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There’s never a dull moment at MDK. Truly. Something is always coming up. And when it does, the command to adapt to new conditions is one we accept (usually) with hilarity. Serpentine!

This year, getting Field Guide No. 23 launched on January 27 meant we’d need to adapt our much-beloved Bang Out a Sweater February knitalong. We couldn’t do without it altogether. I mean, what was I going to do with this?

Istex Léttlopi in moody, heathered Moor

I serpentined right over to Amy Christoffers’s Felix Cardigan and proposed to Kay and Ann that we host a less formal knitalong for Léttlopi lovers who want to make any of the many great sweaters or cardigans in this gauge-shifting, hard-wearing, heart-warming yarn.

Here are just a few ideas for you:

Destination Pullover and Daytripper Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone

In the MDK Shop
Order up some Léttlopi and join the KAL!
By Ístex

Felix Cardigan or Pullover by Amy Christoffers

Vár by Ragga Eiríksdóttir

Here is a link to our #lopikalmdk thread in The Lounge where we’ll be sharing WIPs and FOs.

We’ve also got two new Little Lessons lined up from Jen Arnall-Culliford.

So pick a pattern. Pick up your Léttlopi here. Cast on whenever you like, and share your progress, questions, or just cheer us on! We’ll keep this up through February, so anyone who wants the Bang Out February 1–28 challenge, go for it.

A Giveaway

The prize? Three MDK Field Guides to fill out (or start!) your collection. You choose! See them all here on our Make Your Own Field Guide Bundle page.

How to enter?

Two steps:

Step 1: Sign up for MDK emails, right here. If you’re already signed up, you’re all set. We have a new option for texting, so when you sign up for those, you’ll get a coupon code good for 10% off your next MDK order.

Step 2: Do you have a favorite pattern for Léttlopi in your queue or in the form of a cherished FO? Leave the pattern name and designer in a comment below.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, January 22, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.

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About The Author

An artist in multiple media by nature and by education, Cristina Shiffman is a knitter, sewist, potter, and photographer who also draws, paints, and dyes with natural materials. Cristina has been collaborating with MDK since 2017.


  • I love the Ruka pullover by Sari Nordlund.

    • love my Daytripper that didn’t take a day nor got banged out . Would love to do Stopover, Ruka or Felix.

    • I don’t have a pattern but do love the MDK field guides. My first was Sequences and I signed up to receive more this year. Can’t wait to dig into the one that just arrived: Glow

    • If someone wants to try out the Letlopi on a smaller project first, try the free pattern Seaman’s 1898 Hat. It is soooo warm and cozy, makes a great gift, fun to play with colorways and has a unique construction.

      • The Felix Cardigan and Pullover have been in my queue so if they can be made with Lettlopi I’m all in!

        • I made the Felix cardigan out of Galaxy Lettlopi, and I love it. It goes with everything!

      • Ooh, I looked it up and saved it. 🙂

        • The Felix cardigan is gorgeous! I’d like to try that.

    • Ooh I could never “bang out” a Ruka, but what a cool pattern!

      • The Felix Amy Christoffers is on my list lovely

      • Letho by Natasja Hornby. Favorite sweater ever. I wear it all the time!

        • Letho by Natasja Hornby – great to wear and to gift!

  • I don’t have a favorite, but I’m SO looking forward to my new subscription to the Field Guides!

    • I’ve never made a sweater for someone old enough to tell me it itches. All the Léttlopi love here has me increasingly interested to try making something traditionally Icelandic and me-sized.

    • I do not have a favorite and I have been searching for your help. My husband and son went to Iceland four years ago and brought me home three skeins of Hosuband. Of course it’s all the exact same color – sort of a two toned blue marled looking yarn. I am completely stumped on how to use this. A family of socks? Start if a sweater? A parcel of hats? I have sat with this for so long I feel guilty! I honestly don’t know what to do with it. I have searched tons of patterns. So I am really excited about this thread because I’m going to look at every pattern people mention. Thanks all!!!

      • Destination Pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • Destination pullover-Mary Jane Mucklestone.

    • I just started a daytripper cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • I don’t have a specific pattern but would make a long vest for layering or a belted wrap

    • The Daytripper cardigan by Mary Mucklestone is definitely in my New Year’s plan of knitting.

  • I’ve never made anything with Lettlopi, but would love to try sometime!

  • I would like to make the Felix cardigan

  • Felix Cardigan
    by Amy Christoffers

  • I have been eyeing Treysta by Jennifer Steinglass for a while now.

  • Felix Cardigan and the Pullover by Amy Christoffers are both in my q
    Just went to staples and printed them both out
    Excited to start

  • I love Vildblom by Sara Jansson

    • Love the Felix cardigan & pullover.

    • I looked it up, now I want to make one too!

  • I don’t but am strongly thinking about the destination pullover

    • Ha!. “Serpentine” has become a family favorite to say when we have to make adjustments.

      Like to work with Léttlopi but can not wear it, though I saw a poncho recently that might work as it wouldn’t touch any bare skin. Or maybe a v-neck vest. It’s fun to steek.

    • I love my Destination Pullover! My first Lopi sweater was Gamaldags by Helene Magnusson and was a fun knit and beloved sweater also.

    • Destination looks so tempting!

  • So many patterns – so little time – I would loved to try a a circular yoke pattern – like Var, but a little more fitted through the body.

  • The first sweater I knit was a lopi sweater in 1993 as a newlywed for my husband. It was from a reynolds pattern book (no 10?) and I remember how satisfying it was to knit. He still wears it and it has survived the years amazingly well (no moth holes!) Our 30th wedding anniversary is in March —I think he deserves another sweater!

    • Penguins is going in the queue for my granddaughters.

    • Penguins by Linda Konraosdottir is just charming. It was my first intro to lettlopi.

      • Oh my goodness – Penguins is the cutest! Must convince one of the kids to produce a grandchild so I can make one of these. 🙂

  • A couple of “try it to see if I like it before committing lots of time and yarn commitment to a sweater” (Boho Mosaic Style Cardigan by Irene Lin) lèttlopi patterns:
    Voff by Védís Jónsdóttir…a cute dog coat, very warm and can take the wet n wear and tear from active pups
    Arctic Starflower Slippers by Kajsa Vuorela Fredriksson…slippers I’ve had in my queue for awhile fantasizing I’ll make a pair for everyone in the knit group for holiday gifts. (Maybe I should gift myself first)

    • Day tripper. MaryJane Mucklestone

  • I’ve always liked Ranga by Vedis Jonsdottir.

  • I knit Sigla (by Mary Jane)…am thinking of Stopover which has been on my radar for years…but Destination is really nice too! (Please don’t include me in the give-away…I have all the Field Guides!)

  • Jaunty hat-Mary Jane Mucklestone is my letlopi fav

  • The Maja Cardigan by Helene Magnussen on Ravelry (free, BTW). You can see mine there.

    • Beautiful!

    • It’s beautiful! I love the colors and the buttons! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added it to my library. 🙂

  • Riddari a Lopi design.

  • Received my yarn from you guys yesterday, so might as well throw my hat in the ring! I am making the Solbein Cardigan by MJ Mucklestone from Making No. 4. I have used Lettlopi before and LOVE it. This will be my first attempt at a steek.

    • you’ve just changed my mind, Solbein is it, and I already own the book!

    • Yes! We’ve got lots of steeking content for you including Gretchen Funk’s Needle-felting tutorial.

