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Well, Field Guide 18 launch day is looming large (this Friday, June 4!) and as usual, it’s chock full of interesting bits and bobs and patterns and information and, oh, all the things you’ve come to expect from an MDK Field Guide. 

But you know … these gorgeous little things don’t just happen. They don’t just show up fully formed; the process is laborious and multi-stepped—just selecting the theme for each Field Guide takes months and months and maybe years and years (I have no idea, I’m still new) and there are meetings after meetings (I don’t go to them; I’m still figuring out the espresso machine) that fine tune the focus and get each release to be as essential to your very survival on this planet as they can be. Which is to say: extremely essential.

But … if it’s true that there are no bad ideas in a brainstorm (that’s a flat-out lie, AS YOU’RE ABOUT TO SEE), it’s also true that some of them deserve to die quick deaths. Some make it out of the first meeting; most do not. Even fewer make it to the “let’s comp one up” stage before they get snuffed out. Well ta-da, it’s your lucky day because I’ve been hanging around the trash cans a lot, ironing the wrinkles out of discarded pages of ideas! 

Here I present to you a handful of what we’ll kindly call “Lesser Field Guides” that came up in brainstorms.* We could have gone with “Field Guides No One Asked For,” but the minute we call them that, someone will email and say “oh, I’d love a copy of that!” So! LESSER FIELD GUIDES it is. Don’t be emailing us about the creamed corn thing, though…that ain’t happening.  Also, don’t tell anyone I showed you these.

*none of this actually happened; I have had a lot of espresso.

Meanwhile . . . A Giveaway

To get the Field Guides brainstorm started in comments, here’s a little giveaway. The prize: a boxed set of Field Guides 1–15!

How to enter? Two steps:

Step 1: Sign up for our weekly newsletter, Snippets, right here. If you’re already subscribed, you’re set.

Step 2: Leave a comment below with your “Field Guide No One But You Asked For” theme.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, June 6, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.

If our comments are acting up, you can leave your comment in the MDK Lounge. (You’ll need to register with the Lounge, if you haven’t already. Just a username and password are needed, no charge.)

About The Author

DG Strong took up knitting in 2014. He lives in Nashville with his sister, her rat terrier and a hound dog named Opal. He has a blog of drawings and faintly ridiculous rambling called The Psychopedia—there are worse ways to spend your afternoon.


  • having recently read some Dr Seuss to my granddaughter my suggestion for a Field Guide no-one asked for is

    Hats for Cats.

    then i thought of Homes for Gnomes, Toes for Crows and Shawls for Dolls.

    going to press ‘Post Comment’ quickly and hope for the best.

    • Dang! I’m so ready! Bring all the field guides on!

      • Underwater Intarsia with super wash yarn.

      • Don’t think anyone will ever ask for my Field Guide to lace knitting mosquito netting with thread and size 000 needles. While camping.

        • lace knitting with mosquito netting would have come in handy on one of my camping trips! I’ll buy that Field Guide!!

    • I have the knitting pattern book Cats in Hats. It’s awesome!

    • I think homes for gnomes sounds like quirky garden art. I’d buy it.

    • Lesser field guide: Knit and crochet with toilet paper: The ultimate pandemic luxury

      • Just saw the most hideous plastic shopping bag crocheted with thick red and white plastic bags. It was at the salvation army store.

        So, some of these patterns do exist and how they are made can make them even uglier or sillier.

        Since plastic bags are a no-no (at least in my area) lets all knit or crochet a shopping bag with those awful plastic holders for soda bottles. You would have to cut them carefully to get a long curly piece of very inflexible plastic. The assembly of the bag would mean more of a twisting and knotting.

        Maybe a new way to use macrame !
        This craft seems forgotten but we can bring it back in this pattern(s).

        We can spray paint for color.

        • Congratulations, this does sound truly atrocious!

      • Mommy & Me: patterns in adult and kid sizes – I don’t have many years left for my daughter to think it’s cool to have matching knitwear!

        Or my nightmare: Keep Your Eye on the Pattern at All Times…patterns that you can never knit mindlessly or while talking/watching TV

        • Wedding Gift Field Guide

        • Living on Lake Wilson I would like to see more nautical.

        • Jute Jumpers
          (So hardwearing you’ll never knit again)

      • Four color fair idle using hands and feet – how to properly tension with your toes.

        • Van Gogh Knitted! Add a TARDIS and it would be a winner!
          Allons-y Alonzo! (Spellcheck really didn’t like this idea!)

      • All Ends— patterns designed to maximize the number of ends to weave in.

        • Dead house plants: the never ending fiber supply

        • Very Funny. Loved the graphics!

        • Oh my! The Scream???!!! I am one smiling, daydreaming, happy knitter! Love you guys! And happily awaiting my next batch of MDK goodies in the mail!

  • Lesser Field Guides: the field guide truly no one wanted: “The Last Field Guide”.

  • Hilarious! Thanks!!

    • Trinity-stitch toilet tank covers!

  • a lesser field guide: Intarsia Toilet Seat Covers

    • With its companion copy of Doll In A Dress Loo Roll Covers

      • wouldn’t miss it!

    • That is too Funny !

      • Lesser Field Guide: Cats’ Pajamas, Bees’ knee-socks, and other wee weekend knits

  • Cable Car Cables

    Macaroni Macrame

    Purling with Pasta

  • Knitted Voats for Your Washer and Dryer. I live 8n an Asian country where my washer and dryer live outside on a semi enclosed balcony. I can buy ugly plastic covers for them, but why do that when they could be knitted! Think how gosh darn pretty they would be!

    • My brain’s autocorrect changed it to Vests!

      • Stuck on sleeve island

      • Hah! Even funnier!

    • Dang!! I so wanted to know what a voat was?

      • Same!

    • Field Guide for Stressful Knitting

    • Coats, I meant coats! Jeezsh…..

      • Reversible Beach Towels (hand wash, dry flat)

  • Double knitted moon beams for Werewolves

    • Wow your dinner guests with spaghetti brioche

  • A guide on Finishing Techniques please!!! Maybe with Patty Lyons! Pretty Please!!!

    • I note for Finishing Techniques as well, eg. “All the Little Things You Avoid But Shouldn’t”. Or, “Closing the Gaps for a Self-Taught Knitter”. Kate Atherley would also be a great author choice!

      • Yes! Closing the Gaps for Self Taught Knitters!

      • Argh. Obviously “vote”.

  • Neck Warmers for Giraffes

    • Fantastic!

  • The Field Guide no one asked for: Stranded Island Colorwork

    • Haha, love it!

  • Field Guide topic no one really asked for: Some anti-calming knitting, when you just need to crank up your monkey mind (which is probably insulting to monkeys) because you have become too chill from all the other wonderfully peaceful knitting you have been doing. (Just got field Guide No. 7 (Ease) and have been loving it.)

  • Ha! That one with “The Scream” made me laugh out loud for the first time today – and startled the cat, as it’s 6 am and otherwise quiet in my semi-dark living room. What interesting minds everyone has! (And thanks fir the chance but I already have all the Field Guides, but what a great prize!)

    • Oh god me too! Tears to my eyes. Laugh out loud.

  • New Fair Isle Designs for Cat Scratching Posts

    • Guide to managing tension headaches!

      • Guide to tension headaches

  • Antler hats for Moose and Deer

    • Beanies, Booties, and Berets for Baby Bears

  • Stash-busting fingering weight Caftans

  • Unisex underpants for every season from wool to silk

    • Heeheehee!!!

    • Loved it

  • Field Guide No. X: Toilet Paper Cozies For All

  • Shaping pet sweaters
    Purrfect Purls for Pet

  • The How’s and Why’s of a Proper Yarn Bomb

  • Coats for Goats

  • 17 Year Projects Until Cicadas Come Again

    • Yes!!

    • perfect!

    • Love!

      Seems I can reply to Comments but can’t post one. Will go to lounge for that.

    • Haha!!

    • I laughed out loud. Winner.

  • Lesser Field Guide…I was inspired by the one word titles
    LOST: Tiny Projects for Big Trips
    Possible pattern names
    In Space
    My Mind
    My Way
    My Needle

    • Or simply: Lost it!

