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We get notes. When I say “we,” I mean the one-and-a-half people who ship your MDK goodies to you every day (if you thought there was a million-person-team doing it, insert sad trombone sound here).

When you check out at, you’ll see a little “Order Notes” box, and you can always type any shipping-or gift-note-related instructions there (just about any other type of question, instruction or issue you might have should go through the “contact us” link at the bottom of every single MDK page where Allison, Janet, or Kay will read it in the box).

If you don’t have any special shipping instructions (“Leave package behind the bush next to the door; not the prickly one, the other one”), we’re always happy to see a “Hi there!”—which a lot of you do already. You can be assured that we say, “Hi there!” out loud right back whenever we see them.

One nice lady asked about my dog Opal the Hound Dog once (“She’s a slobbering disaster,” I replied). Sometimes people leave notes with specific details about what they plan to make with whatever is in the box—there’s no question involved … it’s just conversation. That’s always sweet to see, and it does help us paint a mental picture of each of you. 

Ecommerce has largely forced into obsolescence those little chitchatty conversations that until very recently accompanied retail transactions. 

Why … it seems like just yesterday that I was talking to Nels Oleson down at Oleson’s Mercantile over in Walnut Grove when I was picking up horehound candy for the kids, and he asked me about the report of locusts over at the Ingalls place (they really canNOT catch a break, those Ingallses) … but those days are now officially days of yore and those little in-person social interactions are fewer and farther between, that’s for certain. 

I miss it a little bit, though I confess that the time the cashier at my local grocery store held up my beets and asked, “Are these for eating or for planting?” I did sort of wish that I had just mail-ordered them and been able to avoid the situation altogether. 

Anyway—write us a note and I 100% guarantee that we’ll read it!

A Giveaway

Feel like writing us a note right now? Here’s a little giveaway.

The prize? A beet red MDK Journal—ok, the color is Port Red, but beets are much better for you.

How to enter? Two steps:

Step 1: Sign up for our weekly newsletter, Snippets, right here. If you’re already subscribed, you’re set.

Step 2: Leave a chitchatty comment below. 

Deadline for entries: Sunday, June 20, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.

If comments here are not working, please leave your comment here.

About The Author

DG Strong took up knitting in 2014. He lives in Nashville with his sister, her rat terrier and a hound dog named Opal. He has a blog of drawings and faintly ridiculous rambling called The Psychopedia—there are worse ways to spend your afternoon.


  • I love beets, and I love that journal!

    • Ha❣️ha❣️ha❣️ Nursing a shoulder injury (& unable to knit for a bit) so having a blast reading SNIPPETS and these comments! My beet story:
      my husband and I frequently but 10 lbs organic carrots at a time for juicing, etc. As we checked out of Publix one day, the bagger, with eyes opened as big as saucers exclaimed , “WOW! YOU MUST REALLY LIKE CARROTS or do you raise rabbits?”

  • So…………what were the beets for? Love your blogs DG!

  • I always enjoy your columns DG. I like beets, but a few sips of Port wine after dinner is much better.

  • beets are good and good for you!

  • My beet story is… Not so long ago, I visited the spring edition if the twice-yearly rummage sale of my elderly rural mom’s equally elderly rural neighbors. There was a table of sweets and treats for sale. From the notes taped to the table, I could see where the plates of cookies and loaves of banana bread had been. And the jars of maple syrup. All was gone except some jars labeled raspberry jam. As I held up this jewel-in-a-jar in admiration, I gushed that I didn’t know raspberries were even in season yet, and how expensive raspberries are in the store, and what a treat this was going to be on some fresh biscuits! My mom’s neighbor replied with equal vigor, that everyone in her family really likes her raspberry jam, and, raspberry prices being what they are, she makes it with cooked beets and a box of raspberry jello, and that you can’t even taste the beets. Sigh. I kept smiling, but put the jar down, and said I was going to think about it while I looked around a little more. (I totally believe her that her family can’t taste those beets, but I. Do. Not. Like. Beets. and no amount of raspberry jello it neighborly enthusiasm was going to change that. I found something else to buy, I don’t even remember what, but “you can’t even taste the beets” is in my personal forever-list of phrases that make me shiver.