    • I’m going to start with a Jaunty hat, with potentially a Daytripper one day as my winter wear. Not many cold days in Ala .

  • I just ordered some Lettlopi last week to make a Destination pullover! Eagerly awaiting my delivery!

  • Nothing in the queue but I LOVE my Destination pullover and am currently looking for a project to use up the several skeins of leftover yarn.

  • My Day Tripper Cardigan is my go to winter sweater. It’s made in lettopi. I get so many complements on it. Thank you.

  • Hmmm…maybe some Selbu mittens. I hear Lettlopi is just great for colorwork. I don’t think I could wear Lettlopi as a sweater. Perhaps a little too rustic for me.

  • I ordered my yarn for Daytripper- never done any color work or cutting of the finished sweater. But I did knit a Felix cardigan and I love it – maybe if I chicken out I’ll make it instead!

  • I have the Felix Cardi in my queue but have the Daytripper field guide. My next project will be a cardi. Just finishing another pullover.

  • I have yarn for both the Felix and Daytripper. What am I waiting for? Oh I know, I am working on Silverlining by Jennifer Steingass.

  • I’m Team Daytripper: I just finished my fourth one. I knit my first in a deep red and it ended up looking very autumnal. I’d started another last January, in a beautiful spring green. Then I had to finish it before month’s end so I could bang out another in wintery grays in February. I took a break for a few months (yarn was backordered), but finished the fourth in deep greens and blues as a Christmas gift for my mother. And apparently I’ll be casting on next month for my fifth (and final?) in summery yellow to complete my seasonal project.

    • The Handtak mittens from Knitting with Icelandic Wool. Also available as a single pattern on Ravelry.

      • Thank you, these look perfect for using up my leftover Lettlópi. I am shopping my stash this year, so I wish everyone the very best with the February challenge!

  • That Destination Pullover – woolly goodness in beautiful colors!

  • My most favorite handmade sweater is Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Stopover. It fits better than anything I have made and I wear it all the time.

  • Would like to make a Felix or Bernie in Léttlopi. Favorite FO is my Big Love from Ankestrick.

  • Would love to make a Felix cardigan by Amy Christoffers. My new wardrobe staple.

  • I would like to knit Destination Pullover.

  • The Destination Pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone was my first sweater. Love it!

  • Stopover and heart mittens by Mary Jane Mucklestone as well as the Icelandic patterns on the Istex website who make Lettlopi!

  • Milk Stout By Thea Colman

  • My sweet old man cat (12 yo) is Felix, so that cardigan looks like a winner for me

  • I love the pattern Maria so I knit it for an upcoming trip to Iceland. Then the trip to Iceland got cancelled because of covid and a family issue. Maria is still waiting for her trip to Iceland!

  • I gave away a Destination Pullover to my soon to be ex daughter in law so perhaps I should knit one for myself. It’s so lovely. Those pockets!! Three field guides would just about fill out my collection.
    The pandemic would feel over if March Mayhem comes back. Hoping…..

    • Ditto;) but I don’t think we’ll see it again

  • The Daytripper Cardigan is working around in my mind. I love it so much, but I can’t decide on the color palette.

  • Ooh! I wonder how Hugo by Veronik Avery would look?!

  • I love the sunny yellow child’s pullover with penguins along the yoke called. Penguins by Linda Konráðsdóttir

  • I learned about Lettilopi with the Bang-Out-a-Stopover KAL. I had just gotten back into knitting as an adult and this was one of my first sweaters. I didn’t know anything about wool yarn then, but I found some Patons Classic in the local Michael’s and jumped in. The sweater came out better than I expected for all of the firsts involved. I have been wanting to try out Lopi since then and still haven’t. I would love to knit it again in Lettilopi. One of a Jennifer Steingass’s patterns would be fun too.

  • After seeing so many beautiful Destination Scarves the other day I am itching to begin one of these. . .or the Jaunty Beanie. . .or the mittens. . .better figure out which way to start!

  • CFO—cherished finished object—Stopover pullover.

  • So many projects to love! I’m thinking the Destination Pullover needs to be my next sweater. Have to get the current sweater off my needles first.

  • Victory Cardigan by Corinne at The Woolly Thistle

  • I received my order of Lopi on Friday and have just started my gauge swatch/pocket lining for Destination Pullover. It will be my first time to knit along with any group. Very excited to see if I can keep up!

  • I love my Stopover, by Maryjane Mucklestone

  • Tme Muck;estone Daytripper pushes all my buttons: cardigan, FairIsle colorwork, raglan shoulder… !!

  • The Daytripper cardigan has been on my mind for ages! If I already had the yarn in stash I’d be knitting it now:-)

  • Destination scarf. Quick knit subtle look, and easy foray into color work during transitions.

  • Destination pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone. But im really liking the look of the Felix cardigan.

  • I Banged Out a Main Squeeze Cardi, by Jen Geigley from F.G. 12, in Aĺafosslopi. Luv ❤️ that cardi/coat! Get compliments on it every time I wear it

    • Nordic Leaf Mittens
      by Helene Magnusson

      But I will need to order some more Lett Lopi for Feb to bang out a sweater–perhaps another Treysta? like the one I knitted in 2018.

  • Frjókorn
    by Hélène Magnússon

  • I’m making the Pousse Cafe vest by Thea Colman with Lettlopi right now and LOVING IT! There is more of this yarn in my future for sure. I hear the Destination Pullover calling me…..

    • I just got that pattern too so will watch your progress — maybe that will be where all my Lopi leftovers go to stripe!

  • I can’t imagine tackling a sweater, but this yarn looks so yummy I want to make the Trinket Mittens designed by Mary Jane Mucklestone for my friend Suz who is a lover of mittens!!!

  • I’ve only made the Daytripper Cardigan with it so it’s my favorite. And I’ve made it twice.

  • Pendennis club pullover by Thea Coleman

  • Just sewed in the ends on my Stopover a couple of weeks ago! That’s my favorite Léttlopi pattern yet. It’s gorgeous & it was a delight to knit.

  • Daytripper cardigan is very tempting. I could use my recently renewed 2 color knitting skill and try my hand at a much feared steek! It’s about time…

  • Destination Pullover – Mary Jane Mucklestone, is currently at the top of my queue. Can’t wait to get started.

  • After doing the Daytripper (all but cutting the steek), and the Destination pullover (all but one sleeve), I think I might try the Cider House by Jen Geigley.

  • Fimma by Sarah Dearne

  • I like the Felix pullover and looking for a color to make me happy in winter

  • Timing for this is perfect! I am weaving in ends for my Quattro Wrap and have my yarn to make a Destination Pullover (inspired by MDK last year). Can’t wait!

  • Destination Pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • Felix pullover by Amy Christoffers. Classic perfection!

  • Destination Pullover. I like the simple lines of this sweater.

  • I am so afraid of color work that I have no favs in my queue but the destination pullover looks like just the intro to color work I need!

  • I have been promising my husband a sweater and he chose Riddari by Vedis Jonsdottir for Istex. I have never knit with Lettlopi but have always wanted to try it!

  • I bought my yarn yesterday and hope to bang out a Daytripper this year! I was so jealous when everyone else was happily knitting away on theirs last year…this year I can start my own and I’m so excited!!!

  • I’m a big fan of the destination pullover!

  • I have recently made Altheda by Jennifer Steingass for my daughter but I also like the Felix cardigan.