  • Crocheted umbrellas!

  • A lesser Field Guide: Black extra large stockinette lace weight sweaters for men

    • You’re describing my very first knitting project. Only it was dark grey. Used to knit on it at my new in- laws on looong Sunday visits. When my husband finally got to try it on the sleeves were long enough to fit an elephant’s trunk.

    • Love it!

    • My Mother knitted one if those for my Father! It took years – and even more years before I would consider knitting.

      • Sounds like an early boyfriend sweater I knit nearly half a century ago when that was a thing….It was very fine, huge and on straight needles. My aunt told me if he didn’t wear it, he could use it as a bedspread….

        Yet, here I am….still knitting and loving those Field Guides!

  • hmmm, how about Field Guide for Knitted Cozies for every Appliances (including vacuum cleaners)

  • Field Guide No One But You Asked For – South African San Rock Art.
    Wow, that would be a Field Guide to look forward to

  • I was so looking forward to “Hot dog macrame”!

  • “”The Year of Cicadas”

  • Drinking then tinking …. or How NOT to try your first Kaffe project

    • That is for sure not the way to do a Kaffe Fassett project…lol

  • Knitted Lamp Shades

  • King-SIzed Laceweight Seed Stitch Duvet Cover. Now that one sends shivers down my spine!

  • Automobile covers for people who really love their cars.

  • Shetland Haps for Sheared Sheep

  • I would LOVE to get in on a KAL of that duvet cover! What a great way to spend the summer. Field Guide #211

    • These are all so brilliant and hilarious! Because it’s that time of day: “Knitting with Your Hand-Spun Coffee Grounds.”

      • LOLOL – let’s do this!

  • Patterns for your shame stash–projects to make your unloved skeins superstars!

  • Tree knitting: the ultimate hug.

  • Careful what you wish for, you will surely get it….

  • I can’t pick a favorite – I’d take them all.

    • If Christo were a knitter: Yarn Bomb Tour Town

  • Brioche Bread Bags… perfect for holiday gift giving!

  • I love all of these! How about a Field Guide Nobody Wanted: Cicada Cycles. What will we be wearing in 17 years? Best use of that “Pop of Red” accent color and recipes, yes recipes for those buggers!

    • Field Guides no one wants ever: Toothpick Cozies: Five Patterns for Everyday Wear

    • “Pop of red”! You do live with them! Too funny.

  • I need a lesson in how to do fair isle correctly. I guess it must include how to knit with one yarn in each hand. I’m working on a throw by Kaffe Fassett and it requires twisting the yarn on every stitch so I spend most of my time untwisting the yarn.

  • All the entries are so funny !! How about a field guide from Yards of happiness? I just love seeing the words knitting and happiness united. That being said a field guide with the Best of from different designers would be lots of fun.

  • Yarn bombing for tree huggers…especially needed in the old growth forests of the world!

  • “Hold My Beer” — the Field Guide to Happy Hour Knitting

    • Oh, yeah!! Definitely need this one!!

    • Good one!!

    • Absolutely!

    • Double yes

    • Yes!

  • Seed Stitched Tarpaulins for Lawn Mowers

    • The Green Field Guide – lace weight toilet wipes

  • Scarves for Polar Bears

  • A field guide for foragers: Knitting honeysuckle vines and corn stalks into rustic goods for the green home.

    • I think this is the meta of projects from the pandemic. Bringing together all the crafty, environmentally friendly projects. Sourdough must fit in here somewhere!

  • After being at home for soooooo long, a duvet cover in lace weight seems very reasonable to me. When does it come out?

  • Car seat covers in stripes, solids and Fair Isle!

    • And Fair Isle Steering Wheel Covers!

    • Bourbon and Brioche

    • Silk mohair Slipcovers

  • Gee. I’d love 1-15, but I confess that I’m completely intimidated by the titles suggested so far. You folks are so imaginative! I’m not worthy.

  • Knits for the other side of the galaxy.

  • Everything you want to know to knit Fair Isle sweaters for chickens

  • Kitchen Cozies. Cute covers for all those oddball appliances you’d like out of sight.

  • This is everything! How about a Fiels
    Guide for Knitting in the Dark?

  • Wool patterns for moths

    • I’ve started the field guide #37 socks for centipedes! As always when I start a knitting project can’t wait to see how it looks!

    • I was going to suggest “Knit a Moth Magnet,” but you beat me to it.

    • omg, I love this one, Laura. So tender and inclusive. Almost holy.

      • “tender and inclusive!” Wonderful assessment.
        However, aren’t all wool patterns (potentially) for moths?

  • Hilarious newsletter for a Sunday morning read.
    ‘Vacuum Hose Knits’
    ‘Bunny Ear Hats’
    Thanks for the chuckle and the great real Field Guides.

  • Field Guide No One But You Asked For: Crochet covers for disguising chain link fences.

  • I think i like sox for centipedes best. 100th sock syndrome??

  • It’s hard to top “Hold My Beer”!
    But how about – Knit Lit, Fair Isle knit your own copy of Moby Dick….

  • Hats for cats
    Cowls for cows

  • Field Guide for Stashbusting!!

  • Crocheted Car Covers

  • My field guide would be “stranded computer covers”

    • Love it! LOL

  • Field guide for all the discarded masks to be woven into throw rugs

    • Amazing,,

    • YES!

  • Field Guide no one wants: Pants for Ants

  • Ann and Kay knitted look alike dolls.

    • I forgot to mention the Felted Tweed Kaffe Teddy Bear

      • ❤️!

  • Knit and crochet a Condo Cozy!

  • Posh pets, dressing up your cat or dog

  • Lesser Field Guide 972: The Knitted Bikini Revisited: Novelty Yarn Edition

    • Oh yes, with the fur types, and tassel trim. Ha ha ha

    • Knitted or crocheted toilet roll covers (my grandmother crocheted a lovely doll and the long skirt was the tp cover – simply lovely).

  • Beginner Badass Brioche with Barbed Wire.

    • I vote for your entry. I hope you win!


  • All hail to quirky creativity! While I’m waiting for my caffeine to kick in, I’m just loving these suggestions! Great way to start a Sunday!

  • How about those dolls with dresses that covered the spare toilet paper roll? When are you gonna do that??

  • Socks to prevent dogs licking there paws and driving their owners crazy

    • Sign me up!!

    • Or their since I can’t type 🙂

  • The Knitter’s Guide to the Galaxy

  • Lace knitting with ramen noodles would be interesting.

  • Tiny Tatted Tutus. For whatever critter you like.

    • This one made me happy that I had already finished my coffee. Winner!

    • Can’t …. Stop …. Snickering!

  • „Seasonal Sweaters for Beavers & Other Rodentia“

  • How about a guide to use up stash – Stash Busters: Porch Poles & other outdoor bling

  • Knitted utensil handle covers!

  • Portable pasta projects!

  • I can’t even knit right now do to wrist injury but I get such a kick out of the Atlas Insider! How about “Space” –and that’s all there is –empty pages.

  • Field guide no one wants….How to Empty Your Stash. I have so much yarn stashed that I have developed an attachment to it and can’t bear to part with any!!!

  • Dog Daze: knitting coordinated accessories for your pup. Including sweaters, leash, collar, bowl cover and poop bags!

  • Another field guide I haven’t seen requested (yet): Don’t Fence Me In: how to knit fencing for a small yard and up to 40 acres with a variety of stitch patterns. Ha, I might actually order this one:-)

  • Lesser Field Guide: Tatted Bathing Suits

    • Can’t stop snickering about this one…visualizing this on a St Tropez beach shoot…

  • Can’t stop laughing about the duvet cover

  • Knitting With Duct Tape

  • Crocheted, or knitted ( but Crocheted sounds more riduculous) children for lonely couples. Thst have mouths flaps that open. Stored inside are a LIFETIME of NO’s and YOU CANT MAKE ME and I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I and just a couple (cos i am feeling zen) I HATE YOU.

    yup…..its a winner
    (But maybe i just wanna make it cos i have 4 ADULT manchilds)

  • This is giving me a flashback to the most excellent exploratory on alternate methods of seaming…staples and duct tape and even cream cheese. It was shared with us on an April 1 and it totally caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud! Brilliant! So perhaps a Field Guide titled “Seams to me…” on finishing all those WIP’s.

