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As I’ve mentioned before, MDK HQ is a vast space. It’s literally impossible to hear or see an other-department co-worker unless they’re screaming at the top of their lungs or jumping up and down on a trampoline (one happens more often than the other; you figure it out). 

In the beginning, we toyed with ways to keep in touch across the football field-worth of space. We toyed with walkie-talkies for a week or so, but spent so much time figuring out our sign-ons and sign-offs (apparently “10-4” wasn’t good enough) and screaming “WHAT?!” into little Fisher-Price-y devices that the walkie-talkies were quickly abandoned to the same heap as the old Keurig coffee maker.

We thought about CB radios, but in true MDK warehouse employee fashion, we spent ninety-six hundred hours arguing over our potential CB handles (short version: everyone wanted to be Large Marge from “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”) so that Big Idea officially joined the Keurig and the walkie-talkies.

We finally settled on using Slack, the threaded messaging app (look at me, embracing the lingo!) and while it’s definitely helpful (plus lots of dinging. Dinging, dinging, dinging.), it’s got the same pitfalls as every other fancy electronic way to communicate mankind has ever invented—the main one being that you can just turn it off and ignore literally every question anyone asks you, even if it’s something important like, “Is the warehouse on fire?”

I think the best communication system anyone’s come up with was when Pheidippides ran 26.2 miles from Marathon to Athens with news from the front, but everyone always forgets he dropped dead before he arrived—which, frankly, I think they should mention a little more when you sign up to run a marathon these days, but no one asked me.

As I just demonstrated, we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to getting off the subject, no matter how efficient the technology or how focused the thread is supposed to be. Even in a Slack thread as super-specific as the #skillset thread (which has been quite active since the recent launch of Skill Set, as I’m sure you can imagine), you’re never more than one or two comments away from someone saying something like, “You know, I was thinking about the lady who played Aunt Esther on “Sanford & Son” the other day . . .” and then a younger person (DON’T LOOK AT ME) says, “What’s ‘Sanford & Son’?” and then the whole thing just devolves into a genuine Culture War, and, well, the day might as well be over at that point. 

All because someone at one end of the room asked someone at the other end, “On what page is the cast-on illustration featured?” It. Just. Happens.

A Giveaway

To toast the oddities of collegial communication with your hot beverage of choice, here’s a giveaway. The prize? Our Ballband Thermal Mug.

How to enter?

Two steps:

Step 1: Sign up for our weekly newsletter, Snippets, right here. If you’re already subscribed, you’re set.

Step 2: Leave a comment letting us know what your CB handle is (or would be if you were in a great big convoy rocking through the night).

Deadline for entries: Sunday, July 11, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.

If comments here are on not working, good buddy, please leave your comment here.


Enter code WEEKEND at checkout on your order of $50 or more. Offer ends at 11:59 p.m. Central on Monday, July 5.

About The Author

DG Strong took up knitting in 2014. He lives in Nashville with his sister, her rat terrier and a hound dog named Opal. He has a blog of drawings and faintly ridiculous rambling called The Psychopedia—there are worse ways to spend your afternoon.


  • In honor of my dog my CB handle would be Ghost Buster ( my dog is Buster named for Buster Bluth) but every Halloween we call him Ghost Buster

    • I think my CB handle would be Crazy Cat Lady, as there is currently a herd of kittens thundering through my house.

    • Red band

      • I never had a CB handle but if I had one today it would be Knit Happens.

        • Ducky 1

        • I’d go with ‘Little Lainie’, a nickname from my favorite aunt to distinguish me from her DIL. ❤️

    • Stashed. Yes my stash is always growing.

      • Once I became a Nana, that just wasn’t enough for some. So, my handle would be Nana Banana… they just can’t help themselves!

    • Mother Teresa

      • Aunt Shunna

    • Mine would be SSK

      • I just finished rewatching Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City on Netflix. And lightbulb! I thing DG should consider a “Tales of the Warehouse” randomly regular series.

        • Think

      • My knitting/crochet students comment on on how patient I am…so my CB handle would be Patience.

  • ombre. Embracing the pre and post pandemic hair

    • Jujubees. A childhood nickname and a candy from the same era, dating myself!

      • I’ve eaten countless boxes of Jujubees… even better when a little stale and extra chewy!

        • My CB handle would be “Knitting Hotline”. I love helping (and enabling) knitters. A friend coined me this phrase and I love it.

  • Jelly Bean – from very long ago!

    • Years ago, after having knee surgery, and bored ( and bombed) out of NY nibd, a good friend told me to get back time knitting, because, in her words, my mind at rest was “not pretty to watch”. So, got me back to knitting. My CB handkerchief would be “Not Pretty To Watch”/

    • My parents belonged to a cb club a looooong time ago. I still remember their handles! I think mine would be Tillypunkin

  • Never-A-Winner as in never a winner of these damn things.

    • Yarn Balls!

  • My CB handle would be “nerdknitter.” (I’m an engineer!)

    • Super Grover. My hubby started calling me Grover – like the Muppet – when we were dating. 23 years later I can say it has stuck.

    • Doodle Bug

  • SMALL SLICE. This is a real nickname in my house because I will take the small slice of pizza (and then go back for a second, of course).

    • I love this

    • Evil Princess

      • Breaker 1-9! It’s has to be Fidget. Isn’t that what we would all do without actually knitting??

  • flibbertygibbet

  • My handle was, and still is, rhode island red, named after a rooster I would like to have in a chicken coop that’s yet to happen. Alot like all those projects I want to knit.

    • “Little Sprout” – in reference to the Green Giants short sidekick from late 70’s commercials. This was a teasing nickname I generally found offensive as a kid but laugh about it fondly as there are far worse things to be called!

  • Dwrquilts as in I create double wedding ring quilts when I am not knitting

  • Beanpole, not as thin as I once was but almost as tall!

    • ‘Snickers’…back atcha good buddy! My favorite candy bar

  • I’m pretty sure mine would be What’s for Dinner. Because I hear those words constantly around here. Constantly.

