed. The new, correct numbers are shown in bold. 

Sweater Version
— Plotulopi by Istex [100 g plates, each 328 yds (300 m), 100% wool]: 2 (2, 2, 2) (2, 2, 3) (3, 3, 3) plates #1426 Dark Amber (A); 1 plate each #1423 Clover Green (B), #0484 Forest Green (C), and #0059 Black (D)
— Love Story by Hélène Magnússon [25 g skeins, each 246 yds (225 m), 100% Icelandic lambswool]: 3 (3, 3, 3) (3, 3, 4) (4, 4, 4) skeins Viking Rust (E); 1 skein each Moss Green (F) and Westford Green (G)
Vest Version
— Plotulopi by Istex [100 g plates, each approx 328 yds (300 m), 100% new wool]: 2 (2, 2, 2) (2, 3, 3) (3, 3, 4) plates #9102 Grey (A); 1 plate each #0059 Black (B) and #0001 White (C)
— Love Story Einband by Hélène Magnússon [25 g skeins, each approx 246 yds (225 m), 100% Icelandic lambswool]: 2 (2, 2, 3) (3, 3, 4) (4, 4, 5) skeins Black (D); 1 skein White (E)
And there’s an edit elsewhere in the pattern:
page 11, Column 2, Under Body
With smaller needle and 1 strand each of A and E for the sweater, A and D for the vest held tog…

We want to make sure you are getting the right amount of yarn for this sweater. So if you’ve already ordered yarn, please check to see if you need more yarn. And if you’ve ordered more than the pattern calls for, please return it for a refund. We’ll send you a return label if you email us at

Your Color Options Just Expanded

We’ll be knitting this sweater for our epic Bang Out a Sweater knitalong beginning March 1. In response to early excitement for this Field Guide, we just brought additional colors of Plotulopi!

and Love Story Einband, too.

So if you’re the type to dream up your own colorways, well, you have a lot of fun ahead.




  • This sweater just makes me want to jump up and down with glee! LOVE.

  • Such a fabulous sweater, I can’t wait to cast on. However, please could you advise as to position of bobbles on the sweater cuffs. The symbol for MB is included in the key, but aren’t marked on the cuff chart.
    Many thanks x

  • Oh well, I guess I bought too much yarn ‍♀️

  • I hope you will talk about ease today for the sweater. The pattern has no ease but the model shows quite oversize. Thanks

  • I bought the e-version of the booklet…are you able to add in the changes and resend an update? Can the corrected version by available on Ravelry?

    • Hi Linda,

      We will correct the PDF soon. We usually wait a couple of weeks so that we only have to do it once, to avoid version confusion as much as we can.

  • After looking at all the yarn colors, I ordered yarn for the vest with slight mods-I changed the black Plotulopi to plum and the Love Story to gray and ash. I’m looking forward to my box o’ yarn coming in the mail

  • It’s gorgeous…. can’t wait to get started!

  • I will add my request to the other person who asked if the electronic version of the pattern will be updated and resent? I hope so.
    In the meantime, I will update my field guide.
    Thank you so much.

  • Hmmm…it appears the vest version takes more yarn than the sweater version. Am I reading this wrong or are the corrections mis-labeled?

    • The vest uses fewer colors than the sweater, so more of the main color is needed for some sizes.

  • I love this sweater , thank you for the zoom with Helene.
    Plan to knit the sweater

  • Well now you’ve gotten me to plan for more projects! I got the sweater yarn right away, and these new colors pushed me over the edge on the shawl and the mittens. This is going to be fun!

  • Beautiful sweater! Especially, the detail on the sleeve puts it over the top for me.

  • Can you let us know if there is a change in yarn quantities if letilopi is used instead? And are there new colors for that yarn? Thank you

  • The yarn for the sweater (the greens) are all sold out. Will you be getting more soon?

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