  • Cats Love to Crochet, for Dogs.

    • Gorgeous Grape Covers

  • Lesser field guides: hats for chaps

    I’m thinking matching knit beards for the whole family, with the hats to match. Nose cozies. Convertible from beanies to toque. Hats with holes for ear muffs. Etc.

    • and knitted chaps!

  • Ladders, Yarnovers & Puckers: Patterns that Pair Well With Cocktails

    Also,,,I’m knitting a (full size) blanket of fingering seed-stitch. Thanks for answering my whispered question of “Am I crazy? Is this crazy?”

    • 🙂 I guess that fingering seed-stitch blanket also pairs well with cocktails! Respect!

  • I love all of these – so creative!

  • MDK Field Guide No. 19: Knitting Our Seat Covers for our Pick-Up Trucks.

    Yes, our Fords, you know, when we go yarn hunting and fill up the bed with our haul. Gotta protect the seats during the snacking on chocolate while traveling between LYSs on the crawls.

  • The field guide that only I asked for is perfect for me because I live outside of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where all of these unseen patterns will fit beautifully with our societies need for unique fashion for all body sizes and gender. Thank you for thinking of those who need fiber art to live and love life.

  • Field Guide Final Guide No. 12,900,001: Knitted Death Shrouds

    What riotous fun it has been to read the comments! Makers are just brilliant! Good Luck Everyone!

    • I actually knit a blanket (read burial shroud) for a friend to bury her dog in. She insisted on using a beautiful Malabrigo yarn.

  • Love all these. How about knitted plant covers for col weather?

  • The king sized seed stitch duvet covers are all obviously in black color ways correct?

  • Those are all great! I’d just love to win all those field guides!

  • I think there is a true need for a Kitty Ear Warmer Field Guide!! Wouldn’t the possibilities be so adorable!?! You could do different yarns for different seasons, sleek designs for Siamese and fluffy designs for Persians. What fun, LOL!!

    • How to spin your dog’s fur into yarn.

      • Endings: knitting the most complicated patterns in shades of black. Includes how to avoid pooling for indie dyed yarn.

        Loving these entries!

  • Best comments ever!

  • My seed stitch duvet cover became a seed stitch pillow sham!

  • Knitting Cat Toys With Cat Hair

  • Field Guide to Finding All Those Missing Stitch Markers (or Have You Checked Your Couch Cushions Lately)

  • BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thank you for the giggles this morning

    Fair Isle bikinis . . .

    • How about Entirely Icord, sweaters that will round out your profile literally and figuratively. How to make large garments on two six inch needles, a lifetime project.

      • Excellent!

    • Pure genius. I would love to see one of the curvy, tanned, septuagenarian Dalmatian ladies at the beach near me wearing one.

  • There must be a “Mittens for Kittens” – should have 9 patterns – LOL

  • Zucchini noodle Brioche

  • Brioche berets for baboons

    • Field guide just for me: “Knitting while nodding off (aka “knodding off”). How many evenings during the past year have I drifted off while watching TV and kept knitting in my sleep? An embarrassing number, actually. I’m fine with the knit stitch (continental) but can’t manage this with anything else. I would like to learn techniques for purling and cables or color work would be amazing!

      • Sorry! I thought I was posting, not replying to above. No idea now to fix this. Probably need more sleep

  • The essential field guide to spare tire and gas can covers.
    The essential field guide to fine guage tarping.

  • The lace weight duvet cover picture is so perfect. This was a funny one.

  • Be self reliant. How to raise sheep, shear sheep, wash, card, spin the wool. And the best part: what type of wood to gather to make your own knitting needles.

  • Linen stitch five-man tents

  • Knitting for Gnus.

  • field guide: Plarn for knitters who don’t have enough to do

  • Knitting With Snakes

    • All of these are so great, but some are particularly so. Snakes knitting, smiling, sitting around together wearing hand knits. Love it.

  • Free pattern no one wanted: Creamed corn can cozy.

  • There is no such thing as Lessor field guides in my book. I enjoy every today bit I can get.

  • “Marvelous Mini Skein Knitting”

  • Stylish pantsuits for your plow horse. Sweaters for your octopus.

  • Lesser Field Guides: Knitting Camping Equipment: Tents, Canoes, and Air Mattresses.

  • Skinny Scarves for Scarecrows

  • Hot dog macrame for sure!

  • How to design and knit a car cover for your minivan. In lace and mohair of course!

  • Knitting Your Personalized Intestinal Tract

  • Dog fur double seed stitch shawls. (Edited for a variety of dog fur;your pup or ours

  • Yarn Bomb Pool-covers: from wading to Olympic. Surprise and delight your neighbors! (Sorry, you’re on your own for infinity pools.)

  • Maybe a hot dog macrame curtain at a doggy day care….

  • Waltzing wonders

  • Covid cast ons

    • Included in this Field Guide:
      Coronavirus toys for cats or kids (with anatomically accurate spike proteins)
      PPE to knit and crochet (why Fair Isle stranded masks provide superior protection)
      Cozy but stylish garments for hospital or recovery wear (when all else fails)

  • Field guide for knitting a straightjacket with the hair you pulled out of your head while knitting the king-sized laceweight seed stitched duvet cover.

  • I was going to suggest Knitted Car Covers, from Accura to Zagata [yes, that’s a real name] but I see someone suggested swimming pools already, which is crazier, so – Knitting with Dryer Lint is my entry.

    • Swimming pools here—dryer lint is pretty pretty pretty crazy. 🙂

  • Field guide no one asked for theme: My dogs coat into my coat. They are shedding like crazy right now=free fiber.

  • Marls for Squirrels?

  • Knitted Knickers? The problem with this is that almost everything has already been offered for real on Ravelry, such as skimpy underwear for plus sizes – who would ever have thought of that?

  • I’d purchase, “Socks for Cats”

  • Not sure if this one is already taken, but … Hats for Hares

  • For your Halloween haunted house: Knit your own ghosts out of lace weight yarn. Will double as bedspreads.

    • I like the double purpose here. And I may just have to knit a ghost now…

  • Knitted turf covers-for covering up the crab grass or enhancing your lawn’s color.

  • Field Guides no one asked for – balls for the dryer – to act as dryer sheets. Knitted? Crocheted? the possibilities are endless.

  • Field Guide No. Gazillion
    Lace patterns for elephant trunks, tusks, leg warmers, and the largest sweater you’ll never finish

  • Brioche knitting using brioche dough

  • Knit fitted carpet for the whole house!

  • So funny!

  • I have a few but it would be awesome to have the whole collection!

  • Shawls for Sheared Sheep. They always look so chilly!

  • Exquisite Shawls for Elephants

  • There’s a childgre’s book called Go Dog Go. Many hats were not liked until, finally, the party hat!

  • I love the Lace Weight Seed Stitch Duvet Cover. Would keep me knitting for sooooo long!

  • ” leggings for an octopus”

  • Pet coats made from pet hair yarn.

  • #1- Knitted Placemats & Dishcloths for the Tiny Kitchen

    • Because I am OBSESSED with watching the Tiny Kitchen videos on YouTube.

  • MDK Field Guide No. 1,475,877: Lint

  • #2 – sewing with grass clippings 101

  • This is truly a laugh out loud read! So many fun ideas! I think I spotted a Douglas Adams reader amongst us. Sorry, but I couldn’t do the Adult Sized Clowns…shiver. And my tender hands would be unhappy with the Scratchy Camp Blankets…ouch. Working on the King Sized Lace Weight Seed Stitch Duvet Covers could take us 17 years to the next brood X cicadas!

    My 1st thought was actually Coats for Birds, but, I think they’d have trouble with the sleeves. How about Ruana’s for Robins. We could do those in lace weight made from spider silk And baby alpaca so as not to weigh them down.