  • I’ve knit the Daytripper cardigan, but I’d love to make the Destination pullover too. We’re in the middle of an out of state move, so that will have to wait a bit.

  • I think Jennifer Steingass’ treelight would be great in Lopi!

  • Well now you’ve gone and given me an excuse to move the Destination Pullover to the top of my “to knit” list and try to bust one out in February. It will be a challenge….I expect to be all Arne&Carlos-ed up as soon as I get my Norwegian Wool. So much knitting, love it!

  • Last Year I made both the Day Tripper and Destination Pullover. I like be them both but, the Pullover is my favorite.

  • Thanks for the Serpentine! laugh this morning! Love that movie! Couldn’t knit to it though, too much fun on screen. 🙂

  • Ooh. I would definitely knit and wear Var!

  • Cline by Julie Hoover or Grey Space by Tif Neilan would work well.

  • I have a Daytripper I need to finish from last year! I made one for my mom, but didn’t finish the one I started for myself.

  • Treelight is in my cue.

  • So many ideas,but I would put Daytripper cardigan at the top of my list.

  • This is an oldie but goodie:

  • I have had Stopover on my list for a while – also have the Lett Lopi Field Guide – so many choices!

  • The Daytripper Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone has been on my knitting bucket list for a while.

  • I made the stopover pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone. I was surprised by how non itchy the sweater is. Lettlopi is fun but not the softest yarn ever. But my sweater is perfect!

  • I think that Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Destination Pullover is, as you say, “like a trip to Iceland without the hassle of a flight”.

  • I have made 3 Lopis from MJ’s field guide. A Destination Pullover, A Daytripper Cardigan and a Daytripper Halfigan (Partial steek with only 3 buttons) As all Moms say I can’t choose I have 3 favorites!

  • This my favorite. It is stunning.
    Öræfi by G. Dagbjört Guðmundsdóttir

  • Miles Shirt Jacket would be my pick for this yarn!

  • I definitely want to knit a Felix pullover, but not in lopi. I love the way it looks but cannot wear it.

  • I’m using Lettlopi to knit Letho by Natasja Hornby.

  • I got 4 skeins of Lettlopi in Iceland with the intent of making colorwork mittens. Maybe I should finally do that since my trip was a decade ago.

  • Destination Pullover it is!! I have my yarn and my Field Guide and what am I waiting for?? The time is now!

  • Just finished riddarri sweater and feel like I could knit 100 of them! Love everything about it.

  • The Stopover the first “bang out” a sweater in a month. It made me realize I could do it & have done Daytripper & Destination since.

  • Big Love by Ankestrick. I’ve wanted to knit that for a long time.

  • This pattern has been waiting in my Favorites for the right yarn for a while now

  • Icelandic Star by Sarah Hoadley

  • Love. Love. Love the Felix cardigan.

  • Jalokivi
    It’s written in Finnish but the designer says Google translate does the job of translating to English.

  • For Christmas, I made the Jaunty Beanie from Field Guide 17 for the kids in my life…a fun project that will be enjoyed for many winters to come!

  • The Felix cardigan has been put off many times, maybe I will tackle it. Amy Christoffers

  • I made a Destination pullover during last year’s Bang Out A Sweater KAL and I love it. Time for a cardigan? Bindrune by Amy Christophers has been in my queue since it was released in 2017!

  • I love my Stopover by Mary Jane Mucklestone and am always thinking I want to make another.

  • Maja Cardigan by Hélène Magnússon is a gorgeous colorwork sweater that just screams for this yarn

  • Love the Day Tripper by Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • I’m going to make the day tripper cardigan. I’ve got a few balls of lopi that I picked up in Iceland, so now I’m just picking out my other colors. It’s such a pretty pattern!

  • Destination Pullover – wearing one right now!

  • The Destination Pullover looks like the best first time in long wearing project!

  • Daytripper cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • I love the Felix Pullover by Amy Christoffer – I already made one but I may make the cardigan.

  • Nordic Wind shawl by cabinfour.

  • Fuyuhi by Norika Ichikawa

  • I love my Destination Pullover in greens and brown!

  • I love my Feel the Bern pullover by Caitlin Hunter, and I’m starting looking to plan a colorway for the Levi Pullover by Sari Norlund.

  • Early-ish in my knitting career (in the 90’s) I knit a lopi cardlgan for myself in turquoise yarn. I then knit one for my mom in a bulky Brown Sheep wool that was the same gauge, but OH, that sweater was so heavy! I also knit a little pink pullover for my daughter that she would never wear — too scratchy. She really was a princess-and-the-pea kid. I don’t know if I still have that sweater, it might have been passed on to a niece. I still have my sweater, though I haven’t worn it in years. This was all pre-ravelry, and though I have some notes somewhere, I don’t know the pattern names anymore.

  • I have purchased the yarn and cast on to start the Destination Pullover. I successfully bound off for the two pocket but have a problem changing colors for the pocket liners and the design. I have stopped. I would love to join your Knit-a-Long to make progress on it!

  • I’d like to try the Felix cardigan.

  • An entrelac market bag. It was supposed to be a felted market bag, but I loved the look of the entrelac so much I left it unfelted and turned it into a yarn storage bin. It was made many, many years ago and do not remember the pattern name. I think it came out of a tiny book put out by vogue.

  • I’m so excited for this, as last year I bought everything to make Daytripper (Mary Jane Mucklestone) for bang out a sweater and then got very ill 🙁 I kept meaning to get started and haven’t, so that’s what I’ll do ❤️❤️❤️

  • I made Stopover by Mary Jane Mucklestone a few years ago. I loved it then, love it now, and will always, always love it!

  • Amy Christoffers Felix cardigans

  • Destination Pullover in one color with contrast pocket linings!

  • Trinket mittens by Mary Jane Mucklestone. Warm, pretty and fun to knit!

  • I’ve never knit with lopi, so it would be fun to try. I don’t have a favorite yet.

  • I want to knit the Destination Pullover. I really like Lopi — not so thick and bulky and incredibly warm makes it great for travel. I’ve done a bunch of slipper boots in it, to! Cozy warm!

  • O my. I love this Bomos kal (bang out my own sweater). Trouble is, I made a lettlopi sweater in October. Even used Moody color in it. Then, I made a plotulopi sweater. And then I bought a lot of plotulopi. Totally in love with it. And now Teti Lutsak has released her Vinbar Dress pattern. It won’t count as a kal entry, oh well

  • Maja cardigan by Hélène Magnússon for color work or the Felix Pullover by Amy Christoffers for a solid. Both wonderful!

  • Color Shifting scarf. May adapt it to a vest.

  • I made a Bregne (by Lærke of Fiber Tales) in a beautiful deep blue Léttlópi. It is soooo cozy!

  • Daytripper, but oh, the color choices.

  • No favorite yet, there are so many choices, but I’m working on it!

  • Destination pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • I love Day tripper and Var

  • Matoaka Sweater from Linka Neumann’s book “Wilderness Knits” is a stunner!

  • I don’t have a favorite designer for mittens, but this yarn makes “great hunting mittens”when knit with smaller needles (quote from the hubby)

  • I must amend: Ranga. The Ranga River is beautiful. Hotel Ranga is one of my favorites. And having just searched the pattern, I love it.

  • That Daytripper cardigan looks really fun. That would be the one for me!