    • My daughter’s mother-in-law makes beet jam…I’ve tasted it (somewhat reluctantly!) and it’s TRUE: you really CAN’T taste the beets! It’s quite delicious…truly!!! And the color can’t be beat (pardon pun )…it’s gorgeous!

    • Oh! Me, too! Everyone I know loves beets and doesn’t understand how I don’t. And they always say, “you just must not have had any good ones”

      So, one time someone had some “good ones”, I asked for a taste… and yup! I even hate the “good ones”! (No such thing, in my mind.)

      “You can’t even taste the beets” would also cause me to shudder. I’m glad to hear there is someone out there like me!

    • If I were picking the winner, you would surely get the prize for this story!

  • Beets are also fab juiced! Although I’d take a glass of port wine over beet juice (not to be confused with Beetlejuice) any day

  • That’s a lovely colour for a journal. Won’t miss seeing it. Which reminds me that I have beets waiting to be roasted and made into a salad. I love beets that way. Roasting gives them a wonderful flavour, just cube after roasting, add some mustard, and voila, beet salad.

  • Great color and vegetable! Any favorite beet recipes?

    • Love roasted beets on a salad! Ate that a few times at a fun pub/restaurant on Prince Edward Island a few years ago. Love the journal, too. I almost bought one in my last MDK order.

  • Your posts, email newsletters make me happy. I recently ordered a set of tulip needles from your site (thanks to your glowing recommendation) and now my happiness is boundless. I LOVE them. Thank you for all you do.

  • If I don’t win the journal, I’d be almost as happy with the beets. My second favorite meal revolves around them. My Mom parboils them; then she fries bacon, potatoes, and the beets; she wilts the beet greens on top and Yum!

  • I love that journal!

  • I’ve only purchased canned beets. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fresh beet before. So happy my knitting group is meeting up again next week. We’ve been apart for 15 months due to the pandemic.

    • Fresh beets are a world away from canned. They keep a long time in the frig, the greens are like chard and delicious steamed. The beets can also be cut to similar size and roasted in the oven. If you find golden beets, they can be added to dishes without turning them purple.

    • Port and roasted beets are delicious!

    • I love a little house on the prairie reference! This post makes me want to leave little notes on all of my online checkouts

      • Don’t go TOO notes-crazy! 🙂

  • I’ll pass on the beets, but would love the journal

  • Love your story and pickled beets which I put in salads! Wonder if I could dye yarn with beets?

  • I much prefer port over beets! Happy Sunday!

  • I thought the beets might be to dye yarn or fabric. It’s nice there’s a real person packing our boxes.

  • Thanks for the idea of leaving a personalized note in the order form. I like the idea of sharing a bit of gratitude.

  • Hi! I love pickled beets! My grandmother grows and cans them each year. That quart of beets I receive from her each summer is treasured!

  • So, I had to look up horehound; I had heard of it but the name sure didn’t sound like something you would use to make candy; have you ever tasted it? (Chitchat often throws in a question to keep things moving)

    • I loooooove it! It’s in the root beer/sarsaparilla family flavor-wise and I particularly love it in the form of little sugared hard candy (think lemon drops). You can almost always find it at places like Cracker Barrel or any other fakey-olden-time joint designed to take your money one nostalgic buffalo nickel at a time.

    • I remember eating horehound candy as a kid. It’s a hard candy. Yummy! That line in the blog brought back those memories. Thanks!

  • We grow beets and the kiddos pulled up our first of the season this week. We grated them raw into our salad. Yum!

  • I enjoy your daily messages that are waiting for me to read in my Inbox, no matter how early I rise. I usually enjoy my first cup of coffee as I happily engage in the always entertaining content. This has been especially important to me during the past pandemic year. THANK you!