  • #3 – Crocheted Rabbit Hole Doors

  • Given our current Minnesota cold snap–“Knit covers for at-risk plants in the Frozen North”

    • Love that. And could also be used to extend the season if u expand them during the summer!

  • Killer Bee Kitchener

  • love the field guides that didn’t make the cut. wish my brain worked like that. can see why you are a great addition to MDK

  • The Needle Diaries (or, why do I have so many size 7 double pointed needles, and how do I keep losing them?)

  • love your funny posts!

  • Gift knitting for people you don’t really like that much.

    • OMG that’s funny!

    • The best yet!

    • This gave me a laugh because my sister had a particularly passive aggressive mother in law who crocheted beautiful Afghans for the entire family one Christmas and my sister got one that was made from the scraps of the other nice ones. Ugliest thing I ever saw. Can’t believe someone would purposely make something so horrid.

  • Lesser Field Guide title – Colorwork Bunion Covers

  • Love it – I would spend hours on hot dog macrame – for everyone on my Christmas list!

    • Fair Isle Wedding Invitations (with Response Cards)

  • Cool Crocheted Car Covers…an exercise in stash busting!
    Cool Crocheted Car Covers…an exercise in stash busting!

  • Sweaters knit using 5” DPN, the insanity Field Guide

  • Knitting while Weaving

  • “Porch plant hangers, berry bird net knitting, and crotchet to trap squirrels” Field guide #20

  • -Weird Toilet Paper Cozies
    -Fun Fur is Fabulous!
    -Knitting with Human Hair, Dog Fur, and Grasses
    -Dying Yarn with Dirt

  • Sweaters knit entirely from dog hair.

    • This is a real thing! Knitting with Dog Hair by Kendall Crolius and Anne Montgomery. There’s even a chapter on dyeing your pet yarn.

  • Field Guide to Invisible Stitches. And, yes, all the pages are blank.

    • Oh my, my dear late Aunt once gave me “the absolutely no-calorie dessert cookbook”! All the pages were blank, but once I filled it with my favorite family recipes, the calories were anything but lo-calorie!

  • Field Guide No. 36
    Leftovers Mold Terrariums

  • Knitting cat accessories with dog fur

    • So many creative ideas! My suggestion for another field guide is patterns and videos for knitting outdoor items like fences and garden borders!

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Pasties and Penis Warmers
  • Lesser Field Guides–Hats for Hobgoblins

  • Cowls for Cows/How To Knit and Cook a Brioche/Purls Before Swine/I-Cord Uncurled/How To Date A Knitter: K2tog and M1R.

  • Kudzu Capers.
    Surely those vines are good for something.

  • Lesser Field Guide No. 1067
    Housework Crafts: Needle-felted Dust Bunnies and Tabletop Dust Mandalas

  • Totally cracked me up!

  • Knitting for Martians. It’s out of this world.

  • Thanks for the laugh. How about a brioche car cover

  • Lesser field guide: All Purls, All the Time.

  • I think a field guide to fair isle half doll body toilet paper covers would be nice.

  • MDK Field Guide #123,456,789: Things to Knit With Emu Feathers! I know, sort of a strange one. But I actually have emus and I’ve actually wondered if there was a way to somehow knit with the feathers that they shed. Some of those feathers are incredibly soft!

  • Wedding Party: Knit Your Own Wedding Dress, Bridesmaid Dresses,and Groomsmen Ties. Alternate title: How to Delay Marriage Indefinitely

    • Excellent! Ugly bridemaids’ dresses – easy!

  • Lesser Field Guide No. 911
    Yarn Barf, Knots and Tangled Skeins

    A guide to precious stash nightmares

    • This give away is a hoot—How kind and generous of you!

  • “Field Guide No One But You Asked For”: Camouflage Garter Stitch Sleeping Bags for Snakes

  • Tatted handkerchiefs for the healthy. Hilarious comments!

  • Zoomin’ Along. Project Index would divide projects according to items that could be finished during a single Zoom call; a weekly call so at the end of the month you would have a completed project; and maybe that duvet everyone keeps mentioning for the calls you know WILL NEVER END. 🙂

  • Creamed corn crochet! Love it!

  • Lesser Field Guide: Knitted tents⛺️!

  • Scubi Do
    Rubber Duckie Swimwear
    Making bath time even more fun

  • Hahaha great suggestions. How about “How to Deliver Your Unwanted Yarn to the Romulans”

  • Zen and the Art of Knitting Maintanence

  • Hilarious! especially socks for centipedes, what more could a sock lover ask for.

  • What do men do in the winter when their private part is hanging in the cold – how about a knitted cover to keep it warm?

  • Knitted fly fishing flies with beaded bodies!

  • An Itch to Stitch….

  • What a wonderful way to start a Sunday! How about Macrame cat enclosures for your yard or patio? You could include a supplement on crocheted kitty hammocks and dangling toys. It could be a thing!

  • Thank you for the Sunday morning chuckle

  • “All Sleeves, No Sweat(er)”

  • My field guide request would be “The Many Facets of Bobbles” – NOT!! I hate knitting bobbles, but they keep showing up in my favorite patterns lately.

  • So many clever comments!! I knew that knitters were clever with words as well as needles!!

  • Lesser Field Guide: Yarn Barf Brioche or Peacock Colorwork

  • The Art of Dyeing with Hot Sauce

  • I kind of liked the seed stitch laceweight duvet cover…. just saying.

  • The Woolen Swimwear Field Guide.

  • My titles: 101 WIPS and counting or maybe all those projects you think you’ll start with that abundant stash.

  • Field Guide no-one asked for is a key cozy.

  • Field guides nobody wants – Knitted baby blankets for cicadas

  • Paper raffia shower caps

  • Heirloom knits for tall ship sails

  • Speed knitting for turtles, sloths, and snails

  • Field Guide No 401: Knit and crochet food products

  • Texture stitches for black socks.

  • Accessories for Antlers

  • Lesser Field Guide….The Best Frogging Patterns Ever!.

  • Only sleeves, Never alone on Sleeve Island Again.

  • the Pink Panther Mystery KAL. Includes the theme to the PP and all shades of pink

  • Thongs, bikini bottoms, and granny panties: a rustic wool collection

    That would be something.

  • I LOVE King Sized Lace-Weight Seed Stitch Duvet Covers!!!!!

  • These LFGs are hilarious and beautiful. My guide? Fishing Pole Cozies.

  • I thought that last entry portrayed me exactly because I just started a full-size blanket in fingering weight. Accckkk!!

  • Slip-stitch Slipcovers for Every Room (illustrated by Roz Chast)

    Boyfriend Sweaters: Breaking Up the EZ Way

    • Very amusing and great homage to EZ

  • “Knitting patterns for your second pandemic”…eek!
    “Ocean purls and lice (k)nits”

  • “It’s ugly but I thought at least someone would wear it “ field guide

  • Knitted toys for pets to destroy

  • These were great, but how about “Fun with Fettuccine”? Tips on how much to cook it first. Perhaps which brand the author prefers. And of course, what size needles to use!

  • Field Guide No One Asked For: how to crochet a doily top for my roomba!

  • OMG – this is too fun and people are so creative and funny!

    I’m stopping now before it fully consumes my day:
    -Slash & Sew: Making Lace and other creative uses of the steek

    -Twisted knitting: How to see what you want to believe, and other circular logic

    -Literary knitting; In which minor characters in fictional masterpieces are shown to be knitting

    -Punctilious Knitting: Knits, Tinks & Steeks

  • Dust bunnies into yarn

    • How about the Sandra Boynton guide to happy cows and pigs and other animals!

      • Hippo, birdie, two ewe……I remember that birthday card! Lol

      • Moo! Baa! La la la!

        • Knitted pond covers to protect coi from blue herons

  • Ribbing with pork ribs…? Or short ribs if you keep kosher.

  • The Italian Grandmothers Teach You to Knit With Pasta!

  • Mittens for cats

  • Mental Challenges! The designer made a series of mistakes in the pattern. Can you find them all and still finish the project?