  • Any Wilderness knits patterns by Linka Neumann

  • This yarn is one of my favorites! Works up fast. Great colors and nice price.
    Stopover is my favorite pattern. Good memories of your KAL!

  • I’m leaning towards a Felix cardigan – I think it will show off the beautiful yarn! Happy Knitting everyone : )

  • thank you for showing the moss color…i have looked at it but could not tell much about it in the shop!

  • I plan to knit Trinket mittens for my daughter.

  • Currently have Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Destination Pullover on my needles. Just one and a half sleeves to go. It’s going to be a fabulous go-to pullover!

  • Librarian Vest by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas or Juliette, a 1970s vintage crocheted smock jacket

  • Daytripper is my first knit with lettilopi.fell in love with yarn and sweater. For my New Year sweater I reached for Weatherman.
    Great knit so far!

  • Daytripper!

  • I love the daytripper sweater and if I ever baby things I plan to knit one

  • Daytripper Cardigan has been on my list every since the Lopi Field Guide came out. Maybe this is the year to do it!

  • Just made my Destination pullover pockets!

  • I’m going to finish my Daytripper Cardigan I started last year….I stopped with only one sleeve to knit plus the steek cutting and button band. This will inspire me to finish it up!

  • Definitely want to knit a Daytripper cardigan (but eek! steeking!!) in exactly the same color ways as MJ!!

  • Telja by Jennifer Steingass

  • The Felix Cardigan for sure!!! Those lacy little leafy raglan increases had me at hello!

  • Just placed an order…want to use it on the National Parks collection of hats.

  • I would really love to knit the Felix Cardigan!

  • I have never worked with Lettlopi before, but plan to knit the original “Bang-Out-A-Sweater” pattern, “Stopover” by Mary Jane Mucklestone. What fun!!!

  • I don’t hav a favorite because they are all so cool

  • Felix Cardigan- Amy Christoffers

  • I have a Daytripper Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone on the needles right now. It got set aside so that I could work on a blanket for my new granddaughter and socks for my son who really feels the cold since going through chemo a couple of years ago. I really hope to finish my Daytripper this winter.

  • Daytripper cardigan is 9n the top of my list!

  • I have only used Léttlopi once, but I love the item I made. It is the Proto-Lola hat by Laura Nelkin.

  • I have on my sweater project list the Daytripper Cardigan. I just have to make the time to start.

  • I had some Letlopi and then gave it to a friend who wanted to make some cowls for her daughters. So, I better order some and keep it this time.

  • Carbeth, Kate daniels

  • I would like to try lett look by making the Felix cardigan by Amy Christoffers

  • Felix or Destination, both are great.

  • Haven’t made mittens since I was a junior high student at our church Vacation Bible School. Trinket Mittens looks like something I would enjoy making and will bring back memories of the mitten tree we girls made that summer.

  • The Jaunty beanie by Mary Jane Mucklestone is a great pattern for trying out Lopi yarn. The Dustland sweater by Stephen West and the Felix pullover by Amy Christoffers are both in my queue.

  • Forgot to mention how much I enjoy Peter Falk and his humorous antics.

  • The movie looks hysterical and I’m hooked on zLopi

  • Jaunty Beanie and or Trinket Mittens

  • I do like my Stopover and also my Cobblestone pullover (Jared Flood).

  • I feel like there are too many! Arne and Carlos, Caitlin Hunter, so many options!

  • I am in love with Daytripper by Mary Jane Mucklestone. i need a cardigan! field guides 9,15, and 21 please.

  • I haven’t used Lettlopi yet, but the Felix pullover is on my list.

  • Big Love by ANKESTRiCK

  • I bought a bunch of lopi yarn 25+ years ago because I loved the look of that traditional lopi sweater but I never used it. Last February I joined the BOAS and knit the Daytripper with my long ago purchased lopi yarn. It was kismet, and I love it!

  • Baa-ble hat, by Donna Smith.

  • I so want MJ Mucklestones Daytripper cardi! Eying it for a long time now, budget and time restraints holding me back.Last sweater was 3 years ago, shawls and socks keeping me knitting! Love MDK from way back, first MDK book!! Thanks always for all you do here! Alexandra

  • I made the Solbein Cardigan (my first steek) by Mary Jane Mucklestone and I love it. I have the Destination pullover on my “to knit” list.

  • I’d really like to knit Dreyma!

  • I love so many Lettlopi sweaters! But after knitting my first, a Stopover banged out one Feb, I discovered that the itch factor is too much for me, so I’ve never used it since. I’ve been thinking, though, that I should try using up my Lettlopi leftovers in a hat that would be super warm and most likely not too itchy for my head. Mary Jane’s Jaunty Beanie would be a good candidate.

  • World’s Simplest Mittens by tincanknits

  • Tho’ I can’t imagine I will be able to “bang out” a sweater in a month (especially the shortest month of the year!) with my other responsibilities, I just LOVE the look of the Daytripper Cardigan!! I was so inspired by it that I ordered the yarn the first day I say the pictures of it. (can I cheat a bit by starting early?)

  • My favorite finished object is the Felix Cardigan my sister-in-law knit. She put a seagulls at the back hem.

  • Nancy Marchant …any brioche…. Here’s to a great year of knitting and some of us pulling out those unfinished projects. We can do this!

  • Felix! I just ordered the yarn for it 2 days ago.

  • Love the pockets on the Destination pullover. Now trying to pick the perfect colors is my challenge.

  • All the hat ariations in the Maryjane Mucklestone Field Guide

  • Amy Christoffers’ Felix pullover pattern.

  • Now ya got me wanting to make a Felix pullover in Letlopi!

  • Boreal Mitts by Jill Wick and a related hat are perfect for walking the dog in south Texas. I wish I could make a pullover with cowl neck.

  • Moon Pulls by Dianna Walla is gorgeous. The neck and cuffs are lined with a softer yarn (the pattern recommends cashmere) which looks and feels lovely.

  • Destination Scarf by Jane Mucklestone in Field Guide No. 17.

  • Stopover by Mary Jane Mucklestone.
    Warm and cozy.

  • I don’t have a favorite pattern,but I want to make the Felix Pullover as a gift!

  • Stopover Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • I’ve been thinking about Afmaeli for far too long. Maybe this year?

  • I just started the Daytripper cardigan using vintage Reynolds’s lopi. A year or two late for the Bangoutasweater but that’s how we roll. Loving it so far.

  • Day Tripper, I think. Or even a sofa pillow in stranded knitting using the Day Tripper motifs.

  • I am enchanted by Amy Gleixner’s Hjarta Lopi pullover.

  • Elizabeth Zimmerman Coat ((Schoolhouse Press Pattern #51). I’ve started my first one in Bartlett Yarns – Rangely, but a Lettopi one would be incredible!

  • My favourite pattern I would knit with Lettlopi is the Felix pullover by Amy Christoffers.

  • Destination in my queue!

  • I would like to try the Daytripper Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone. I’d like to try a steeked sweater.

  • A favorite pattern of mine is “Land ‘O Lakes” by Kate Davis. I would love to kni it in Lettlopi

  • I love my Destination pullover. It’s light weight, warm, and it has pockets! I have the Daytripper cardigan ready to steek, and think that will become a favorite also. Have to add pockets though. 🙂

  • Hestapeysa (Icelandic Sweater with Horses)
    Got the pattern for my mother and made it for her – she wore it for many years and always loved it. It’s a great sweater

  • Riddari by Védís Jónsdóttir – so many beautiful colorways tagged on instagram

  • Felix!