  • Appreciate your insider views on MDK shipping headquarters. And the journal is beautiful!! Pick me!

  • Love beets and your newsletter!!

  • Beets are good and the journal is awesome.

  • The last chitchatting I did was over the cash I was getting out of the credit union for all my graduation cards. It’s graduation weekend here, Last night we went to a joint party for about 20 kids from three different cultures. I’m truly small-talked out. But happy to be. Anyone knitting for grads this year?

  • The supermarket youngsters also look at a leek questionably…
    Our norms have indeed shifted, but little notes can add a human touch.

  • It’s a beautiful day in Edmonton! We are meeting a group of friends in person outside, that we have not seen in person for 16 months! So excited!

  • Beets! I love beets. Not just the flavor but they remind me of my grandmother’s borscht. It was the best and no matter how I try and can’t quite replicate it. She also taught me to crochet. I miss my grandmother.

  • That journal is my favorite color!

  • Love the color of the journal. Hate beets.

  • Re: chitchat that can cheer – I recently had to have a plumber over (sad trombone), but he cheered me up by telling me the plumbing I thought was problematic was actually beautifully installed and would be easy to fix. He was a young, handsome plumber, with carefully coiffed curly hair that had some sort of plumberly filth scrimmed over the top of it. I noticed it when I leaned in next to him to look at the pictures he showed me on his phone, of someone else’s truly terrible plumbing.

    Re: beets – I’d love to know what they’re for. This past year, I’ve developed a kvass habit that has only increased my love for beeeeeeeeeets.

  • I use a little journal to write the Rose, Thorn and Bud of each day. It is interesting to look back and see how the roses live on longer than most of the thorns and which buds actually developed.

  • I like the journal and it’s color. However hard no on beets. Give me a carrot any day. Have a great day!

  • My son and i planted some beets in a raised bed a bit ago. The green seedlings came up and we’re so pretty. The puppydog must have thought so too. She would jump in the raised bed and scratch the dirt to dig up what ever was attached to it and eat, dirt and all.

  • Love beets and don’t run away from a little wine….

  • You have suggested a beautiful new hobby: color-centric photos!

  • I love the colour of that journal and I also love beets! My hubby’s Grandma makes the best pickled beets – my all time favourite. Freshly picked from the garden and steamed with the greens…. also glorious. Yum. Such a fine colour (both the journal and the veg)… what’s not to like?

  • I don’t like beets, but that color is so beautiful.

    I almost always leave a little note saying what I plan to make with the yarn. Or if I order other things I’ll say I’m on a yarn diet but still want to support a small business.

  • I love beets! Especially the beet greens. My new favorite is golden beets, they are lots sweeter. Next time I order I’ll be sure to say something in the Notes and happily know that someone will reply, even without my hearing them.

  • Beets always tasted like dirt to me as a child, not a good thing. BUT, I was introduced to oven roasted beets several years ago, a whole new delightful experience, a new beat. Love your articles, DG. Is there an Opal photo?

    • You’ll regret you asked, but if you follow #opalthehounddog on IG, you’ll get bazillions of them

  • Happy to hear from you .I’m in McCall Idaho today, having traveled from Portland, OR. It’s great fun to escape from the bunker. We appreciate a road trip and visits to friends so much more! I hope you’re able to get out and about. Summer is here!

  • Growing up on the Left Coast, I don’t think I ever saw a beet on the dinner table, just like grits and some other “interesting” foods that are staples elsewhere in the country. We did, however, have one of the first McDonald’s!

  • I remember my mother making what she called Harvard beets–she used canned beets and made a vinegary sauce for them. The color was so, so beautiful. Maybe I’ll try to make them sometime. Thanks for allowing this memory come to the surface for this comment.

  • I love reading your posts and snippets, but most especially I am so happy when a shipment of new yarn arrives for me to put into a new project. Thanks for being such a wonderful resource.