  • Field Guide to Broadway Musicals Knitting
    The Music Man: The Think System of Purling
    Lion King: Circular of Life
    Hamilton: Don’t Throw Away Your Short Row
    Wicked: Defying Garter Stitch
    Oklahoma: I Cain’t Say No to Yarn: Stash Busting for Farmers and
    Phantom of the Opera:
    1. Mask Knitting for Evenings at the Theatre
    2. Past the Point of No Return: Frogging without Regret

    • Winner!

  • A lesser field guide: Magic Loop two-at-a-time ear bud covers

  • Lesser Field Guide No. 6,853: knitted tents ⛺️ and other backpacking/camping gear. Thanks for all the hilarious comments… what a way to start your day!!!

  • Field Guide No One, but me, Asked For: “Crafting With Your Dust Bunnies”, ex., felted soap, house(hair) slippers, pet fur pullover. Another title I’d love to see: “Doomsday Knits-Projects for the apocalypse and after”. Oh…wait…I already own that book!

  • Knitting with wine: before and after

  • Knit the Field!!…the grass, the cow patties, the weeds the prairie dogs. make your own collection!

    • The Field Guide No One Asked for: FO’s
      Just the finishing part of the project- Then there are no UFO’s ever! Admittedly, I have no idea how that would work.

  • I would really love to win these field guides!

  • Bike riding knitting for the novice

    • The great Elizabeth Zimmerman was known to knit while riding behind her husband on a motorcycle. So awesome.

  • Having just gone through an extremely old pile of crochet books where the prize winner was a curtain panel made of size 100 crochet cotton, 59 balls of it, my thought of a shower curtain knit with sewing thread doesn’t seem all that daunting anymore.

  • Doe-approved mini-tents for Fawns on the Lawn.

  • ADHD Darwinian Knit & Crochet. (Big projects that start off fine but then along comes something more interesting, so you frog the project and let the yarn evolve into something else.)

  • Everyday cashmere dishcloths

    • And its follow-up pamphlet – Disposable Cashmere Dishcloths

  • 1001 Projects From Bits of Yarn to Short to Save!

    • Ooops, should be Too short to save! Sandy

  • Field Guide No. 522: Knitting for Squirrels: Sweaters for All Seasons

  • Library: Knitted Book Covers.
    Build a collection of treasured heirlooms.

  • DG you crack me up!!! You really got me with the King Sized lace weight seed stitch duvet cover. That would be my vote. I also would not be surprised if someone in your office is actually working on one right now:-). Love you guys!

  • Knits for backpackers – tents to stove covers…

  • Field Guide No One Asked For But Me, “Pandemic Yarn Splicing”. Methods for mask wearers who can’t spit-splice.

  • Knitting with Ramen.
    Cat Cozies (good luck wrangling the models!)

  • Field Guide 92: Things to Knit When You’ve Forgotten How. Knitting after you’ve lost your mind.

  • 101 Slug Cozies

  • Field Guide # 666: Slashing Your Stash

  • Tips for detangling yarns

  • Why should fingerless gloves have all the fun? Knitting patterns for just fingers – use up your stash-not.

  • How about Kniited Kites for All Occasions!

  • Lesser Field Guide 1,228,999–
    Yarn Homes: Constructing Dwellings for Yarn Stashes

  • love them all!

  • Pantry knitting- a cover for every item in your cupboards.

  • Field Guide – Open House- lovely lace accessories for in and outside your house. Lace curtains, pillows and lamp shades for inside and lovely lace trims for potted plants on the patio, a low lace border/edging for flower beds and how to knit a long lace fence.

  • Porsche bra knitting;
    Knitting with pine needles

  • The Adult Size Clowns..that’s scary. Can you imagine waking up every morning see that. Yikes

  • Sweaters for farm animals—washable wool.

  • My field guide no onw but me asked for: “Socks for Dogs; 12 playful Patterns in multiple sizes” (Not snow booties) but true socks.

  • I love the theme of The Field Guide No One But You Asked For. I mean how do you know that you really don’t want it until you see it and have brainstorm after brainstorm about projects in the field guide. Perhaps the theme should be Brainstorms!

  • Had a good laugh at Field Guide 211. King Size Seed Stitch in Lace Weight yarn! Thanks for that!

  • Mittens and gloves from fingertips to wrists.

    • I actually wasn’t joking about the tip to wrist mittens and gloves!

  • Field Guide No One Has Yet Asked For: The Rebirth of Wall Pockets: knitted, knotted, crocheted and felted.

    Check out wall pockets on eBay or Pinterest – especially the ones from the Art Deco or Art Nouveau periods. They are wonderful! They can hold mail, dried flowers – anything. They don’t have to be a vase that holds water – although you could always slide in a plastic insert of a recycled something. They just have to be flat on one side to sit flush with the wall and have a hole or loop to hang – hence the felting for strength. There are actually some cute teardrop-shaped crocheted hanging patterns on Etsy and Ravelry in different sizes for toys, plastic bag storage, air plants, but don’t think anyone’s calling them wall pockets. Any kind of vertical storage is a good thing!!

    Another Field Guide: Chair and Sofa Leg Cozies.

    Patterns already out there on Ravelry (a few look like cat paws) but it could be greatly expanded on with much whimsy. Love things that are functional as well as fun and these work well at protecting floors and eliminating the awful scraping noises your kids make when dragging the dining chairs over a wood floor.

    My Favorite Field Guide Idea: Geezer Helpers – decorative patterned super mitts that help you grip, carry, and keep from burning yourself on the stove.

    Geeze this was fun!!!

  • Cases for Hotwheels

  • Fair Isles for Shetland Sheep

  • Field Guide with knitting projects of 1000 bobbles or more. Bobbles can be in multiple yarn colors of your choice. Yeah, I want this one.

  • Knitting with spiderwebs. Perfect for lace weight projects

  • Ear Muffs for Bunnies would be a Lesser Guide I would buy.

  • Meetings for Field Guide themes???? I feel soooo sleepy…… Thank God someone makes these decisions for me.

  • Field guide number 20… Needing to keep you occupied during someone else’s Netflix marathon

    • Knitting, not needing.

      • I need this for endless sports on TV: golf followed by baseball, hockey, Nascar, Formula One, poker, football of any kind, (is there bowling?) Argh

  • Beehive Covers

  • Don’t forget the Field Guide to Common Knitting Pattern Names.

  • “J hi ow many rows do I have to take out”

  • Enjoyed this. What a great idea for giveaway!

  • Lesser field guide: sleeve island

  • Pants for ants

  • Blue Bobbled Booty Shorts

  • Afghanis in lace weight cotton.

  • How about ear warmers for bunnies?

  • Field Guides No One Asked For No 401
    Knitting with Phentex for Fun and Profit

  • Best Laceweight Socks for Bunions, Calluses, Hammer Toes and Varicose Veins

  • I cannot possibly compete with the totally clever ideas already offered.
    My Ideal Field Guide would be one skein patterns for those expensive skeins in my stash, all those hand dyed beauties in cashmere and alpaca.

  • Disco Ball Display Donuts — nice soft non-marring toroidal things one could use to support one’s disco ball on a windowsill, table or other flat surface. I needed to knit one once. There are no extant patterns for disco ball holders anywhere. Corner the market! Useful for basketballs or woks, too, I suppose.

  • Knitwear you won’t sweat in! Maybe for next Spring. Not that I don’t love the woolies.

  • Of course – and must be done at night!

  • A Field Guide to Shetland Sweaters for Ponies.

  • Field guide for getting your children to not destroy what you just cleaned.

  • Lesser Field Guide – Elephant Cozies and Pachyderm Ponchos

  • Allergies: Knitting with Pet Hair

  • Using those plastic bags in the bottom drawer to knit elegant furniture slip covers much like Aunt Lucy used to have

  • Lace weight projects with black yarn to be done at night.

  • I am laughing too hard about the espresso inspiration to think of a Lesser Field Guide.

  • Brioche Bun Covers!

  • Knitted Log Cabins – one story and two story patterns included!