  • I never heard of Lettlopi before – something new for me to investigate!

    The Felix Cardigan looks like the perfect little everyday sweater that I need more of.

  • Penguins by Linda Konraosdottir Would be a good knit

  • Daytripper cardigan
    Mary Jane Mucklestone
    This just may be the impetus I need to start it! The yarn arrived in December, just need to swatch/confirm which color where:)

  • Definitely in!!! I think I’m making a Felix pullover in Galaxy. (Fun!)

  • Love the Daytripper! Fun color work & fast knitting.

  • felix cardigan

  • Oh so many patterns in my queue call for lettlopi! Lodge socks, Versal jumper and beyond!

  • Riddari. I’ve been meaning to get to it for years.

  • Felix cardigan is in my queue. Ravelry projects show a striped one. I’d like to do one with some very subtly varying shades

  • Daytripper Cardigan
    by Mary Jane Mucklestone may be a stretch but I love it

  • May need to buy more yarn! I’m thinking Felix pullover.

  • I have a book of Norwegian patterns, I’d love to try any of them in Lettlopi. The book has several designs which can be adapted to mittens, hats, stockings, sweaters, etc. One slight problem – the book is in Norwegian, which I can’t read. Google is helpful but not 100%… Thank goodness everything is charted, so I can swatch and work from there. I’m off work for a couple months for surgery; it’s the perfect time to try new techniques.

  • Lopi lace scarf, by Pam Allen

  • I’ve been wanting to make the “Big Love” cardigan by Annestrick. I already have the Lèttlopi in a wonderful deep purple. Does that count?

  • I’m dying to make Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Day Tripper Cardigan.

  • My favorite Lettlopi FO are the Vermont’s Finest (Bernie’s Mittens) by Meg Harlon – a free pattern on Ravelry. I’ve knit a couple pairs!

  • i don’t have a favorite—I’ve been afraid to even try. i see the Destination Pullover and MAYBE i could do it! need to win to that that field guide though! hint hint.

  • I really like the Daytripper cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone.

  • What about Rug, by Junko Okomoto? I’m a fan of her work and this one is free! f

  • This is perfect timing for me… I was making great progress on my Daytripper by Mary Jane Mucklestone last year when I got in a head-on collision in late June and miraculously broke only one finger on my left hand. It took months before I could start knitting again, but eventually I was able to make ballband and log cabin dishcloths in time for Christmas. My Daytripper was in my truck at the time of the accident and later rescued by my SIL at the wrecking yard. I am finally ready to get up my nerve to clean out the knitting bag and finish the sweater – the last sleeve, my first ever steek, and the edging.

  • I think my new favorite is Var, the last sweater in your post! Lovett oversized nature if it!

  • I love them all but daytripper cardigan is on my to-do list.

  • Before I commit…I am doing a swatch. Promised self I would make a White Buffalo style pullover, this year, also promised self to add Destination to my ‘done’ list. Swatching now.

  • Letho really is the classic of choice.

  • Destination Pullover by MaryJane Mucklestone

  • I’ve never used this Iceland yarn but would love to try knitting a Felix cardi by Amy Christoffers.

  • I used Jenn Steingass’ – Dreyma for my cherished Lettlopi and I LOVE it!

  • The puffin cardigan by Kate Davies!

  • I am currently knitting Roomy Balaclava by Rui Yamamuro (free pattern on Ravelry) using Baby Alpaca Bulky yarn for myself. I am now thinking about knitting another one for one of my daughters, using Lettlopi together with Rowan Kidsilk Haze.

  • My son & daughter-in-law brought me back some léttlopi from their trip to Iceland several years ago. I made a Ziggy Cowl and Peppermint and Pine Mittens with it and am reminded of their thoughtfulness whenever I wear them!

  • Seaman’s 1898 Hat. All time favorite

  • Sólbein Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • I have already bought enough Lettlopi to make TWO Destination pullovers, but am still trying to decide where I want the colors on each one. Sounds like I know what I’m doing in February!

  • Eilífð Is one of my favorites. I’d like to make it some day.

  • Solbein Cardigan is going on my needles!

  • I wear the Westfjords sweater designed by Mona Zillah (Bunnymuff) all the time when hiking. The fit is just perfect and it is so comfortable to move in

  • Daytripper Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone, Strokkur by Ysolda Teague or Felix Cardigan by Amy Christoffers.

  • Daytripper by Mary Jane Mucklestone. I have the beautiful Lettlopi yarn and the pattern. Now to finish up another sweater so I can begin Daytripping.

  • I’ve not made anything with Lettlopi…yet!

  • Daytripper Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone!

  • The color depths of Lopi make it great for colorwork. For the warmest, brightest mittens ever, I made VANTEN TASSA on US 1.5 needles. Absolutely wind-proof!

  • I have not yet knit with Lettlopi, it is on my wish list. Also still looking for that perfect pattern. Hopefully I can get some inspiration from MDK field guides.

  • I’m a beginner, but I’d love to try Pullover by Amy Christoffers.

  • A super warm Moraine by Tin Can Knits!

  • First, I was very happy to see the clip from The In-Laws, because that’s *exactly* what came to mind when I saw the title of the piece.

    Second, I still have my Hues in Horizontal, from over 20 years ago. That was my only experience with Lettlopi (called Lite Lopi then), and I’m always struck by how warm and light the sweater is. I’ve been eying the Day Tripper for quite a while…it might be time to make one.

  • Letho by Natasja Hornsby

  • Letho, by Natasja Hornby. Waiting in my queue.

  • I am making the Stopover pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone – can’t wait to cast on!!

  • I will love to make the Felix pullover.

  • I love Léttlopi yarn! I haven’t tried it yet but every time I see it used for beautiful sweaters I want Lopi yarn
    . Ty for t

    • Oopsie daisies, I’m having on of those days, can’t type! To answer your question on what I would like to make using wonderful Lopi, I keep looking at Seaman’s 1898 Hat, as well. It’s beautiful.
      Here’s what I left out, “Ty for the opportunity to win some of your field guides. <3

  • Just ordered Lettlopi yarn for the Destination Pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone. Can’t wait for it to get here!

  • Almost anything by Mary Jane Mucklestone. 🙂

  • Serpentine! I LMAO at that scene, as I did when I first saw the movie- thanks for bringing it back around!

  • Daytripper cardigan by MJ Mucklestone

  • I love my Sólbein cardigan! I could make it again as a sweater in any Lettlopi combination!!

  • I want to knit Gan by Albiona McLochlainn.

  • I”ve made Weekender by Andrea Mowry. Most any sweater by Isabell Kraemer — in my queue: Elah, Mycroft, Seve, & Aileas. Fannel by Orlane Sucche, & In Stillness Cardi by Alicia Plummer. My wishlist goes on, but I’ll stop.

  • Destination pullover-Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • I thought that because Iive the temperate climate of the SF Bay Area, LettLopi would be too hot to wear……wrong! It’s light and airy! I made the Felix Pullover last year and it’s one of my most beloved sweaters.

  • I just happened to print out Lopi Love a scrappy 4 color pullover that looks like a fun knit last week. So I started out thinking I’d knit that, but I now after reading these comments have two pages of patterns I will have to check out….

  • Love the Destination pullover!

