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When it was time to decide which design to cast on for the MDK Open KAL, Ann’s description of the Aperture Stole had me at, As if by improvisation …

And in the spirit of make-it-your-own openness, I offer my very simple mods to the Aperture Stole.


The Yarn

The pattern calls for two yarns, but I worked with one—Gleem Lace in Denim by Fyberspates, held double throughout. The glow, strength, and drape of silk plus the slightly fuzzy softness and warmth of Bluefaced Leicester wool is just what I wanted for a long and wide wrap that covers my shoulders, but that can also be compressed into the basic loop-and-tuck cowliness (cowliciousness?) that I like best. Two skeins made a stole 18″ wide by 68″ long (46 x 173 cm).
it was hard to choose

The Motifs

The pattern’s dominant motif is a series of slanting, syncopated eyelets. I worked mine every 8 stitches, stopping and starting at will to play up the shifting of Jeni Hewlett’s deep blues in the Denim colorway. Improvising every right side row was engaging without being demanding.

But when it came to working the second motif of the Oscillating Lace pattern, I needed some tools and prep. I’d never knit an openwork pattern that involved decreases and yarnovers on the wrong side as well as on the right side.

Out came the highlighter, the stitch markers, and a row counter.

I also learned—the hard way—to add a lifeline for the second motif. Jen Arnall-Culliford’s video tutorial on Adding a Lifeline set me up for success. And glory—I mean, look at this:


Worth the Sweat (and tears)

In case you’re taking notes for working your own Aperture Stole, I recommend putting in the lifeline as you work row 71 of the chart, and then again at rows 89 and 95 if you think you need them.

I worked the second motif only once, positioning it closer to the right hand edge. The chart calls for blocks of stockinette side-by-side the panels of lace, but I extended the eyelets instead. The eyelets were there, I knew what to do, I ran with it!

I hope the lure of improvising gets you riffing on your own version of Jeanette Sloan’s brilliant and modern take on the classic stole.

And now for something completely groovy

This FO from Lounger Sharle is a smile and a half. We loved watching it take shape in the Mood Cardigan Knitters Unite thread. Put your hands together for this MDK Open KAL prizewinner!

About The Author

An artist in multiple media by nature and by education, Cristina Shiffman is a knitter, sewist, potter, and photographer who also draws, paints, and dyes with natural materials. Cristina has been collaborating with MDK since 2017.


  • Lounger Sharle’s cardigan is gorgeous. I love the variegated yarn she used.. Chloe

  • Your Aperture is a thing of beauty Cristina

    • Thank you!

  • Beautiful spring-boarding Cristina! I love seeing the close up of the doubled Gleem. So lovely!

    • just gorgeous!

    • Thank you, Nell!

  • Y’all, I’m getting no save flag, though I’m signed in.

    • Try refreshing the page on the article.

  • I love the riffing Christina! That Gleem Lace is something else!

    • Sooooo soft!

  • Whenever I change a pattern by adding more or less of a required stitch, I feel as though I am cheating. Hopefully now, after reading this, I can think of it as adapting.

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