  • Knitting through a pandemic with garlic breath wearing a required mask

  • Socks for Ducks
    When it freezes in Seattle our poor ducks skid on fountains. Protect those webbed feet with socks for ducks!

  • Knitted statues for your garden

  • Knitted things your kids will absolutely not wear ever

  • Knits for the Non Knit Worthy

  • Knit your own lawn and garden. (With optional weeds)

  • “Field Guide No One But You Asked For” – No Problem Narcolepsy- easy to read knitting patterns, tips, and hacks that help us with this crazy disease easily find where we left off in the pattern and restart with ease.

  • Knitting Van Gogh. (I’d like)
    knitting with barbed wire (Not so much, but I’d like to see what other people would come up with)

  • Bird Sweaters: Just right for those cold days in May!

  • Field guide: lace for bats

  • mohair underwear for ex husbands

  • “Froggy bottoms & other amphibian knitwear”

  • Field Guide #666 Knitted & Crocheted Earplugs to drown out ANNOYING NEIGHBORS is my Field Guide
    choice no-one asked for.

  • How about “Rippit – The Gentle Art of Unknitting”.

  • This is great. You always provide some good humor.

  • Field Guide for Canadians

  • these are so funny.

  • Oh man, I want to enter, but I can’t compete with King-Sized Laceweight Seed Stitched Duvet Covers!

  • How about Horse Hair Handknits: Knits That Last Forever.

  • Love your articles. So funny! How about “ Fingerless mitts, toeless socks, elbow less sweaters, and brimless hats”

  • The Castaways, each project with a different cast on method.

  • it would be titled.the “Less is More” edition!

  • Hysterical!!! I’m going to request Microscopic Aran Sweaters…

  • Vegan Feast

  • Yarnbombing in Arizona: Colorful Cactus, Superb Succulents, Marvelous Mesquite.

  • Licorice Lace

  • Mona Lisa Smile Masks. Venus Adonis Gloves. Roman Statuary Nose-Warmers!

  • Paleolithic art and techniques (including foraging fibers)

    • Actually, this would be a great contribution to the history of fiber-making. Just about every stitch we use today was “invented” at least 5,000 years ago.

  • Kermit’s Felted Cat Beds and Toys!

  • Life size Clown Dolls! LOL. Funny and creepy at the same time.

  • People who know I have chickens are always sending me patterns for crocheted egg aprons and knitted chicken sweaters. So how about “Custom Sweaters for Every Hen”?

  • Hot Peppers and Cozy Tomatoes: A Field Guide to Knitted Garden Cloches.

  • I think the centipede in Janes and the Giant Peach needs the sock book. Love your fun ideas, thank you for sharing

  • UFOs Are Real: The Yarn Budget Cover-Up the Government Doesn’t Want You To Know About

  • Field Guide no one asked for:

    1(.1) skein wonders! Do you ever have slightly *more* than just one skein of that beautiful hand dyed yarn you just couldn’t put down?! Say hello to 1.1 skein wonders, perfectly designed to always use 10% more of a second matching skein, no more and no less!! Stitch patterns are carefully chosen to showcase how accurately the second skein matches the first, so that you can show off how perfectly your extra yarn matches your first skein, no alternating necessary!!

    • So funny! And so painfully accurate.

  • Car warmers

  • Car and Truck Cozies, Or scrappy bonanza for mini skeins and stash busting.

  • WOW.. okay it’s 11:06pm and I had to read the snippet twice! I guess I’m tired but not too tired to win the field guides! Love them. I’m working on the Sock guide I bought need something to work on while I travel again!!!
    thanks for all you do and making me happy!

  • The Spring Collection:
    Bunny Hugger Vests,
    Brioche for Birds,
    Terracotta pots Cozys

  • Making Do With Dental Floss?

  • Field Guide 289: Fair Isle Car Cozies

  • Gnome-shaped Nose Warmers

  • How about a Field Guide called – “Free Style Knitting – You don’t really need a pattern, just let it flow”.
    I know Jackson Pollock would love this.

  • Sleeve Island: Sweaters for Cephalopods

  • Hats for Hydras

  • Field Guide No One But You Asked For: Gifts for backyard co-workers (snakes, rabbits, birds, squirrels)

  • Knit red hats for the asparagus to scare the birds away

  • Vests for Chickens

  • Field guides nobody asked for –
    Mittens For Kittens, Udder Warmers and more!

  • Spin & Knit with Chihuahua Fur

  • Hilarious!

  • Knitting for the Non-Knitworthy: Creating crappy knitting projects for people who just don’t deserve nice things

  • Lesser Field Guide: Upcycling The The Bits Of Your Hair You Keep Pulling Out Of Your Projects: Lace Fitted Linen Stitch Doggie Ear Warmers Affenhuahua to Yorkipoo with a bonus guide to Brioche Chicken Pants

  • Lesser Field Guide #001: Mohair Necklaces, Anyone!?

  • Stillsuit Strikke: Ancient Craft for the Modern Fremen

  • My Field Guide would be Anti-gravity: Knitting Efficiently In Space

  • Yurt knitting for beginning and experienced knitters
    Techniques included: bricchr, intarsia, stranded colorwork.
    How to steek windows, doors and vents.

  • Lesser Field Guide No. 42 – Patterns for the Meaning of Life

    and Field Guide No. 211 is brilliant.

  • Ed stitch scarfs for bird watchers

  • I would love to have “Endless Magic Loop Possibilities” since I just can’t figure out how this works.
    I would also love something old fashioned and traditional like “Discovering Doilies” or “Troubleshooting Traditionally Tatted Tablecloths”. 🙂
    I’m an old fashioned gal at heart and don’t want the old ways to get lost!
    Also…I want to try weaving sometime and add my own creative twists to it, so “Weaving for the Warped” might be enticing too!

  • Lesser Field Guide: Foods to Knit. A field guide for foodies! It could include knitting with ramen or other noodles, pastry dough, licorice rope, or pulled taffy.

  • Lesser Field Guide: Tiny House Construction Using the Log Cabin Knitting Technique

  • In the middle of a move I would suggest
    “Adventures in Bubble Wrap “

  • Lesser Field Guide: Moist Yarn. A guide to wetblocking while knitting.

  • Favorite granny square swimwear from the ‘70s

  • Knitting for Pets to Lovingly Destroy

    Honestly, my cat just waits for me to not look and chews my bamboo needles – who needs the yarn! I suppose I should be grateful but…..

  • American Football helmet cozies.

  • Nest Liners for Garden Pests: Moles, Voles, Gophers, Rats and Prairie Dogs.

  • New designs of slipped stitches created by designers easily distracted by cats

  • Knit your own Litter box cozy

    • All black knitwear to be made mid winter in low light!

  • “Edible Knits: Knitting With Spaghetti, Licorice, or String Cheese.”

  • How about… Amigurumi Amphibians! (My husband would want the collection of ’em!)

  • I’d love to see a field guide for the ‘modern’ tradition poncho.By tradional I’m thinking about the Mexican or Spanish style from my childhood (50 years ago).

  • Socks for centipedes might be my choice because as much as i want to knit socks, i just dont seem to have it. i have taken 8 classes and completed 3 pair of socks, Nathan has one, i have 1 and my granddaughter Vivian had one that she outgrew before i finished. Then, i feel like ht scream is paperfect background for a king sized anything done in seed stitch.

  • Field guide to navigate post-COVID world

  • How about “Spinning Techniques for Dust Bunnies”

  • SKU: Scratchy Knitted Underpants

  • I think every topic has been covered! Love them all!

  • Field Guide Essentials reusable puppy poo bags and litter box liners

  • Ear Muffs for Dogs

  • Brood X: cicadas as headgear.

  • 1. (Endlessly) Ribbed for Her Displeasure
    2. Bamboo Swim Style
    3. Anatomically Correct Amigurumi

    I could go all day…

  • Easy Projects for Public Knitting for those who can’t knit and talk at the same time.

  • Twisted Stitches, because purling through the back loop is where it is at.

  • Lopi Leisurewear for the Southern Summer.

  • I saw a snake this morning on my bike ride and it got me thinking that a field guide of Slippers for Snakes would be helpful!