  • There are so many good patterns that it would take me hours to pick one I do like the Felix pullover but I might opt for a more traditional yoke color work sweater.

  • Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Stopover got me coming AND going! I knit one for the first Bang Out a Sweater KAL, and I loved it so much I knit another one.

  • I have as yet to make anything with Lettlopi but I love seeing what others make! I have so many projects waiting to be knit this year that I’m not *planning* to buy any yarn any time soon…. However, I figure patterns are fair game I’ll take Field Guides 10, 19, and 22 please!

  • Well, Felix has been in my queue for many moons. Perhaps how is the time!

  • My favorite is Dreyma by Jennifer Steingass. For a quick and easy project, I like, but have not made, Vottar i Léttlopi mittens by Lars Andreas Myklebust. It’s in Norwegian, however.

  • Riddari by Vedis Jonsdottir has been in my queue to knit ever since it was published. Maybe this will be the year that is finally knit it up!

  • I’m in! I am knitting Afmaeli. ❤️

  • Almost ready to add the sleeve to the Daytripper cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone. Love the Lettlopi, love the pattern.

  • I love the old patterns out there for lettlopi, however, I’ve been eyeballing daytripper since it came out. I have some loping in my stash, just need to figure out a main color and order it.

  • Öræfi by G. Dagbjört Guðmundsdóttir

  • Althea by Jennifer Steingass

  • I’ll try Mary Jane’s Jaunty Beanie

  • Destination Pullover is still on my list. But Atlas by Jared Flood has been on my list for years. Before I even thought I would be a person who could do stranded colorwork.

  • Big Love by Ankestrick. Fantastic in Lettlopi

  • I don’t have a favorite for outlook but I do want to knit a daytripper.

  • Surprise jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann/Meg Swanson, Schoolhouse Press. So adaptable – length & armhole depth, clever-yet-easy construction, yarn stash-buster or solid color, all garter stitch! I’ve knit them with and without sleeves with Lopi yarns & hand spun alpaca. I’m eager to try one with Atlas!

  • Hopi by Linka Neuman

  • I have a zillion! Öræfi is one of my favorites as an FO, but seems daunting.

  • Daytripper Cardigan, Mary Jane Mucklestone. Just received my order and starting soon!

  • The Rusty Cardigan (by Steinunn Birna Gudjonsdottir) has been in my queue for ages, I might just make my February 2023 sweater!

  • I would like to make some “speedy Selbu mittens” pattern by Skeindeer Knits.

  • I have not worked with this yarn before, but it’s the suggested yarn for Maja Cardigan by Hélène Magnússon and I’ve been eying that for a while.

  • I really like the Felix Cardigan
    by Amy Christoffers

  • I love Vár by Ragga Eiríksdóttir!!

  • I would love to knit Treysta by Jennifer Steingass in Lopi. I am knitting a different sweater if hers, and the pattern is great!

  • VAR —- loving this pattern.

  • Felix cardigan by Amy Christoffers

  • I love the Riddari sweater by Vedis Jonsdottir.

  • I liked Krans by Maja Karlsson. Wouldn’t see me knitting it in the foreseeable future as it’s both beyond me and written in Swedish.

  • I gotta go with Var, which ticks all the boxes—top down! Breezy! Color! Nobody’s asking but my word for the year is Curiouser!

  • Destination Pullover!!

  • Ris vedis-jonsdottir-for-istex . I want to make this for layering. Just added to queue a few weeks ago!

  • Spring morning or Felix Cardigan

  • My mom had a book of Lopi designs from the ’70s. It might have been #78. I was fascinated by those patterned yokes long before I learned to knit. In spite of this I have yet to make a Lopi sweater.

  • I want to make the Felix pullover!

  • I follow the IG account of @thewoolbarrow (Tania Barley); like me, she lives in Ireland. She has beautiful patterns using Lettlopi; I think I would make the Raindrops pullover first : )

  • I’ve been wanting to knit the Felix pullover since it first came out. Letlopi would be the perfect match for it❤️

  • I love the Felix pattern—made one in Peace Fleece (so denser gauge) but am contemplating one in Lopi for the fluff and airiness.

  • Maja cardigan By Helene Magnusson. I would love to make this.

  • Love my Solbein, another instant classic by Mary Jane Mucklestone. Took me a bit to embrace the Steek—so worth it!

  • I LOVE my Daytripper made for last year’s Bang Out (though I finished late). In 40 years of knitting it’s the sweater I think I get the most compliments on.

  • Daytripper by Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • I have all the Lettlopi colors for Nell’s Colorshifting Destination Scarf! Can’t wait to cast on!

  • I have wanted to make a lettilopi sweater for ages, but I can’t choose!

  • I made a Daytripper and Stopover last year. I love them both but the Stopover is a wonderful all round go to for me.

  • I’ve never tried Letlopi. The Seaman’s 1898 cap sounds like a good place for me to start.

  • I’d like to try the Trinket mittens by Mary Jane Mucklestone.

  • yesterday i wore my bleideag (by ysolda teague and rebecca redston) made with mostly lettlopi and a fancier icelandic silk-enhanced wool. also love ysolda’s corstorphine and strokkur designs and dream of wearing all 3 whenever i can afford to splurge on a trip to iceland! maybe by the time this day arrives, i’ll have a couple more lopapeysas to cram into my suitcase?

  • I do love the Stopover. It was a game changer to knit lettlopi at a loose gauge. I made 3! 2 for gifts. I may make it again with a different fair isle pattern, or just stripes.

  • Cecilia by Tove Richter has been in my favorites queue in Ravelry for ages

  • Sigla by Mary Jane Mucklestone! In the works now!

  • How about Diller by Chris Berlin?

  • My very first sweater (42 years ago – gasp!) was a Lopi sweater in a pattern by Reynolds’s…but right now the Felix pullover by Amy Christoffers is in my queue!

  • Mo’dir by Berglind Inga Godmundsdottir. My keyboard skills don’t support Icelandic but the sweater is bold, subtle and breathtaking.

  • The Baa-ble hat! Cute and quick.

  • Ooooh-that Daytripper cardigan!

  • Felix Cardigan by Amy Christoffers

  • Snowbird by Heidi Kirrmaier

  • I like Var

  • Don’t have one but would love to learn! Just listened to Clara Parkes Knitlandia where she has a whole chapter on her trip to Iceland where she learned about the country, culture and it’s yarns.

  • I love my Hliekkir mittens, knit in Lite Lopi!

  • I have been hesitant to try it as I am wool sensitive. I was unable to wear wool until I tried merino. I willtey feeling it at a yarn shop first. I love the look of Icelandic sweaters.

  • Referred to only as Pattern 2, from a Lopi pattern book. Design by Gudrun Jonsdottir. Wish I could add the photo!

  • I’ve been eyeing the Felix cardigan and pullover!!!

  • One of my favorite projects using Léttlopi is the Bowler Hat by Wendy Grief. The hat is felted as a final step which produces a cute structured hat.

  • I like the Felix pullover.

  • Love the Destination Pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone!

  • Love Felix! I may have to join you despite being stuck on sleeve island with my current project

  • Destination Pullover

  • I really need to begin a Felix cardigan with Lopi but I have to choose a color! I always find that difficult when I can’t actually see (and touch) the yarn.

  • Destination pullover-Mary Jane Mucklestone. I’ve never knit with Lettlopi, but like the prospect of a warm and lightweight sweater.