    • This is my favorite!

    • Carrot Top

  • Mine would be Shellypop. . .one of my dad’s nicknames for me! 10-4 good buddies! And I’m remembering Sanford and Son with a smile, DG!

    • The Tinker

  • Stockinetter

    • Definitely my Rav name Mamafish. In honor of my crazy fisherman husband.

  • This is a chance to honor my late friend Betty, who really had, and used, a CB handle back in the day. White Tiger. She told me why: because rare, beautiful and deadly!
    Ten four.

    • Krusty the Clown!

  • When I was (much) younger, CB radios were in many cars that traveled any distance on. Highway for work. Prior to all the apps, it was a pretty reliable way to know what was up ahead on your road. I drove a VW bug, and my “handle” was Sugar Baby. My car was considered a “pregnant roller skate,”. There, I’ve officially dated myself!

  • ProudMom – self-explanatory.

  • It’s “Turtle”, good buddy.

  • The Great-I-Am, what my brother called me when we were kids.

    • LouLou from my dad’s nickname for me.

  • Mine would be Kiki, it’s what my nephew calls me and I love that it was RBG’s childhood nickname, from her being kicky.

    • Thurmsgirl, my Ravelry name that honors the memory of my favorite Yankee, Thurman Munson. (They sure can use him now!)

      • Love that!

  • mine would have to be TerBear (from a coworker, and it stuck)

  • Nevernotknitting. Although that’s a mouthful.

  • Mine would be Troll..the same as the nickname I had in the military.

  • My handle would simply need to be Neverusedone, as in I never used one, even though I am of an age to have owned one ( the husband did) and watched Sanford and Son. Or perhaps it should be Vocalese, since I warm up as I drive, hmm

  • I think my handle would be Flower Dreamer. I am in love with the idea of all these ‘lawns’ I see being replaced with plots of flowers, and maybe some vegetable gardens.

    • “Michelle My Bell”…for several years my grandpa drove us to school in the morning. This is one of just a few songs he would sing as he took the long way past the lake. Fond memories…love the Beatles!

  • PatsyGrace (my cat, one of the Kittenbottom Sisters)

  • When I was young I wanted to be a big rig driver, for about two minutes. Really….
    My handle today would be xstitching/knitter.

    • Whirling Shirl

  • Soda Slinger would be my fancy handle. (Flight attendant for 30 years and still slinging sodas today)

  • Heh, my parents had a CB back in the day. Let’s go with Cricket.

  • Cindy Lou Who

  • Siobhan Chablis, a little high falutin’ for a CB name, but I like to keep it Klassy.
    It’s also my porn star name (theoretically, OF COURSE), something dreamed up years ago when gathering with a group of young moms as we were drinking wine.

    • Haha! My porn star/CB name would be Fluffy Rath. it’s an old joke that you’re supposed to use your first pet’s name as the first and the name of the street you grew up on as the second.

  • Cookie Monster

    • Virtual Jnet

  • When I moved to the panhandle of Texas and 75 and worked on a cattle ranch I actually had a CB handle. Even though I’m 58 I’m the shortest of my siblings so I went with Shorty.

  • Ginball, has nothing whatever to so with gin.

  • Kachina Kate here, wishing you all a happy independence day.

  • I would be one of those persons who spends way too long trying to pick a handle and then asks someone else to pick for me.

  • RoonieK—no, younguns, it has nothing to do with the actress Rooney Mara.
    And talk about burying the lead…FREE SHIPPING! Thank you.
    Over and out, good buddy.

  • Foxtrot

  • Mamabare, been called that since birth of my first child 51 years ago.

  • “Lady Bug”…my husband and I drove across country in two cars when we were first married and cell phones were still a far off dream. We had some kind of two way radios in the cars and this was my call sign.

  • mad hatter

  • My CB handle would be “Tweetie Bird” from long, long ago!

  • DG, I really enjoy your columns! MDK has a friendly atmosphere. Sounds like a super place to work. Oh, do not have a handle.

  • Our CB handle was the Scarlet Knight because we had just graduated from Rutgers.

    Please note that your link to the ball band mug takes you to the skill set.

  • Mervin-a nickname from the teen years and my handle when we roadtripped with my with my sister’s family back in the days of young children
    I love how I could make no sense of the photo until I had read the entire article. I was so confused when I first saw it. Lol Now it makes perfect sense.

  • What’s a CB handle?

  • Celikins … the only nickname I’ve ever had!

  • In honour of Large Marge and the Auntie on Sanford and Son my CB handle would have to be
    ” Large Esther”

  • Mini Muffin

  • My CB handle

    Purls before garters

  • I actually had one briefly back in the 70s – Bookworm.

  • I think the best handles are the nicknames others give you. Mine would be Kiki bc my niece couldn’t say Kirsten when she was young. Everyone on that side of the family has called me that for over 20 years. Its my email and IG name now too.
    (Also, I am a child of the 70’s and remember Sanford & Son fondly as one of the shows watched at my grandparents. The Lawrence Welk show and Hee Haw are a few others. )

  • Bebop. Just because it’s fun to say

  • I would have to go with “Bobbie” – a name my husband’s grandfather regularly called me (My nana would sometimes call me Babs — which I loved to hear her say since we were not a nickname sort of family growing up.) Of course now, Babe and Hon are used often by my husband but they are just not the same as “Bobbie” as a nickname.

  • “Critical Pathfinder” would be my handle in honor of my (now defunct) career as an IT Project/Program Manager. What a fun post!

  • Enfant Terrible – my Dad’s nickname for me when I was little. I have no idea why. 🙂

  • I love the look of the Mug! Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Knitter nana. Silly but true.

  • Dream Weaver

  • I can’t decide between “Roadkill” (the sound of ‘road’ is in my last name) or “Knit Happens” (play on words of a popular phrase).

  • Lupin….from childhood and as there are many along highways after the Women’s Institute sprinkled seeds years ago. Thanks

  • One More Row … I say it, think it do it; I may as well be it.