  • I would like a field guide to household items like a roof for my porch or a deeper basement. I guess you’d have to call it something like Yarn Over and Under.

  • Oh, my gosh, I love these Lesser Field Guides! And reading all the comments is a delight.

  • The covered car: steering wheel, stick shift, car seat with an intro by the Car Guys

  • Crocheted ballerina toilet paper roll cover

  • A Field Guide for anything is always welcome!

  • Wrestling Moms: Knitted Onesies for the whole crew

  • What about
    Double knitted dogs dinners

  • Knit yourself a farm and garden. . . tiny knits for city dwellers

  • These are all so clever. Thanks for helping to begin my day with laughter!

  • All-bobble boiler suit ( because who wouldn’t want to knit 3000 yards worth of bobbles)

  • Bonnets for Beetles

  • I would like a field guide for knit and crochet bottoms for bikes.

  • These are hilarious suggestions. I have enjoyed reading them. I can’t even think of anything bad good as these!

  • Laceweight Pointillist Intarsia – Blankets & Beanies

  • Warmers for Red Wiggler Worms

    • Lesser known Field Guide #347: Perfect Pet Hair Projects for Everyday Wear

  • Lesser Field Guide: Travel Knitting: Fair Isle on the Freeway

  • A field guide of knitted toilet paper cozies.

  • spagetti knitting

  • Knitting with Jute . Garments for people who are hard on knitwear.

  • Bring all the field guides on!

  • Field Guide 64: Gauge Swatches

  • Fish bowl cozy

  • Field Guide No One Asked For – chicken leg warmers. As in leg warmers for chickens.

  • Field guide 1327, because at this point you are running out of ideas. Knitting with Weeds from Your Backyard.

  • Black vests for polar bears.

  • Yarn Over: knit with your own hair.

  • I am interested in all of those Field Guilds but that’s just me.

  • Field guide loser: knitting for the alien invaders next door

  • Intarsia sweaters for Cats

  • The lesser field guide: Linen stitch tarps

  • I’d like to see a Field Guide for the research laboratory: test tube cozies, pipette handles, that sort of thing.

  • Static Stitching – Projects stitched from acrylic for those who love the effect of mohair, can’t afford it and have pets.

  • And another: The lesser field guide: Bobble bikinis

  • Knits for Cats

  • What amazing projects wish I had your talent

  • pick me! pick me!

  • Cotton Fields Back Home

  • White on White: Subtle Sophistication.
    Combining complex Slip Stitch Motifs and Stranded Colorfreework.
    Six new caftan patterns.
    Try to choose just one; you may decide you need to knit one of each!

  • “Field Guide No One But You Asked For” Cotton Fields Back Home

  • Crochet Cow Bell Covers

  • How about How to organize your two and half dressers full of yarn you might need someday without your husband knowing how much you have?” Or something to that effect!! Would SO love the entire collection of MDK’s awesome field guides!!

  • Tissue box covers

  • Goats in Coats??

  • Yarn Bombing!

  • “Things have gone to Hell. Send Chocolate NOW!”

  • Fun Fur Fantasies

    • Oh my goodness. How did we type about this yarn at the same time? Shudder.

  • Drop your stitches folks, it’s time for the flirty flirty Field Guide: Bat Those Lashes. 6 designs made entirely of eyelash yarn. No sale on these special special yarns in the MDK store. I sincerely hope.

  • Lacy scratchy wool hankies—ewww!

  • Making Small Talk Face to Face Post-Pandemic: Easy Patterns to Knit so you can focus fully on conversing again outside your pod and sound like a semi-intelligent person again. 🙂

  • Endings

    This would feature projects with interesting ways to bind off or embellish your knits.

  • Cables for Tables: add drama to your next dinner party! Knit a lovely Aran tablecloth (preferably in off white) full of complicated cables and nips. Watch the hilarity ensue as guests attempt to balance their red wine and borscht.

  • Doilies. The small ones make great mug rugs. Then trivets. Then table toppers. No one has ever done a field guide in doilies…yet?

  • MDK Field Guide: knitted rain boots

  • What a great laugh for a Saturday morning!

  • Repurposing those things you thought you needed…. New life for those fuglies, missed size blunders, yarn choice errors.

  • Octopus Opera Gloves — classy and practical

    • Could include knitting projects for ocean invertebrates in general, of course

  • Cat tail covers for all seasons, for no reasons! Knitted in recycled serger thread strings and Art Yarn silk.

  • Knits From Bits to use up all the various lengths of leftover yarn that are all different weights and colors and fibers.

  • Love these ideas – Socks for Centipedes made me laugh out loud over breakfast. My husband did t understand…

  • Patterns to knits outside in the north pole when it is really cold, would be really useful in canada.

  • Driving on an old wooden bridge

  • Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes… 20 patterns of irretrievable mistakes guaranteed to make you weep, scream, and go running to your favorite dessert bar!

  • My Field Guide That No One But Me Asked For:

    Grass Stem Macrame Projects For Your Home & Office or “This way madness lies”

  • Cowls for Cats. Length determined by how much the cst class one’s furniture. Full length cowl renders cst unable to claw the couch. That cat can’t walk either may have other benefits.

  • How about socks for cats and dogs.,

    • Brioche Knit Blindfold

  • I propose Totes for Tots (Taters and Otherwise).

  • MDK Field Guide No. 18: Endings – Patterns you will hate enough to make you want to end your knitting career. Who will have enough balls (of yarn) to knit these?

  • After the past year, a homemade qiviut straight jacket for people who bother us while we are knitting? Something with a nice Edgar Allan Poe story to accompany the pattern.

  • “Hamster Sweaters”!

  • Charity projects: knitted and crocheted chainmail for the armed foces

  • Sailors Sailing Cables

  • Knits for Cats to Knead

  • Field Guide No. 82: Poison Ivy–Stitch and Itch

  • Field Guide for “ Grandma’s Kitchen Knits”

  • How about Knit & Tonic- when you just want to be alone and knit on your own projects.

  • Pride month! How about Field Guide to Color the world. You can encourage people to try to be brighter, wear happy colors instead drab gray and black and include knitting for public art like light poles and fences. Let’s make the world shine, people!

  • “Fisherman Knits, Knit Your Nets!”

  • “Eternal Sweaters” knitting on tiny needles that takes forever

  • Field Guide that No One but I asked for: Knitting with the Aid of Kittens, a beginners guide.

  • Those items in my head only I want to knit….

  • The clown idea is terrifying.

  • Remember Stitchy McYarnpants? I have her book” Museum of Kitschy Stitches” with pictures of actual old patterns as bad as some of these suggestions. Hilarious!

  • Knitting with steel wool – your next car on your needles!

  • Field Guide – Becoming an Intermediate Knitter After Twenty Years of Failure.

  • Cat fur knits

  • I laughed at the pseudo covers, especially The Scream.

  • No-Knit Lesser Field Guide: Just Gimme the Prize Already

  • Everything Cozy (chair leg covers, knife handle covers, toilet paper covers, door handle covers, outdoor faucet handle covers, pet dish cozies…..)

  • Learn to use lifelines-knitting black lace shawls with mohair lace yarn

  • Shaq sized socks for everyone on your list!

  • Field Guide for August nights or lesser guide for candlelabra.l

  • Knitting Gadgets – A field guide for those that collect snips, yarn, totes, etc but don’t actually knit. I love MDK and I do knit, but not as much as I’d like to. Counting the days to retirement.

  • This one may actually work– “CLUCK: Knitted Accessories for Your Hens and Henhouse”. From someone who has sewed chicken aprons recently and is considering some curtains for the nest boxes. For real.

  • Actually like the socks for centipedes, they must be small enough you could do one in no time at all.

  • I am bitterly disappointed that you failed to act on King-Sized Laceweight Seed Stitch Duvet Covers. May I suggest you consider King-Sized #10 Cotton Linen Stitch Coverlets instead?