  • I have hounds too! Minnie Pearl and Odin. Minnie is RED bone hound, and Odin is a Blue Tick hound. Just liking all the color references here. I hope Opal and you are well.

  • You can have your beet and eat it too. Before cooking the beet, cut off the top with a good half inch ( at least) of the beet itself, and plant that in your garden. Long after you enjoyed your beet(s), you can enjoy the beet greens growing from the beet top (s) you planted. Don’t cut all the leaves off because the plant will produce seeds that you can plant for more beets, beet leaves, beet seeds, ad infinitum….

  • Love your posts. Beets not so much.

  • You can also make the fermented drink: beet kvass. It’s very good!

  • Hellooooo! Reading your blog makes me happy every time. Thank you!

  • Not sure I have a chatty comment today. It’s raining and there are some hard things going on right now. I don’t even need to win. Just the possibility of winning makes my heart sing a little. May your hearts all find something to sing about today!

  • I had beets in my smoothie this morning!

  • hello, hello … I wanted to tell you how much I love reading MDK letters every day and also your website is just the thing I needed to keep me going through this awful pandemic! Even though we are, hopefully, at the end of that wild time, it has become a habit for me to read through while having my breakfast! Keep up the good work. Oh, and I also want to say, I love shopping on your site too!!!!

  • I’m going to be buying beets soon because none of my beet seeds sprouted this year. Apparently it’s been a rough spring for beets. Too hot, maybe?

  • Oh, phew…when I saw the title I thought “ye gods no! Not beet dyeing! Doesn’t work! Why do people do this!”
    I should have know better…and it’s lovely to know chatty comments are appreciated!

  • I’m so happy with your store and daily articles. You make me smile.

  • I love beets & your column DG! You always put a smile on my face.

  • My knitting group held it’s first in person gathering since February 2020 yesterday. Now I can truly say I am beginning to feel “normal”

  • Am recuperating from an injury, and am sitting with cup of coffee and a hot water water as I write. Later today I’ll resume knitting on a vest. It’s blue and purple (so far). A few years ago I started to use a bullet journal. It’s easy to get started and a flexible practice.

  • I once lived next door to a master gardener who in the summertime would go away for a long weekend and tell me & my kids to go ahead and pick the whatever-was-ripe-next—except the golden beets. Those were just for her.

  • Knitting helped me thrive in pandemic mode and it will see me through a week if 110+ temps when I am hiding out in the AC. I live the craft – making useful and beautiful things, handling beautiful fibres, learning something new on each project.

  • Thanks for all you and everyone at MDK do. You all are awesome!

  • Our huge family recently got together after not seeing each for many, many months. It was a long weekend of much chatting. I am truly chitted and chatted out! Loved to see everyone but also loved to come home to just the sound of my needles clicking away and the occasional short one sided chit chat with my dogs.

  • I have had no desire to eat beets since I was in pre-school and I am now 68 years old. They were presented in a cube form and I never ate a single one, so there ! I should find a good recipe that uses beets because how could anything so beautiful in color be that bad, but on the other hand if I have made it to 68, survival Covid pneumonia and a stay in the ICU.
    I should be able to do anything that I want to do ! And I look forward to hearing from you every single day and I still appreciate the little gift that I received while I was in the rehab facility for two long weeks. When I went to the hospital in November I didn’t plan on staying until December 30. No knitting, no books but I had my iPhone and ear buds. I wonder how they make such perfect squares of beets ?!

  • I love your posts! And the beet red journal is gorgeous!

  • I just love reading the daily email – I felt like I know you all! And now when I order I’ll be sure to include a “hello!” In the instructions

  • Recently I met up with a friend I had not seen for far too long and we spent some time walking around in a large craft/decorating store. We kept encountering one clerk with whom we had lovely conversations with and another shopper who was nearly run over by my friend’s cart which turned into fun conversations as we kept seeing her all over the store. At one point, the two of us, the clerk and the other shopper were all engaged in a great knitting/yarn conversation. Best shopping trip!