  • I love Lopi! I’m reading The Lopapeysa Sweater by Toni Carr and Kyle Cassidy while knitting Framvinda. It’s such fun to read about the beautiful land where Lopi originates while knitting with it! It’s a must read for Lopi lovers!

  • Letho by Natasja Hornby! Lovelovelove the construction and the finished jacket!

  • I don’t have a favorite yet, but I’ve heard so much about this yarn I really want to try it.

  • I definitely want to try the felix cardigan! I only just finished making my first sweater, but that one is the next in my queue.

  • The Felix pullover is something I have been thinking about for a while

  • No favorite yet.

  • My very first sweater and only experience with Lettlopi so far: daytripper cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone I love the finished product and I’m inspired to make more. I bought way too much yarn last year in trying to choose the perfect colors (and I didn’t finish until August!), so maybe I’ll try the “Var” by Ragga Eiriksdottir next? But not during the KAL, alas…

  • I banged out the Daytripper last February. I still would love to make the Destination pullover. I am finding the loft and warmth of the yarn keeps calling me back!

  • I’d love to make Lumme by Sari Nordland!

  • The daytripper cardigan with pine green as the main color.

  • The Destination pullover looks fun and I’ve been wanting to try colorwork in the round. Consider me tempted. 🙂

  • Hi! I would make a Felix cardigan. I love my pullover – such a perfect fit!

  • Anniversary by Védís Jónsdóttir

  • Felix cardigan by Amy Christoffers. I love the one I already have.

  • My fave FO with Lettlopi is Daytripper. I have the yarn to knit the Maailman Synty sweater with the color apricot for the body and deep violet for the pattern.

  • The Felix cardigan for me! It would be a great wardrobe staple.

  • Destination pullover!

  • I’ve swatched for Big Love. My sister made it and was very happy.

  • First I knit the Felix pullover, then I knit the Felix cardigan, then I stockpiled more Lopi for another Felix. I think my favorite pattern is pretty obvious

  • I hate to admit it, but my Bang Out a Daytripper from 2022 is stuck on Sleeve Island! And after that it will be STEEKing time. I do love my color combo and actually worked the yoke twice, because my gauge swatch lied! When I finish it I will love it. I made Laura Nelkin’s Leio in the Galaxy color which I purchased on a fabulous trip to Iceland in 2017. I wear that all the time during the winter!

  • I’d love to make this and the mitts to go with it and even a matching hat would be nice,

  • Felix cardigan is my favorite finished object. I used an ordinary yarn (Touch of Alpaca) and practiced on a dog sweater, a baby sweater and finally the Felix with beautiful buttons from the Salt Yarn on Cape Cod. I’m SO ready to knit it again using Lettlopi! And then maybe I’ll dare to steek with the Daytripper. It’s been in my queue way too long.

  • My favorite lopi sweater pattern is Maja by Hélène Magnússon. (Free on Ravelry!) I have made it multiple times and it always makes a beautiful garment.

  • Felix cardigan

  • any cardigan, but Felix is my favorite

  • Torn between the Felix cardi or the Solbien cardi – the colorwork may win out, but the Felix could be faster…

  • Fern & Feather, by Jennifer Steingass,–feather, is in my queue—I just purchased the pattern this week and am entranced by the beautiful FOs.

  • Daytripper cardigan for me! One of these days….

  • I have so many ideas and patterns in my queue but not a favorite picked out yet. I am happy to have this thread to inspire me

  • I love colorwork mittens and I would use Lettlopi to make some Selbu mittens to honour my Norwegian heritage. Probably would line them for warmth.

  • I went to Iceland last summer and saw the lettlopi everywhere, especially in tourist shops. I didn’t buy any because it was so inexpensive and I didn’t know that it was actually good yarn! I thought it was just a tourist trap now I know better. I guess I have to go back

  • Destination Pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • Solbein cardigan, Mary Ann Mucklestone! whose field guide I would thoroughly enjoy.

  • I have not used this yarn yet, but I would love an opportunity to try it out! All the sweater and hat options look very warm and appropriate for a Chicago winter!

  • I would love to make another Weekender by DRK. I wear the one I made several years ago all the time over everything else in my closet.

  • Thinking the Felix sweater would be beautiful!

  • Favorite pattern for the giveaway: Mood Cardigan by Jeanette Sloan. I’ve not made it but really like the looks of it and am thinking about making it for my first attempt at a sweater.

  • Love Natasja Hornby!!

  • I keep admiring Daytripper cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone. One of these days I’m going to start it.

  • I’ve knitted several of the Maja Cardigan (by Helene Magnusson)

  • I love the Taconic Pullover that I designed

  • My sister brought me some Lettlopi when she visited Iceland and it’s been sitting, waiting for the right project. If there’s enough yarn, Destination Pullover by MJ Mucklestone. I’m also considering Homebody by Heidi Kirrmaier as a fast project.

  • Fugl by Védís Jónsdóttir—can’t wait to make!!!

  • The Tundra Toque (
    ra-toque-3) by petiteknitter for more wear in Austin

  • Daytripper! I have stash yarn, so trying out different colour combinations. Of course the MC will depend on how many balls of the same colour I have. I think the neck line may be a bit high, and considering that the yarn may be itchy, I’m going to lower that neckline somehow. Probably starting with the larger size will do it, then figure out how many increases to work to get it back to the smaller size. Think I’ve got it, fingers crossed, hahaha.

  • I have the Felix Cardigan on my list but I think I might add a little length.

  • I haven’t knit anything with LettLopi for a few years now but it is always a go to yarn for mittens and sweaters for me. I quite like the look of Ruka as someone else previously mentioned.

  • Ris Védís Jónsdóttir for Ístex

  • I’ve never knit with Lettlopi so I don’t have a favorite pattern, but I’ve been eyeing the Lettlopi Field Guide for some time. The Destination Pullover is currently catching my eye.

  • That Destination Pullover just jumped onto my queue! Loved looking at all the different ways it has been knitted up!

  • Alas, my favourite Lopi sweater is from the seventies, made by my mother and worn out by me. I don’t even know if she had a pattern being 1/2 Norwegian. I would probably attempt MJ Mucklestone’s Daytripper cardigan as it reminds me most of Mum’s sweater.

  • I’d really like to make a traditional Icelandic lopapeysa sweater – I think this year is the year!

  • Felix Pullover by Amy Christoffers ftw!

  • Riddari

  • I have been wanting to knit both Felixes by Amy Christoffers but will
    Start with the cardigan.

  • Seaman’s 1898 hat!

  • Wow, I’ve been thinking about doing an Amy C cardigan for a while, so you read my mind!

  • The Daytripper Cardigan for the win!

  • Would love to make the Day Tripper Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone!

  • counting sheep: I knitted the stopover but switched up the pattern by turning the stop signs into Lammas and sheep. It was fun!

  • I dream about knitting sweaters (the Destination pullover has caught my eye more than once), but not quite ready to undertake them yet. Love the color selection/variety of Léttlopi yarn.

  • Daytripper by Mary Jane Mucklestone in those exact colors. I have the pattern— now I just need to make it!!!

  • I have several Lettlopi sweaters – favorite pullover is Dreyma by Jennifer Steingass and favorite cardigan is Great Love by Ankestrick.
    Next Lettlopi project: Seve by Isabell Kraemer

  • Frankly, I’ve never knit ANYTHING with Lettlopi but i would like to try a Felix cardigan.