  • Mine would be NinaKnits.

  • Emma the Cat.

  • SeeToniKnit

  • for the prize….firstsister

  • KnittyKat

    And Mug link links to SkillSet, not mug!

  • Guru. It is what my knitting buddies call me. They claim I teach and inspire.

  • Gildie – that goes way back!

  • Can I be “large marge”? (I’m the youngest. I hate being called “skipper”. Barbie-sisters can be so mean.)

  • SSK
    Say something kind

  • My sweetie pie nephews call me…..Katethegreat which seems like a good handle!

  • “Breaker 1-9er”. My grandfather let me play with his CB as a kid 🙂

  • Nanaknits

  • KnitWit – and I am….and, I want that mug!! Pick me! Pick me!!

  • YarnSnob

  • Tiger’s Humom. Everything’s about the little orange furball!

  • Needler? Hooked? I’m really not sure!

  • KnitWit – yes, I am. I want that mug!! Pick me!! Have I won yet??

  • Evil Empress. My boss calls me empress. I added the evil.

  • Unit (you knit)!

  • Trace. Everyone calls me that, I don’t like it, but I have NO nicknames! Except for the unfortunate period I was called “Vetzal Pretzel”.

  • I’m definitely going with Rainbow Brite. Always, forever and even into next week.

  • Mine would be “mona” the call from the medicine cabinet in the Right Guard commercial

  • My handle was Mischief. Nothing mean; just fun. Times were different then.

  • Being an introvert I’d be “Good Buddy” . That way I’d make instant friends without breaking a sweat.

  • Hidden Stash…that was the name of one of the Derby horses and I loved it then…love it now.

  • My CB handle would be Tinking Bink. Tinking for obvious reasons and Bink because it is my grandma name.

  • Trixie! My dad’s nickname for me.

  • Like another responder, only one person called me “Barbie” and that was a neighbor. I didn’t like the name but never told him that.

  • RockinRobin, obviously.

  • Mine would be Sweet Virginia… after my born, raised, currently living, probably die here home-state and the boozy, swingy, sounds like it was recorded in a dive bar Stones song

  • Mine would be mama jama ….and I don’t even know why!

  • I’d be whiteblackbird. I use that name everywhere. It comes from a Jules Renard quote.

  • Mine would be Kint-Knit-purl

  • I was, “The cool kid”—you can imagine how that turned out. Lol

  • Breaker breaker, BigMamaDontPlay, here

  • So fun. Because Never a Winner is already taken, (I feel you, girl) I’ll do my Ravelry name, MakingMagic

  • Mine would be Curly Head Knitter. ❤️

  • Sable would be my handle due to having that stash that will outlive me.

    • I thought of using UFO for unfinished objects, or PHD for projects half done, but those meanings are too obscure. I would like to be TRex because my arms are way short, and I often ask for assistance to reach stuff…lol

  • Breaker 19, breaker 19, this is Crazy Lady!

  • Merle Mom

  • I’d be called Slacker1, though in real life, I’m not much of a slacker, haha. And in real life, I’ve been using Slack at work for 5e last 3 months, and

    • Hmm, that comment didn’t post properly. It should say that I’ve been using Slack at work for the last three months, and I love it!

  • My handle was Crickett, because I drove a green bug (back in the day… way, way back)

  • In my house I’ m known as THE MOM.

  • Purl

  • Bogie

  • Kitten knittin

  • Mine would be, Just Keeps Knitting. It is all I do these days to the exclusion of stuff I should be doing, like cleaning the house or weeding the garden..

  • Ladybug -from a looong time ago!!

  • I can’t believe Ihave just wasted 5 minutes of my precious knitting time in reading DG Strong’s drivel (LOL) and then ANOTHER 10 reading the answers!!! LOL. I guess you get Mr. Strong to do the editorial when no one has anything to say! That must be why you hired him! Anyway after reading it I thought it would be really cool to have a virtual tour of the warehouse – for some crazy reason I think I would love to work there! My CB handle would be Basilica – for lots of reasons which I won’t go into – everyone must be bored enough already. LOVL

    • Ooh! +1 for a virtual tour of MDK World Headquarters!

  • My CB handle would be Altotude, which I came up with before I started knitting. I’ve been singing in choirs for most of my life. Im an alto because I can sight read anything and I can hold a harmony when those around me are singing something else. The name came from my observation that in any choir the altos are a fun section. In my opinion, this is because sopranos tend to be the kind of people who were left in charge of the classroom when the teacher went out, and altos are the kind of people who got their names written on the chalkboard for goofing off while the teacher was out.

    • Another alto here! And a lover of the French Horn, because they always played your note, when you couldn’t find it. My handle would be Bigfoot, because most shoe stores don’t carry my size.

    • Alto power! 🙂

    • Same reason Iwas an alto at school!

      • Altos rock. We get along with everyone!

    • As an alto, I totally get your comments. We always thought the sopranos were divas, but I admit to jealousy of those high notes.

  • DuckieDuddle. My first, and only, part in a school play.

    Time to watch Citizens’ Band. Jonathan Demme’s brakeout movie. And maybe Office Space, if you want to track the stapler.

  • toto (NOT the dog. It’s been a nickname since college… & an ex actually got me TOTO1 license plates back when he loved me).

  • ContraryMary. My husband’s suggestion, because my garden is growing well. I think that’s the only reason. Hmmm. And it’s not like I’ve not heard that old verse many, many times.

  • I like Strawberrydream, 10-4!

  • Grammy Pammy. The handle used to address me by several rowdy kids.

  • Bugs, after the bunny and not because I had them.
    Its what my wonderful Gram called me cause I ate so many carrots.

  • And while you’re about it why not get DG Strong to write about why the Ballband Thermal Mug link goes to the Skill Set book, or why us 2nd class citizen Canadians are not eligible for the free giveaways or why the border is open in one direction but not the other or why the missing sock is always your husband’s favourite hand knitted one etc. etc. etc.