  • Love beets! Fresh or pickled.

  • I love beets! On my last trip abroad with my mom, I spotted cooked beets on sale in the produce section of a grocery store in the Loire Valley, France. I was so thrilled! And I’m sold on the idea of comments along with an order. Will do from now on!

    • I have purchased them cooked and vacuum-packed from the produce section of even my terrible local Kroger. I think the brand is “Love Beets,” and there are a few different flavors – like “sweet chili” – which is dumb. They’re just supposed to be beet flavored!

  • I hate beets but I love that journal!

  • Were the beets for eating? I hope so … I love beets, although I’m the only one in my house who does. More for me!

  • I’m starting my Christmas knitting with squad mitts for the granddaughters in their favorite colors. Relying on the MDK Guides quite a bit!

  • DG… I hope the synchronous lightning bugs were everything you hoped for! We missed you at Shakerag.

    • 100% magic

  • So here is what I would have put in my notes on my last MDK order, if I’d thought about it! I’m so excited to read The Act of Sewing! My mother has been teaching me to sew. We’re using her mother’s 1937 Singer, which my grandmother bought when she worked for the company. Our first project has been a skirt, and we kind of made up the pattern based on an old skirt I loved that has worn out and is too small. It has ten panels in the overskirt and ten panels in the underskirt. Possibly not the best first project? We’re almost done putting the zipper in, so only a little left to go. I’m looking forward to my next project from Sonya’s book, and trusting that there will be a bit more guidance and hand-holding.

  • That’s such an amazing color and much nicer than the black journals everyone else uses. These posts are a lot of fun to read. Happy Sunday! I hope it’s a nice one.

  • yummmmmm…I love beets but husband thinks he hates them. He has his mind made up on this – something about throwing them up when fed them as a toddler. Sad to be so closed minded about it, but he’s a stubborn guy. I love them and think they are so pretty!

  • You can’t beet it with a stick!

  • Gram B & Taylor are washing out the tie dye shirts that were dyed yesterday! A first dye experience for Taylor, fun for Gram B to introduce color fun to a 4 year old!!

  • Such fun posts! Love beets (must have them with pork and cabbage) and love that journal!!

  • Thanks for the reminder of Real Live People filling our orders. And I’ll take port wine over beets any day. Just saying.

  • Grandma cooked beets! I ate them but they made all the other food beet-colored

  • There is nothing better than beet borscht! I recently made Harvard beets as canned Harvard beets have not been on the grocery store shelf for decades. They were delicious!

  • I also love beets and beet greens and anything red or any shade of red (not so much on the green side of things) !! I also love orange beets, not to exclude this or other beet varietals!!

  • Beets!! I have laundry going, and I just made golden milk waffles for breakfast. The cats are sun basking and I am going for a run soon. Sunday. 😉

  • Here is my chitchatty comment…… I have two little doggies who like to help me knit….. sometimes they like to help me not knit by both vying for top dog space on top of my lap….
    Love the picture with the beets!

  • You’ve just planted the idea of planting a thorny bush to hide my mail, intriguing…

  • Rest are amazing. And hounds are too—eternal slobber wars and water/whatever’s in their saliva that requires hazmat level cleaner for wall splatter.

    • That should say beets. Damn you, autocorrect.

  • I love baby beets with the greens on, just steamed a bit with a splash of vinegar. Hardly ever get any though – the deer watch them closer than I do and pick them early! Even when I plant them with carrots or lettuce they pick them out first. I don’t mind sharing, but the last few years the big rodents have almost wiped my garden out! They love the peas right when they start to bloom, then move onto whatever else strikes their fancy, and will even dig the carrots in the fall (after they’ve eaten all the tops off of course). So this year I’ve resorted to fencing the garden so I can have some too. They’ll still bring around their babies – they love the lawn and the hayfield too, and they lick the salt block in the winter!