  • Colorama the Fiesta™ Way: Color Matching Your Capsule Wardrobe to Your Homer Laughlin Pottery. Includes specially dyed Rowan Felted Tweed and Summerlite swatches to match every Fiesta™ color ever made–from the vintage Cobalt, Turquoise, Yellow, Radioactive Red, to the newly launched Twilight! Extra: Dishcloth patterns in the back for using up any yarn left over from your hand knitted cardi, tank top, skirt, tights, etc.

  • Knit a beautiful Icelandic cable sweater using fishing line for your favorite Whale friend. 😉

    • materials required:
      1 – fishing line found dangerously floating in the arctic ocean
      must untangle first
      2 – .000001 knitting needles

  • How to Knit on a Campout. It’s easy, you say? How do you avoid that pesky campfire smoke that notoriously follows you no matter where you sit in the circle. Gotta keep those lovely knitted items smoke-free!

  • Sweaters for Skunks… Dress them at your own risk!

  • Doilies for Dinasours

  • Undergarments in Poison Oak and Ivy: Things are Gonna Get Bumpy

  • Spent a good long time reading the comments and laughing. Gotta say that I’m definitely not up to beating any of those lesser field guides! However, I vote for a REAL field guide (or at least an article!) on tidying up loose ends for self-taught knitters!

  • Corsets for Cats

  • Field Guide nobody needs: Body Parts Covers: Nose,Ear, Big Toe, Boob, Balls, etc.

  • How about Hats for Those Who Hate Them? The designs would be so captivating that even haters would love to wear them!

  • Bulky weight afghan squares for hummingbirds

  • Buckle Up and Knit: Patterns to keep you distracted while your elderly mother is behind the wheel!

  • Can’t imagine anyone not wanting all of the field guides. Personally went back and forth through all so many times. Finally zeroed in on No’s 14 and 9.

  • Field Guide #88: Knitted veggie side dishes using the Spiralizer. Bonus patterns for use with pasta or bread dough. Yum!

  • Those centipedes will give me nightmares

    • Elephant tusk covers

  • Seed stitch lace weight house wrap insulation

  • KnitPurl lost in translation

  • Spiderweb Skirts for all those cobweb weight yarns in your stash and possibly also cobwebs from the ceiling because you spend all your time knitting instead of dusting..

  • Knitted foods in aspic.

  • Our vinyl-strap aluminium-frame lawn chairs will soon fall apart and are irreplaceable (I don’t know why, they are so light and easy to carry). So how about a Field Guide for re-doing patio furniture? Please include a hammock…maybe in hemp? Or maybe that could be a separate guide….Hemp Hammocks!

  • A Seed Stitch Car Cover
    (My hands hurt just thinking of it :))

  • Field Guide no one wants: Camper Cozies from recycled tractor tires

  • Your imaginative field guides are fabulous. Now you can run a new contest to name another imaginary field guide

  • These are all GREAT — I see a future poster of these posts, or maybe screened on a cloth stash bag? Here are my suggestions for the Field Guide That No One Asked For:
    — Arugami worms, flies, and other fishing lures
    — Tatting lego with twine
    — Crochet Christo-style! House-wraps in parachute silks
    — Trompe-l’œil Tapestry Knits — chart your empty room and conceal your stash

  • So. Much. Fun. Everyone! Cleverness.
    Field Guide I do not want: “Bobble On”
    I hate doing bobbles!

  • Spin and Knit with Cat Hair!

  • Knitting Mittens for Kittens would be my first choice.

  • Mittens for mutts

  • Knitting with licorice.

  • Field Guide to Sweaters for your Cat

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Field Guide for those who want to knit and read at the same time. Field Guide No. 19: Bookerly Patterns will include Gone with the Scarf, the War and Purl cowl, the Sideways Stories from Wayside School Sideways Kinda Sweater, Misery Mittens by Stephen King, and the Peter Pan Poncho for those who think they can fly. Gauge is not important, creativity is encouraged, and fine knitting aspirations are discouraged.
  • Field Knits for Barnyard Animals

  • Nothing But Yarn Overs…. The idea of loops with no real stitches makes me giggle.

  • Most stitches in a round guide because I can’t get enough counting especially for a lace pattern!

  • The field guide would have random sweaters all alike on the cover, only they’d be made of puffy bread and the title would be Low Carb Brioche knitting

  • Lesser Guide: Night of the Living Dead | Knitted projects that need to be put down, for good

  • Couldn’t be more excited about getting the field guides! Great stuff in those guide!

  • I raise naked neck silkie chickens. I worry about their necks chilling in cool weather. My book “Dickeys for Chickies” is a must have!

  • A Field Guide to The High Fiber Diet. Includes 365 patterns for blanket squares about 5″ squars that can be easily completed 45 mins. The diet regimen
    consists of using your lunch hour to knit instead of eat.

  • How to knit It! (the clown in Stephan Kings Book) dolls for your grandchildren.

    • Loved all the quirky, humorous comments!

  • How to not finish socks (I could write it)

  • A Field Guide for Achy Breaky Hands.

  • What to Knit while Wrangling an Overtired Toddler – bound to be a HUGE market for that!!

  • Combo knitting combining all my various hbbies into knitting- painting, gardening, sewing, and baking into a mutipurpose accessory pattern

  • Lounging Lizards – comfy knitware for your pet lizard!

  • Work From Home Conference Call Knits

  • Definitely want to see socks for centipedes. Socks are my go to WIP when traveling or just tired of the current WIP.

  • I would love to see a field guide to making covers for Kleenex boxes. They seem to get uglier every time I go to buy.

  • This was a great read for a Sunday morning! Lesser Field Guide: Knitting with weeds

  • I’m a sick knitter so Socks for Centipedes made me giggle. Terry

  • How about Cat hair creations, making use of the kitty tumble weeds, lol

  • Lesser Field Guide: Hairballs: knitting up your pet’s shed fur

  • Laceweight fairy wings in lace

  • How about – “Love to Knit But Don’t Want to Do the Work”? 🙂

  • These Field Guides no one wanted post is so hilarious! Yarny people have such a sense of humor, I love reading the comments. I will add Field Guide for Knitting for Loved Ones who are NOT Knit-worthy.

  • Pillows. Throw pillows, couch pillows, animal themed pillows …

  • Cicada Intarsia

  • Flag yourself.
    Knit flags that show your affinity group, i.e. US flag, Rainbow, College or National team, etc.

  • Stash busters for hoarders!

  • I have to enter a FG in honor of my favorite pitcher, SF Giants’ Madison Bumgarner. (He plays for another team now, but he’ll always be a Giant in my mind.)

    Introducing ‘Snot Rocket Gloves’ – besides an assortment of gloves and fingerless mitts, it would have to include Ball Park Beer Mitts knitted in orange and black for those cold SF evening games by the Bay. I made beer mitts for my brother- and sister-in-law who were working at the park for several seasons, and when they attended games on their evenings off, every other fan wanted to know where to order them!

    • I should have spelled it “Snotrocket” Gloves, after MadBum’s other nickname. And the beer mitts were copied from some I saw at numerous shops in Iceland – they were beautiful made with Lopi yarn, and now I have the yarn to make them in their native wool (though I haven’t got the necessary Giants orange color – yet).

  • Crusty cardigans from Weathered Wool

  • How about a field guide to sock knitting for cats? Because they would wear them…so cooperatively..

  • Thanks, it was fun reading the “lesser” titles. I have personal experience with” False Starts” or “Weeds, items that you’re shouldn’t like”

  • Sweaters for Octopus: THE way to master sleeves.

  • The Emperor’s New Knits

  • But if you don’t ask, how will they know how much you would like to have it?

  • I would like a field guy called Why? As in why that? In that yarn? Includes patterns for a Rhinebeck codpiece (it itches!) and a zigzag Afghancho in shades of avocado and harvest gold. Subscribers get a bonus pattern for Kelly Ann’s inauguration outfit knit in an acrylic that bursts into flame if you knit too fast. Weird cat head buttons available in the shop.

  • knit with paper

  • Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings knits for owls, mice, pogs, and eagles

  • Field Guides No One Has Asked For: Tomato Warmers and Vegetable Support Slings. 🙂

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