  • tart the mart

  • I would probably be Peppermint.Pati – and, yes, I spell it with only one t. Or I would use my car’s name and be The Peppermint Princess and be addressed as “Her Pinkness!”

  • Short Gramma- courtesy of my SIL ‍♀️

  • “Stretch” would be the handle . Was a what my Dad called me growing up as I was much taller than my brothers in my tween years . They did catch up and I am now getting shorter ( 66 years young)

    • Mine was Shorty, hence my email address as knitshirty…..

  • Knitscout

  • I think my handle would be “Carol Couch” a nickname my coworkers gave me years ago when I married Mr. Davenport.

    • If you were Canadian, you could be Chesterfield.

  • Mine will always be MrWhitekeys, the name our cat gave himself. But the original MrW is in Anchorage living his good life. He is called MrW because he taught himself to play the piano, but only on the white keys. His club, The Fly By Night Club, was famous for their Review and especially for the use of duct tape and Spam. Our MrW just lives to say, “Breaker, breaker…”.

  • Roger that, buddy, ButtonMarch out.

  • My handle would be Never Not Knitting!

  • Mine would be Buzzbomb, my uncle had nicknames for everyone.

  • Nessie Lockness after my water loving kitty!!!!!

  • Ah, breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck!

  • BC handle back in the 70’s was: Mama’s Worry”

  • Ballbandita

  • kitkat

  • Chicken Little

  • Mine would be “Butterlamb”. I brought a butter lamb for an Easter dinner a few years ago and family’s kids now refer to me as butterlamb

  • Needles: I am a doctor and a knitter.

  • MSU Knitter. Love them both! (That’s Michigan State University, by the way.

  • Lady Frogsalot

    • Love that one!

  • Mine would be an unpronounceable symbol that others would be forced to say “the human formerly known as Laura.”

  • I am afraid my handle would have to be –
    Good Intentions

  • I think maybe Juney Bug, which is what my aunt has always called me.

  • Roote-kazoote

  • NotQuiteNormal. Kay and Ann, and some of you, know my last name, so you’ll get the joke.

  • I have been known as The Boss by my husband since 1975. So that would be my choice.

  • I’d have to go with Doodle-Dog, thanks to my two Labradoodles.

  • My CB handle would be crafty memaw
    My great grandson has started calling me memaw

  • Oh did this one bring back memories ….. and a chuckle or two. My hubby was puppy chow and I was tender vittals. Don’t laugh. We were only 20 & 23.

  • I’m still trying to figure out what it would be…

  • Little Red

  • Shorty. My dad’s nickname for me. He passed away when I was 7 years old and didn’t see that I would be the tallest of his three daughters.

  • Fruit Loops. A childhood nickname.

  • Back in the day, my handle was the Mustang Filly (high school…). Today, I’d probably be something like Suburban Flower Child. I agree with the person who suggested a video tour of MDK HQ…that would be fun!

  • For years mine was Montain Mama, but now I am 10-7 because I’m too busy knitting

  • When I was young, I didn’t know what it was exactly, but I had Blue Stocking as a handle. Then I changed it to Gypsy Queen. No clue why. My handle nowadays would be AgileKnitter

  • Always enjoy your articles!

  • My handle would be The Cats’ Mother. The reason is obvious.

  • Hmm the prize link for the mug goes to the Skill set – is that really the prize??!! My handle would be China Star – it’s reminiscent of an old Chinese joint in our town when my friends knew I was some kind of Asian descent but not sure what – I’m part Filipino. The name just stuck. Lol

  • Molly Mayhem. I’ve been Molly Mayhem since I needed a cooler nickname to play GI Joes with my cousin Tim, and have kept it since!

  • The knitting aunt. Which is how my nephew differentiated me from the other aunts when he was little.

  • Mama Dude (and my husband is Papa Dude; the first four letters of our last name are dude) which is what our oldest kids’ friends started calling me when my kids were in middle school. 20+ years later and it still stuck. Our home is referred to as (duh) The Dude Ranch.

  • Mine would be Through the Back Loop, Good Buddy! Thanks for the laughs!!

  • Mine was given to me by a friend. It was Frog, because I jumped around from place to olace in my RV.

  • Enjoyed your article. My 20 something daughter won’t understand it, but it brought back alot of memories for me. A CB handle for me would be Kniton.

  • I would be Cookie, in memory of my mom – even though she didn’t like it. As the youngest, her siblings gave it to her and it stuck! I definitely remember the CB my dad had and how useful it was! I also fondly remember watching Sanford and Son with my parents – my mom and dad would use the “I’m coming, Elizabeth!” as appropriate!! 🙂

  • Piepie – “short” for sweetie pie

  • Call sign: Purple People Eater
    Reason: My hair is purple

  • Hi My CB handle would be the same as my ravelry name -BevKnitsaLot

  • What? I can’t hear you.

  • SockHop

  • Tender Chunks!

  • Rufus – don’t ask

  • My cb handle would be “kayakgirl” Even tho I hardly ever kayak any more and I’m a Granma so hardly a girl Just the same, I’ll answer to kayakgirl

  • Shorty

  • Shelton Q, no question. A short-lived nickname from my mom that has stuck no where but my own mind.

  • Zee

    • Serenity. That’s what I named my Subaru after the spaceship in Firefly. It’s my aspiration!

  • Rockin’ Nana

  • Egobrain.

  • Gypsy was my handle once.

  • GnomeAlong

  • LuLu Bazoo … she’s my alter-ego and TOTALLy on top of everything!

  • I’d definitely be known as Krabby K, behind the wheel and elsewhere.

  • BubbleNan. Or, in memory of Sanford and Son, “FishEyedFool.” I think (?) that’s what Esther used to call Fred.

  • Patty beagles

  • Call name “momrinx”

  • My kids decided, years ago, that I needed a “street name,” don’t ask me why, and decided it was Boneyard. One of them still calls me that! So I guess that would be my handle.

  • Long weekends are for knitting.

  • No matter what I choose my family would still call me Lisa Pizza

  • Troubleshooter.