  • Beets are a favorite for me. I love them cooked, pickled, in salads, on the side, whatever. I don’t care that they sometimes taste like dirt – earthy yummy! Beet red journal? I’m smitten. Love your morning MDK’s posts too. My coffee always tastes better while reading your offerings.

  • Beets have never been a favorite of mine, but my dad loves them. He once tried to win me over to them with a recipe that involved coating sliced beets in sour cream.

    With all the characteristic bluntness of my youth, I told him, “Dad, these look like melted purple crayons.” After a pause, he nodded and took another helping for himself.

  • So I guess I will have to go and look it up: “Can you grow beets from plant parts like potatoes???”
    I had no idea you could do that or can you, my MIL uses seeds and she is 97??

  • I’ve been seduced by many a knitty thing in you emails, but beets are not one of them. I’m spending a beautiful Sunday paging through one of your daily email suggestions now, Texture by Erika Knight, my birthday present from my husband this year.

  • My mom used to serve beets in a vinegar bath. I enjoyed those beets and miss my mom. Beets going on this weeks grocery list.

  • I love beets! It’s a sunny day here in NH and there will be outside knitting today followed by a make your own dinner!! A day of bliss.

  • I love beets as well. I like adding them to my veggie soup.

  • I will now have to make sure that I add a note to any orders I place! I am one that likes to know about who is on the other end of the “line”. I miss chatting with people . Thank you for all you guys do! It is greatly appreciated.

  • Beets are for my husband. He particularly likes pickled beets! A friend once gave me a recipe for pickled hard boiled eggs soaked overnight with a small jar of pickled beets. Clearly, are a great dye! served cold, are great picnic fare!

  • Pulled a handful of beet greens, it came up a bunch, a beet with one root.

  • I am working on a vest for the hubs of handspun yarn! I took apart a vest I made for him about 20 years ago, when he was several sizes larger to reknit, after much nagging. I’m just finishing the left front, to start on the right, and final, piece this afternoon.

  • Is the journal for eating or for planting? 😉

  • The journal is the picture perfect match for beets 🙂

  • Roasted beets are great but not as wonderful as the port wine journal (or a glass of port wine for that matter).

  • I don’t have any beet chit chat. Did just finish a baby hat for a soon-to-be grandson. Yes, I know he won’t need a hat in July or August in the Midwest, but he’ll be ready for fall! Now, should I go back to finishing one of several WIP’s or make some booties to go with the hat?

  • Who wouldn’t want to win a beet-colored journal? I love beets!

  • I’m not sold on either beets or port—I’ve consumed both, and while they’re interesting and can be tasty, neither is what I’d call a fave. But the color of that journal, whatever you choose to call it, is beautiful!

  • Beet salad. Yummy yummy.

  • Hi DG, I love reading your posts! I always laugh. Haven’t looked up The Psychopedia yet! Plan to do so soon! auto correct tried to turn psychopedia into psychopaths!
    BTW, am I missing something? Some are commenting on reading what you write every day. That would be awesome!!

  • My mom and I shared a love for pickled beets. Thank you for reminding me.

  • Shakerag weekend was a blast for my birthday. Fabulous, funny, technically focused women….tasty beets…chocolate dessert…prizes and dance music at the end!

  • I love hand-written notes as much as home-grown beets…but typed notes and store bought beets are almost as sweet.

  • I’m not a beet person — so many more for you in that case!! I do love the color of the journal — that would not get lost in a project bag for sure. Currently finishing knitting a sweater, a blanket, and have a pair of socks in progress. I’m dreaming about the next project…..perhaps a summer sweater. The Swoncho is calling my name, too, but perhaps for fall / winter. Take good care! Thanks for all that you do.

  • Love beets and love y’all

  • Beets are great, especially pickled! Great color for a journal!

  • From now on I will always add a note to my orders. Love the beet red journal. As far as the beet debate, let me paraphrase “and the beet goes on…”.