  • No I don’t – honestly haven’t worked with topi yarns much at all.

  • The Daytripper Cardigan is in my queue- the color choices! the steeking! the speed! Lots of fun to look forward to.

  • The Woolen Explorer by Andrea Rangel is the jacket of my dreams.

  • Letho and destination pullover are on my “want to knit with lopi list.”

  • Hard to choose but I really like the Big Love cardigan by Ankestrick.

  • My favorite Lettlopi pattern so far is Bleideag, by Ysolda Teague. However, my history tells me that with no Fair Isle experience at all, I’d best learn with something smaller!

  • Felix cardigan would be nice.

  • I love Grettir by Jarod Flood and basically any of Jennifer Steingass’s pullovers, especially Telja.

  • Working on Daytripper cardigan right now!

  • Ribwarmer vest by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Over a cotton turtleneck this vest keeps me toasty on chilly days.

  • Sagostad mittens

  • I have not made Lethos but it is on my radar. I love the design on the back.

  • A Daytripper cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone. Mmmmm

  • the stop over sweater is the only one I’ve done and I get many compliments on it. I love it, the fit , the warmth of it, all good.

  • I love the Felix Cardigan, it has been in my Favorites on Ravelry for–ever.

  • A great sweater for knitting “above gauge” is the Lento by Jonna Hietala. There’s a KAL right now with a lot of podcasters.

  • I love the pattern Birki by Jóhanna Hjaltadóttir. It’s on my must-knit list to use some beautiful Icelandic yarn brought to me by a dear friend.

  • I want to make the daytripper cardigan!

  • intentions for daytripper, on the list

  • My current fave Lettlopi pattern is the Destination Scarf – it was perfect for getting gauge and learning the color patterns for the Daytripper Cardigan, and though when I knit it I thought the double thickness would be way too warm to wear except on the very coldest winter day, it turned out to be just right for a cool morning in the house – I am wearing it even now for some extra coziness.

  • I have made many pairs of mittens with Lettlopi using their pattern Handtak. They are so warm.

  • ….AND my all time wanna knit is the Raekur cardigan.

  • I haven’t knit with Lopi but there’s a first for everything.

  • I’m just finishing a hap shawl from lettlopi I bought so very long ago (ther may have been dinosaurs)! I’m looking forward to making a sweater next and am torn between the Destination pullover and maybe a Stopover, or maybe a Daytripper. I’m guessing the Destination Pullover may have the stronger gravitational pull today.

  • daytripper cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • Gosh – so many favorites in my cue, but I love the simplicity of Amy Christoffers Felix sweater – this one’s on repeat for me!!!

  • Love the destination scarf color way mash up! May have to cast on soon…

  • I have the Lettlopi to make Iounn by Ragga Eiríksdóttir. I think it will be a fun knit.

  • My favorite is the Icelandic sweater I bought (!) at the Reykjavík airport on the layover on my fist flight to Europe in college back when Iceland Air was the student and budget friendly way to go. I’d still wear it, but the elbows need some patching.

  • I love the Felix cardigan by Amy Cristoffers.

  • I would like to make the day tripper cardigan with Léttlopi

  • I knit Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Daytripper Cardigan out of Field Guide No.17, carefully choosing my colors from the Lopi yarn still on my LYS’s shelf. (The Sow’s Ear, in Verona, WI) It has become a beloved go-to in my wardrobe. I keep thinking that I want to go and get some grosgrain ribbon and reinforce the buttonhole band, though. Sometimes I have trouble finding the right hole for the button to go through.

  • I have never worked with Lettlopi, but most any cardigan would get my attention!

  • Daytripper has my name on it!

  • The Daytripper Cardigan is lovely!

  • I’ve been wanting to make Daytripper.

  • I love, love, love the “Jaunty Beanie” designed by Mary Jane Mucklestone and found in Field Guide 17 “Lopi!”

  • The dissent cardigan in red and white.

  • Daytripper Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone, of course

  • Daytripoer cardigan bu Mary Jane Mucklestone

  • Destination pullover is tantalizingly beautiful!

  • Afmæli – 20-year Anniversary Sweater Is my favorite. It’s so hard – I can’t pick just one!

  • Letho by Natasja Hornby is in my queue!

  • Jalokivi by Maikki-Noora Karvinen; a lovely colorwork sweater

  • I like the idea of making the Seaman’s 1898 Hat. Looks warm!!

  • I’d like to make the day tripper.

  • Last year I knit VATNAJÖKULL TWO by Lina Olofsson . I have always loved the visual feelings in the video of “Holocene” by Bon Iver and I felt that this pattern comes closest to the one the little boy is wearing as he roams about Iceland. I knit out of Lettlopi with a loose gauge to give it that same aerial floating effect .

  • Love the Destination pullover. The hardest part about this sweater is choosing the color combos—so many beauties.

  • I rather like the Felix Cardigan, but wonder if there are non-sweater patterns for letttlopi. I’m very sensitive to wools generally. I’d look into that.

  • A slippery slope indeed!! For me it was a rabbit hole…but I kept hopping back to Var, by Ragga Eiriksdottir; I loved reading the comments/choices of other knitters, going in search of the patterns they mentioned that I hadn’t found on my own…

  • Felix by Amy Christoffer

  • I would love to make BIG LOVE by ANKESTRiCK.

  • I would choose Destination Pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone. Or a color work cardigan to steek (so many to choose from)!

  • Daytripper by MJM!

  • The Var by Ragga Erikstoddir looks wonderful. Great to see new ideas!

  • I have been considering a Daytripper Cardigan.

  • I have some Lopi yarn in my collection. I should try the Daytripper Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone.

  • Sòlbein Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone.

  • So many great patterns for Lettlopi!! All in my favorites: Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Destination Pullover, Humulus by Isabell Kraemer, Veronika Cardigan by Shannon Cook. Hopefully enough leftover to make Log Cabin Mitts by Karen Templer.

  • I had 3 skeins of Lettlopi my daughter brought home from a school trip that featured an unexpected delay in Iceland. I held onto them until I found just the right project. Last year I completed the Plume poncho by Martin Storey with the Lettlopi as the star!

  • My favorite pattern: The Volcano Hat! (aka Bardarbunga in Icelandic).

  • Received my first Field Guide and I love it. The pattern I would try is the Felix Cardigan.

  • Luffe mittens by Lone Kjeldsen

  • Just found Almina by Lisa Hannes that another knitter made with Lettlopi yarn. Love the pattern.

  • My favorite pattern for Lettlopi is Rusty by Steinunn Birna Guojonsdottir, but then there is also Daytripper by Mary Jane Mucklestone (I have knit several of each)…but alsoAltheda by Jennifer Steingass. SOO many favorites!

  • Jón by Hulda Hákonardóttir in Lopi no.31 I made it for my dad with yarn I bought in Iceland.

  • Riddari by Védís Jónsdóttir, from the book Knitting with Icelandic Wool

  • I’ve had the Felix Cardigan in my queue for a long time.

  • I love – Northman Mittens by David Schulz

  • A Felix cardigan is on my wish list, but that Destination cardigan is tempting me!

    • I designed a cover for the cushion on my rocking chair using lettlopi due to it’s feltability.

  • Destination pullover

  • Felix by Amy Christoffers. It’s shocking how often I wear it.

  • All I wish to do now is purchase the Field Guide 23…Arne & Carlos…please someone give me a hint

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