  • Mine is already Aunt Knitsalot – I like it!

  • My handle would be Yarnarmsma. My son played guitar and sang as “Yarnarms” and I’m his Mom so…

  • My CB handle was Lady Bookworm. I was an elementary librarian.

  • Boobear

  • Brown eyed girl!

  • “What the..” since I say it so often. Over.

  • YOK2TOG: My car’s vanity license plate.

  • You totally crack me up. Mine was Sweet Judy Blue Eyes. Really truly had a CB in my MGB when I drove cross country to my first journalism job as a reporter in Ohio in 1978. The truckers, who watched out for me and met me at truck stops for coffee, didn’t get it!

  • Woodsy Owl, my nickname

  • Mine handle would be basketsbysusi

  • My CB handle would be SLIK.

  • Iddy Biddy. This was fun. Over.

  • Mine would have to be Heartbreak, which is the “pet” name for my hubby and I.

  • I had a CB handle once upon a time, but I can’t remember what it was! So I’d probably go with Scullerymaid, which has been my online handle for many years. Oh, and thanks for the ear worm.

  • My CB handle would be the same as my Ravelry handle (as well as what I use for product reviews on multiple sites) because I would struggle to remember anything different these days, which is DancingKnitter

  • Chilly Willy

  • Dogma, as in dog mom.

  • Doggie Mama

  • Suess is on the air, come on back, good buddy.

  • Agent 99. (Hence the 99 in my email address. Never could get the MDK app to let me change my name. )

    Get Smart culture wars may ensue.

  • But wait, Hubby said my handler is Bosquespinner.

  • We had a CB radio in the house and Daddy had one in the car so he could call when he was finally on his way home and we could get ready for dinner. Mom was Mother Hen and we five girls were Partridge, Turtle Dove, French Hen, Calling Bird and Golden Ring. Daddy and the neighbor across the street always called each other Ace and Tiger but for the life of me, I can’t remember who was which. (It might have been interchangeable!)

  • My handle would be “sofarsogood”

  • Carrie crabtree (I’m a horticulturist)

  • Nightowl Knitter — Do most of my knitting late at night when family is asleep and I can concentrate and relax.

  • Lone Knitter

  • I will be known as Leeward Shore.

  • Mine would be Worldweaver

  • Enuj, given to me by my father after reading yet another homework paper signed by me in the days before dyslexia was a thing.

  • I am part French, and born on Christmas Day, so it would be Noel.

  • Big Mama

  • KC Runnergirl would be mine. I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone else’s, great question!

  • I didn’t have a nickname growing up so I think my handle would be Carol, Just Carol. (Can a CB handle have punctuation?)

  • My CB handle would be something like KnitwitToLive

  • Boss Lady, as that is what I am 🙂

  • Well, anything for MDK Swag…I didn’t think long and landed on “Dipsy Daisy”-(My name, Marguerite, is French for daisy, and..I can be really dipsy).

  • Green Dragon – blast from the CB days past!

  • …or Bombolina, a compliment of the highest order that I grant infrequently.
    Mr Strong, you are a wonder, sir. Your point of view never disappoints and is always entertaining.

  • Seattle boy mom because…. well I am

  • Very funny post! My “studio” is the converted sheep shed, no phone, no tele, no internet. Yes to audio books and music. I’ve been threatened by my husband with walkie- talkies for my Christmas/birthday presents. ACK!!
    My handle: Bucky the Biter

  • ThreePearls – that’s what I found in an oyster I pried loose from a rocky wall and shucked while in my kayak on a nine-day paddling trip along the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver, Canada.

  • Whoa Nellie
    And what about you, DG?

  • Rubberduck, like in the song, “Convoy”. And, yes, I am of an age to remember “Sanford and Son” ( and still love Red Foxx)!

  • Granny Pants

  • Mine would be Sandyego (Sandiego) childhood nickname for those who ran my first and last names together. My parents were appalled!

  • ClumberMama

  • I can’t imagine having a CB handle – but when my niece did roller derby, we had fun with “derby names” – mine was going to be Dirty Needle Knitter.

  • Ronilyn – a combination of my first and middle name with a bow to my secret country western singer persona

  • Kopcat

  • When I was a ham radio operator. my call letters were K9GNQ, which friends quickly defined as the “Good-Natured Queen.” So if I were to devolve to CB, and tend not be be so good-natured anymore, I’d be “Meanie Queenie.”

  • I’d like Doggiemommy but I’m afraid I was assigned Jbird when I was 3 and I haven’t been able to shake it since. Love reading everyone’s handles.

  • Tbird

  • Mine would be one of my nicknames, either WoodSprite or Mother Medic

  • Mine would be Zip. It’s a nickname me dad gave me, and still uses.

  • Midnight Knitter, or Midnight Rider–depending on whether I am riding and knitting or just knitting.

  • Haystack. My brothers said as a child with my blonde hair running through the tall grass in the field, I looked like a little haystack bouncing around.

  • Curly top is my CB handle

  • Fiberfriend

  • I think I’d like my CB handle to be “Fields of Yarn”. Sounds about right considering the amount of yarn in my house! As for communication in the workspace for MDK, have you considered hiring some roller skating couriers to zoom about carrying massages from place to place? Seems like a fun job and a great way to get messages flying while getting in shape! Just my completely low-tech suggestion for the communication conundrum of your situation-lol! Hope you get that situation sorted before too many rabbit holes keep you away from soft and wonderful yarn!

  • In honor of the concept of clear communication, I’d have to be BabbleDabbleBabble. 🙂

  • In the ’70’s my dad had a business dealing with truckers. My CB handle was “Pixie Pumpkin”. I used to get a thrill when “Mr. Great” was passing through and would give me a shout-out over the air. The simple joys of a 6-year old.

  • Probably Crabby Crafter, because I love all the crafts, but not necessarily all the people

  • Back in the day when I taxi’d an Amish carpenter crew I was Goldilocks for my blond curls.
    Today I am known as Pushiebroad.

  • Bird Nerd!!