  • People leaving comments with their order reminded me of Calvin Trillin – who once said he felt kinda bad for the folks who worked opening responses to all the junk mail he received – so he’d mail back all the postage-paid mailer envelopes he received with encouraging notes, like “Keep up the good work” or “Things could be worse”. LOL.

    Oh, and I like beets. My French Nana used to serve them in a vinaigrette with thyme.

  • Easiest way to cook beets? Put them in your charcoal when grilling and then cook your fish/meat/whatever… after grilling food is done, take out beet and rinse under water to remove charred skin. All toasty & sweet – yum!

  • I LOVE beets! Any way, shape, or form. Well, perhaps not masquerading as raspberry jam … love that story! Once on a second date I tried to discern how much a young man and I had in common by asking him “How do you feel about beets?” (He liked them) Don’t beets feature prominently in a Tom Robbins book … Jitterbug Perfume? I am enjoying this chatty thread. Thanks!

  • The weather here in MN has been scorching (for us, anyway), so I hadn’t been knitting much. It turns out though, that I can’t stay away from the wool for too long, so my knitable temp threshold has changed to 90 degrees. Below that, with the help of a little AC, the wool and I are good.

  • Cold beet soup! Great on a hot day.

  • My first Field Guide! Beginnings, indeed. Stay tuned.

  • I like beets, port wine and the color red so I am all in on this one. Sorry no chitchat stories lately. Getting less humor on outings lately, b-u-t better beer. (What’s up with that??)

  • I consume more beets than port, and I love the color of that journal!

  • Beets, I have a beet tale…growing veggies has become a bit of a passion, seeing what grows and what does not. Our first year growing beets was a roaring success we had so many we were giving them away! Then year two…we planted our seedlings , watered , waited and watched!…but blow me down the darn critters came and dug them up, tiny little beet seedlings…they didn’t even eat them! Just left them high and dry on top of the garden…(insert super sad face here)…soooo( sow) we planted more..24 golden beets to be exact…I have three left in the garden! Those squirrels must have a taste for beets this year…our third batch of beets ….lucky they grow so quickly…are in the ground and I guard them like a mad Mrs McGregor ( Beatrix Potter…the tale of Peter Rabbit) May your beets grow sweet and delicious unheeded by the local umm…varmits….ummm..ooops….squirrel population

  • Forgot to add I recently bought – for the first time – a jar of delicious pickled beets which has been in my fridge for the past week. Pickled beets is the way to go. Less prep time and good in salads and as a side. These were bought from a line of local canned goods at a farmer’s market, probably better than the commercial kind.

  • Beet journal sounds so neat! Thank you for always making it fun to open my email and see your posts.

  • Love that beet color! For chit-chat I can report that we got a lot of rain yesterday and today, which I don’t mind since it’s been a dry spring and I’m getting worried about wildfires this summer (I’m in Washington state).

  • I absolutely enjoy all of the banter and information from DG and all of the gang at MDK!!!! I hope (someday) an in-person visit might be possible. 🙂

    • I only like fresh beets ; either roasted or sliced

  • I grow beets in my little community garden. First for the greens (so so good sautéed in olive oil with garlic!) and then I allow some to grow into lovely beets and, if I’m watchful, I have beets and the greens! Being a January girl, the color reminds me of my birthstone – garnet! The journal is lovely!

  • I hope opal is feeling fine and adapting to the heat.

  • I’m dying to know why you didn’t want to comment on eating or growing the beets? And, aren’t beets that are the grocery store size too old/large to plant? I am so confused. BTW, I love your snippets and the name change was due. You made a good choice ladies! xoxooxxo from jenni in rainy Seattle

  • You had me at “ picking up horehound candy for the kids”! Love it!

  • I have tried so many times to like beets, and I just don’t! My pesky sister always ate canned beets with gusto at our baby-sitter’s house when we were little, but I’ve hated them always and forever. Would not say no to a beet-red journal though! 🙂 I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!

