Announcing: The Designer for Field Guide No. 18

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
May 7, 2021

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  • Can’t wait! Such beautiful yarns.

  • How exciting! I’ve been a fan of Karida and a “collector” if her beautiful yarns since almost the beginning, as hers is a featured yarn at Fibre Space in Alexandria. I’ve never been disappointed with NFC yarn and am looking forward to her designs.

  • Yes! Let the creativity flow! I can’t wait!

  • ….camping out by the window facing the mailbox! I hope what she’s wearing is also in this edition!

  • I’m so glad she’s your designer this time!!!! I love what they do and the yarn is awesome <3

  • The colors! How exciting!

  • Excellent! Looking forward to seeing her designs!

  • I’m thrilled. Hand dyed yarns are my favorite, and Ms Collins is so creative. I can’t wait.

  • Yay! Yay! Yay!

  • Yayayayayayay!

  • Oh, this is just terrific! I really love the way Karida dyes her yarns, and how they knit up.

  • The Swoon and Hamden are my favorite colors! I have not tried sock yarn yet, though I really want to get the feel and making some great socks!

  • Great choice! I’m looking forward to her Field Guide.

  • I bought Field Guide 17. I am excited to see Karida’s patterns for Field Guide #18. I am about 20 miles away from her yarn shop in Maryland but due pandemic have not been able to shop in person. I have ordered yarn online and have been pleased so far. Can you give me a heads up when Field Guide #18 is ready for purchase?

    • Of course we will! The on-sale date is June 4. We can’t wait!

  • How wonderful! What a terrific choice! I really am looking forward to this issue and seeing what Karida has to offer.

  • I can’t wait to see!!

  • I’ve been a fan and consumer of Karida and NFC for many years. I first met Karida at VKL in NYC where she was a vendor. As a former resident of Baltimore, it is a pleasure to see Karida give back to the community and paying homage to the neighborhoods by naming several yarn colors after them. Congrats to Karida!

  • Karida is not only a fabulous fiber person, she has given back over and over and over again to the people in greater Baltimore.

  • Perfect choice!

  • My FG 18 just arrived. OMG. Must knit All.The.Things. Today. ❤️