  • Back in 1976, (yes, the long ago Bicentennial year) I was driving from Georgia to San Diego in one car while my parents drove in another. We had cb radios so we could talk to each other. I had bought an old rocking chair along the way which I tied to the roof of the car. I can’t tell you how many times I was hailed by truckers saying “Hey green rocker, got your ears on ?”
    “CB”, for those not in the know means “citizens’ band”. “Got your ears on” was asked to see if your radio was on.
    Don’t remember my handle, but I still smile at the amount of attention that chair attracted!

  • I actually used a CB driving across the country to California in 1978. My handle was California Dreamer.

  • T-gramma (also the name my grandchildren use for me).

  • Mine would be The Questioner. At least that’s what my kids call me!

  • When I was a kid my father used to work in the bush servicing logging camps so he had a CB radio to communicate with logging trucks and us at home. He gave me the handle “Squirrel “…. So I would pick that in memory of him ❤️

    • Growing up I always took ballet, and then in college I studied forestry and made that my career, so my dad called me Wood Nymph. (My radio call number when I worked in the woods was #12, and my birthday was 12/12, so that became my lucky number, of course.

  • My CB handle would be Crafty Nana.

  • Breaker, breaker one nine – this is Little Warrior coming to you from the Wai*side! Have a safe 4th of July! Aloha!

  • My handle would be Stray Bongo b/c it is a great anagram of my name

  • Felix. Anyone remember the Felix the Cat cartoon? (I know you are far too young, DG.) The cat had a mustache. My fifth grade teacher dubbed me that because I also sported some upper lip fuzz …..and a unibrow. Things have gotten better. Thank goodness for depilatories and tweezers. Today, the teacher would have been on paid leave pending an investigation for bullying. My friend Kathy, also hairy, was called Pooh Bear.

  • I love the writing of D.G.Strong! His sense of humor is great and so effortless (on the page). My handle: lamazeteacher

  • FiveKittnz

  • Scoop

  • I used to have a CB handle years ago when I was in my late teens/early 20’s and it was Red Nose.

  • Sassy. It’s from when my niece was little and she couldn’t manage Nancy.

  • A friend gave me a nickname in college, back in the 70’s. Ruckus. Easier than my last name and kind of like calling the tallest guy Shorty.
    What a great list of handles!

  • Moose a nickname I was given at Summer Fun theatre when Skylab was falling in ‘79.

  • My handle would be CatsInSpace, because of Pigs in Space muppets, not because of the band. A lot of people want that mug!!

  • Pop Tart. I can eat a lot of them, always untoasted.

  • Knitting Knerd. I’m a microbiologist with a serious knitting addiction

  • Ingo Mary because I like Ingo bicycles

  • My handle would be Sibe Husky because. We’ve raised shown and run Siberian huskies for 30 plus years. Oops my age is showing. Happy 4th of July

  • My mother always adopted the nickname Singing Buffalo for herself, as the leader of countless Girl Scout songs. I think if I needed a CB handle, it would be that, in her memory.

  • Sandy Kay, Fahr away. A pun on my maiden name by my (then) preschool cousin.

  • I definitely hear you on derailing a Slack thread; sometimes it’s my only fun. My CB handle would be YarnSherpa

  • My CB Handle is RD2D (ardeetoodee)

  • Yikes!

  • Jogless Jools – because I’m a runner and hate being told I’m jogging, and because I just learned how to knit a jog-less stripe

  • Knitzi – and I never win either ….

  • I love reading your behind-the-scenes stories, DG! My handle would be Mellow Yellow.

  • Green Dragon

  • Mine would be Micro29. I am a microbiologist who is eternally 29

  • Gustav in honor of my dog.

  • Bean!

  • Back in the day, my uncle had a CB that he mostly used to find out what my aunt wanted from the store as he drove home from work (in his car)! His handle was “Squeaky”, a nickname he got at work where his job was oiling large machinery. So in honor of my uncle, I think I would use “Squeaky” as my CB handle!

  • Lady D

  • LaceHacker

  • Zabo Wabo

  • Back on the job, ai used to be Control 6. The way we ended convos was “6 ( use your own handle) clear’

  • Curly Red is my handle!

  • Big Mel

  • CB handle? PEARL

  • never had a CB handle, but if I did, it would be “Crafty.” In many ways.

  • Mother Zucker. I don’t want to use a CB but I want the handle!
    (I’ve also been waiting for the .com domain to be available again, it was snapped up in unfair!)

  • Squirrel

  • I think I would be “Arty” for my initials

  • Pond Scum

  • MorningGlory

  • MorninGlori

  • Lady Di

  • Old Irish Girl

  • Now how would I ever decide on a CB handle? Should it be a nickname others give me (Minnie Mouser or Dairy Queen) or the way I feel (Slow Knit) or just descriptive (Knit Ing Girl or Tea Drinker)? Way too many choices… but sure is a lot of fun! Thanks DG Stong!

  • DroppEd stitch

  • Large Marge

  • First of all, thank you for getting that song stuck in my head. My handle would be Shoo-fly, as in “shoo-fly don’t bother me” the song. If that song is now stuck in your head, you’re welcome

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Mine would be Snowshoes
  • CC Lynn – a nickname my mom gave me.

  • Mine would be Sweetpea, as this is what my sister called me!

  • Back in the day my actual CB handle was Colorado Wonder Woman. I really thought I was something back then.

  • Once upon a time in college, my CB handle was Wild Cave Woman after I went spelunking with a group of guys.

    Nowadays I go by the phonetics of my Amateur Radio callsign, The Mystery Woman.

  • Probably GoGo, my mom’s nickname for me when I was little!

  • In honor of my father (a baker), my brother (a doctor) used the handle “Donut Doctor” at the height of the CB craze in the 80s. (70s?) To take a page from that book, I’d use “Tax Tinker” to commemorate my profession and my propensity to knit and tink, over and over again.

  • PicklePuss

  • I miss Sanford and Son. My CB gandle would be TheRoane, I think. Always a mermaid!