  • Will always leave a note with my order from now on, knowing how much they are enjoyed! I LOVE beets–the color is mesmerizing–and I love how they taste after being roasted in the oven!

  • For me, MDK is the Mayberry of the knitting community. I can’t say I ever saw Aunt Bea with knitting needles but I am convinced she either knitted or crocheted. Anyway, I am personally not a fan of beets but the color is gorgeous but I will just refer to it as Plum.

  • Beets. I do like beets, however, the first time I was presented with this odd vegetable I thought they were horrible.
    I was 8 years old and my school cafeteria served beets with a sweet and sour sauce and they were absolutely awful. Not one person in the entire lunchroom ate those beets.

    Pickled – excellent in salads or plain. Roasted – yummy. Hot with sweet and sour sauce – YUCK!!

  • Oh hello there! absolutely laughed outlaid at your conversation with News Oleson… About beets, don’t really love to eat em but love to dye stuff with them!

  • Beets, beautiful in color and nutrition. Not some thing that I grew up with in New Orleans. They are OK smothered in garlic a few times a year. The color though beautiful.

  • I don’t like beets but I sure do like that journal.

  • The intensity of beets’ color throws me a bit. It belongs on a flower, not turning everything on my plate fuchsia.

  • I love beets roasted with a bit of olive oil and feta cheese. It is obvious a lot of people do not like beets. They are one of the most consistent items on the “exchange” table at our local farm’s winter CSA.

  • My earlier nice little chit-chatty comment got lost in the ether, so this time I’ll keep it brief: I do love beets!

  • One can always write in the beautiful journal while roasting beets.

  • Harvard beets with pineapple so good with holiday dinner, wine for the holidays too! Keeping knitting notes an aspiration.

  • Put those beets in the oven and roast them!
    They will be so delicious!
    Do not throw the green top out ! Cook them! Your body will thank you!
    If you are eating beets out of a can, STOP IT! You are missing the true taste of beets, roast them!

  • Let’s hope this comment works this time! RE: Beets! Beautiful shades of red on fingers, plates, counters and napkins… and the journal is eye-catching red, too.

  • Just bought beets at the farmers market. My daughter thought they were radishes.

  • Whew! For a moment there, I thought you were going to challenge us to come up with things to knit with beets!! I love to eat them and I’d love to have that journal!

  • Hi there! Every time I read your bio this pops out to me, “who gave it all up after being asked by a client to design a logo that featured a house, a dragon and a profile of the client’s daughter.” Can we have coffee some day so you can tell me what went through your head in that moment? We see your little picture and I imagine the top of your skull lifting up off your head and smoke and NO WAY!!!! exploding out. I’d really love to know. That’s it! Have a nice day!

  • Thank you for all you do!

  • A new notebook is such a portal, an invitation, the first bud of spring. And is there anything more intimidating or thrilling than one’s first thoughts in a journal?!

  • Until recently I’ve mostly ignored the comments field for orders, until directed to leave a color choice there. I thought no one read them until they were “passed up the chain”. That has changed. I was home the day one of my MDK orders was delivered. (Clarification: I was knitting less than 5’ from our front door.) A few minutes after I heard the mail truck pass I went out to retrieve the mail and discovered an “attempt to deliver” notice in the box. It noted no one answered and there was no safe place to leave my parcel. Yeah, right. No one knocked. No one walked up onto the fairly deep, covered front porch that spans the frontage of our home. No one got out of the mail truck.
    I put a note on my next order asking for delivery instructions asking the carrier to leave the parcel on the front porch if no one answered. When our carrier brought the parcel to our door and knocked I was able to immediately open the door because I heard her step onto the porch. The nice folks at MDK had written my instructions in big bold letters on the package where they wouldn’t be missed.
    By the way, if you haven’t ordered Skill Set you should.

  • i really love beets. They bring great childhood memories.

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