  • Probably Rockcrafts, good buddy. I’m a geologist and jeweler who is multicraftual (both knit and crochet) – and proud of it!

  • Big Bertha here, good buddy!

  • Why, I would be The I Diego Squirrel, of course!

  • “Big Chicken” – my college roommate would often acknowledge things I’d said with “I hear ya cluckin’, big chicken”…

  • What is it about Large Marge? I now have to look her up on Youtube just to see her again. My CB handle would have to be Dooda, or maybe Dossie, both childhood nicknames.

  • Hoojackapivie

  • My handle would be eat it and beat it!

  • Grape Jelly from my time working in the military

  • ChillyDog!

  • I think it might be hard to choose a CB handle. But as the dog mom to a very large German Shepherd dog and a committed yarn hoarder, I’m going with SheepyGSD.

  • My husband used to joke that his biker name was “Meat,” and he dubbed me Roxy. That seems as appropriate a handle as any other I could create!

  • SuzieQ or Baber (long a)
    My dad’s names for me

  • I was a long haul semi truck driver for years. My CB handle is #6. When asked I would give two explanations. Trucker version: I stand 6 feet tall and weigh 600 pounds and and can lie with the best of them. Although I am 6 feet tall. LOL The real reason my mother and daddy had 7 daughters and they numbered us. I am #6

  • My father-in-law’s real-life CB handle is Colorado Bushhog. Maybe you’ve heard of him.

    I very briefly had a CB in my first job out of college, and my handle was Daisy Duke. Although I do not recall ever answering to that. We also had cell phones, and probably something else made by Fisher Price. Still didn’t talk to each other.

  • In my teenage years I had a CB in my car. And a CB handle. But these days it’d have to be Mrs Weasley. Just because I am looking more like her every year.

  • Knittin’ Kitten. Because…why not? 😉

  • My CB handle would be Gilligan. It’s a nickname from high school based on my last name be similar to the TV show.

  • Mars Bars – a nickname from my childhood, long ago.

  • One More Row and my profile picture would be my husband rolling his eyes.

  • Knitwit in honor of the woman who taught me to knit. Out of her gajillion grand and great-grand kids, none of them knit, so I’m her knitting legacy. Knitwit was her CB actual handle. 🙂

  • My nieces and nephews call me Auntie, and my sister-in-law named me Scarlett when everyone had a pseudonym, so I would have to be AuntieScarlett.

  • My handle would be Sassy Monkey

  • Mine would probably be Chicken Jenn because of all my chickens. I basically have a hobby farm with poultry and escaped rabbits. The sheep are coming as soon as I can finish their fence.

  • In honor of my mom, mine would be be “Moonbeam’s daughter”.

  • Knitterforlife

  • “Trashpicker”….because I firmly believe someone’s trash can always become someone else’s repurposed treasure!

  • Lotta Sox.
    Love to make ’em
    Love to wear ’em

  • I still have the CB radio my dad put in my first car. I used to go by Sis after using our official call code.

  • My handle would be Raging Wool, the same as my Ravelry and Etsy handles. My sister coined it when I was looking for a name for my wee business of upcycled wool sweater accessories.

  • Grandma Pam

  • Banjo – always wanted to play one.

  • My handle would be Castaway

  • My handle would be Rebel with sticks….

  • How about Madskills Momma? It’s early in the morning and that is what came to mind, though it should just be crazy woman with too many hobbies!

  • Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I had a CB handle. Bright Eyes, obviously due to the excitement of visiting a yarn shop!

  • Tinkerbell. Fitting name for me & my knitting. Nobody’s perfect.

  • My handle would be Big Momma.

  • As a nanny, I get “Mary Poppins” a lot so that’s the most likely candidate for my handle. But a friend’s young son recently got my name mixed up and has been calling me “Trixie”, which I find I love. So if MP is already taken, I’d sign up for that.

  • My handle would be Four Eyes

  • I’m thinking “slow but steady” would be my knitting handle.

  • I love these columns! Lolol my handle would be tuxedokittymom.

  • Pokey Knitter!

  • Trish kabob

  • My friends call me “The Enabler”.

  • The Notorious K.I.P.

  • Purly Girl

  • My handle is Saucemaker. That was from way back.

  • Belchickie it’s actually a combo of two surnames

  • In honor of my dog; Warrior Princess!

  • I think mine would be bistitchual.

  • My CB handle would be “Bubble Wrap”
    This is because I’m constantly falling, slipping, or hurting myself in some fashion. And my friends want to wrap me I bubble wrap!!!

  • I’d be NanaBanana

  • Mine would be sheepycurls

  • Mama E would be mine, I think. Mama to two boys and a girl Doodle. ❤️

  • Alright, already.

  • My handle will forever be WoollyWino

  • Red. It’s not very exiting but it’s about the only nickname I’ve ever had and it sounds like a good CB handle to me.

  • Breaker 1-9. My handle is Tenaj, but I haven’t used it in a couple decades,

  • My CB handle (in the 70s) was Lillipop.

  • Mborkdork (my childhood nickname and Pokemon Go game name)

  • Satin Sister. My younger brother used to be a long haul trucker, and I always wanted to go cross country with him and talk to all the other truckers.

  • I have this on a magnet on the back of my car and people ask if it is my CB handle! So let’s make it official: k2tog.

  • Addi Turbo

  • Mine would be coloradojem. Its acombination of where i live and my initials as well as my ravelry name

  • Pointy Needles

  • I’m “The Geeg”. That’s pronounced with a soft “g”- “jeej”. 10-4 good buddy

  • TX Nana…because it’s always about the grands!

  • Mine would be Junebug. I use that as my alter ego/avatar name a lot

  • Mine is Knitbyhand.

  • My CB handle back in the day was the Sugar Plum

  • Porkchop

  • I had a CB handle when I was a kid, and I’m embarrassed to say, it was Motormouth. Bring on the mugs!

  • My CB handle would be KNIT-READER.
    This is fun!

    Thank You

  • Floggin’ Floozie

  • Hi. I would love to enter for the Ballband Mug. I guess my CB handle would be “I knit, but only while he drives”. I missed the entire state of Montana once trying to learn how to turn the heel of a sock. (I can do it now.) This morning I woke up, boiled and baked the bagels, and then I thought, “Happy Saturday! I’ve got Snippets!” Thank you and good morning.

  • Fuzzy wuzzy

  • DammitJanet

  • Grannie Frannie

  • I probably would go with Farmmom as my handle.

  • My family all had handles in the 70s. I was Poke Along. Dad was Slowpoke, Mom was Pokey, my brother was Slow Motion and my sister was Tag Along. Today I would probably use Knitwit.

  • Mine would be “Skyhag Rides”. Flight attendant now trucker… that would be a no… Don’t like driving anything bigger than a car…accidents waiting to happen.

  • susie-q (even though i bristle at people who without my permission decide to shorten my given name to sue or susie, i’m ok with this as handle, go figure!)

  • Go Jo

  • My Dad was an air traffic controller and a truck driver, his handle was Iceman. I always liked that, so I’d have to have a take off on that.

  • My CB handle would be “Molly Mama” in honor of my loyal bichon who “helps” me knit everyday.

  • Turtle. What can I say, I’m slow.

  • Mama B!

  • “Sticks” would be my handle

  • Breaker, Breaker 1-9! You got my handle? It’s your good knitting buddy, Ncogknitto, here, and I’d love to win that Ballband thermal mug!! Yeah— that’s a big 10-4! Happy sipping and knitting to all! 10-7

  • Breaker one-nine, breaker one-nine this is Right Side Row; looks like we’ve got us a convoy!

  • Rosebud

  • Mine would be “cobragirl”.

  • Knit 1, Play Too!

  • Mine would be Clariknitter, which was actually an email address used by my daughter who also knits and plays the clarinet. Fortunately, that email is long gone, and I would feel absolutely free to use it as a CB handle!

  • CB radios were a thing when I was a teenager, commuters in the NYC area used to use them to avoid the “smokies.” If I had a handle then, it would have been “jellywaxer” since I was in charge of doing the paraffin wax on top of all the jam and jelly my mother and grandmother would make.

  • My CB handle was “Whistle Stop.” I was married to a train “railroader,” and everyone said I was pretty when in my younger days.

  • Deeda.
    It’s my family nickname as my brother couldn’t say Linda when he was a baby.

  • My CB handle would be Tink-a-Lot. You know… I’m a reverse knitter!

  • My CB name would have to be Loose Woman, a title my DDIL gave me when she first saw how loosely I knit LOL

  • Evil Genius

  • My CB handle would be TSK – Thoughtful Scatterbrained Knitter 🙂

  • Back in the days when we had a CB radio, my handle was Tennessee Transplant.

  • Mario Belli – and if anyone knows the reference, YAY!

  • Ridge Girl Jenny works for Ravelry, so why not as a CB handles?

  • Woolsnob

  • I think it might have to be Timtam.

  • Mine would be “Anchor”.
    Explanation: Apparently when my sister was learning to speak, “Jennifer” did not roll trippingly off her young, untried tongue and what came out was closer to the above. The only other person who ever referred to me by that moniker was my father. He has gone to his reward, but I love the memory of him calling me that sometimes.

  • My CB handle would be Della Strada (an amalgamation of the movie La Strada and the Perry Mason character Della Street)

  • Leenerknit

  • SuperNana

  • Love the organic studio colors! I completely understand the getting off topic issue- I have to know- who did play Aunt Esther? So google to the rescue: LaWanda Page!

    My handle would be Gourmet Mama

  • JellyBelly

  • My handle would be Knitwit because I love to knit and I love good humor!

  • My CB handle in the ‘70’s was Tinkle Eyes. A looong time ago. Lol. PS Loved Sanford and Sons!!

  • Mine would have to be “Ditz-ball”…. it’s from high school – my maiden name is Dietz (said deets), usually mispronounced ‘dits’ by teachers. At one point, on a friend’s trampoline, a flip went awry, and I became the ‘ditzball in the corner pocket”

  • Frogginit— pretty self explanatory

  • Begonia

  • Gnarly Knots. My 13 y/o dog is named Gnarly. His fur is probably in everything I knit

  • Bandit! Are you thinking Smoky and the Bandit now. I might have dated myself

  • Knitting reader

  • My CB handle I used back in the late eighties, early nineties was Mystery Woman!!! I was a mystery until my husband met me in 1992!!!

  • Brown Eyes – actually my handle given by my Mom (PeeWee) when I was a little girl and wanted one soooo bad❤️

  • “Heartlady”

  • Granny Stork: I am the fist and the second. And, yes, I bring babies!

  • Getter Done

  • Auntie Purl

  • Banana – I don’t know how to explain it.

  • Wander Lost

  • Spiderwebs. A nickname from elementary school- when I was the tallest in my class.

  • mine would be MUSTANG SUZI. I love driving my FORD MUSTANG GT. It’s manual transmission and 400+ horsepower!

  • Thingwhatknits over here.

  • Jezzie

  • I think my name would be Skittles – a candy I love and fun to say

  • SFknitty, here.

  • Blue Eyes

  • CB handle: Lacey Buttons. Not telling you why.

  • It would be either synchrogirl (I’m on a synchro swim team) or TBones which is a nickname one of my sisters calls me

  • My CB handle would likely be The Bag Lady. Even when I was little I had all the bags. I swear they multiple on their own in my closet as I rarely purchase one myself (or even ask for one!). I don’t mind as I always find good uses for them – especially as I have several WIP’s going at once usually!

  • Just call me Spud.

  • Probably SuperK.

  • PlanetKnit, or PK for short.

  • CB handle would be KC

  • Lizziebear

  • Alykat

  • Sugar Cane

  • My CB handle would be the same as my superhero name: Gadget Girl. Because my belt and pockets have enough stuff to handle the zombie apocalypse.

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